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CGDC4: Heavy Metal Goreblood Extreme of Death 800X

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Heavy Metal Goreblood Extreme of Death 800XFlash Game Design CompetitionThe next entry up is from Martin Jonasson of Sweden. And while this is Martin's first competition with us, you may have seen some of his games before here on JIG.

And with apologies to Martin for not being able to fit the full name of his game within the competition framework, his entry Heavy Metal Goreblood Extreme of Death 800X may deserve a prize for the longest game name in the competition. Goreblood, for short, is a projectile shooting game in a classic 'defend your castle' setting, except it's a brain you are defending from a horde of zombie nuns. Please leave your kind feedback and constructive criticism for Martin in the comments.

Play Goreblood

Game link: https://jayisgames.com/cgdc4/?gameID=23


Zombie Nuns?!?!


Dang that's funny already...


on my imac the grenades don't work too well. I'm double clicking like crazy and nothing happens, then 3 of them will throw at once.

eyepersonic October 6, 2007 2:05 PM

i can't decide wether its more silly then funny
but in the meanwhile.. i can't stop playing! now if you excuse me my brain is 27%, brb


Fun concept here but some major flaws in the execution.

The cannons shoot wherever my cursor is positioned. But I also need to click on numerous other things during game play. So all of a sudden while I'm trying to reload a cannon or place a new one all my shots are being wasted.

The nuns I kill drop coins but I have to click on them (sometimes it seems I don't though... what gives?) and again when I move my pointer down to grab the crucial money my shots are going to waste and those dastardly nuns are getting through.

This is no small issue. Until the cannons can be aimed in one direction and set there or some adjustability factor is put in place, the coins are automatically collected, and the grenades stop exploding worthlessly in midair - to me this game is unplayable. Even a pause feature while setting up things would be a help.

Dang disappointing too because I think this one has tremendous potential.

Oh, and from the noises they make when dying I don't think they're nuns at all. I think they're drunk guys from down at the factory in drag. Zombie nuns...

...that's STILL funny!


Zombie nuns??? Okay...

I agree with Aaronzdad's point. It makes it rather difficult. And where exaxtly are those ball physics?


Maybe you could click and drag to aim the cannons, then move the mouse normally to collect the coins, reload the guns and use the shop. That would make it easier.

And some different types of cannon would be nice too.

However the sheer randomness of the concept makes it funny and it looks and sounds great too.


In case you guys didn't notice, the nuns behave as balls.

I agree so far with the control scheme changes. Instead of using the mouse for everything, add some hotkeys, especially for the grenades and reloading.

Grenades really need to explode after they hit something. Like AaronzDad, I noticed a majority were going to waste by exploding when there were no nuns around.

I also noticed that the terrain, levels, and even the nuns' health were randomized. This is kind of a bad idea, since the terrain has a huge bearing on how the nuns behave, and I ended up with 6 big nuns on the third level once. Which is VERY bad.

It's an amazing concept, and I love the physics behind it, but the actual game mechanics are lacking. If this were fixed up a little, it'd be a top prize for sure.


After the opening intro sequence of this game plays, the game blinks out and restarts. I can't get past the intro sequence. Anyone else have this problem?


Joey - sounds like a Flash Player versioning problem. Try updating your Flash Player to the latest version.

wonderwhy-er October 6, 2007 6:33 PM

Heh... This game remind of my own a little. It hasn't been posted yet though.

Well all those problems with aiming as guys mentioned above are pissing me too. Especially one with reloading one cannon while others shoot in unknown direction...Other then that it's a fun game and has this factor of "damn lost wanna try again with different tactics"

I got to Nanny Pirates… Don't remember which level it is but they are crazy…. They can jump pretty fast and on long distances. Sometiems they cover half of screen with a jump… Scary…
Will there be any other Nunn's after that? Like Nunn's terminators or cyborgs?

Redmess: Well I must say you don't know what ball physics is and where it may be used or you only see the graphics not the model that is behind it. Nuns are balls. Cannons are two balls combined. TNT is a ball. Brain is a ball. Canons shoot balls. It just that all that is masked with graphics. Did you know that such games like Half Life are made on balls movement physics and polygon collisions? I know you don't see that there but that does not mean that it is not there…


zombie nuns!!! I knooow!
hahaha gotta love this game! x)


I really want to like this game, but there's just too many design problems for me to be able to relax and enjoy it.

I'm always having to let nuns chew on my brain while I'm doing the busywork of pointing at coins or reloading cannons. Reloading isn't fun. I don't know why so many games are centered around reloading. I don't even like the basic firing mechanism, since the cannons just shoot in the general direction of the cursor, rather than aiming precisely. It's really irritating trying to hit a faraway nun.

The basic structure of the level is strange. Cannon shots propel the nuns forward when you hit them in the back, so if a nun starts out right next to the brain, my first couple shots actually toss the nun right into the brain, so it's almost impossible to avoid damage. I have a feeling that putting the brain on the other side of the screen was a last-minute addition, since there's a shop option that says "repair tower" and not "repair brain". Also, why can the nuns start out right on top of the brain in the first place? It feels unfair.

Anyway, I like the visual humor and the way you can gradually transform the hilly landscape into a flattened mess of blood and nun parts, but the control and balancing issues cut this game off at the knees.


I've tried dragging the cannon everywhere on the screen (I think) but it doesn't "deploy" or anything. What do I do to start the game?


Tsuken - try up in the tower. The cursor will change when it's in a spot where it can be deployed.



Thanks for the explanation. Now I see. (but how is the brain about ball physics? It doesnt do anything?)


Redmess: well unless designer will make a version where you can see a physical engine you won't see it I think I suppose that there is some kind of small ball around the brain. It's used to check if nuns are hitting there brain. Other then that it does not behave as ball.
You will see such things in my game. At first glance there will be no balls at all but there will be an option to show all the balls that are hidden behind the graphics.


I placed the cannons properly (they both say ok) and a tiny message says click his bubble to deploy. I cannot make anything else happen. Please help!


Sorry, I figured it out. I'm an idiot.


Addictive, as per other comments aiming is annoying and would rather repair brain than the tower. Does anyone else end up with extra coins every so ofter showering in from no where?

wonderwhy-er October 7, 2007 2:24 PM

It's a bug. If you blow up someone thsoe coins fly very high and then fall down. If you lost while they were flying they fall in the begining of next game :D I used that trick to rise money amoun in begining of the game. Just if you see that you are loosing buy TNT and blow up evrything you can ;)

So anyone got further then Pirate nunns?


So I started cracking up right after reading the title....

Twas a good game, flawed, but good nonetheless.


A irritating bug I noticed. Sometimes when you reload (which is very irritating), one of the cannons will get stuck in an angle and will not move until you click on it again, thus wasting more bullets.

Anyway, I've played this over and over, and I simply cannot imagine how it is possible to get past the stage with the pirate zombie nuns.


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