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Bubble Tanks Tower Defense 1.5

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Rating: 4.5/5 (108 votes)
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GrinnypBubble Tanks Tower Defense 1.5Creating an upgrade to a not-so-decent game is pretty easy. First, fix all the problems from the first time around. Then, add a few new things and call it done. Creating an upgrade to a really good game, however, is another story. That will require more design acumen, and a lot more thought. How about creating an upgrade to one of the most popular games of 2009? So popular and well-loved, in fact, that it placed first (tied) in the best of 2009? Tell us, Hero Interactive, how in the world do you do that? If the answer is Bubble Tanks Tower Defense 1.5, then it's a pretty good response.

Bubble Tanks Tower Defense 1.5 is an upgrade and reimagining of the fantastically popular Bubble Tanks Tower Defense, a, well (duh!), tower defense game (if you couldn't tell by the title). So, what can Hero Interactive do to make this upgrade worth playing? Add four new tower types? Check. Add four new enemies to be destroyed? Check. Add 15 new addictive maps to fight your way through? Check. Add a new dark mode that turns off the lights except for a small area around the cursor? Check and Check. Retcon the first 50 maps so that you can play them through with the new towers, enemies, and modes? Now you're cooking with gas!

For those who missed it the first time around, here's a quick recap: Bubble Tanks Tower Defense 1.5 is a free-form tower defense game. Enemies come in from one side of a "room" and try to exit another side of the "room". It is up to the intrepid gamer to place bubble towers in strategic places to wipe out the enemies before they reach the other side and take away lives. Each bubble tower begins life as a simple cannon-type tower, and can be upgraded into four types of towers: gunnery type towers (machine gun and cannon), pulse type towers (slow an enemy, weaken an enemy, or destroy an enemy), ghost towers that deal with the pesky ghost enemies (which will fly right past your carefully constructed paths), and boost towers which boost the performance of surrounding towers. Gain bubbles every time you kill an enemy and use the results to upgrade your towers. Fully upgraded towers in a 2 x 2 grid pattern can be merged into mega towers with even more firepower, and of course there are the mega-mega towers, consisting of four mega-towers in a 2 x 2 grid pattern.

Bubble Tanks Tower Defense 1.5Adding to the fun of the original are new towers, including those that can poison enemies, those that can confuse enemies, those that shoot beams, and a wicked fun "suicide" tower that blows itself up to wipe out the enemy. Of the four new enemies are ones that are invisible, ones that swarm, and a nasty one which when it dies will temporarily "kill" the towers around it. And for those that disdain the first go-round as easy, there is the Dark mode, which makes it difficult to see where you need to build to shore up your flagging defenses. And yes, the new tower types mean that new mega- and mega-mega-tower types can be created.

So whether you want to play the new maps or go back and play the old maps with the new defenses and enemies, Bubble Tanks Tower Defense 1.5 is a rollicking good time. Play with the restrictions of limited available bubbles or go all out in cheat mode and see what new kinds of mayhem you can wreak with mega-mega-towers. Or really challenge yourself and play in Dark mode, a nail-biting exercise in the upper levels. If you liked Bubble Tanks Tower Defense the first time around, then brace yourself for hours and hours of more entertainment and destruction, enough to keep you busy as you wait for a full-blown sequel (there is going to be a sequel, right Hero Interactive?).

Play Bubble Tanks Tower Defense 1.5

Play the entire Bubble Tanks series...


Is this working for anybody? After the game loads, I get a message about the game being "site locked". Going to herointeractive's wetsite indicates that TD 1.5 is "coming soon"...

[Yes, it's running fine for me. Try reloading the browser page. Armor Games is definitely an official release site for Hero Interactive. -Jay]


Hmm, still not working for me. I can run the original Bubble Tanks TD, but not 1.5 on armorgames' site.

I'll try again tomorrow :)


It's working for me, Ribs. I'm just replaying the old levels for now, which is fun with the new tower types. So far I'm not finding it a huge improvement over the last. That's not saying much...I really liked the original, so there wasn't much I thought desperately needed improvement.


I honestly can't tell if I'm just seeing bugs that were never fixed or these are conscious design decisions to aggravate players. Splitters that can jump through fixed walls and ghosts that still don't get picked up by the towers. I can't see how this game became so popular with elements like that.

Is juggling still considered an 'expert technique'?

(I have to say the cursed enemy type is sheer genius, however. But I know at some point I'm going to get burned by those flaws, so I have to avoid it.)


This is dangerous. I spent enough time addicted to the original... XD


The new suicide towers seem kind of pricy for a one-shot bit of damage. However...

Combined with other towers (even themselves) suicide towers make for some pretty exceptional and cheap Mega towers. Best of all, they're no longer suicidal!


