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Rating: 4.6/5 (137 votes)
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PatrickAttakAttak is the game I've wanted to play since I was fourteen years old. If you ever tried to raise your power level while on the bus, and had an invisible energy duel with your buddy during class, you know what I'm talking about. Every single game ever made about Dragon Ball Z has been a lame cash-in, a modification of fighting mechanics or RPG mechanics, hobbled Frankensteins that never really grasped the dynamic of Power Level 1,000,000. Today, the brothers at JohnnyTwoShoes have delivered with sonic, accessible Flash.

Use the [arrow] keys to move around, [up] to jump, [down] to charge, and any three keys of your choosing to punch, kick, and fire an energy blast. Pressing [escape] brings up a menu that allows you to configure the controls as you like. The world is utterly destructible, so you can kick your opponent through buildings or jump up through the ground. It's possible to double jump, and to charge your jumps so you soar through the air like a glider/rocker hybrid. Charging fills up the lower bar, underneath your health, which is depleted when you perform energy attacks. Bring your opponent's health bar down to zero to win the match.

Analysis: It's hard to knock this game, either you like what it's doing or you'll pass. Its failing comes not in its flaws so much as what it could be, but isn't. An adjustable power-level mechanic tied to progression could be interesting, if associated with energy costs in maintenance. Most notably the tuning of the moves and their downtimes could be adjusted so that the fighting is really about pace and rhythm—currently it stands as a button-mashing contest settling on the occasional duel. Then there's the two-player versus mode, which requires players to share a keyboard; if this game supported online match-making its true depth could be explored. The AI powered enemies don't offer enough challenge to drive a player towards true mastery.

Don't let this be the one that slipped away.

Play Attak

Cheers to Sarah, Maxwell, Ryan, and Toby for sending this one in. =)


cool game!!!


this game is a lot of fun, but where's the sound?


It's pretty fun. Reminds me of Lemming Ball Z, except a bit simpler and in Flash.

It would be nice if there were more detailed explanations. For instance, sometimes I'll punch an enemy halfway through the stage, but other times they'll barely flinch. I have no idea what makes it go one way or the other.

Anzhela April 4, 2008 4:24 AM

It only took a few minutes to finish the tournament, but I thought it was fun. I liked how the surroundings were destructible, and I could fling slabs of rock and things at my opponent. That's usually refreshing when you've got insomnia.

steven duncan April 4, 2008 11:47 AM

how can you unlock the hidden characters?

Dog Child April 4, 2008 1:56 PM

What is the last unlockable character's special? Does it not have one?

F Cantrell April 4, 2008 2:33 PM

It seems the last unlockable character packs one hell of a melee punch.

ElliotM April 4, 2008 3:44 PM

This game has a good feel to it. Online play could be intense. :D

To unlock new characters:

Each time you beat the tournament you unlock a character starting with slot 4, going down the list. You may have to switch to a new character to continue unlocking the hidden characters but I wasn't sure. Beating the tournament as all 6 characters doesn't unlock anything as far as I could tell.

Here is a list of characters including their name, specials, and the cost of using them:

Slot 1: Eve

Special: Homing Blue blast
Cost: The cheapest costing offensive special. It works like an upgraded basic blast. The strategy for using them or avoiding it is the same as with basic blasts only it homes a bit harder.

Slot 2: Jack

Special: Shotgun blast of basic shots
Cost: Uses an entire bar of energy - aim carefully. If you're facing Jack, stay away from him when he has a full bar of energy or he might let if off in your face doing a lot of damage. If you're Jack, get up close to your opponent and unleash this in confined spaces where they are unlikely to be able to dodge.

Slot 3: Blaine

Special: Aerial strike
Cost: Uses an entire bar of energy - this special is the only one where you don't have to be near your opponent for it hit. It comes down from the top of the screen so try to use this when they are moving more vertically then horizontally to increase your chance of getting hits. If your opponent is underground or has a lot of cover over head, then save your energy for basic blasts. If you are facing Blaine, stay under cover and avoid being out in the open while he has a full bar of energy. Also, watch out for getting trapped in spaces where you have less side to side movement, like those tight spaces in between buildings.

Slot 4: Hidden character

Name: Sibor
Special: Super speed ?
Cost: It drains for as long as you hold down the special attack button. If you're not moving, don't press it or you will waste energy at a very fast rate. I didn't find this special very useful but I imagine in the hands of a human this could be very annoying to deal with.

Slot 5: Hidden character

Name: Taylor
Special: Homing Brown Blast
Cost: Uses an entire bar of energy - this homing blast will go through rock and homes in a circular pattern if your opponent misses. If you forget about it, it is easy to get hit by it when it circles back on screen after you've dodged it once or twice.

