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Chibi Knight

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Rating: 4.7/5 (359 votes)
Comments (103) | Views (19,580)

DoraChibi KnightWhen three great beasts plague the land, legends speak of a hero. A really, really tiny hero. It's Chibi Knight, an action/adventure with RPG elements from BoMToons. Hold on to your socks, because the sheer amount of sweetness in this game is going to blast them right off otherwise. Not convinced? How about if we tell you the author had his own five-year-old daughter voice all the lines? Yeah, that's right. Chibi Knight: Coming soon to a Saturday morning cartoon lineup near you.

Chibi Knight plays like one-half Zelda mixed with one-half side-scrolling slasher. You travel around the land slaying things I imagine are probably called Fuzzy Wumbles or Shmoopa Doops and fight big, friendly looking boss monsters in PG battles. You move with the [arrow] keys, select options or use your sword with the [A] key, tap [S] to cast spells, and hit [P] to pause the game. Slain enemies drop healing items and grant experience points, which can be used to purchase upgrades. Keep an eye on your red health meter; if it gets fully depleted, you'll be sent back to the starting point on the world map unless you've reached one of the few other checkpoints.

Chibi KnightAnalysis: All right, so its adorable enough to rot your teeth, which is fine, but is it fun to play? The answer, fortunately, is yes. Mostly. The game is bright, colourful, and bouncy fun. The only real combat tactic to master is mashing the [A] key, which isn't much of a challenge, but it doesn't seem like it's trying to be one, either. This is a cheerful experience designed to be picked up by pretty much anyone, with just enough secrets to find and big creatures to see to occupy a nice chunk of your time.

The problem is that at the sugary sweet heart of the game lies a big lump of grinding, and since the story is barely there, the game has to rely on its combat and adventuring to keep it afloat. The controls aren't quite responsive or fluid enough to make room for really quick maneuvering, so you'll wind up getting killed quite a bit. If you don't want to die and have to trek all the way back to wherever you were from the starting point, you're going to have to get out there and stomp on baddies until you've gained enough levels that a stiff wind isn't going to kill you. You gain levels fairly quickly, but it's still a bit of a chore.

Chibi Knight is fast, cute fun that will probably be too simple for some gamers, but juuuuuuust right for others looking for a more casual experience. It probably won't take most players much more than an hour to beat, and I was disappointed when it ended. Tugging on my admittedly tender heartstrings isn't a difficult feat, but Chibi Knight does so with effusive glee and charm. If you've got kids, put a little Chibi Knight in their day, too.

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I beat this already.
if anyone has questions...


I beat this game, but I only got three of the powers for some reason. Oh, well.

It's a cool game. "Not enough magic!" is the cutest thing ever.


Actually, it is 100 percent Zelda. Zelda 2, in fact. From the top down over-world with roaming baddies, to the side scrolling events and locations, even the spells and level up mechanics. All Zelda 2. Good old "Error" is missing though.

All skills seem to max out at level 8. Be careful when leveling, as there is a bit of a bug with the "wait for next experience level" option. You'll see.


I can't beat the green and purple guardian at the tower...


Hooray! Thanks for the review, I'm glad it rotted your teeth, that was the intent :)


I don't think I put enough levels into my armor because the final boss kills me in two hits... but now whenever I go back to the previous area all the monsters are gone, so my only choice to power up is to fight the weak monsters in the beginning areas.


The knight's voice was cute enough to carry me through this entire game which was otherwise kinda boring.

Maybe because I maxed out Attack before anything else and basically killed everything in one hit.


I played this on another site & found a bug that wouldn't allow the game to end. Has anybody here actually beaten it ALL THE WAY to the end?


There is an homage to 'error' from zelda II, the blacksmith's name is 'glitch' ;)


rob: I'm happy to report that there IS a tribute to Error! The blacksmith is called GLITCH, though you find out in the credits that that's not his name.


Awwww, such a cute game! bomtoons, your lil one's voice is so sweet!

