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Blocks With Letters On 3

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Rating: 4.7/5 (63 votes)
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joyeBlocks With Letters On 3Word game and puzzle enthusiasts are in for a combination of lovely treat and brain-abusing punishment in Blocks With Letters On 3, the third installment in the block-manipulating, anagram-solving, funny-bone-tickling series, the first installment of which was voted one of the Best Games of 2008 by JIG. After nearly two sad blockless years, Marty Sears is back with all the fiendish brain-teasing action and absurd animations fans have come to expect. And if you're new to BWLO, you'll find this even more of a treat... and even more of a punishment. A punishing treat? A... treaty... punishment? Anyway, yay!

If you don't know the series, you might want to go back and try the first and second games first, as the third game basically leaps right into high gear from the very first levels. While the instructions are clear, they can be a little much to take in all at once. However, if you just can't wait to leap in, I'll go over it for you as simply as I can. Every level contains a grid with the titular blocks with letters on them and some bright yellow goal squares. Your task is to fill the goal squares to spell a certain word. You manipulate blocks by clicking on a block and using the [arrow] keys to move it. You can also use [space] to shift from one block to the next.

The basic gray block is subject to gravity and can only move left and right, and if it encounters a gap, it will fall through it. In some levels, you either start with white block or can turn gray blocks white. White blocks can move in any direction and won't fall. Depending on the level, there are also many special helpful or hindering elements. Running a block past a red rotator will rotate it 90 degrees. Blue glue will hold a block fast. Numbered blocks can be flipped on and off by switches. Letter changers will change A to B, B to C and so on. Swirly, color-marked teleport squares can be used by pressing [enter]. And new for BWLO3, the black and white duplicator can be used one to duplicate a block, while the purple question mark mystery switch behaves differently depending on the level. Phew! Still with me? You generally don't have to deal with them all at once, and it becomes second nature fairly quickly. When you beat a level, you're rewarding with a whimsical, sometimes grotesque, but always amusing animation depicting what you've just spelled out. At the end of the game, the grand finale is a full song, and Marty Sears thinks it's the best song yet.

Blocks With Letters On 3Analysis: This game is almost pure thinking and rewards careful, slow movement. There are a few levels where you must quickly switch between blocks in order to move one while the other one falls, but even on those levels you only have to do it once or twice. Because the game requires lateral thinking, for one player a certain level may be maddeningly difficult even with hints, for another player the level's solution is obvious at first glance, and for a third player the level seems difficult at first but trial and error lead to the solution. When they move on to the next level, the stumped one gets it immediately, the immediate one gets it only with difficulty, and the trial and error one can't get it at all. Rather than continuing to beat your head against a level that's stumping you, I suggest taking a break for a while and coming back to it with fresh eyes. You only have 10 hints (which give an idea of how to start, usually) and 10 clues (which tell the first letter of the solution) total, so be stingy with them.

While all the solutions are words that are acceptable spellings in any variant of English, one word's spelling is more common in UK English, and at least one of the hints refers to idioms that are only found in UK English as far as I know. These puzzles are difficult even for native English speakers, and I can only imagine how difficult they would be for non-fluent speakers. That said, this game is emphatically not for people who want an easy diversion, but for the masochistic puzzlers in the audience—and I'm one of you!—it doesn't get much better than this.

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Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Blocks With Letters On 3 Walkthrough
The thirty solutions.

  1. third

  2. bossy

  3. gag

  4. magician

  5. rugby

  6. tall

  7. equal

  8. fork

  9. ladder

  10. squeeze

  11. fallen

  12. bottle

  13. bubbles

  14. dreamt

  15. greet

  16. climber

  17. old

  18. matchbox

  19. cello

  20. headache

  21. now

  22. evolve

  23. parallel

  24. shadow

  25. obesity

  26. handful

  27. cogs

  28. teapot

  29. fill

  30. eyebrow


Great game! For me, the puzzles were definately harder than the first 2 games. Had great trouble at 16, and when I finally figured it out, I was asking myself how I could've missed that. Animations were also even cooler, with 2 very long ones, a nice surprise!


snap...another one. shall I end up writing up another full walk/hint-through?...I have more credits going than last time around and two tests this week. but this is more fun. we'll see.


