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Rating: 4.7/5 (299 votes)
Comments (105) | Views (19,705)

PatrickCaravaneerWhat do you get when you put Global Warming, Peak Oil, Nuclear War and good old-fashioned oligarchy in a blender? You get Fallout meets Elite ...in a browser!

Caravaneer is a game by Dmitry Zheltobriukhov that has you playing a caravan leader in a post-apocalyptic desert, trading goods from town to town while fending off hungry raiders. It's got turn-based tactical fighting, strategic economic decision-making, and a political storyline! Tactics, economics and politics!

The interface here is a bit complicated, but it's all based on the mouse. An overworld map allows you to click in the direction you want your caravan to go. Travel carries a risk of you being attacked and takes time, which drains water, food and forage (food for your animals). The game starts you off right near the pocito town of Poca Cosa, where the sheriff gives you an inheritance of some money, an animal and a weapon. In town, you can spend that money buying supplies like water containers, first aid kids and ammo, buying goods like leather or medicine, buying different animals like mules, camels and horses, getting carts for your animals, there is a bonanza of options. You can also hire people to follow you on tour, starting with a few ragged bodyguards equipped with rifles and pistols, but eventually building the equivalent of an army regimen, replete with grenades, bazookas and high-end machine guns. There are several tabs at the bottom of the screen that allow you to manage your caravan, check out the news or the economic stats of the town you're in, and of course save and load, which you've going to be doing a lot of. It takes trial and error to really master the complexities of weight versus speed, accuracy versus damage, action points over intelligence and all the rest, but the process of learning is so rich that it's fun to lose.

Analysis: This is the game you link-drop when someone tells you Flash games will never do anything deep. Caravaneer is a full-bodied experience that recalls classics of the 80's—like Wasteland or Elite—and reincarnates them in the era of the Web. Tactical combat can be a bit of a grind sometimes, which is why I recommend running with a single player-character with 10 agility and a horse until you get a car, and avoiding most battles. There is something of a dominant strategy in the combat, where you can just get a lot of people with a decent amount of action points, give them body armor and grenades, and have at it. You're able to do that because of the economic game; you can make a killing running commodity goods and then later, oil and fuel. What is interesting is that towns will stop producing a certain commodity, such as clothes, without the dependent commodity of textiles, and prices will fluctuate based on the supply/demand of availability. The storyline involves seeding out institutional corruption in the government. The way you're able to do that is by subverting the economic levers that very institution uses to keep itself in power, and then turning those funds against it. There is a subtle, interesting message in that.

Strap up your boots and hit the road, you're in for a brutal, but rewarding journey.

Play Caravaneer

Cheers to Dzini, John, James, Mark, Dustin, Scott, Ben and Dennis for suggesting this one! =)


ElliotM March 4, 2008 3:39 PM

This game looks like a lot of fun. Seems like Oregon Trail, only better and non-linear. :D

Natalie March 4, 2008 3:52 PM

First aid kids? I got an odd image of a tiny, adorable doctor from that.


the items look like they are taken from the fallout games... reminds me of fallout too


it is very fun but EXTREMELY annoying i cant go away from one town without getting attacked by 10 robbers on the the way to the nearest town.
the battles also take forever


I've played this game so many times, and will play it again many more. This is, bar none, my favorite Flash game ever developed. Deep, interesting, and fun to play every time.

ThemePark March 4, 2008 6:18 PM

Uuuuh, new and shiny game. Now I completely forgot what I wanted to complain about.

But yes, this is a truely awesome Flash game. It has so much depth that it will actually take you days to finish it, which I consider to be a good thing. I have to this date not finished either of the storylines.

And that's actually a little footnote worth mentioning. There are two storylines, although the one not mentioned isn't as long, but it puts you on the bad guys' side. Admittedly, I haven't tried playing it yet.

Also, I have to disagree with Patrick. Running away from the robbers is not a good idea. If you intend to follow the storyline, you WILL encounter many robbers and many battles, so you might as well get used to it, and use the robbers to develop a strategy. In the beginning, while you circle around the three starting cities, the robers are unfortunately likely to kill you, but once you've made a few rounds, following the tutorial, and selling and buying stuff, you'll have enough money to buy actual weaponry, and a partner as well, and then fighting the robbers becomes a bit easier.

ace1217 March 4, 2008 6:27 PM

Wow, I am surprised that this is the first mention of this game on jig, this is what, 2 years old? But then I have never liked this game.


