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Joshbustabrain.jpgHow's your brain doing today? Is it bright and refreshed, with all synapses firing, ready to tackle the demands of the day? Or is it in a thick foggy haze punctuated by a few nervous twitches, screaming out to return to its slumber? Let's find out, shall we? Developer Ninjadoodle (known for their click-tracking, one button offerings) presents their latest challenge to your gray matter called Bustabrain, a short amusing title that should appeal to puzzle and minigame fans alike.

Bustabrain's gameplay takes Ninjadoodle's One Button Bob technology and merges it with a series of 39 Warioware-esque mini brain games. There are various puzzles inside, including rebuses, matchstick movers, memory games, pattern recognition sequences, and even a few action bits. Each game only requires mouse clicks or drag-and-drops, and shouldn't take you longer than a minute. There are a few levels, however, that are more involved, literally requiring you to think outside the box.

Overall, Ninjadoodle's latest game is a fun, limited offering. With its cute, simple mix of graphic styles and swinging soundtrack, the game is entertaining to play through. Its replay value only consists of beating your last total click score, however, which becomes much easier the second time around. Regardless, Bustabrain is a nice game to beat on your break, and might even help get that squishy stuff up there in your head moving again.

Update: Ninjadoodle has responded to the feedback about the bubble levels and made some changes. Those levels should be less frustrating now. :)

Play Bustabrain

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Bustabrain Complete Walkthrough

This walkthrough will try to get you through all 39 levels in the least number of clicks possible. Wicked!

  1. Ignore the Gingerbread man's pleas and click him 12 times to eat him up.

  2. Form a down arrow with the matchsticks by clicking the two upper matches.

  3. Watch the screen and remember the color pattern on the pixel man, then select him on the next screen.

  4. Let's see, those are paddles, right? No wait, they're oars.

    How many are there?

    Ten oars?

    ROTEN -> TENOR. Drag the letters to rearrange them.

  5. On this one you need to form complete lines without crossing them.

    Left, right, top, left, bottom, right.

  6. How many squares will balance (C)? Well, what do 3 circles balance with?

    3 circles balance with 1 green triangle. What balances with 1 green triangle?

    4 blue squares. The answer is 4.

  7. Your cursor becomes an arrow that shoves the large bubble. Shove it so it touches all the smaller bubbles without touching the walls. The closer the arrow is to your large bubble, the further it will get shoved.

    Let gravity take the place of downward motion click to save on clicks.

  8. That's a stretched out TIE... what's another word for something that's stretched downward?

    BOW TIE. Drag the letters to rearrange them.

  9. Four clocks. Change the D clock to match the pattern.

    A and C have the hands in opposite places, so B and D should as well.

    A and C have happy faces. B has a sad face, so...

    Set D to 9:45 with a sad face.

  10. Find the continue button. Wait, I don't see a continue button!

    Click and drag from the upper-right to lower left until you see the ninja holding the Continue sign.

  11. Organize the comic panel!

    1. Arrrr! Prepare to duel Matey!

    2. Alright! I will duel you with my pen...

    3. ... For we all know, a pen is mightier than the sword.

    4. RIP.

    Click OK.

  12. Hmmm... A dripping letter.

    What color is the letter?

    What is the letter?

    RED SEA. Drag the letters to rearrange them.

  13. Break the code! There are four digits.

    There are also four pictures on the wall.

    How many eyes are visible on each picture?

    3,2,1,0, then OK will open the door.

  14. Feed the black monster! Click and drag each moving object into his gaping maw. Om nom nom, indeed.

  15. Take 4 with love! You need to form a heart by removing 4 matchsticks.

    Remove the top two, then the middle two to form the heart.

  16. Memorize the lights. Just copy the pattern you see by clicking the lights to turn them on.

  17. Another rebus. A lower case letter and a bike?

    It's the letter 'i' and a cycle.

    ICICLE. Drag the letters to rearrange them.

  18. Another connection puzzle. Start in the middle and move around the rim.

    Middle, right, down, left, middle, up, right, middle, down.

  19. 1+1 = ... wait a minute... I call shenanigans...

    It's not 1, 3, 5, or 7...

    Click the + to turn it into a X.

    Click 1.

  20. Another bubble puzzle. Once again your cursor becomes an arrow that shoves the large bubble. Shove it so it touches all the smaller bubbles without touching the walls. The closer the arrow is to your large bubble, the further it will get shoved.

    Let gravity take the place of downward motion click to save on clicks.

  21. I love rebuses... er.. .rebii? And here's two 'i's by the way. And a 3.

    A superscripted 3 means "cubed."

    ICE CUBE. Drag the letters to rearrange them.

  22. Complete the shape pattern. What's happening in progression from A to C?

    Each shape is moving up one place, and the top most one moves to the bottom.

    D is yellow rectangle, red circle, green triangle, and blue square.

  23. Find the twins! Just look for two monsters that are identical.

    Pay attention to the dots, eyes, number of teeth, and direction of teeth.

  24. Organize the comic panel!

    1. Dude, do you ever get sick of just hangin' out?

    2. Heck yeah! I wish there was something else to do.

    3. We could go chill out instead?

    4. I'm cold.

    Click OK.

  25. More rebus goodness. A fruit and a number?

    It's an apple.

    3.14 is Pi.

    APPLE PIE. Drag the letters to rearrange them.

  26. Break the code! This one's harder.

    There are three buttons on the wall.

    There's also a fourth button hidden behind the bookshelf...