Slot 6: Hidden character

Name: Goz
Special: None ...
Cost: None ...
I was quite surprised when I played as Goz and didn't have a special attack. I had to learn to get quite good with throwing objects and using the basic blasts to win while playing as him. If its not a bug, I'd take any other character over him, even Sibor. :/

As for my favorite character, I would have to say its either Jack or Blaine for reasons I describe inside the spoilers above. All in all, a fun find. If only you didn't have to share a keyboard to get multiplayer. :/


if you jump while using sibors special and punch the enemy under its a 1 hit ko


Actually, Goz has the BEST special attack, but it is not a shooting attack. You have to use it up close to your opponent


ElliotM, you are wrong about the last hidden character:

His special move is a melee punch. Very powerful.

Personally, I either go with the last hidden character, or with Eve. I like being able to use my special move more often (it doesn't require a full bar, like most of the others).


Really fun until you've unlocked all the characters. Found a cool little glitch:

Though Sibor's special does no damage its really useful. You more or less travel super fast in whatever direction you were facing when you use it so you can actually leave the screen pretty easy (as it allows you to burrow right through the rock that borders most levels). In the canyon map, I actually left the map where it was brown and got stuck in this white stuff that wouldn't break. The computer couldn't get me and I couldn't end the game! Also if you use it while jumping you can get so high that the computer will have a really hard time following you.

Also concerning the last hidden character:

He's actually not all that bad! Instead of specials, everything else about him is super powered. It feels like he can fire shots faster and his hits do more damage.

terra infirma April 4, 2008 5:03 PM

Sibor's special is waaaayyyyy unbalanced imho. using it in combination with the punch is often a one hit ko. This game would be Uh-Mazing with online multiplayer.

ElliotM April 4, 2008 5:58 PM

Had something interesting happen in tournament mode. I was playing as Blaine and got ko'ed just as I used his special. It displayed KO on the screen and just as the level was about to fade out my aerial attack finally came down and killed my opponent! xD

When the scoring screen came up it counted as a win for player 1, lol. Technically though this should have been a draw or score for the AI 'player 2' since I got ko'ed first so in a way this may count as a bug. :S

Still like this game though, it feels awesome knocking your opponent 30 feet underground for the KO. :D


Man, I love everything about this game! Though I wish you could play it with people also playing. That would make this game Go blasting through my UNIVERSE!!!!!!!


actually I like jacks the most when they are high in the air. if on target you can hit them perfect with every hit keeping them up so long you can charge and fire another.

if it misses it will circle aruond and pelt them into the ground.

Not found a game so relaxingly violent since madness interactive, and we all know how good that can be when you are in the mood for some tension release :)


for the record, sibor is stronger than he appears. A sucessful diving hit from orbital heights is basially a one hit. I think the damage done in melee hits may be related to speed, because the faster im going the harder it seems to hit.

he can also dig nicely when moving fast

ElliotM April 4, 2008 8:55 PM

Ya, I stand corrected on Sibor, he is definately stronger than I first thought he was - he's just hard for me to use. :/

The last guy is also a bit stronger but I miss having specials..

Cheeetar April 4, 2008 8:55 PM

Sibor is the character I'm best at. I've gotten an enemy to -104 damage with him. He can speed through most terrain and if you melee a character while speeding it does a lot of damage, especially if you hit them through terrain. Get them from above speeding down and its usually one hit ko.


Yah, Goz is actually overwhelmingly powerful. I think he should actually be balanced out a little because you can't waste his energy. If you hit the special button when not around a character, it doesn't drain, and when you do, the get thrown through the walls, and only a third of your bar is down.

Overall, quite enjoyable, definitely one of the best "fighting" games in flash. But, unfortunately, until online multiplayer is introduced, I don't have any reason to come back to it.

Here is to hoping it will be created.

And when it does, jayisgames folks, just you wait...oh yes...Just...You...Wait.

(and I mean wait because I usually sleep in.)


This is probably the single best DBZ flash game I've ever played. Most of the characters were good, but they didn't quite do it for me. Sibor keeps to the DBZ spirit of careening through walls and solid rock to get to your opponent. If I played in the city stage, all the building would have line-shaped holes in them from me speeding through them. Great game!

Papachabre April 4, 2008 10:11 PM

This game reminds me of Smash Bros. on the 64. I'd love to see this developed further and maybe even put on XBA in the future with 1-4 player support. I'd pay for it, that's for sure.