I was laughing a lot when I saw a global map in the game )))
The guy who made this game is Russian (I can say by name, since I am russian too), so a couple of towns have funny names:
Sekir Bashka - means "сut the head" type of the execution
Smerd - old word, means peasant or worthless fellow
Drushlak - means "Strainer", but the funniest thing that everybody write this word wrong (me too), the right version would be "Durshlag" )))
I guess it worth a letter to the author...


This game could be a lot of fun but it is ABYSMALLY slow. Moving between towns and the battle scenes are enough to make you pull your hair out. There is a "FAST" setting for the game but that's similar to turning a fan on to watch the paint dry faster.

As far as I can tell you can only save the game outside of the towns. Why???

Another gripe I have is the sudden death factor while traveling. I had water, food, and forage for the mule. No robbers were attacking. There was no warning. Just *POOF* and you're dead.

I'd just saved the game and didn't have a backup so now I have to start all over again?

Maybe after they work on it a little.

mattvf16 March 4, 2008 7:43 PM

this game has been on kongregate for a long time and it gets old rather quickly.


Looks like it might be an interesting game, but I am not going to bother with it so long as they make me calculate by hand how much food/water/forage I need to get to next city. Especially since they don't say anywhere how many hours per day are spent traveling (8? 12? 24?). This is why we invented computers in the first place.


Konrad, you travel all 24. I had the same problem -- I just made a tiny spreadsheet where I put in the distance and it calculates out how long it'll take me and how much food, water, and forage I'll need. (And I can change the values for how fast I travel and how much of each thing I need as those change.)


I'm not really sure if it matters much, but the version linked to on Free World Group is actually outdated. The latest version is actually over at the creator's website, Sugar Free Games.com. I don't know if it's actually a fact, but for me the newer version faster.

I really enjoy the game itself, but I can't help but feel that the game could be streamlined and play better if you didn't have to go through the trouble of going to the map, charting the angle, then waiting as your caravan moves at 4 mph to the next town. I personally would've preferred a system where time moves instantaneously, without the movement animation, and interrupted whenever you're attacked by robbers, or whatever special events might happen.

It's a small gripe and more of a matter of personal preference of play taste, I think. I still love the game either way.


Thanks, Julian. We usually link to the author's website (if available) or the sponsor's website, and this one apparently slipped by me. Thanks for pointing that out. I've updated the links to point to the latest version.


Hey Eyebrows?

That's WAAAY too much work for a computer game! :P

John259 March 5, 2008 2:55 AM

Caravaneer is an in-depth RPG with a story arc as well, free of charge and with no need to download or install. It might not be quite perfect but it's certainly not something to complain about IMHO...

A few hints, all fairly obvious:

Be sure to take note of all the good advice offered by the sheriff in Poca Cosa.

Make a map of the southern towns and the directions of travel between them.

Use the saved games slots in a rotating sequence, enabling you to recover should the bandits defeat you.

Build up your party numbers whenever possible but make sure everyone has sufficient weaponry.


I played this for a few days a while ago. One of the best flash games out there in my opinion, it's so detailed that you can sit down with it for whole afternoons at a time with a notepad slowly accumulating scrawled notes about what town sells what etc... it would've kept my interest a lot longer but my save file disappeared and I didn't have the heart to start again :C

On that note what is it that affects saves in browser games like this? I thought it was cookies, but I have them enabled 'until they expire' ?


I'm enjoying this quite alot... reminds me of an old spectrum game I used to play as a kid... can't remember what it was called...aha... the wild bunch... great game.


A note about the town names: Vavato already noticed that the ones in Russian have generally negative meanings, but in fact all of the town names mean something negative in some language.

Some of the ones I remember:

  • Poca Cosa: nothing much (Portugese)

  • Caganel: diarrhea (Portugese, I think)

  • Verdammter Platz: [this] damn place (German)

  • Nirgendwo: nowhere (German)

  • Merdin: crappy (I'm guessing because "merde" is crap in French)

Funnily enough, searching for "caganel" on Google returns primarily Caravaneer related results.

I guess nobody really likes living in this post-apocalyptic world.