    Click one of the books on the bookshelf to reveal the button.

    Click the first three buttons in order, from left to right to open the door.

  27. Make bacon? Okay. But the headline says the world is out of bacon!

    First start a fire by clicking the chimney.

    Then throw a rock through the window by clicking and dragging the rock on the window.

    Hey, it's the police! Also known as... pigs... aha...

    Drag the police car onto the chimney to roast it... mmmm... bacon...

  28. Take 8 and leave 2. Huh?

    Remove 8 matches to form the word "TWO."

    On the first section, remove the left, horizontal middle, right, and bottom matches.

    On the second section, remove the horizontal middle and top match.

    On the third section, remove both middle matches.

  29. Remember the order! Just copy the dice pattern you see by clicking the dice in order from 1-6.

  30. Rebus action! A regent and an untruth...

    The word "LIE" is on the king.


    LION KING. Drag the letters to rearrange them.

  31. Another connection puzzle. Start at the bottom and move around the rim.

    Bottom left, bottom right, upper right, top, upper left, upper right, middle, upper left, bottom left, middle, bottom right.

  32. How many boxes? Wait, I can't count all of those...

    Ok, I guess I can. Looks like there are 20 boxes.

    But 20 isn't one of the options! Help!

    Think outside the square... buttons that is.

    Click the "+20" for the right answer.

  33. This is the hardest bubble puzzle yet. Start by collecting the middle bubble, the work your way counter-clockwise to get the last one in the upper-left.

  34. Rebus again! Hmmm... footprints and an arrow...

    How many feet?

    What direction is the arrow pointing?

    SIX FEET UNDER. Drag the letters to rearrange them.

  35. Four monster things. Change the D monster to match the pattern.

    A and C have eyes down, nose up, happy face, and ears at different places.

    B has eyes up, nose down, and a sad face, with ears in the up position. So...

    Set D to eyes up, nose down, sad face, and ears up.

  36. Find the loner. This one is random each time, so just look for the object without a match.

  37. Organize the panels again!

    1. Tree Hugger -> Tree.

    2. Hugs tree.

    3. Tree sags.

    4. I'm sorry, but the tree didn't make it. You suffocated it with your excessive hugging!

    Click OK.

  38. Last rebus! 1x/3:45PM?

    1x means it happens one time...

    3:45PM is a time...

    1x is on top of the time.

    ONCE UPON A TIME. Drag the letters to rearrange them.

  39. Last puzzle! Break the code.

    There are four pictures, each with a roman numeral on it.

    I is a footprint, II is a cloud, III is a check mark, and IV is a sad face.

    I is a left foot, II is a cloud in the sky, III is a check mark to the right, and IV is a sad face looking down.

    Click 1 until the notch faces left, 2 should be up, 3 should be right, and 4 should be down.


first post ever October 13, 2010 10:58 AM

I like it but I am stuck at level 21


I ran through the first 20 levels before giving up on this; it was just too easy and straightforward. Cute, but not enough of a challenge.

I do like the style though.


omg i love this game :)


So it seems I'm as smart as a rock !

The bubble games made me gain so much clicks !


I had to stop at level 20. When I went back to pick up where I left off, I find out that I had to start from the beginning. Why not let me save my progress?

Entertaining nonetheless. I'll bookmark for a when I have more time to work it all the way through.


I must be an idiot as I cannot get past level 26. The lights are driving me nuts.


I'm going to rate this game as "okay". It could've done better, but those $@%&* bubble-collecting puzzles make me want to put my computer through a wall.

fuzzyface October 13, 2010 4:00 PM

Owww no progress saving? I played to level 30 something, and had other things to do ... to get back to it later ... now it starts at level 1 again :-/ I dont mind doing the puzzles again, as once you know it its easy. But I dont quite feel like doing arcade-dont touch the walls levels inbetween -again.

Anonymous October 13, 2010 6:56 PM

The bubble levels were absolutely stupid and ruined the whole game. Liked the puzzles otherwise, but bailed out on the last bubble level. I wonder what cool puzzles I missed out on?

Anonymous October 13, 2010 7:33 PM

I'm not sure why, but some of the games recently do not fit within the window, like this one. There is a box on screen in which the game is supposed to be, but when it loads, it's as if you had zoomed in a bit on the game, thereby cutting off the edges. Which, in this game, makes it nearly impossible to read the instructions.

[Sounds like your browser is zoomed. Check this Support FAQ for how to fix it. -Jay]


The game would have been great if it weren't for the bubble parts. it ruined the game. I quit playing after the second bubble part because it was too frustrating. puzzle games should be about clever thinking, not rely on your good timing.


Would have been a blast.
Most levels were really fun.

Bubble puzzles are a game killer here.
Pull them out and you've got a winner!

Ninjadoodle October 14, 2010 8:45 PM

Hi Guys

I read your comments and made some changes to the bubble levels. They should hopefully be a bit less frustrating now :)

Thanks for the feedback!


Ninjadoodle October 14, 2010 9:04 PM

Sorry, just forgot to say that you will need to delete your browser cache if you want to play the new version.


Much better with the changes to the bubble levels. I can play the game all the way to the end now, without feeling like stabbing someone!

sandylouise October 16, 2010 6:01 PM

Love this game!

Is level 32 supposed to be purposely misleading or is the picture drawn incorrectly (or am I seeing it wrong)? If the smilies are facing forward it looks like there would be 6 rows across the bottom but five rows across the top.


I think level 32 is incorrectly drawn too.


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