P.S. Sibor's special is balanced enough because it's hard to use effectively. If you get good at it then you deserve to be a powerhouse =)

atomic1fire April 5, 2008 1:08 AM

Its similar to Lemmings ball z but not downloadable


@ElliotM: Goz was fixed, and has a special attack now.

When used next to an opponent, it has the same effect as using Sibor's jetpack and punching your opponent through the ground

Deadl0ck April 5, 2008 7:01 AM

Holy jeezers, Goz's special attack is AWESOME!


Goz is definately my preference. if you can get then when high in the air it's TKO

did just get a bug though. 0 punches thrown, 1 punch hit, infinite accuracy. Not seen it before so it could be a one off. last night Goz's spec definately didnt count as a punch so I don't think its that.


Sibor is my favorite right now. Though his speed-up special isn't in itself directly damaging, as said, it can induce a one-hit-KO punch. It takes some getting used to, as it requires a lot of precision, but if you hit the enemy through the ground, it's basically over for them.

Don't bother hitting them up into the air unless you're setting up a combo; they take damage from going through the scenery, I think, so it's only devastating if you drop onto them at super speed.


The damage from melee seems to come from slamming your opponent through walls. Add this to the fact that when your opponent is trapped in a tunnel they can't dodge anything, you can easily run in and bash them again and again. The computer managed to drop me from 100 to 0 in one combo with this. Add in Eve's homing attack for even more fun!


"Add in Eve's homing attack for even more fun!"

No. Add in Sibor's rush attack for even more fun. I got someone to like -272 from about 50 like that.


Okay, now that I've unlocked all the characters, I think I'll do a little run-through of their specials.

Eve's homing blast is sort of weak, in my opinion. Of course, she's one of the non-locked characters, so one can expect some mundaneness. It can really be life-saving in some situations, but I don't think it's all that different from the regular blast. The good side is that you can fire off these with less cost to the Attak bar than all other specials; I consider this really more of a secondary-fire than a special ability.

Jack's shotgun blast, just like a real shotgun, is more effective at long range. It takes up the entire Attak bar but if you get into punching range of the opponent and use it, you can start a massive combo. This can also be useful for repelling the enemy when they try to start such a combo.

Blane's attack isn't all that useful for me, really. Even if you're right under it, it's sort of easy to side-step. The real strength, I think, is when you use it to add to damage when you're hitting them up or down already. Not my favorite, but it may work for others.


Sibor's special is currently my favorite. It's rather versatile; you can use it to power up your punches, tunnel through surroundings, and flee from the opponent. So, all in all, it can be used for both offense and defense; both a life-saver when the opponent fires a special attack and a life-ender when you're super-punching them. You can also decide how much Attak to spend on it, though it does drain the bar pretty fast.

Taylor's special blast can be really useful. My strategy is to quickly fire one off at the start of a round (since it can keep going for a bit even if it misses and hits a wall), then charge up and fire more until your opponent gets close to you. Since it takes time for them to get within range of you, you can set up a ring of blasts that will circle your opponent like hungry sharks while they do so, giving you a temporary edge.

Goz's super-punch ability is meh for me. It takes up half the bar and has pretty much the same effect as Sibor's, only without the versatility.


D'oh. >.< On that other comment I meant short range on Jack's shotgun attack.

And as for the thoughts on the game itself, it's pretty good. It does feel like a solid DBZ-style brawl, and if it were fleshed out a little more I think we'd be very close to replicating the moves from the anime.

skoodge80 April 7, 2008 1:16 AM

Something I think is really fun (but cheap) is to go in the Metropolis as Sibor, fall between two buildings, and when you get near the bottom start using your special attack. It drills an enormous hole into the ground, and then you can just charge your energy, wait until your opponent jumps in the hole, and use your special to fly out of the hole. Then you can just shoot energy blasts at them from the top of the building!


Blake's special is better than you say, JJW. Slam you opponent into a very deep crater (say, by jump-kicking them from above), and fire it off. They won't be able to dodge. It's also good for earthmoving if your opponent has a roof over their head, because the explosions are whopping and will tear through cover.


Heh heh... I found aweird bug. One of the enemies threw one punch, but two hit me giving him 200% accuracy.


this was cool. I was in matropilus. So I K.O.ed my enemy near the left cliff. but this is the cool part. he flew through a path in the nearest building, and into the underground tunnle we made to the bottom. i went "so that's your grave." what's also cool is the the was another path to see it! it's like a part of an exibit in a museum!

tenkuchima April 7, 2008 8:31 PM

An amazing game. It could be better with online, more characters,and maybe if the characters had different stats. Some more info on Goz's special that I didnt se above.