Travel carries a risk of you being attacked and takes time, which drains water, food and forage (food for your animals).

when you said food you probobly meant forage. (im talking about the tect in the brackets.)


Did anyone else have a TON of ads popup? I can't use popup blocker because of the work I do. I had to wade through ad after ad after ad just to get to the game.


Patrick's advise about getting a horse is still fairly useful, though you still get attacked a few times while you're making your rounds. I'm thinking of making a spreadsheet for this game like some of the other players said they did.

An example first round and some general tips:

The sheriff recommends doing the Poca Cosa (buy leather)> Caganel (sell leather, buy shoes)> Drushlak (sell shoes, buy medicine and/or clothes) > Poca Cosa (sell medicine and/or clothes, and then buy more leather) route.
What I do is I buy the cheapest cart, one of those blue water cans, enough food and forage for a round trip, then as much merchandise as I can carry to start off a route. If you do the sheriff's suggested route, you can easily upgrade to a horse and country cart after one run. The horse is much faster (15 kmph) and the country cart has the most efficient carry capacity multiplier for your horse - 2.5x with a cart maximum limit of 500 kg. :D
General hints:
Watch the economies of the towns you visit. The needs of each town seem to change over time, so you will want to pay attention to exports/imports and the general pricing. Market saturation is possible, so you may need new routes after doing the sheriff's route a few times.
Forage runs have never earned me profit in the starting area. It costs 3 cents a Kilogram but you can only sell it for that much again meaning you made $0 ... Perhaps other towns might buy it for more but I haven't found out yet.
Never forget to give your guy more ammo before a fight! I lost a perfectly good game because of this as I didn't have enough ammo, and had neglected to give him a backup weapon like one of those swords I kept getting from bandits. I was reduced to fist fighting for 1 point of damage per hit against 3 bandits armed with knives that did 3 points of damage per hit... not cool.

My only complaint about the game is that your current position on your map isn't marked. With things as spread out as they are, if you changed directions a few times to evade bandits you could get lost.


Sorry dsrtrosy. That's a result of the sponsor's website.

I'll work on hosting this game on one of our media servers here at JIG, that will fix the pop-up problem (we will NEVER use pop-ups here at JIG). I'll update the links here in a short bit.


How do you run from battles once you're in battle? Is it impossible? I do agree that even on 'fast' the battles take way too long. Is there a better weapon than the rifle? It seems to do really well. It would be good if the other weapons listed how many AP they took to shoot so I can tell if it's an upgrade.


I was going to play this, but all the comments put me off :(


Thanks Jay, combat doesn't take nearly as long now that you're hosting it on fizzlebot. :D



I played for several hours last night - had a group of 6 of us, 3 donkeys and carts, thousands of dollars and saved several times... but there's no save listed!!!

How can that be? I approved it's request to save a file to my computer and everything.



Is there also something I'm missing about buying horses? I have 2 people and 2 horses (15km/h), but yet my speed is still only 5km/h.. do I need to put them on the horses or something?

ElliotM March 5, 2008 3:48 PM

Aaron, double check that the carts are attached and that you don't have slower animals in your group. If the carts are unattached there is the possibility that you are actually pulling them by hand and that is why you are still going 5 kph.

Julian2 March 5, 2008 5:34 PM

No, Elliot. The same thing is happening to me.
I think what is happening is that 15km/h is the spped that the horse will go if you don't have any carts.
I'm not sure about this, it should get checked.


In WinXP, Flash saves games into this directory:

C:\Documents and Settings\{username}\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\macromedia.com\support\flashplayer\sys\#{site}

Note: save games are sorted by the site hosting the game; so if you switched to a different site, it won't find your old games. You can still manually move them from the the old site dir to the one for the new site.


ahhhh phew! thanks Jay!


Nope, I have no carts at all. This is kind of perplexing. Just 3 men and 3 animals. Is there a way to contact the author? I haven't found any kind of help beyond the tutorial (which is actually not bad)


New observation... has anyone else spotted that some of the robbers (beyond durshlak) are girls in bikinis?!

RedTomato March 5, 2008 7:03 PM

To the people asking about horses, the tutorial says:

"Note that only cars can carry people. Horses, for example, do not carry people, and if you have horses, but don't have enough cars for all your people, people will walk, and the speed of the caravan will be equal to the speed of the slowest person."