Phew! Beat it... with a little help of course.

I couldn't help but notice one thing at the very end:

The background music for the final animation is the same music as from Tonypa's Pushori. Didn't recognize the other one, though.


Since a single slip of the finger could ruin what you've been working on, this game could really benefit with an Undo Last Move button.


I'm stuck on level 19.


Hey -

Suddenly my arrow keys aren't working in flash games - I run a mac - what could be the problem?

[Arrow keys are working on my Mac for this game. Make sure the Flash game has focus first by clicking on it. Also, make sure you have a block highlighted that can actually be moved by the arrow keys. If that still doesn't work, what versions (browser/OS/flashplayer) are you using? -Jay]


Level 19:

You have to

"cheat" a bit

by moving the C before the N falls onto the 1 switch.


I can't find the solution on any site... how do you spell rugby in level 5? I just can't get the U in the column or what ever AND fit GBY before it.


im stuck on level 10, i just cant figure out how to maneuver it, any help?



Leave the Z glued down at the bottom, and stand the U on top of it with the R adjacent to the Z to the right. Slip the other letters through one at a time (slip the U into the dead-end, put the letter two spaces above the R, slip the U back, send the letter in).


That stumped me, too. Hint: the U needs to enter through slot 2, which means only the S and Q need to drop through slot 1. Use them to bridge the gap so the other letters can pass.


Does anyone know the order to solve level 14. I've been stuck for over almost an hour trying to solve it. Thanks :)


I'm stuck on level 6 because the teleporter does not seem to be operational. I drop a block into the teleporter square and it just sits there, tinted red but not moving to the corresponding destination teleport square.


Tim!: They don't work automatically. Press ENTER.


Any hints on lvl 30?

Completly stuck...


I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I'm stuck on level 3. I can't get that last G over to the right hand side without hitting the rotators. Can anyone help? Thank you!!


@scott lvl 3

place the white g left of the a, go left twice with the a. put the white g left of the a. Put the normal g on the a and bring the white g to the other side of the a. And there's your bridge!


Mega stuck on 7, how embarassing! I've already read the hint flap, but still can't get the Q and U moving? Got the E around, but then I'm stuck :(


*Edit: Power of posting! Got it :)



This seems a little less difficult than the second game to me, at least through the first thirteen levels or so; which is to say that I think there are only two levels so far where I spent a long time staring blankly at the screen, thinking "this is mathematically impossible." But I'm sure I'll regret saying that soon enough.


Congrats to Refia on getting level 7, but how did you do it? I'm "mega stuck" too!



When you're putting E, Q & U through the teleporters, bring Q up instead of E; and when you get it to the green switch, press it then move back instead of down. Bring A and L up, set L on the left of the green block and A on the right, then use Q to flip the switch back on. Move on over and voila! I'll leave the rest to you!


i'm soooo stuck onlevel 14! Can anyone help please? :)



Once you've figured out the word, it's a question of getting the blocks to end up on the right letter when they reach the left edge. Depending on which square a block falls onto, it can only end up as half of the letters of the alphabet. If A is 1, B is 2, C is 3, etc, a given block either produces even letters or odd letters. By dropping a block onto another block instead of directly onto the switchers, you can affect whether it's even or odd, allowing you to produce the letters you need.


Level 14

drop the block that eventually becomes E first, to the far right;

move that block to cushion the other two blocks, so that they touch the E block first, then ground, which would make it possible for them to complete an odd number of conversions.

block D, should go to Z and back.

E 4 times;
R 17 times;
D 29 times;
and move them into their final positions in this order


Didn't get hard until level 10, but there were some nasty ones after that. Not finished yet though, I'll do it tomorrow when I'm not exhausted. I love the little cut scenes though. I remember that I played through at least some of the first one, did it have them back then? I don't remember them, but it was a long time ago (I must have missed 2).

