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Bit PilotFrom the creator of the decidedly non-arcade game Unify comes a deliciously old-school avoider with music by chiptune superstar Sabrepulse. Swipe the screen to change direction and control your ship's speed, avoiding anything dangerous that flies your way. Pick up capsules to strengthen your shield, and stay alive as long as you can to earn a higher score.

CubesOne simple objective, one captivating game. Cubes is a 3D avoidance title where you stay the heck away from the cubes. Don't touch them. Ever. Seriously. There are no power-ups, no checkpoints, no continues, no jumping, no dodging, no ó well, you get the point. Tilt your phone back and forth to move clear of the oncoming cubes. The levels switch every once in a while, changing from cube avoidance to colorful path finding and more. This release comes with several unique level designs by the game's authors, and a pro version is coming soon. Plus, if you know a thing or two about XML, you can write your own levels! A very promising piece of software that's a perfect fit for the Android Marketplace.

Dark Nebula 2Perhaps the best accelerometer-controlled game on the iPhone, Dark Nebula 2 is less of a reflex test, more of an adventure. Tilt your iPhone to control the sliding disk, moving in any direction and at just about any speed. Work your way up each level while avoiding enemies and obstacles, following narrow paths and tricky platforms the whole time. It's a superb experience that looks gorgeous, and the play control is spot-on perfect.

Death WormOne of the indie gaming communities' secret favorite games, Deathworm, is back, and it couldn't have been treated any better. While the original game was just about controlling your giant worm as you swam beneath the sand and emerged to gobble humans, vehicles, animals, etc., this one features better visuals and a whole host of game types, upgrades, and abilities. Start with campaign mode to cut your massive worm teeth, nomming humans to progress through the levels. Then, check out survival to get a taste of power-ups and the game's nice upgrade system that lets you power your worm up to be even more destructive than before. An excellent update to an indie gaming classic!

Doodle JumpSimple, proven ideas often make the best mobile games, and Doodle Jump is an excellent illustration of that. A simple action game at its core, all you do is tilt the iPhone to maneuver the ever-jumping character back and forth as he makes his way upwards, trying to land on solid platforms as you go. Springs, jet packs, moving ground, enemies, shield power-ups and lots of other things help/hinder your progress, of course. What really makes Doodle Jump special is its creative visual presentation.

FleeWere you one of those lucky kids who had a cool handheld LCD game back in the day? Now we're all the lucky kids, thanks to the nostalgically-minded folks at Frugal Games. Flee is a deliciously old-school arcade style of game that emulates the look and feel of those classic gaming systems, recreating not only the design, but incorporating little touches like pressing on the screen to get a peek at the graphics underneath. Two modes of play allow you to be a car avoiding obstacles or obstacles avoiding the car, and over 30 levels of play give you plenty of challenge to deal with. A full 20 song soundtrack is extra special icing on the cake, and you can even view the full manual from the title screen, which should definitely bring back some memories! The QR code on the left is for the full version, the one on the right is for Flee Lite.

Hook WorldsReady for more hook swinging action? From the creator of Hook Champ and Super QuickHook comes their best-looking and most playable game yet. Take control of four heroes, each with their own ability and own worlds to traverse. Everyone's got a hook, of course, and you use it to swing from ceilings to keep your momentum going so you stay safe from the baddie chasing you. But the secondary ability is what makes things interesting, allowing you to reverse gravity, rocket jump, or fire your gun, depending on the character. Each world has its own setting and storyline, and levels are randomly generated and endless, meaning you'll never run out of things to do. Unlockables and equippable items make the experience even more enticing, and Rocketcat Games is well-known for providing lots of tasty updates for its games!

Kosmo SpinA simple little game with a simple goal: entertain you for short stretches of time. Breakfast foods are in danger of being abducted by a UFO, and being the helpful little critter that you are, you decide to save the cups of coffee, pieces of toast, and other yummy foods. All you have to do is spin the entire universe! Slide your finger to rotate the game world and move around the planet, picking up any foods you touch. Watch for the alien's abduction beam, as it'll end your game, and be sure to bounce back any objects the UFO drops towards the planet with your tough head. Ain't nobody gonna touch my muffins!

Mr. Space!!From the creator of Mr.AahH!! comes another fantastic one-button arcade game. Well, it's technically not one button, but it's pretty darn close. Each level has a jagged floor and roof, the latter of which quickly rumbles and crashes down. Move the stick figure left or right to a safe gap before you get squished by the nomming jaws of doom. This one is so packed with humor and charm you'll come back to over and over again. A free Mr. Space!! Lite is also available.

QWOPOh that's right, the hilariously uncontrollable runner is back, with all-new visuals and a brand new control scheme that's guaranteed to produce epic failures. Use the left and right diamonds to control the runner's left and right legs, sliding them around to manipulate the tiniest muscle movements. Most of the time, you'll end up flat on your face (or back, or chest, or bum), and if you do manage to get forward movement going, you'll probably look like a kangaroo doing an impression of a lemur on a pogo stick at a disco. But QWOP isn't about running. It's about giggling uncontrollably at your iPhone.

ReBounceWhat happens when Breakout decides to take up extreme sports? ReBounce, a rather insane physics game of bouncing pucks and ever-rising columns of orbs. The goal is simple: bump against all of the marbles to make them disappear. Each group of like-colored orbs vanishes after a few hits, all you have to do is tap and drag to aim the puck and release to fire away. Practice mode lets you try a more traditional Breakout-style mode, but the intense Rush mode that pits you against constantly rising columns is where the real entertainment is at. ReBounce Free is also available!

So Long, Oregon!From the creator of Enviro-Bear 2000 comes an equally absurd game that's sort of the inverse of Oregon Trail. You're in Oregon, but you want to leave. So, you hop in your wagon and hit the road. Instead of picking your way across the landscape in a slow, thoughtful kind of way, you fly out the gate in a sidescrolling action kind of way. Mountains are in the way, of course, and you need to feed yourself by shooting animals. But none of that really matters, 'cause you've got bullets and a wagon that can bounce all over the place. Way more fun than it should be!

The IncidentHmm. What's that shadow up there? Looks kinda taxi cab-shaped. Anyway, where's that taxi I'm trying to hail? Oh, wait, yeah. Ahem. Time to step out of the way. Wait, another shadow? A moai statue? A cactus? A refrigerator? Something strange is going on up there, and the only way you can find out what that is is to climb on top of the junk that keeps piling on the street. Seven different areas to play through in this deliciously retro game, complete with power-ups, collectibles, power-downs, and crazy objects. Loads of fun, and highly addictive.

Tilt to LiveDo what the title says: tilt your iPhone and stay alive! This arena avoider puts you in control of a tiny ship that can only move and gather power-ups. Avoid the dangerous-looking objects and move your way to the spawning items to dispose of the baddies. Each power-up does something different, adding a whole lot of thinking to this tense game. Plus, the achievements are hilarious. It's so well-balanced and well-made, you'll play it three times through before you even think about putting it down.

WackyLands BossOh, those princes and knights and plumbers always getting the glory. What about the one who does all the real work? The villainy, the plotting, the planning, the general feeling of doominess? Yeah, nobody really cares about the boss (other than defeating him), but in this game, you're the boss, and you're sick of putting up with the non-boss-like humans. Stomp, punch, roll and battle your way through hordes of the fleshy things in this side-scrolling beat 'em up, upgrading your boss with a ton of equipment and body alterations. Lots of things to unlock, and the challenge level is there from the beginning.

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