Trieuazn1 February 1, 2010 3:28 PM

To beat the green knight:

jump onto a platform and hit the stones

To beat the purple knight:

at the beginning run past the fire and jump onto the platform. Jump when the knight spins by. Then just keep attacking when he's down.


Nice game, however I wish there were more checkpoints. I died in the dungeons, and went back to the village. Meh. That was when I quit.

The humour was great! I loved it when you chopped down the whole forest to get the wood for that kid. What's his granddad buildings? A mansion?

ThenAgain February 1, 2010 4:03 PM

I thought this was a good game right up until I entered the tower of 3 knights and it started lagging like you wouldn't believe.
It took about 3 minutes to load in and out of battles.
Sooo slooow.
Also, the ability to max out all my skills if I wanted to might have been nice. before the final boss.


Ah, just figured out how to defeat the purple and green guardian:


Stand about half a screen away from the edge of the stage, and wait for the red guardian to throw his hammer. Once the hammer is in the air, retreat just a bit to avoid getting hit, and once the hammer lands go up and whack Red repeatedly. Once he gets close to the hammer, retreat again as above and wait for him to fire his hammer again. Repeat the process.


I found a spot on the far left of the stage, just short of exiting the stage, but is just far enough from the purple guardian that he won't touch you. I just sit there and wait for him to get dizzy from the spinning attack, then I whack him.


I didn't realize my attack can defect the rocks thrown from the two statues. Once I figured that out it's just a matter of standing on one of the two lower platform to hit rocks at the green guardian, and jumping up on the higher platform to avoid his attack run.


The very final boss made me LOL.


The levelling bug that cevgar is talking about:

If you have, for example, Magic at 100 XP to level, Armour at 400 and Sword at 1000, then you'll get the "do you want to level" screen at 100 and then not again until 1000.

I didn't find this all that annoying, actually, but it would be nice if it got fixed if the author was thinking of, say, expanding the game... (please do! It ended way too soon!) (Especially since I'd been under the impression that there were 3 towers).

I didn't run into the problem, but higher level monsters somewhere to grind might have helped some people too. The

5XP per hit globes in the last tower

aren't really enough, especially if you felt you needed to level before fighting the Knights. (Although I did like that the tower monsters in general didn't respawn - maybe just a single room in the tower with respawning monsters?)

PS. I think it's worth it beating the final boss several times just to get all your stats to max and see what title you get. :)


My only complaint is that I didn't want it to end yet. Very well done.

I lot of button mashing required though, especially early on.


I really feel that the game needed more content, not more features, just more content. That aside, this is one of the more entertaining flash games I've played in a very long time, I loved it.


What exactly is the shield spell supposed to? Whenever I use it, attacks still hurt me for the same amount they do without it.

Gryphon78 February 1, 2010 9:53 PM

has anyone bothered to attempt and get an ability to level 9? the game implies that level 8 is the max with the titles you earn at the end, but it shows level 8 skills to be levellable to 9 with 9999 exp. by my calculations, you would have to defeat the final boss 10 times to get that amount of experience.


Shield spell reduces damage for me. You sure it's not reducing dmg for you?


Well, maybe it was reducing it, but if so it wasn't by very much at all. Maybe that's because my Magic wasn't very high, though.

Gryphon78- It's a good thought, but once you get your skills to level 8, your XP just shows "MAX" and you don't earn any more.



I am also experiencing the same laggyness that ThenAgain got once you get to the Tower - there might be a memory leak or something cause my 512 MB RAM most certainly can't handle it when it could do so for the rest of the game.

It would be nice of you if you can fix it - as it stands, one playthrough was all I can handle.


I've never experienced any lag in the dungeon and most players play lag-free.

I'd suggest making sure flash player is up to date, trying a different browser (try the free google chrome) or toggling the quality in the pause menu to "LOW"

Good Luck!


hmm im having an issue when ever i die fighting the last boss i get stuck in the dungeon and cant go anywhere

Acidifiers February 2, 2010 6:43 AM

I wonder if anything special happens if you manage to kick the demon eye all the way up the tower? (Or keep juggling the demon eye while standing on the top of the tower.)






