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Arkandian Legends Chapter 2: Revenant

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Rating: 4.2/5 (82 votes)
Comments (39) | Views (12,246)

ellerevenant_arkandian_title3.pngYour body feels like goblins have been chewing on it, your head is throbbing in pain and you can't remember your name. To top it off, you're sharing a jail cell with the skeletal remains of some other poor sap who was once just like you. What do you do? Well, in Undefined's newest RPG adventure, Arkandian Legends Chapter 2: Revenant, you do exactly as any brave hero would: you kill the guard, grab your new pal Billy, and embark on a campaign to save Arkandia from the revenant! Ghouls, shaman, lizard men, werewolf pups, sewer thieves and ever more nefarious foes stand between you and victory.

Controls in Revenant are largely point and click to access menus, move defenses on the grid, and choose between casting a spell or launching a heavy attack. In dungeons, use [WASD] or arrow keys to navigate. Combat is turn-based, both in the dungeons as you fight one-on-one with increasingly difficult foes and in the fields as you rally your defenses against enemy troops. Conflicts can easily lead to death for the unprepared; you'll need equipment and skills if you want to survive for long around here. Fortunately, just about everything you do provides experience to increase stats, gold for hiring units, or items (weapons, magic scrolls, alchemy items and more) to loot. When you've gathered enough resources and have found the required recipes, you can make potions, weapons, and armor... even a special recipe that Undefined made just for JIG:

JIG book recipe

Fans of Undefined's popular and well-received Arkandian Legends: Crusade will be happy to know that Revenant lives up to its predecessor in all regards. There are endless possibilities for tailoring Revenant to meet your playing style, including three races of hero: Arkandian, Necretian, and a Demon/Ascended if you've completed the previous chapter. Entering Warlock Tola's House to catch him dabbling in necromancy or fighting an army of orcs on the battlefield are just a tiny part of the vast fun in Revenant—and all you have to do is don your Bunny Slippers of Brutality, equip your Katana of Alacrity and battle your way to glory!

Play Arkandian Legends Chapter 2: Revenant


Crabbadon August 29, 2011 2:54 PM

I find this as mind-numbingly addictive and utterly irritating and frustrating and underexplained and slapped together as most of Undefined's recent work. Where IS this mythical library where all is explained? If it's the wiki, that's an absolute joke.

[There's a lot of great information on the wiki page to start with. Because it's wiki, players can update and add to the library--that couldn't be done if it was written into an in-game facts page. ~ elle]

Alkalannar August 29, 2011 4:07 PM

Looks interesting, but I want to complete 1 to have bonuses here.

Unfortunately, the first chapter is suffering from Adobe Flash Player problems. When Adobe releases an upgrade, hopefully things will work out better.

[Try playing Arkandian Legends Chapter 1 at JIG. -Jay]


Just played a little, and died several times. now my max HP is much lower than when I started. The question is, should I just restart a new character, or are there easy ways to increase my maximum HP? I'm not particularly invested in my character at this point, low on funds, and unable to get past the available foes.


Wait a second... why is that skeleton wearing a bra?

Worse yet, why is it filling it?



So, I'm trying to do the Old Caves and I make it to the dungeon map but I can't move. Anyone know what's up?

Crabbadon August 29, 2011 6:43 PM

Elle - Except for the fact that there's actually precious little information, such as the difference between light, normal and heavy attacks, or what the buffs do, or which buffs apply in tactical combat and which only apply in personal combat, and... You know, those things it tells you are 'in the library'?

Just some guy August 29, 2011 8:15 PM

How do you get credited for finishing volume I? It doesn't seem to have done so automatically.

[To get credit for finishing chapter 1, you must play both games on the same domain. Play Chapter 1 on JIG here: https://jayisgames.com/games/arkandian-legends-crusade/ -Jay]

Crabbadon August 29, 2011 8:46 PM

Largo: Are you using Chrome? Chrome does not currently work for that reason.


Chapter 1 doesn't work due to flash player bug =(
So I'm pretty confused confused about the crafting section...
are the recipes suppose to be unlocked by trial and error experimentation? or do I find the recipes later in the game?

Thelenius August 30, 2011 4:45 AM

Is there any point in playing as an Ascended? The only advantage seems to be the starting armor, but since you can't remove it, it turns from an advantage into a disadvantage later in the game.

Anonymous August 30, 2011 10:00 AM

I've got to a point in the game and the only levels that appear on the map are the reapetable missions and a single tactical mission that changes to a different tactical mission when I complete it, I haven't yet completed the campaign, is it a glitch or is this meant to happen and I should just continue doing the tactical missions untill I get the next level?

Jantonaitis August 30, 2011 1:16 PM

Sure seems to be a real difference in opinion between jayisgames and kong users...you guys don't have a single criticism to offer for the game, whereas the comments page on kong is filled with complaints about Revenant. The curious thing is that Undefined's games have always gotten a warm reception by kong users, usually getting in the high-5's. Not this one--it's a letdown from the original in every capacity (as well as repeating the same problems of Crusade)

The other curious thing is that, at least from my experience reading these reviews, jayisgames *rarely* offers an unabashedly glowing game review unless there really is nothing to be critical about. So not only is this review an exception to the rule, it's also a grossly misleading reflection of the game.

[Misleading because Kong users are always right? -Jay]

Anonymous August 30, 2011 9:39 PM

Seeing a weird bug in IE9 on Win7:
Sometimes in a dungeon, the game will just decide to "push" my character in a certain direction. For example, I will be pressing the left arrow, but my character moves up, uncontrollably, until he hits a wall. Or I will press down repeatedly, but my character will go down one space then "bounce" back up to his starting point. At first I thought this was just another obstacle in the game, secret traps, etc. But I'm on "Soul Passage" now and in this labyrinth there is one, and only one, path that is in most places only one space wide, so now I'm sure this is a bug of some sort.