Carny Asada September 16, 2010 1:18 AM

Hooray! It's like a wish come true!

I'm stuck for the moment on 10 -- wow, all of a sudden he got sneaky -- but am resisting any temptation to look at the walkthrough. I want to make this last as long as possible.


I made a video walkthrough for Level 30.


Ah - Arrow keys work in Firefox but not Safari.

[Arrow keys work fine for me in Safari (5.0.1) on Mac (10.6.4) and Flash Player ( -Jay]


a great game reinforced by brilliant and entertainnig films that make the completion of the levels a joy and the overall game really tight as a result.

BOSSY and GAG is a great sequence one after another


Level 10 has me stumped! I've used the hint button, but even with that (and the help above) I have no idea what to do...


Stuck on 26. One letter on the left always ends up stuck to the wall or the floor.


Oh gosh, now I'm stuck on 23! I'm guessing that

I have to use the spare E for switch 2

, but how do I get it there in the first place? D:


Help for Level 16?


help on level 5?! I know the word but I can get the letters to form it without getting stuck on top. Please help, i feel so stupid!


Help on level 5?! I know the word but I can't form it without getting stuck on top! :(


Level 16

Stack the R,E, and sideways A first. Drop the A to the left to hit button 5. Move the E on top of the A then move the R right to hit button 2. Bring the R back on block 4 and place the E back on top of the R. Drop the A to the left pit, hitting button 1 and stack the rest of the letters. Move the last letter on top to hit button 4.

Also make sure B goes down third with the E and R


I've made two more video walkthroughs.

Use the Hint button first. Video walkthroughs suck the fun away.

Level 26 walkthrough

Level 10 walkthrough



Level 23 hint

No need to touch switch 2. Use portals to get around.


stuck on level 28...


Refia, re: level 7

I can't figure out how to progress past your instructions. I did not have a "voila" moment at that point. :(


Thanks for your help on level 14!I'm stuck again now... Level 24. I can't figure out how to

get the A in before the H


I believe I've found a bug:

On level 27, on my first attempt I tried to trigger Switch #1 when there was a block on the #1 square. This was rejected with a "toot-toot" sound, as it should've been. However, on subsequent tries, now switch #1 won't trigger at all when I move next to it. (I have block on the #2 square that starts switched on, and I move to the left.) I haven't tried clearing the browser cache yet, but this is unexpected behavior; I can trigger the #2 switch in a similar fashion, by turning on the #1 block and moving to the right from it.


Of course you're not supposed to do that level the way I was trying to do it, so maybe the "bug" is a gentle hint.

I had thought that maybe "quai" was supposed to be a word. Total brain-blank on the actual word.


For Level 24....

get all 3 letters out of the upper part on the 3 letters below.
Keep the ones above on the same row.
Get the O and W in the yellow row.
Then put the H back where is was before.. put D and A in (in that order) then put the S so you can drop H on top of it and move H in and finally move S in.... tadaaa finished lvl 24


JIGuest, re: 24

"Then put the H back where is was before.."

I had trouble following you here until I realized you mean to put it back into its original cubby hole.


I'm so stuck on level 28, that I dont even know how to begin! Any help would be appreciated!


Woot, nevermind, figured it level 28 after two days, lol. Just like a previous level, sometimes you have to

make two blocks move at once

to get the job done.

roomescaper55 September 17, 2010 7:19 PM

level 12
cant beat.
can only get l and e in
word is bottle


Stuck on 29


For the love of all that is good and decent in the world, PLEASE, put an UNDO button in the next iteration of this game.


Help level 20 - Can't get the right sequence at all.


@ray9na for level 7, the trick is that the physics don't necessarily work the way you expect,

white switches take precedence over gravity, so when you move the Q over L, then the green block, then the A, it will turn white before it falls on to the open space.