How *do* you chop down the forest...? Is there some special skill you have to use or learn or something...?


get the axe from the blacksmith, free the fairy who'll lead you there


im going to go for the 9999 xp to see what happens


Well, i actually tried to manage to get to lvl 9... I defeated the boss around 11-12 times, i lost the count, but i didn't got the chance tot level up again..
I managed to kill the boss without getting hit though, and Acidifiers, nothing happens when you keep juggling the demon eye..

Btw, i got the rating:
Ultimate Master of Ultimate Destiny.

Someone else got another rating?


I'm stuck...erm...right at the beginning lol.
First, I can't beat the Canyon beast.
Second, I'm wondering...umm...how to get magic boots? (perhaps they are dropped from the canyon beast XD )
So, any tips on beating this giant furball?
I'm really enjoying the game so far, but I don't want the experience to end so soon =(


Storm, try leveling up your magic on the monsters in the starting area, then stand on the platform next to the Canyon Beast and cast your first spell. I think I killed it in one shot with level 3 magic.
Good Luck :)


A good place to grind:

The bridge on the way to the Canyon Beast..

Also, once you get the fireball, you can stand at the beginning of the level and kill all the monsters there in a few seconds.

The final boss is better once you can beat him though...

Anonymous February 2, 2010 5:24 PM

This was a fun game! The bosses I thought presented a good amount of challenge without being extremely difficult, especially after a bit of leveling. If there were hotkeys for the spells, magic use would probably be a lot smoother. By the time I got the Fire spell I wanted to use it all the time, but it sucked to always go through the menu for each and every battle sequence. Same for the Heal spell.

Anonymous February 2, 2010 7:45 PM

how do you get the key for the last level?


when i die on the last boss i try going back to it but the gate is blocked! please help me

Redhairsword February 2, 2010 10:16 PM

I LOVED the music for this game. It was fluid and beautiful without being distracting. The vocals were excellent too. Just too cute! The right kind of voice for the little-bitty guy. ^_^ He probably thinks he sounds manly and heroic. :D


has anyone got past level 8 on any skill?? i tried and tried but it is a long way.... plz post a comment if anyone has plz.. =)


hmmm, i maxed out all my skills to 8 with zero deaths, and once that happened i don't earn any more xp... it just says "maxed"

random dude February 3, 2010 9:45 AM

it just wont let me out
i went to the boss the 1st time and was promptly destroyed so i was re-spawned at the beginning of the castle and not let out!
what do i do


Adorable game with fun play...

BUT...after making it all the way to the final boss, got my tail kicked one time by the final boss and was returned to the entrance of the dungeon...when I went back to the entry for the final boss, I can't enter the final battle, and I can't exit the dungeon to level anything.

Epic, epic fail -- like reading a terrific book only to find the last chapter missing, or sitting through a great movie and have them turn off the projector in the middle of the car chase with the heroes bleeding and fighting the last battle.

Won't be back to replay this one, and won't send my kid to play it.

This is the kind of bug that I have a hard time finding any excuse for at all -- by the time you release a game into the wild, this type of malfunction should have long ago been discovered and fixed.


How do I find the fire wizard?


Reload the game (browser) and continue playing from the saved game.

MelodiousNature February 3, 2010 12:19 PM


I'm experiencing the same lag as forementioned.

I use Windows Vista and Google Chrome. My Adobe Flash and Shockwave Player are all up-to-date I checked before and after.

The game is perfect until you get up to the Dungeon Tower.

Then there is extreme delay before the screen loads. It's the same loading the battle screen and reloading back to the dungeon tower screen.

The screen goes black and it takes about 1-3 minutes for the screen to load. The computer says the plug-in (Shockwave Flash) is not responding.

I LOVED this game... but this has seriously ruined the experience for me. IF you get it fixed I would be very grateful and I might be able to actually finish and enjoy the game.

