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Alice is Dead: Episode Two

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DoraAlice is Dead Episode 2Have you heard the news? Alice is Dead. In 2009, Mike Morin and his team released an unsettling little fairy-tale-gone-wrong that became a breakout success, and the sequel has finally arrived. Alice is Dead Episode Two picks up immediately where the first left off and provides a tantalizing bit of exposition before things go from bad to worse. It's time to warm up your point-and-click skills if you ever hope to solve this mystery. Just make sure you put the kids to bed first before you play this one. (And play the first episode if you haven't already!)

The game is played with the mouse, clicking on objects to pick them up or find out more about them. If an object appears in your inventory, you can use it by clicking on it once, then on where you want to make use of it. Unlike other point-and-click or escape titles, the cursor won't change if you can interact with an area. Fortunately, areas are small and well designed so that there's very little pixel hunting, if any. You can navigate between areas or look around by clicking the hearts at the edges of the screen.

The puzzles this time are a bit more involved, but not by much. Most of them make an appropriately mad sort of sense if you apply Wonderland logic to it. Even if your brain doesn't work that way, all the puzzles in the game can be solved just by paying careful attention to your surroundings and the information you've been given. If you get stuck, just stop and take a closer look at items in your vicinity... or a closer listen. Just keep your eyes open for any secrets you might trip over.

Alice is Dead Episode 2Analysis: The good news is that the second episode in this strange series continues the high standards of quality the original set. The bad news is that those of you who were hoping for a lengthy escapade into this twisted Wonderland are going to be disappointed. While it might take you a little longer to complete than its predecessor, the sequel is still going to leave you wanting more. Whether that's good or bad depends on how patient you are, as this installment also ends on another cliffhanger with the promise of more to come.

Frankly, if this sequel is any indicator, the old adage holds true; good things come to those who wait. The idea of a twisted Wonderland is hardly one that's gone unexplored before in pop culture, but something about it provides fertile ground for the imagination. While you'll likely sail through it in half an hour at the very most, you'll want to drag your feet the entire way. Morin's Wonderland is revealed in tiny bits and pieces gleaned from your surroundings, and feels like an early draft from Tim Burton as edited by Quentin Tarantino, who thankfully deemed Johnny Depp in pancake makeup too weird to make an appearance here. I honestly think that the Alice series boasts some of the best and most appropriate artwork I've ever seen in a point-and-click game, with everything from the character designs to the environment perfectly suited to the mood and theme. The series' signature creepy-cool music makes a comeback, and the voice work by Joshua Tomar is very well done.

While it lacks the some creepy punch the first installment had, except perhaps for a peek through a wall that may send you some shivers, Alice is Dead Episode Two is still fun, imaginative, and, most importantly, wonderfully weird. I may wish it had been longer and a bit more complex, but that's just the greed talking. As a snack-sized portion of gaming for your day, it does not disappoint. Oh, and make sure you hang around until the end of the credits. You might just make a new friend. Enjoy your nightmare fuel, dear.

Play Alice is Dead Episode Two

Play all 3 games in the Alice is Dead series:

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

This is just your basic walkthrough as sparse as possible to avoid spoiling the story. NO SECRETS FOR YOU. The "trickiest" puzzle solutions are clearly marked so you can click right on them if you need to. Because I love you all, that's why.

  1. Click on mirror to take glass shard.

  2. Click on the end of the bed near the toilet to take the bell.

  3. Click on the white bed sheet to take a strip of it.

  4. Click on the toilet handle to flush it. Click on the toilet bowl, then on the nut at the bottom of the bowl to take it.

  5. In your inventory, click on the sheet, the on the shard of glass to combine them.

  6. Turn to the right. Click on the x-rays taped to the window.

  7. Click on the poster of the man to remove it and reveal a hint.

  8. Click on the button under Lewis' hand to pick it up.

  9. Turn to the right again. Click on the Hatter to speak with him, and on "reply" to be given a choice of responses. You can pick whichever ones you like. Continue speaking with him until he tells you to cut open Lewis.

  10. Turn to the left. Click on the makeshift knife in your inventory, then click on Lewis.

  11. Click on the nut in your inventory, then click on the hole in Lewis' chest.

  12. Click on the stomach until you get the message "This part of the stomach seems soft." Use the knife on that spot.

  13. Click on the hole in the stomach.

  14. Click on the makeshift knife in your inventory, then click on the worm to kill it. Wait until you grow large again.

  15. Turn to the right. Read the message the Hatter left.

  16. Turn to the right again. Click on the door to leave.

  17. Click on the open door at the end of the hallway.

  18. Turn to the right. Click on the newspaper and read it to get a clue.

  19. Click on the note taped to the shelves. Decipher the password using the newspaper story as a clue.

  20. The Password is:


  21. Click on the computer screen. Type "help" and hit [enter] to get a list of commands.

  22. Type "Unlock" and hit [enter].

  23. Type "Unlock March" and hit [enter].

  24. Turn to the right twice and take the photos from the safe.

  25. Turn to the right again and click on the painting to get a clue. The three buttons on the right change various aspects of the painting; head, chest, and hands.