I'd also like help with level 20. I know the word, but I can't figure out how to arrange the letters without getting stuck. =/



I already knew about that, what I'm stuck on is how to put the letters back in order. It doesn't seem possible.


Nevermind... Power of posting! :D


I am completely stuck on level 19 :(


nevermind....I got it :)



Yes, that was a key realization I was missing. Thanks.

(Now I'm puzzling out #8.)


Here's how I did #12

Bring up the 3 white letters from the bottom so that the T is floating next to the 2nd green block from the bottom (aligned with the yellow spaces), the E is floating to its immediate left and one space up, and the B is to the immediate left of the E.

Now bring down the grey letters so that the grey T sits on the white T and the grey O sits on the grey T. The grey L should sit on the white E.

Bring up the white B to activate the green 1-switch. Bring it back up again -- do not let it touch the grey-switch, or you'll have to start over (stupid lack of "undo"!)

Bring the white B over and float it between the white T and the fist yellow space.

Bring the grey T into the first yellow space.

Bring the grey L into the third from last yellow space, not the second from last.

Move the grey T right next to the grey L.

Move the grey O into the second yellow space.

Bring the white E down and drop it into the second from last yellow space, then move it into the last yellow space. Don't let it get stuck to the glue in the area above the yellow spaces.

Move the grey L over one space.

You should be able to get it from here! In fact, you probably didn't need the previous instruction.

Just in case, though, the word is BOTTLE.


Once again, words fail me. Another great group of brain drains. I kept waiting, cringing, for that one monster puzzle to turn up but it never did this time. The animations alone are worth whatever the cost is on the iPhone.


Level 28 is driving me crazy!!!!! Help!!!


Ok, never mind again, I figured out level 28:

drop the T in the lower left corner onto the 2 switch. Then move the E all the way to the left. Then push the E down, and at the same time, push the O over so it's on top of the 4 block....Thats what maffew meant by moving two blocks at once :)


Re Level 20: I've solved it!

You need to pile the letters on the right hand side of the yellow area and leave one c up top before bringing that across the letters and into the green transporter and landing on the letter converter. Then you just need to move the letters around to spell the word!


I think we would all appreciate it if someone would make a walkthrough for the entire game.


Level 20 Sequence:

On the right hand side
Drop the C, transport through green, put it in place and transport through red the A,E and H. Now move the A to the left so the C drops down and there you are.



Actually, the "move the letters around" is the part I have trouble with. D: I'm assuming there's a specific way to pile the letters so that I can spell the word.


And I swear that comment wasn't there when I typed up my plea~

Thank you, Nik!


Can someone please help me with 29? I either need the in-game hint, or a full walkthrough on that level.


Can anyone explain #17? Just some hints, not an all-out how-to (yet)?


Ha. Never mind.


I Need Help With 23.

RookieGamer September 24, 2010 2:22 PM

AHH! I'm hopelessly stuck on 29! Any suggestions?


Ahhh #29!!!

not very smart September 26, 2010 12:58 PM

can someone please make a video walk through for level 14 i don't understand it in text and I've tried and tried to get it to work but i cant do it.


Figured out level 29! First things first, you should:

move the K up, and drop the F down and thru the teleport


use the B and T for switches 3 and 5

and finally

use the F for switch 1. the 4 isnt used


Does anybody know how to solve 25

lisa marie January 8, 2011 3:28 PM

I need help with level 14 i believe is the levelk the word i think is dreamt can't get the letters to change so they are in the right order


I'm stuck on level 19, there is not a way to move C before N drops on the 1 switch. Any advice?


Yay. What a fantastic game - and indeed series of games. Awesome puzzles. Finished the game with 8 hints and 8 clues remaining. The animations are utterly delightful and a good motivation to keep bashing one's brain on the hard bits :)


I lol'd at the "bottle" animation.


Seriously? NO ONE is stuck on level 18? I am!


Well, no thanks to you guys, I finally got level 18 finished. I'm just glad I saved enough hints to make it there this time.

I think there should be a way to get more hints than just having the default ten...


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