So I;m not sure how Patrick the reviewer and Elliot in the comments got a caravan speed of 15kmph with just a horse and no cars.

Wisedude March 5, 2008 7:49 PM

In town, you can spend that money buying supplies like water containers, first aid [b]kids[b/]

Yeah...I wanna know how that works.

Julian2 March 5, 2008 9:38 PM

we should compile a list of all the towns and what people should sell there.
Just to help newbies or to maximize the profit of your trade route.


OMG... it is a fun game and although I like it... when 6 groups of robbers are at you and it takes about 20 bloody minutes just to complete all the battles... kinda turned me off!!!


The question about speed I would really like answering.

It seems that when it says "but don't have enough cars for all your people"

It means cars, and people can't sit on carts :-P

gungywamp March 6, 2008 6:32 PM

seb, i had the same problem with losing save files. it happened to me twice. i also can't seem to find out what is wrong, because i have saved progress with other cookie based online games before.

if anyone has any suggestions, i would be grateful to hear them. thanks.

(otherwise, this is a great game, and i'd hate to not be able to finish it because of a problem like this)


Sorry about that, gungywamp. That was my doing by switching the links.

However, if you tell me which OS you're using, I'll give you a step-by-step guide on moving your save file over.

ElliotM March 6, 2008 7:32 PM

To answer questions about the caravan speeds Patrick and I were getting, Patrick recommended that your main character should have an agility of 10.

The donkey is slow, at 4 kph, and will hold up your caravan. Once you get a horse, you might not actually get 15 kph but the walking speed of your people instead since apparently you walk unless you have a car :P

If agility translates directly to walking speed, then I guess I was actually traveling at 10 kph. Since that is still 2.5 times the speed of a donkey, regardless of whether I was getting 15 kph or 10 kph, either is a significant improvement. :D


OK, having played this game a bit more I wish two things were included this would make the game more enjoyable and mean I'd have to take fewer notes/screenshots.

a) there needs to be a function in the the main caravan window (where it tells you how much food/water forage speed etc) where it does the calculation to tell you
how long you can travel for


OK, having played this game a bit more I wish two things were included this would make the game more enjoyable and mean I'd have to take fewer notes/screenshots.

a) there needs to be a function in the the main caravan window (where it tells you how much food/water forage speed etc) that does the calculation to tell you
i) how long you can travel for
ii) and therefore how far you can travel
on current supplies.
This is not giving you any more information than you have, it's just telling you what you can calculate for yourself. And would save people the need to create excel spreadsheets to do this.

b) there needs to be another window telling you what the prices were for different commodities (saleable in the market and in the shops) the last time you visited that town (not current prices as you would not necessarily know that in the real world).

I disagree that the map should show you where you are. Real maps (not satnavs) don't do that, as the author points out. It's up to you not to get lost in the desert!

DJBlayde March 7, 2008 4:25 AM

I seem to have lost my typekey credentials, I'll have to get that fixed eventually. As for this game, it's annoyingly addictive. :)
I have found an occasional bug that I can't duplicate, but there is an item that occasionally shows up a at the shops that looks like a canteen, but is priced as "NaN" and if you make the mistake of buying it, it sets your maximums for your cash, cargo, and health to NaN also, which means infinite. Sounds like a cool bug, no? Until you get into combat and no one can take an action so it just cycles through all combatants endlessly. Sadly, I don't know what caused the bug to be able to advise the creator on how to duplicate to possibly fix it, but wanted to advise you all if you see this particular 'item' at the shops, don't buy it.


Honestly, all of the suggestions for interface improvements would take away from one of the intentions of the game: to provide an experience that makes one feel out on one's own, without much technology, at the mercy of the elements.

I LOVE the amount of note-taking and estimation that the game requires. Almost everything anyone has complained about in the comments is just a learning-curve issue. Figure out the problem, deal with it, overcome it.

Have_a_good_day March 7, 2008 5:36 PM

I got this weird glitch where there was a bottle in a shop that was named a bunch of random letters, and when I clicked it the quantity said NaN. I bought it and it made my money and cargo unlimited, but it made me unable to fill up my water. Did anyone else get this glitch?


I bought the right items, followed the right route, made a few sales. Then got slaughtered. By about eight robbers. In my second battle of the game session. Whoopee.