Use it to punch someone straight downward. It seems fairly useless while just standing next to some one. If you manage to hit somone while your both in the air, it sends them rocketing downard, burying them in the ground for an almost instant KO.


Additional tip involving Jack:

While the 'shotgun blast' initially has a high spread, it's important to remember that the individual blasts home in just like separate ki attacks. If you use it in close quarters many of the shots will hit the ground or walls around you; instead wait until an opponent is above you (relatively close, but not necessarily point-blank). If one or two of the shots hit, your enemy will be propelled upwards, giving the remaining blasts time to home in and knock an enemy still farther into the air. Much of the time you'll get all blasts to hit this way, and should have time to charge up another round before they land!


i think sibor is the best cause you can turbo up and then come down and slam him to the ground for a instant k.o.

bonzai999990 April 13, 2008 7:56 PM

Sometimes when using either Sibor or Goz, I try to do a one-hit K-O and my opponent punches me and I get own3d with my own attack.


Goz is the best player. By the way, all his other attacks are not super powered, and he does have a special attack. In fact, it is the most powerful special in the game. It is a super punch that sends your opponent flying to the ground. Generally this will lead to a one hit KO, as breaking through the ground when his does extra damage.


Attak rocks!

I have been playing since it was in BETA and it had definately vastly improved. I love the new levels. And while I loved Jack in the original beta version, I am more partial to Sibor now. As most of you have previously stated, his special is overkill.

Anonymous June 18, 2008 4:19 PM

I tried the burrowing idea with Sibor, it doesn't wprk because as far as i can tell the deepest hole you cane make can still be jumpued out of.


Clarifying a couple things:

Sibor's damage special is extremely deadly, to the point that it is unfair. A double jump then using 1/4 of your special bar will shoot you high into the air. Then wait until you start moving down and kick your opponent while holding the special button. It should K.O. in one hit if you got the angle right

for the final character:

His special requires the player to stand next to the opponent as if he would do a normal melee attack. Goz then unleashes an ultra-powered punch, which sometimes drives the enemy deep underground. While it is harder to master Sibor's special I personally feel it is more rewarding.

JuggleMage July 13, 2008 3:14 AM

hehe definitely a cool game.. and since i didn't notice anyone mentioning it.. nice reference to the song attak/reload at the end... (the one that slipped away) lol always love little inside jokes that most people won't get lol

JuggleMage July 13, 2008 3:24 AM

errr from attack/reload album i mean lol attak being the song.. lol and just noticed the video link too for the song hehe yay made me happy... lol i use that song for my juggling shows ^_^


Sibors special is awesome if you are on flat ground. Run at the enemy while using it then punch them and they get flung forward allowing you to follow up with another super speed punch.
You can do this till they die or you run out of special its especially satisfying in the ground cause its impossible to miss unless you overshoot

dynablade321 January 4, 2009 9:48 PM

okay for one goz does have a special...stand next to someone and use it...it pounds them into the ground---two sibors speed plus a very wel timed kick straight down equals a one hit ko and a pit impossible to get out of plus if you end uo in the pit the speed can be used going up too or any direction for that matter


Useful trick

Dodge by double-tapping either left or right. It does require a bit of special, but it can be worth it. This is useful in human battles to dodge blasts or to just mess with the opponent's head (a la wavedashing in super smash bros).


With Goz's special you must go close to the opponent and he smashes them down if you do it through the ground it should kill the opponent in 2 hits x


As sibor I normally lose because I end up screwing around a lot, lol. It's just so much fun to fly into the ground! when you get low enough you hit super low gravity, it's like wearing a parachute =].


Really great game man. Pure awesome. Very Unique. I've been trying to put this game on my website (its in mircosoft publisher) but it's not working. Can anyone help?

P.S. Please consider turning this game into a community game for the Xbox 360. I know it would do awesome.

Anonymous May 28, 2009 11:20 PM

Best advice: dump anything with "microsoft" in its name. The software sucks. Code it by hand, you're better off.


Thanks. Although I am what you would call a techy geek, I am still a relatively young one so... I'm not really sure how to code it by hand. Any suggestions?

Doomstruck April 7, 2010 11:23 PM

Character 4's (Sigor's) special attack (speed up) can be incredibly useful. If you kick someone into the ground while sped up, you can knock your opponent down so hard that you can bring their health down by about 70% if you are lucky. The downside is that doing so can be tedious and the enemies can simply blast you with their energy beams to interrupt your devastating kick/punch. I killed the final enemy with it while keeping 99 health. 0_0


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