Still no 8x8 mega-mega-mega towers.
I has a sad =(

Anonymous July 14, 2010 5:01 AM

I don't like this game. If juggling were not involved, I'd like it greatly.

Linkadoor July 14, 2010 1:06 PM

I finished it. In the endless mode (one of the original maps), I managed to build 4 megamegatowers (without cheats), and now the enemies are killed before they even enter the screen! I can even handle +100 waves at once

one hint for everyone: damage boost and firerate boost towers are very good combined with mega or megamega towers. Try to build as many of them near every big tower.


I was completely addicted to the original so have wasted most of the afternoon on this.

ID66 requires juggling which is a pain though the stealth beasties do make it interesing.

However, either I'm better at this than I was or the difficulty isn't that high. I've done all the new levels without a leek apart from ID66, most on first attempt.

Also there isn't enough bubbles on even the hardest level to create a mega mega bubble gun. Like aww, I has a sad.


Another attempt on ID66 and it is now complete without a leak (sorry for typo above).

It is a nice game but I don't really fancy going through all the original levels again. Roll on Bubble Tanks Tower Defense 2.0


I've experimented with the Mega-Suicidal towers. I gotta say, they're kind of like the Pokemon Magikarp: Hard to train up (i.e. getting them to a Mega Tower in a useful place before they explode and ruin all your efforts,) but they payoff is huge (cheap Mega Towers with extreme damage potential that aren't suicidal. Can't really hit ghosts and they lack range/due to burst damage as mega towers their minimum fire rate bottoms at 10, though...unless you're smart and add a Ghost Splash tower or Sniper Tower to the mixture. Still, as Mega-Mega towers with one of the components being towers that aren't pure burst, they DO get a 1 fire rate minimum.)

Oh, and modifying a build used by a guy for TD1, I think I've come up with the ultimate ULTIMATE damage output:


Credit to JIG member Smacked for the original base tower design. His TD1 base (I just replaced the normal splash towers with suicidal towers, can be found here: https://jayisgames.com/images/bubbletankstowerdefencefinal-1.jpg)

Over 54 million damage at once on that tower, tons more elsewhere. Suicide towers are fun in the EXTREME.

Since the tactic also used a slow+weaken tower with screen-covering range, I could potentially change up the towers for yet better base damage on the 54 million+ tower. But the slow+weaken tower makes it more efficient, so I'll stick to it for now.


Ohhh new enemies, fun stuffs.

Oh darn it, it still freezes if you click away from the game on auto pause before starting the level. Well at least you can turn it off now.


I have to clean my computer at some point. Anyone know where this save file for this game is so that I can save it elsewhere?

Shwart!! July 17, 2010 8:17 PM

In regard to that 54 million damage tower, I disagree with it being ultimate in power. It only fires every 10 frames against ground, and is thus comparable to a mere 5.4 million damage/frame. I personally was able to achieve 36 million damage/frame on TD1 on a single tower. Because this tower uses the same damage attribute for both burst and ghost, your tower is far more powerful against ghost units, and nothing else.
Additionally, you've neglected a rather large bug: whenever a set of towers is combined, the damage of the resulting Mega (or -Mega) tower is based not on the raw attributes of the towers, but the damage with all multipliers applied. With judicious selling-rebuilding of damage boosts while constructing your Mega-Mega tower, you could likely achieve ridiculous damage with your build, but it still would not match a standard build; a suicide tower deals 170 damage/frame, while a splash tower deals 200 damage/frame, with speeds maximized. Because all the boosts are straight multipliers, your method will be 15% weaker than a corresponding splash tower build.

BloodClot420 July 23, 2010 9:47 PM

Any one have a tip for level 66 (stealthly). I have no idea. Someone wrote they have to "Juggle"
so I have tried creating them and deleting them and placeing them elsewhere, to get towers to attack the group multiple times but that doesn't do much. What am I missing here?


For ID66

Put two towers at the start, one on each "C" bend and one at the exit blocking off the bottom path.

Set off the enemies which will follow the top path. Once they reach the C bend, delete the tower at the exit and place a new one blocking off the top path. The enemies will now retrace their steps and head for the bottom path.

With some careful timing, you can get them to bounce backwards and forwards without ever getting to the exit.

Anonymous April 16, 2011 11:06 AM

The 40th level Cut through is very hard. You can't upgrade the towers, you only have 1 life, and you have to juggle, which you leave 2 paths open, you might say I'm strange, and as the enemies get to the end of one side of the path, you block it off, and if the enemies doubleback to the other side, repeat. It works most of the time for when I tried it on level 66, Stealthy.

[Comment edited. Please use "you" not "u" and "the" not "teh" when commenting here. Thank you. :) -Jay]


How do you make that pink tower?


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