I got the same NaN bug. You can fill up water if enter the digits on keypad. Don't heal your people, i tried that and the healthbar went crazy, at the next battle my people were unable to move.


Your men do not ride animals and therefore the caravan travels at the speed of the slowest person/animal. (source: sugar-free-games)
What do you mean by "use the save slots in a rotating sequence"?


I've been playing this game for quite some time, and I must say it is definitely one of the best Flash RPGs out there.

But one bug that caused me to give up on this game: I went to Hara, the fuel-producing giant. But there was not a single drop of fuel there! I read the news and it said that Hara has just recieved crued oil and restored fuel production.

I've scouted every other location, and there's no fuel. Transporting crude oil to Hara (and waiting for a few hours) does not restore fuel production. How am I supposed to get around in cars without fuel?

Crawford March 8, 2008 1:24 PM

I'm surprised only the reviewer and John259 have mentioned the storyline in the game! So far, I've gotten to the point that I need to raise 3 million dollars to further the plot and I'm wondering if there's a faster way than just through trade.

This is a great game. Make sure you're playing the latest version, since a number of bugs have been fixed.

At the risk of sounding redundantly repetitive, this is a strategy-based game, so strategy is key. To those that think this is a tedious game, then you're using a strategy that simply doesn't work well within the framework of the game.

For those that really would like some kind of walkthrough, here's a link I found with a pretty good explanation:

ThemePark March 8, 2008 2:03 PM

wG, what he means is that if you save every time just before you have to take some robbers down (might only work when you need to take down robbers following the mission, i.e. finding them, not them finding you), using a new save slot, then you can always load the latest savegame, if the robbers should kill you. But since you only have so many saveslots, you'll have to rotate them at some point.

But saving regularly, especially when you need to undertake part of the mission, is a solid piece of advice, that might just mean the difference between completion and giving up on the game, at least in my book.

fatalanth March 8, 2008 3:02 PM

love the game
to go faster buy a car of some sort to do that you need to get to the harder places
shoes and cloths are big money makers in the north west
rpgs make battles last 2 minutes even when theres 15 robbers
always have more people than cars or you will have to leave a car if one man dies


What is meant by "rotate"?
By the way, what is the closest city to the starting triangle that sells cars?
And just a small piece of advice: oxen are too darnukkin' slow -- just 3kph!


Go to Diep Gat, look under people. Does Jorje Arbuso look familiar?

ThemePark March 8, 2008 4:24 PM

wG, it just means that whenever you save a game, you save it in the next slot. For instance you start out by saving your first game in slot 1, then a little later in slot 2, and so on until you've saved a game in all 5 slots. Then the next time you need to save you overwrite slot 1, then slot 2 and so forth. So you just rotate the game slots. That way you will always have 5 save points which you can use to go back as far as you want, depending of course on when in the game you've saved the game.



Easy Money

I happened on this when I stopped in Drushlak on my first run.

I sold all the shoes I had and then when attempting to buy shirts...

I accidently bought all the shoes.

When I sold them back again, I made more money.

I repeated the process. Buy the shoes. Sell the shoes.

After several repeats, I had over $10,000.

Note: Over time, this will cause the price of buying and selling shoes to equalize.

Bjoernelv March 16, 2008 10:47 AM

Have anyone got a good strategy for the final battle? After you have raised 3 mill. you have to fight the army regiments to protect the desert patrols attacking Qubba, but they are so -*-*-*-* strong... I brought 22 men, armed to their teeth with grenades, bazookas, automatic weapons and rocket launchers, everyone with the army bulletproof wests... and I die every time... once i survived one battle but then I was way to weak for the second...

I also tried evading the regiments, pulling them away from the desert patrols, but the patrols kept following us too, and eventually got killed for it... this is getting to me! :-/

thecrwth March 16, 2008 7:36 PM

Any one know if there is an official bug report address/site? I have one where I cannot throw away 60 round of 9 mm bullets or the game crashes on me.

Otherwise I love this game.