I'd like you to think about fixing it now, because multiple users have experienced this and if anymore play it, they wont be so patient and merciful.

Please reply and believe me... I've done all I can, even lowered the quality, that just made things worse! There is something wrong... too many people have complained with this... :(

Anonymous February 3, 2010 4:35 PM

How do you beat the final boss?


I can't beat the Island Beast. I worked out that

You must attack while jumping into him, but that only hurts me

Plz help!


I simply cannot find the faerie to get the ax, anyone know where it is?

Anonymous February 3, 2010 5:56 PM

where do you get the fireball/find the flame wizard?


5h0rty: To defeat the island beast

stand on the edge of the middle island in front of the water area where the beast pops. Jump up (not forward) and attack. You can do this once, twice if you time it right. Then run back to the other edge of the island - towards the other water area. Repeat. Until you get the timing just jump up and hit him twice per cycle.


guy: Go back and search old screens

first defeat the island beast to get water walking boots

now you need to use those boots somewhere

jump on the fountain in the starting village. The fairy is above the fountain


Sorry for the lag, unfortunately there's nothing I can do about it. The game runs smoothly on my old old comp and the vast majority of players don't experience the kind of lag you're describing.

This sounds kind of mean on my part, but I have to assume there's some setting somewhere on your computer, and very few others, that's causing that particular part to lag.

Sorry I can't be of more help :(


Of course I could reload...the question is why should I have to? I and enough others have reported the problem that "jury-rigging" shouldn't be necessary. The game should run.

The same with the "too bad, so sad" reaction to the crippling lag reported -- I didn't get it, but plenty of others have. "Sorry boutcha" is not an acceptable answer.

If you are talented enough, and willing to spend enough time, to create a game as potentially fun and enjoyable as this is, then there's not much excuse for not having enough give-a-darn to fix the chronic problems being reported that make the game not so much fun to play.

If you don't know HOW to fix it -- ask...there are plenty of game developers out there, and there's got to be a few who would be willing to help.


I actually know what you can also do:




I have found a really annoying glitch. When I get to the tower where you have to destroy the globe things and then the demon beast it messes up. i destroy the two bottom globes then try to make my way up the the third globe and if i die it restarts me next to an exit in the dungeon area. the problem is none of the exits work... i can't get back to fighting the boss or leave the dungeon until i reload the game... please consider fixing...


A powerful wizard? In this forest? Where??? I'm doing great otherwise. help please :P


how to get the

go into the house on the right when you start the game


once you get the axe,cut down enough trees so that you have 100 wood, and go to the destroyed house.


once you get the axe, cut down the tree with a bird in it.


it's hidden in the second floor of the dungeon. look for a big torch.


i need help finding the third globe thingy plz tell me where it is


How do you beat the third boss? It's annoying!

Anonymous February 5, 2010 2:38 PM

How do you beat the last boss after the tower?


has anyone beaten the game with max lvls on everything and no deaths? Anything special happen?

guest12898 February 5, 2010 11:38 PM

I am having the same issue with being killed at the last level and then being stuck in the dungeon area. I can't leave through the exit to the village, or the globe level again. If I refresh my browser it does allow me to go back to the globe area, but as soon as I die again, I get stuck again. That should be fixed...


YES! I MAXED OUT ON XP. Took me 3 hours non stop lol. I beat the final boss without shield, health or shield because I never even visited the blacksmith, It was so hard. It took 79 deaths.


how do I free the fairy?

jambob500 February 6, 2010 1:34 PM

what do you do after beating canyon beast


I don't know if this has been figured out yet, but if you don't mind dying a lot, getting xp is easy.

When you get to the three knights, fight the green or the purple one. After you kill the knight, don't grab the jewel. Instead, get killed by the environment (falling rocks or flames) and you can fight the knight repeatedly for a lot of xp. I prefer the purple one because you can kill them more quickly.


how to beat the final boss ???


boss is easy whitout shield or health refill, just destroy the orbs, then wait on that tower thing untill it gets very close, use magic attack and hit it with your sword a few time. Repeat this untill its dead. And by the way, lvl 9 does not exist. When you have everything lvl 8 it say at your exp thing: "exp: maxed!"


