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Rating: 4/5 (40 votes)
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KimberlyYou may think Hansel and Gretel had it bad, but at least their trail led them out of danger. Not so for the brother and sister team in Cantrip, an action adventure game from Dadiu Games (RaaSool). In this twisted interpretation of the fairy tale, the kids come upon a nasty witch as they are collecting a trail of cans in a scrapyard. They need to redeem the cans for cash to survive. And as if orphans collecting cans isn't sad enough, the witch accuses them of stealing her cans, snatches the sister, and curses the brother to be a human magnet. Sister is smart enough to leave a trail of cans behind as the witch carries her off, so there's at least some hope of tracking her down.

As you might imagine, being a human magnet in a junkyard makes things difficult. Use [WASD] to walk, and [spacebar] to jump.Click to temporarily demagnetize yourself, and the mouse wheel will zoom you in or out. As you wind your way through the junk yard, anything metallic will move toward you. This can be dangerous when there are knives or saw blades laying around, or helpful if you need to be heavier to flip switches at the cost of slower speed. Meters on the screen tell you how long you can demagnetize yourself, and how heavy you are depending on how much scrap you currently have stuck to you. When you demagnetize yourself, anything you've collected is flung off you forcefully. There are guard dogs on the premises, and this is good way to dispose of them.

Cantrip manages the magnet aspect of the game wonderfully. There are places where it is a help, but others where it is a definite hindrance. Figuring out which is which and using it to your advantage is key. The only thing missing is a save button. You've got a beautifully atmospheric game journey ahead of you. Can you help the children live happily ever after?

Note: Mac users please use Chrome or Safari. If the game runs slowly for you, try one of the free download versions.

Play Cantrip

Download the free full version (scroll down)

Mac OS XMac OS X:
Download the free full version (scroll down)


rushlife13 January 25, 2013 11:40 AM

Nice game! A little bit cruel but really atmospheric.


The controls are miserable.

bencarroll January 25, 2013 1:49 PM

At least on my MBA, attempting to run the game in Safari causes my system to crash (something that never happens).


I only get a pink screen, can't see what I'm doing.


It's a Unity game. Try updating your Unity Player plugin, or download the version for your OS and play it offline.


There is no download for my OS as I'm using XP Pro (32 bit). There was no option to update my unity player, but I'll see if I can do so manually and report back, thanks.


No joy, reinstalled the latest Unity player and still getting pink screen only in FF.


Try a different browser? Other than that, I don't know what to suggest, I can't reproduce your issue.

hothotpot January 25, 2013 6:08 PM

Gsme worked very well on my browser (Chrome), and I did not find the controls to be difficult at all. In fact I found them fairly intuitive. I thought the game was very cute, for being as dark as it was, and only got lost/turned around once towards the end. Quite the quirky little twist on the Hansel & Gretel story, to be sure.


Cantrip that's my (old)spell turn ins humph


From the game load screen when opening in IE: "Bug report: Firefox web player on Mac computers may causes kernel panic. Please use Safari or Chrome"

Since I don't have either browser on this machine, guess I'll have to pass if IE won't work either.


Officially passing.

westxcline January 25, 2013 7:11 PM

I've played a few Unity games, and have not had the problems I'm experiencing with this game. I'm not sure what the cause is.
- Mouse pointer disappears.
- Can't switch to another tab in Chrome unless I click on another application window then come back to Chrome.
- Zooms in and out wildly without me touching the wheel.

I also hate a game that requires both the mouse and the keyboard. Implement everything for each device, or just the keyboard if the mouse cannot do it all.

Five stars for atmosphere and graphics; negative four stars for problems making the game unplayable.


I found that when games make the cursor invisible (yes, it is a design choice), you can often get the cursor back by hitting escape [esc]. That worked for me with this game and I was able to switch to a different tab.


I like others only get a pink screen when I tried this game in chrome but I could still hear the audio. When I tried it in IE my computer had a nervous breakdown and hid in the corner. When I downloaded it I couldn't open it, it said it wasn't a valid win32 file or something along those lines. Shame, I think I'd really like this game.


Had same issue as Dandy in Chrome w/XP - not a valid win32 app -- but my PC is older. Too bad -- was looking forward to playing.


I had a "plug in" failure crash in Safari and used chrome instead. I liked the game but didn't finish it- I found the navigation difficult, particularly when I was between containers etc. In the end, the difficulty outweighed the rewards for me.


Probably worth adding the win32 download link: http://cantrip.dadiugames.dk/Cantrip_Windows32.zip (the one linked to now is for 64-bit Windows systems only).

novascottch August 29, 2013 11:33 PM

After the advertisement it just goes to the Ray-Ban site in the little box where the game should be? I've tried reloading and refreshing, but I guess it's safe to say this game is broken :/


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