PS on the money making spoiler

Buying and reselling shoes seems to only work for a small amount of shoes. If you get greedy likee me, and try this trick with 1000 shoes you lose money. I think this is why: if you look at the prices, they are a minimum for buying and a maximum for selling. So shoes may sell at $21, but that is the minimum you will pay, and the rate I believe goes up. The more you have the higher the rates go, until it becomes unprofitable


My strategy for the final battle is:

I've managed to get through four of the enemy regiments during the final battle.
First, all of my people are driving the Yamaha Raptor atv's, so I can run back & forth to the hospital between each battle.
The enemy soldiers all seem to have very high APs - up to 18 in some cases. So, you'll only get a few chances to make a first impression before they start fighting. I've got three or four people with very high APs, each of them carrying an RPG7 or RPG29 (if their strength is at least 15). Each of them can get off two RPG shots and a grenade throw during a single turn. Aim the RPGs at clusters of enemies, and try to shoot in such a way that if you miss one person, you'll hit the person behind him or a vehicle.
Top priority is getting rid of the enemy grenade throwers, followed by the enemy rocket launchers.
If you're lucky, your people will start the battle in a decent formation - nobody really blocked in by vehicles, and nobody you care about in the front row. I've thought about trying to fight without vehicles, so my people don't get blocked in, but then I can't run to the hospital.


You'll know that you're ready for the final battle when:

You can take on a 22-man police unit and finish the battle without them getting a single shot at you. Usually this means wiping them out using the first five or six people in your line-up. If you can't do this, spend some time fighting police units until your people get more experience.


i really must point this out beacause i laughed at it soo much.

go to Diep Gap and check out one of the people who are up for hire, you might notice that one has a highly suitable intelligience rating.


2 things i wish are 1 if you could own a town and have factories and make stuff and 2 if the game was multiplayer and stuff like maybe in 1 round the days were unlimited until everyone stopped playing and only 10 people in 1 round if the game were multiplayer i would pwn alot of peeps


i also recommend in the begining that you shouldnt aviod battles if you r running low on water food fuel or wutever you kould kill the robbers and jack there stuff you might even be lucky and get some spare guns or swords or somthing also you get some spare cash


i got this realy bad glitch were i control the robbers and they control myguys but the robbers controling my guys couldnt make them shoot LOL but it wouldnt let me kill my guy or it would say i was arrested

Pro Gamer May 11, 2008 9:49 PM

Here are some tips:
Sell the rifle you start out with and use the money to buy more leather and make a bigger profit. I got by the first few battles with just my fists (and 15 AP points so I could hit and run), then grabbed one of the scimitars the robbers had and I was dealing 10 attack points with each blow. Afterwards you can buy a S&W pistol that can fire rapidly many times in one turn, always use aimed shot though until you are better at accuracy. Also it is a good idea to hide behind your animal and pop out to squeeze off a few shots every turn, this way they can hardly damage you.
Most Important character stats:
#1. Agility
#2. Physical Shape
#3. Accuracy
#4. Dont waste any points on intelligence.


Hey - I'm in a weird spot; so I got my pass to the military base at Fort Gochs revoked before I knew how to disarm the nuke - is it possible to get the pass back or am I S.O.L?


I think it's great that the map doesn't show you where you are. In real life, paper maps don't show your location, and getting lost in the desert is a real concern that can get you killed. It's cool to see a game include some rudimentary land-nav elements.

I do wish that you could buy a warehouse or some such to store goods and transports. There's no way to switch what vehicles you're using without selling your current ones and buying other ones. Plus, I hate to just throw-away 10 FN-MAGs...


The same thing happened to me, and I never could get the pass back; I had to reload.


to matt,

after you go to the fort and he takes your pass you have to talk to the chick again and she will tell you to go back to verdammter and talk with sheppard


there is a save feature on the wilderness part of the game. there is a little wrench on the bottom right. click and you see options.

someone mentioned sudden death out in the wilderness , having food water fodder et al. But did you remember to pack meds? if you are hurt in battle, you will need them to limp into town.


Thank you Nate about your comment regarding your love for the lack of tools to calculate things for you. I'm glad somebody actually did something besides complain about a game that isn't boring due to this fact.

Dilan G. July 18, 2008 10:15 AM

This game is great. I have some tips for it though.

1. Don't avoid robbers unless you are unsure that you can win. At the start you can easily beat 3 robbers by yourself. Also the money and equipment you get from them can be sold/used and the


that robbers sometimes have are the best melee for the starting area.