Awww! I love a game that involves hard battles but is still mind-numbingly adorable. I haven't defeated green guard yet, though.


Did anyone else notice that

with every wizard except the health one when you talk to them even after getting the spell

that your magic is fully restored

Maxed Master 99 February 7, 2010 4:17 PM

The game was really fun and cute. I Liked the dungeons and the things you fight. However, even though everything was cute in its own way and the good upgrades, the guardians took me forever to beat,and the monsters in the dungeons dissapeared and it took me around 6 hours to finish the game. ( while taking breaks in between of course.) I have a guide down here showing how to beat everything except the last boss. ( I want you to figure out how on your own!) Im going to warn you, this IS a spoiler, so dont complain. ( and I dont want to waste time doing links.
Red: easiest to kill, in my opinion. Dodge the axe throw and run up (dont worry about damage when touching him.) to him and slash him fast until he gets his axe, then run. Wait till he throws it again then repeat.

Purple: Second hardest. Watch the flames! He starts stunned so use a sheild or magic blast and end him fast. If he spins, jump up to the top and time your jumps good! He stuns himself, so go up ( Avoid the flames!) and slash him FAST. it takes about...3 trys (1 or 2 if you have a good sword.) There! your done!

Green: Hardest. Hit the rocks that come from the statues, and they go flying towards him ( be carefull! this may take some time! get good armor and sword before you even atempt to beat him.) Run onto the platforms to avoid his attacks, dont let him corner you or death! do this rock throw about 7 times and hes dead! yay 400 exp!

There! Bosses are gone ( well, GUARDS are! Im not saying how to beat the beasts because you probably already have!) how about some training before the final boss? ill show you how!

Birds: go flying towards you. Jump over them or slash them.

Cats: Easy prey. Just slash them! they jumps lots though.

Slimes: hit em hard and fast and their dead!

Spiders: Hit them when they come down but dont get hit!

There! I hope that helps!

jambob500 February 7, 2010 4:29 PM

ive beaten the game maxed everything out and seen all mages

what do i do now


On Newgrounds, what is the secret medal and how do you get it? I've gotten all the others, excepting Speed-Runner, which I probably won't because: 1. I need magic to beat the beasts and knights; 2. I don't care for it enough. So, what's the secret medal!!!?



Thanks for a very entertaining hour! Some thoughts for everyone who was complaining about slow computers, bugs, etc. This game is free. You didn't pay anything for it, so you have no basis for making really rude comments. Even games that sell for $50 have bugs on occasion. No one is forcing you to play this game or leave comments. Go ahead and give feedback if you think something could be better, but don't be mad when a free game isn't 100% what you want it to be.

Sorry for soap-boxing! It's my teacher persona coming out!



how to unlock the door in the 3th dungeon?


somethin somethin February 15, 2010 1:25 PM

Ok so after i killed the last boss, slashed his eye till you cant anymore, thats it? :/ pm me on newgrounds, im 1lastbreath


If you talk to the health witch, your health is restored.


I got Maxed HP and every thing maxed It's awesome the last boss is so easy to kill and the tiny little ones at the start of the game you can kill them in 1 hit!!


I loved it. I quit on the last part, after I had the skeloton key. I just didnt want to play anymore. It does get boring after a while though


The best way to Grind EXP, beat the game without dying!:

A word on combo exp - After hit 5, you gain 1 exp per hit, and that goes up by 1 point for every 5 additonal hits. 2 exp for hits 10-15, 3 exp for hits 15-20, so the idea here is to combo your way all the way up to max stats... The best place to do this! Mc Fluffystine! (the canyon Beast)

Simply combo the canyon beast, hoppin down a platform ledge to avoide getting swatted when he winds up, and leave the screen without beating him. When you come back he is fully healed for more combos. Utilize your Armor upgrade to heal yourself and work your magic and armor to level 8.