  26. Change the Painting to display:

    Head of a rooster. Chest with a heart. Hand dropping a coin. You may have to click each button several times to get it to display what you want.

  27. Wait for the door to descend. Click on it to go through.

  28. Click on the console in front of you.

The end!


Great series! Dark and creative. I just finished part II and loved the twisted logic. Can't wait for part III!


This was darn cool. The feel was awesome and it was easy enough to complete without a walkthrough but hard enough to make me think.

There's a fun little thing hidden in the computer:

If you type "Unlock password," the computer mocks you.


ive completed it, but i really dont know how, or how i was supposed to do:

the picture with the bird heads, i did it, but dont know how?????, can you help me


Also, you can do something interesting with

the strange window...


try typing the word you see into the computer, first letter capitalized



I think you need the sound on...click the speaker for a description of Dr. Burr.

apoetalone January 13, 2010 1:19 PM

Finally!! My girl and I have been waiting for this one since plowing through the first installment. Hopefully, we won't have nearly as long to wait for the next.


Like benjabby, I finished it, but wasn't quite sure how to actually figure out that

the audio clue for the painting could mean the rooster head specifically (the chest and hands clues were straightforward)... What did I miss?

Also, while not affecting gameplay, the dialogue you choose changes

the message the Hatter leaves for you on his cell wall. When I was mostly polite, I got "Kill them with kindness, Rabbit"; less so, "You put me in a bad mood." Anyone get anything else?

"Edgy" retellings of Alice aren't really my cuppa, but this is, erm... pleasant enough to play through (even if that's not quite the right word) -- I've particularly enjoyed the music and sound choices, and the overall look so far of this series.


That was awesome.


Anyone knows what to do with the button or the bell? I didnt use them to finish the game...



I'd guess you'll carry them into the next episode.


I can't

zoom in on the toilet bowl to get the nut. Nor can I cut open Lewis.

What am I doing wrong?


Scratch that, found it. Now I need to

cut open lewis, but it keeps saying "I'm no butcher."



thing in the video behind the brick wall....is freaky...is it maybe a Jabberwocky?

Also did anyone catch the reference of the dead guy in the cell, his name is Lewis, as in Lewis Carroll, nice touch.


i agree with shmupfan.

i was reading the reviews on newgrounds and they suggested the creature was the cheshire cat. however it doesn't even resemble a cat. it does resemble the wonderfully hideous description of the jabberwocky from through the looking glass.

i like how the game designer is using as many characters as possible, while still making sense.


This series is reminding me of that Nintendo fan series, "There Will Be Brawl." Is anyone else reminded of that?


Great stuff, I enjoyed it as much as the 1st episode.
But it's a bit too short IMO.


That was simultaneously trippy and awesome. Great game. And most of the puzzles were logical (though I didn't initially realize I could take the white bedsheet, despite my clicking about).


At the end of the credits,

Is that the Jabberwock? Please, please let it be the Jabberwock. And not a Bandersnatch.


Keeping the standard really high. As j. says above, it's hard to do Alice well but this has got some of the spirit, although it's lacking in really good puns.


the secret code to the computer is

tenkuchima January 13, 2010 9:49 PM

one of the achievements on the newgrounds page implies a secret ending. anyone find it yet?


i like this series... nice freaky twist on the classic... only thing i'm not fond of is the shortness of each game and the lack of quality in the cut scenes. i mean the game itself is made really well... but the cut scenes are like just marker drawings.

still can't wait for the next one tho :)


I love the Mad Hatter's voice!
It's exactly as I imagine him, if he was a real crazy serial killer that is.


when your in lewis' stomach listen rather carefully and you will hear the mad hatter making his rather violent and bloody escape


you can put the button into the machine when you get out in the open BUT all it does is getting it jammed and you still get the same ending...

Dr Pangloss January 14, 2010 12:08 AM

For those of you who want to know

who is behind the brick wall

it shows you who it is. All you have to do is

keep watching


If you type in

Lookup Rabbit

into the computer, it says Restricted. I wonder if that has anything to do with the secret medal.


I believe that thing -is- the Cheshire Cat. First thing I thought when I looked at it was the Cat because it's head resembles a cat (at least to me anyways..). And the way it just seemed to appear and disappear and how it kinda just distorted reality (like Wonderland's reality isn't distorted enough) kind of reminded me of the Cheshire Cat and it's silly ways of appearing and disappearing.