2. Starting route is limited. After a couple runs, you'll find out that the only very profitable run is

shoes -> Drushlak

and forage will be impossible to get at


TO THE GAME MAKERS July 23, 2008 7:40 PM

Hey, to the people who make this game: it's great, but please fix this spoiler bug, because it makes the entire game way too easy... So, spoiler alert.

Once you are given the escort to go to the secret base, you instead go up to the towns in the NW. Stay there and run caravan routes. You have to pay a few thousand to the police when they catch you, but within 15 minutes you can make 1-2 million, buy yourself a fleet of cars, buy every good personnel, and then be off and ready to take down the robber base.

The escort should be changed so that if you enter a city, you lose it ... or something, you guys are the ones who came up with the game. Good luck!


How do you save the game? I just started playing and cant figure it out.plese help me because when I get off of the site it erases my game and I have to start all over.


What is the best melee/ranged weapon in the game?


can i attach 2 animals like horses onto one cart


Regarding saved game issues - has anyone tried right-clicking on the Flash applet, clicking Settings, and setting the "storage" slider to "unlimited"?
Most flash games that I've seen don't use cookies anymore, they use whatever method Flash uses to internally store data. I've had times when it will ask you for permission to store more data than it's currently set to accept, which is why I just changed the setting to unlimited, and have not had any problems...
Hope this helps :)


I love this game, but does anyone happen to know where to sell a lot of weapons? Most stores in the southern towns will only accept one or 2 at most, and only occasionally. I've got something like 80 katanas, 16 colt 44s, 13 shotguns, etc, but I don't have a strong enough "army" to go north.
Of course, if no one up there buys that stuff either, I should just dump it all. Does anyone know if they do?


You will never be able to sell them, if you've already tried a few towns and been unable. Ditch em.
AP and speed don't correlate directly.
Speed is a separate statistic, and most characters move at a set speed of 5 km/hr. Certainly, your main character does, so that limits the speed of the caravan unless you get cars. Upgrading to horses from mules allows you to increase your speed by 1 km/hr, which is enough to match or outpace some robbers, and is worth it when you can afford it for that reason.
Make sure you buy plenty of medicine and set the medicine use to 'any injured party member.'
That's mah 2 cents.


Sorry to all those who like the game, but I post a negative critique.

At the beginning, I found the game very interesting and funny, but soon I was getting bored.

i raised my cash fast and have now 12 strong men with the best equipment and 3 hummers, so I can travel verry fast (20km/h).

Now the points I don't appreciate:

1. Among the items/ weapons/ animals/ carts/ people is a lot of useless stuff. Examples:

Weapons: you have a wide range of weapons, but most times (when you are a bit advanced in the game) you can buy the best ones and the rest (about 80%) you will never use. Or melee weapons - I never used them because guns are always better and ammo is cheap!

Animals/ cart: Who would use oxes for example? They are very slow and not the capacity worth they give you. Once you have just cars, you have enough capacity and much more speed.
I used mules - then horses - then cars.
The rest never interrested me

and so on...

2. The story-line is nice but...
it's a little bit frustrating, when you have to travel around just to talk to someone. Nearly no "puzzles" or something else.
In my opinion the author invested too much work in the story line and not enough in the game itself (see point 3).

3. (My main point) there is absolutely no tactical depth in the battles!
It's always the same scheme. The enemy comes to you, you wait and shoot everything that comes closer and with your snipers you take out all the heavily armed. Thats it!
No possibility to take cover (except your transports), nearly no need to move.

Sure, the author invested a lot of time and work (blood, tears and sweat :D) to create this game, but for me it was not worth the time that I spent.


I love this game, but i got one big issue.
The healing process should have some recognition! they should show how many points it takes to heal how much for how long! I gave up and just bought a bunch of meds and first aid kits, and that costed me a lot of cash and room.


related to sudden death
if you are injured and have a low doctor skill or no meds you can bleed to death silently
this is most common if you are gravely wounded

fuzzyface January 14, 2009 2:11 PM

The game shows the uttermost stupity of the population. Okay in this game civilisation as we know it was destroyed by global warming, and what do the guys and gals do in this game? What is the game still about? Drive around with cars and oil! Well they sure didn't learn anything...


this game is a little hard at first but i actually beat in 1 day no lie and after you win once for me at least it didn't get boring a second or third time.



i am playing storymode and now i am at the military base with the pass.

i think the command, which i have to type into the computer is 1[launch]

but i cant type the "["

is this a bug or do i need another command?

please help me


Will Farmer March 22, 2009 4:18 PM

This game completly sucked me in- I've been searching for something that would fill my fix with more depth. Once you've seen everything it gets old. I so wish they would adapt a PBBG from this title. Please???