DON'T upgrade your weapon! Fewer Hits = Fewer exp gained. After your armor and magic are level 8, you should be able to get your sword upgraded to at least level 3 before you kill the Canyon beast. Then simply kill The island beast, etc. I suggest getting your weapon to level 4 before clearing out the dungeons. With just a tad of extra grinding and clearing out every monster in the dungeon, you can level your weapon to level 8 Immediately AFTER killing the demon beast.

Shield is your friend, avoid grinding on the canyon beast bridge, your more likely to fall off and ruin your flawless streak than you think.

Anyone know what the titles are for various weapon ranks and such? Anyone beat it on 0,0,0?

AstralBlades March 11, 2010 12:39 AM

This was, quite possibly, one of the cutest games I have ever played. And a very nice homage to The Adventure of Link. :)

CaptPoco March 12, 2010 7:17 PM

Spell Time!

Just that one voice clip got me through the whole game. Yay! Spell Time! We're gonna be casting spells! Are you ready for Spell Time!


Hey, how do you beat the final boss? I've been stuck on it for like 2 hours!!


For those of you who are getting the bug where you're stuck in the tower, try reloading the game (the game saves your progress, so you'll be able to resume with all your stuff). It fixed it for me at least.


how do u find the island beast?


MY GOD. when he gets a double heart/mana thing, and he goes booya twice, it's like biting down on a sugar cube


i want more


I love this game ^^ it was an excellent way to pass almost an hour! I do wish it was a bit longer though haha.

Anonymous July 7, 2010 8:17 PM

for secret medal:

chop down all trees


Yay! I just veiwed all of these comments and other stuff on my DSi! *Sigh*, I haven't beaten the game yet, so, I'll take these as tips for later on. I died a LOT though. Well, thanks for your time!=D


How do i beat the green knight?

ChibiMaster July 27, 2010 5:35 PM

How do you beat the last boss?


Does anyone else get this?? On the 1st floor,I got TWO keys,BUT when I went up the stairs to the 2nd floor, I passed a (painting/battle shield) and a message came up at the top of the game screen saying "are you SURE you got all the keys on the first floor?" and then one of my keys dissapeared!! and I was like WTF!?

Does anyone know why it's doing this and/or how to stop it?


Your key disappeared because you used one to unlock the door.

Is anyone else having this problem? After destroying the 2 globes, nothing happens. I dodge fireballs until the death of me or I exit, and no monster seems to come. I even reloaded, but to no avail, just a constant Globe Smashing level that I can't get past.



There are three globes in the boss fight. One on the bottom left of the screen, one on the bottom right, and to reach the the third you must hop up the stairs carved into the mountain. You must destroy all globes and then fight the monster itself.

Anonymous January 12, 2011 1:35 AM

if you can beat the game without upgrading anything the title is gives you at the end is chibi king

aNONIMOUS January 27, 2011 1:07 PM

The best online game EVER!


Does anyone know what the 'T' stands for in T.O.U.S. (the purple pig thing)? The only piggish thing that starts with 'T' that I can think of is tapir, but it's not a tapir.


At the end boss, but not quite ready? Nothing around to kill? No problem.

You can grind on the two bottom orbs. Each hit is 5 exp. Just break them and leave the screen. Come back in and repeat.

P.S. if you care about death count, avoid fireballs while doing so.

I finished the game with MAX Magic and Armor and Lv5 Sword. 21 deaths. Most from aforementioned hint.


Ive beated all 3 beasts, but when i try to exit it wont let me so im stuck in the dungeon??


how do you open the last door in the first tower? i cant find any more keys. please help!


LOL when you attack a wizard you lose a little bit of health. I did it until I died and when I respawned, I was in the dungeon, but I couldn't see the wall. I followed the edge until I found a door leading to the final boss. I hadn't beat the 3 knights yet. I died from the fireballs, and respawned in the passageway again, but I could see everything. BUT THE DOOR WAS CLOSED AND I WAS LOCKED IN! NOW I'M STUCK. ;)


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