I actually don't think the creature at the end is a jabberwocky. If it is, it is a really creative interpretation of one. I would actually reccomend reading through the looking glass, it might give you an idea to what it is, also, it is just a really great book!


In order to cut open Lewis's stomach, you have to talk to Hatter again.

Anonymous January 14, 2010 1:57 AM

You can also type

Lookup Lewis, Lookup Mad Hatter or Lookup Alice (though this one also gives the response 'Restricted')


I can't find

the bell. I keep clicking all around the end of the bed and the toilet and no bell.

Can anyone please help?


Great game. You can type

"Oystercloud" into the computer to get extra information.


Wow... That was just amazing, intruiging and marvellous! Not as creepy as the first one, but just as good. I think the beast behind the wall was the Cheshire Cat, In the disney version the cat has stripes similar to the ones this Cat had on its arms/tentacles/claws.
Plus, it had a cat-like head and torso...


The painting also works when, for the hands, you choose

the hand and the hook. I did it since I figured Capt Hook lost all his money, right?

Patreon VIP Chiktionary January 14, 2010 7:57 AM

I really like the old time crackling soundtrack, which is oddly eerie.
Looking forward to the next creepy installment...


Well, wheter its a Jabberwocky or the Cheshire Cat, I do believe he'll be important to the plot, afterall he shows up after the credits too, thats a pretty good indication there.


You can also...

lookup the names of the people associated with the game on the computer console. Impendingriot, tomamoto, hyptosis, and andie. Just type "lookup" before the name.

Hematite2 January 14, 2010 6:44 PM

Okay, What does the bell do? I can't see any use for it. Think the thing is a chesire cat, when you see its shadow it looks cat-like. Also, on the newspaper, there's an article about people going missing. And, if you enter the word shown after the looking through the wall


then you see about scientists connecting to the above world. also, Lookup Lewis gives you an entry about him supposedly stealing and eating evidence from a science center. The key? and on the side of the newspaper, it talks about a walrus-mans skull, like the walrus from "walrus and the carpenter" which also relates the oyster word.

hematite2 January 14, 2010 6:57 PM

type "Lookup Lewis" into the computer, it says he stole and ate evidence from a science labratory. could be connected to the video's word

oystercloud project

that went badly wrong? and is the evidence the key or the worm?


Poorly made password, honestly it asks for the password, why would I say unlock as well? I already did do that.


I finally found the use of the button

Use the button in the machine in the ending part

it won't make any difference... but at least it found its purpose

hematite2 January 15, 2010 6:43 PM

I'm pretty sure the whole plot of these games is that there is some sort of conspiracy going on in Wonderland, probably to do with project

oystercloud, from the video

that you and lewis and alice were involved in. And im fairly sure that it was the Red Queen who hired Alice to kill you. And the line at the end "because of me" and then the title "Alice is dead" could be a hint at something. also, the photos did show Alice attacking you with a knife.


Ehhh can somebody tell me what a jabberwocky is? :S


the secret medal in newgrounds is if you type i oystercloud into the computor


I'm sure the Hatter's other messages mean something, else, why would what he writes change depending on what you say? as well as "you can always take more then nothing" and "not a crumb."



look to the computer with attention and you will see that u're the rabbit!

How to use the lookup of the computer:

type "help lookup"

type list inmates

type Lewis, Mad Hatter or Rabbit.


Loved the first one. This one, not so much. I mean, I'm glad I played it and all, but I was expecting better. Just not as stylish as the first. We'll see on the next one.

teufelsdroch January 17, 2010 6:36 PM

We agree, hematite. WAY too much effort went into this for the presently-discovered ending to be anything but false. 'Take Something from Nothing' and 'Not a Crumb' look like clues.

So far, we've found easter eggs with



'Impendingriot, tomamoto, hyptosis, and andie'

let's look for other keywords.

I think another possibility is

plan b in the stomach


OOooo... Very good, very suspensfull. I do although want to know what that thing you see while looking through the window T.V thing.
Does anyone know if its even possible to get the key?
I wonder......
WEll, Hurry up with the third one Mike!!


I'm wondering what the music record is for this one... I can hear the BGM in the first game and it's "Hush, Here Comes the Bogeyman" by Henry Hall, but I can't hear the song in Episode Two.

defenseof January 25, 2010 4:36 PM

Yes! I have been waiting for this one and didn't disappoint! Guess I still wanted it to be longer, but a sign that it is a great series so far and I want more. Looking forward to the next installment!

I have nothing to really add beyond what has been positively said above.