But thank you for the great experience, JIG reveals another hidden gem.

Anonymous March 27, 2009 12:37 AM

Does anyone else have the problem of shops being overstocked? Every single shop I go to In every single town Is not interested in ANY weapons related materials and actual weapons....Its annoying as hell to have at least 750k sitting in your inventory and having end up not wanted anywhere

Anonymous March 27, 2009 12:48 AM

I encountered the NaN glitch but oddly enough it was after I was getting ganged up on by like 6 or 7 parties of 15 after I limped out of the battles and all of em were dead I went to check the damage on my Hummers and one of them had the NaN tag in place of all its stats


Does anybody remember the coordinates of the robber warehouse?

Anonymous April 6, 2009 12:34 AM

The Coordinates didnt really matter you just have to talk to the desert patrol guy and he will tell you where to go if I remember correctly


great game. story is sorta boring and leaves very little room for deviation but its fun just to drive around watching the police try and catch you. combat is easy to learn but still fun (to an extent). too many robbers to really try and fight when you leave the first three cities

Anonymous January 14, 2010 8:00 PM

I did the math, there is no way you can get to Caganel from Poca Cosa with your starting money. In fact the whole town doesn't seem to have enough water carrying objects for you to take all the water you would need and even if it did you wouldn't be able to afford all the food and forage you would also need, much less buy leather to trade.

From where I'm standing the game is unplayable.

Can anyone tell me what's going on?

Anonymous March 6, 2010 3:37 PM

For your first trip out, go solo, don't have any other guys or animals. Just take leather to Caganel. Then go to Drusklak. Don't get any guy or animals until you return from Drushlak to the first city.


you can only go as fast as your ppl can go so unless you have atvs or cars your party will only go as fast as the slowest moving thing which i found out after a battle where a person was almost dead and i was only going 2 kilometers per hour


Hey guys, i am having issues. the only car i can find is a 50cc atv and no regular cars. and is there any kind of trailers for the back of them? need a little help here!

Firgreen May 25, 2010 4:11 PM

Here's a way i got a ton of money (few million) and it requires lots of
inventory space (a car is helpful). Don't say if this doesn't work or something. Go to a town near Qubba that has low price alcohol. Buy as much as you can and shuttle to Qubba and sell. Do this as much as you can until the alcohol runs out or prices go high. Then switch to a different town. (works for shoes too)

I also faced something else. All the towns had run out of fuel.

Anonymous June 21, 2010 5:54 PM

A town must have gasoline and crude oil to make more gasoline. So, to allow any town to produce gas, just take crude oil and gas to that town.


who ever said that the game is unplayable because they do not start with enough money to get supplys to go anywhere you probaly dint go to the sheriff in poca cosa who then gives you money an animal for hauling the trade items and a weapon springfield rifle


how do you go through the north east region without paying the cops?

Anonymous June 23, 2011 1:06 PM

My saved games disappear when I restart my computer. I downloaded the game because I hoped this would prevent me from losing saved games. If I close the game and reopen it, all of my saves are intact, but restarting my computer wipes them completely.

I am using Windows 7 Professional, and have the latest Flash player ( although when I open Caravaneer it says Adobe Flash Player 9 at the top. I set it to allow unlimited storage, but somehow it changed to allow only 100KB.

I really enjoy this game and want to keep playing. Can someone please offer some advice?


Hoping for some help.
When I get to the Missle control computer, I can't self destruct them using the code from the manual. Any ideas would be appreciated. I'll just keep offing the police until I can move on.


This game seems pretty buggy. I have plenty of rifle amo (50+) but when I get into a fight it only lists 18 rounds. That runs out fairly quickly and then I can't select the knife I have for hand to hand (in desperation). Maybe I'll try the link to the different version listed earlier in the posts.

[The version up on JIG is the latest version of this game. You won't find a version anywhere else that's in better shape than the one we have here. -Jay]

herds789 July 24, 2012 8:21 PM

i like to turn off the music and play to the Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome soundtrack.


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