MuteVampire2 August 31, 2011 11:10 AM

About the flash player bug that stops you from playing chapter 1:

Go to the flash website and update flash manually. The automatic update didn't seem to pick up on the most recent minor change (at least not for me, and I suspect more than a few others as well).

Version 10,3,183,7 works with Arkandian Legends
Version 10,3,183,6 does not.

Sethyboy0 August 31, 2011 4:36 PM

@JIGuest: That's the sticky keys bug that many games have. It's only on Internet Explorer, and the only ways to solve it are to lower your security settings in IE or use Firefox or Chrome to play the game (which is what I do).


Also having trouble moving in dungeons using either WASD or arrow keys, but I use Firefox. It started working once (without rebooting firefox! that didn't help), but now it's not working again. No idea what's up with it. Glad to know I'm not the only one.


Sort of buggy - got stuck in the barracks screen at one point, and then my movement was incredibly slow in the dungeons for no good reason.

I don't like that you can easily hit a wall with a character (especially at low levels), where your max hp has been lowered and you're out of money, so all available levels will end in failure.


At the beginning it was a little hard, with lacking in funds to go exploring nor having enough to buy potions when your health gets too low, but as you buff up its a great play. I love how there is rpg turn base and tactics as well =D Bunny slippers are deadly XD
Unfortunately, I didn't play chapter 1 since I thought there would be the adobe error on JIG too =(

I have a request, could anyone update this game to version 1.04 on JIG ? Thanks in advance ^__^

[Updated. Thanks for the note. :) -Jay]


I am having the same problem as another poster. I only have the repeatable missions and one tactics mission that changes slightly left to do. I have found the four relics and the woman on the game said she would return and she has not. I have played a couple dozen missions since, but the storyline has not advanced. Am I missing something?


Thanks Elle, I'll give it a shot. My personal skills are all above 600 except mysticism(a few are at 1000). My combat skills are high in weapons but magic/mana skills are not. I will try to raise them and see if it helps.

[edit: There may be a tactical battle and/or skills you need to finish, also. Please let us know how you do. :) ~ elle]


Elle, I went into the mystery dungeon to build skills as you previously suggested to advance the storyline. I managed to get to lvl 22 and built my magic skills up to the 700's. When I left, there was the woman with the next leg of the game plot. Thanks for your help.


does anyone know how to read the damage that weapons do? im using a weapon that has 3d6 damage and i have no idea if i've been discarding stronger weapons.


Just wondering if one of your hired soldiers dies in a tactical mission do they come back to life or have you lost them for good? And do you loose anything by retreating?


I got to the end of the mystery dungeon, killed all the titans, and i went back down the stairs and all that was left was the room changing into diff objects in each wall block over and over and im wondering if it was a glitch or what.


I've found some untested bugs in the game:

during the chess game in which your troops in the barracks fight, the first troop can move twice as you can move him once by clicking a green square. there should still be a move button on the left, click that and you should be able to move again.

after you beat the chess game and the loot screen appears you can repeatedly press the loot all button to duplicate the looted items and then sell them for infinite money and bargaining skill.


Hours of fun. I have 2 small criticisms though: a better Save function would be nice. I know it is saved through Flash settings, but for me they just don't work although I tried to increase my memory allocation, Secondly, I really wanted to do some Alchemy crafting, but I could not find any of those little blue test tubes that virtually every recipe called for (not the small mana). Maybe a scattering of those throughout the game or a way to purchase them at Fred's would add to the enjoyment. Good game though, especially for free.

bluegriffin18 November 15, 2012 11:08 PM

I finished chapter 1 on here, but am not getting any perks? Is there a reason why?

https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawnH1zi7QyGS-lJSpu3YzTsWI8ZLaEBGyvk February 23, 2013 2:17 AM

I played 1, which I loved, but so far I have found zero crafting recipes in Revenant, which really sucks. I have completed one quest that gave me +60 in Alchemy... but I have nothing to use it on. :( And since the wiki is down/gone, I've got nothing to go on. Do I just need to keep playing further? Or am I missing something??

https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawnH1zi7QyGS-lJSpu3YzTsWI8ZLaEBGyvk February 23, 2013 4:28 PM

Update: I still have yet to find any alchemy recipes (so if anyone knows where to get them, please let me know!), but I WAS able to gain some tailoring recipes by

completing the first Tailoring dungeon quest (which also gave me +100 Tailoring skill... as opposed to the +60 and no recipes I got from the first Alchemy dungeon quest. o.O ?...)

...hopefully that eventually helps someone who is still reading this, since it looks pretty abandoned on this game's page. :\

Also, in response to bluegriffin18 (who I doubt is still playing this, let alone checking for responses, but I'm sure that someone else might wonder the same thing at some later point in time): I don't know how far you had gone in the game so far when you posted here, and I also played on Newgrounds, not JIG, but I do know that when I started playing 2 on NG, I was really confused in the first battle (to escape the dungeon you wake up in) because I didn't seem to have any of the armor or things I had been promised for earning all those achievements in 1 (with the exception of having the option to play as an Ascended at the beginning, which was an available option that I assume simply would not have shown up if I hadn't earned that, since that one showed up for me but the Demon option did not). However, once I completed that first battle and escaped with Billy, I got almost immediately got a message saying something along the lines of "Looks like you earned some bonuses in the previous chapter of Arkandian Legends! Head to the storehouse to pick up your stuff," and it was all right there waiting.


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