Anonymous January 27, 2010 2:30 AM

Just for fun, with the button you can also

try giving it to Lewis

Could the secret ending possibly involve

trying to get into the Mad Hatter's cell somehow?


like matt said...some of the characters are in the looking glass...like the blue catipillar...yes....it does look like a jaberwock but i always imagined them with longer legs and bigger heads...


it is a cat with a scratched eye and its red...
it shows u r in kongregate in home just move the arrows on the screen


the creatcher behind the wall cant be a jabber nack cus u cill it in the 1st 1


that was short. hope the 3rd chapter would be even longer.


Ryan, the blue catapillar was not a jabborwock.
Also, if you search


one of the dates is july 2nd, 1937. This is the same date Amelia Earhart vanished. Coincedence? I think not.

The Rabbit March 1, 2010 12:39 AM

Guys, come on. Think for a moment. The monster can't be the Cheshire Cat. Since when has a cat had spider legs sticking out of it's back? Look more closely at it, and you'll see what I'm talking about.

P.S. - The Hatter sends his regards to the queen!

GaxCrax March 5, 2010 9:33 PM

it was the cat, because it was by its tree,it looks different probably from age, or whatever is happening at wonderland.
And oystercloud, think about it, it was raining fish, probably from a fishcloud

GaxCrax March 5, 2010 9:47 PM

one more thing, google "june 13th 1937" without the quotes,click the 7th result, it should say "Purdue e-Archives : Air Ministry receipt, 1937 June 13". It is a landing ticket for Amelia Earhart. Thought that might go with the other day.

Anonymous March 19, 2010 6:22 PM

Something I noticed when talking to the mad hatter,

If you always pick the second comment, he doesn't tell you to cut open lewis. I am stuck at this point, but If I try to talk to him again, it keeps telling me to find a way to escape.

menschenjaeger March 22, 2010 1:49 PM

Hm, just thought of something. You have a picture of

a rabbit killing Alice. But there's a another famous Wonderland lagomorph - the March Hare. Frame job on the White Rabbit, perhaps? We haven't seen the March Hare yet, have we? If we have, I've forgotten...

Jabberwock May 8, 2010 5:30 PM

once you beat the game you'll see a black screen and some background noise will play. if you wait long enough

the cheshire cat reappears and you can see its full body

also, the date july 2nd, 1937 is the date of ameilia earhart's last trasmission before she disappeared. maybe this has something to do with the inconclusive results of the "test" to merge the worlds

Roseminty May 16, 2010 3:02 AM

Ohh, very good point! Especially since...

...the password for the computer is "March," and the March Hare is buddies with the Mad Hatter. :O And no, we haven't seen the March Hare yet, unless that's him in the pictures.

Love this series, anyway. The atmosphere and scenery are perfect. I can't wait for the next one.


At the end of the credits you see the chesire cat because it shows his whole body and you can see the cat ears and stripes on his side... i'm just guessing the spider legs has something to do with a nuclear accident or something.

Anonymous June 14, 2010 1:22 PM

@Shmupfan: It is the cheshire cat, he's just very deformed.

Anonymous July 17, 2010 2:23 PM

Did anyone else see that his tie changed colors at the end, when he is looking atthe pictures?

Anonymous July 28, 2010 12:33 AM

found secret ng medal
type oystercloud on the computer


Easter egg: type logs. look at the logs, then to read them, type read log 202, 203, etc. it's 202-209. just if you wanna read them, its and easter egg (:

frustrated, but determined... August 25, 2010 9:47 PM

I loved this installment and I can't wait for part 3! how ever, I have had to play this game (about) 10 times now in order to get a screen shot of the Cheshire Cat... and yes, I know that is my own fault...


The cat isn't the Jabberwock or the Bandersnatch. If you read the journal, the rabbit talked about a little girl, the daughter of the scientist. The little girl was accidentally transformed into this cat like thing, because that was what the scientist was experimenting on. (The little girl was not involved in the experiment, she just had the misfortune of running up and holding the cat while it was going on. I believe it was resurrection attempts. I'm not entirely sure however.)
This all ties into the third episode, if you pay attention.


I just found out that

in may 1937, Alice in Wonderland had been played at the Studios of Alexandra Palace, London, and was transmitted live

It may have something to do with

the date in Oystercloud project

Dpendable October 30, 2011 4:20 AM

man you people are genious freaks i love it thanks


This is a liiiiiiittle bit late, but Hyptosis has some pictures/desktop pictures of this cat. No, it isn't the cheshire cat. He said he just liked drawing him. Creepy little bugger...


Guess what? Turns out, the cat thing IS the Cheshire Cat. Found the cat on Hyptosis' art page on NG on the first sub-page.

waymazing123 July 1, 2015 9:13 PM

Do I see a reflection of the rabbit in the computer?

waymazing123 July 1, 2015 9:37 PM

That is one scary-looking cat.


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