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KimberlyThe first thing to remember when starting a new civilization is that if you want anybody to do anything for you, you have to feed them. A lot. That and a roof over their heads, and you've got yourself the start of something. Adding to the ever-growing collection of web incremental idle games comes CivClicker by Dave Holley. As an enterprising leader, it's your job to take nothing and build up a great civilization. The game is entirely mouse-driven. Simply click on the action you wish to take, and the population leaps to your command. They'll keep working for you even if you open a new tab in your browser. Playing more like a single player board game than others in the genre, CivClicker takes quite a bit more micromanaging. You have to adjust your resources carefully (using a system similar to that found in A Dark Room), in order to gain what you need to upgrade your town.

CivClickerThat's not to say there aren't more than a few surprises to tease out, and quite a few achievements to uncover, not to mention towns to raid, and deities to worship. You'll soon go from dealing with a single farmer living in a tent to hundreds of workers and soldiers living in mansions. While CivClicker keeps you engaged, it does feel a bit unpolished around the edges. It would be nice to know what you did to earn an achievement, for instance, or if purchased upgrades would disappear so the screen wouldn't become so cluttered. The game is being actively upgraded, however, so stay tuned for more content and improvements. In the meantime, there is still plenty of time to be wasted building and protecting your very own vast empire.

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Thanks to Kevin for sending this one in!


cyberphlash January 24, 2014 12:51 PM

Played this when it first came out and loved it. The first 70% of the game, building the culture and achieving most of the milestones, is well thought out. It really slows down in the last 30% where you're doing conquest, trying to build an army and fight. I takes too long to re-build your army, so gets monotonous. I'd like to see another version of the game that includes even more basic stuff with a focus on maintaining balance across many areas simultaneously (this was the best feature of the original Sim City). It seems like developers often feel the need to keep a game going forever, while most players would just like a satisfying stopping point before the game wears itself out. -M


Could we get a list of what the various deities do?

A god of the Underworld

requires corpses to build altars—one corpse for the first altar, two for the second, three for the third, et cetera. You can spend spend piety to raise corpses as zombies (which act as standard population) or raise spirits as extra defensive soldiers, and you can get passive upgrades to increase piety from deaths and graveyards, as well as an upgrade to help keep unused corpses from making your workers sick.


The Grace of Cats (deity)

Build Altar: 200 stones/piety, 250 herbs = +1 devotion
- 10 devotion: 1000 piety to get more cats
- 20 devotion: 100 piety = temp. boost to food production
- 30 devotion: 1000 piety = cats help heal the sick
- 40 devotion: 1000 piety = increase happiness
- 50 devotion: 5000 piety = traders appear more frequently
Maybe it's a typo for the 20 devotion (1k instead of 100); haven't tested it out yet


To get more cats,

don't use a recruiter.

In other words, don't hire your workers in bulk.


The Bounty of the Fields (deity)

10d - 1000 piety: increase farmer output
20d - 500 wood, 1 worker: random bonus to a resource
30d - 1000 piety: workers will eat corpses if there is no food left
40d - 1 worker per second: boost food production
50d - 5000 piety: workers stay longer

Smoothfonzo January 25, 2014 3:45 AM

I like that there's an element of strategy to this. Balancing out your workers is crucial in the early parts of the game. At first I kept adding workers without balancing them out and then they'd be dead, not realizing that food actually did something as opposed to being a passive stat like most idle games. If you don't collect enough food, your workers actually die of starvation, which I thought was a neat touch.


Does anyone know the point of trading for gold?


Question: I've built my first barracks. I have three unemployed citizens. I assign two of them to be soldiers, but can't assign the third. Furthermore, if I unassign one, I can't reassign it.

What gives? Thanks.


Whoops, nevermind!

Apparently they cost leather and METAL to assign


@neo1973 trading gold allows you to open the trading post, and then you can exchange the gold for rare resources, or help build the wonder. Once you get to that stage the rare resources are probably not a problem anymore, so at the moment I use all my excess gold to speed up the building of the Hanging Cheeses of Babylon :)


Building up the Thunderdome myself :)

Also, God of war:

Altar cost - 200 stone, 200 piety, 50*(altar number) metal

10d Riddle of Steel - 1000 piety: improves soldiers
20d Smite Invaders - 100 piety per invader
30d Throne of Skulls - 1000 piety: slaying enemies creates temples
40d For Glory - 1000 piety: Temporarily makes raids more difficult, increases rewards
50d Lament of the Defeated - 5000 piety: Successful raids delay future invasions


How do I avoid overcrowding...? My current population is only the hlaf of the max I can have... =(

CrankYanker January 25, 2014 12:16 PM

@Ale Torres Mercado - confirming post from Kimberly.

Raid other territories to capture land. Enough land and enough time, your people will "happy up".


Tips for raiding an empire:

Near the end of the game, increasing current population quickly is the main roadblock. As a consequence, it takes a while to accumulate enough soldiers to successfully raid an empire. A failed attempt potentially takes away a huge chunk of your population.

It's hard to predict the size of the empire you raid, so at the start, just send one soldier. If the nation you're raiding is small enough, click to send all of your soldiers and buy a bunch of siege engines.


Thanks for the answers... :D


After the last update (I think), I lost the ability to build graveyards, mills and fortifications, even though I have more than enough resources. Anyone else?


FINALLY. The incremental I've been waiting for. It has loads of strategy and depth. I am in heaven.


I found out too late I need skins to make farmers acquire skins, and now I don't have enough. How do I get more?


So has anybody figured out how to get Neverclick, Plagued, or Ghost Town?

Currently allowing my civ to pile up bodies so more people can get sick faster, thinking maybe if over 1/2 the living members of the civ are sick you get plagued? Dunno. Will come back with results of experiment.

Had to look up what Clowder meant before i realized it's probably for getting a bunch of cats


@Stephen Thurmond - click the farms yourself. you can always get the rare resources by clicking the resource buttons yourself.

In other news, Plagued is, in fact, half your civ is sick. Whether this is by waiting for them to get that sick or sending thousands of workers off to their death in meaningless campaigns where they are hopelessly outnumbered matters not. Once half of them are sick, you get Plagued.


Nevermind my last post. The problem has been fixed today.

repairmanman January 26, 2014 9:47 AM

Welp, I figured out how to cheat and ruined the game for myself, other than that super solid gam.


I can't figure out whether this is a bug or by-design: aren't you supposed to be able to build more than one wonder? Or do I have to reset and get another deity before it'll let me start a new one?

repairmanman January 26, 2014 1:17 PM

It's like the deities, you keep them after resetting.


Neverclick Achievement:

You need to build a wonder with at most 22 resource clicks. You'll need 20 food clicks and 2 wood clicks to build a tent and hire a worker. You'll also need to quickly make them farm so they don't immediately starve to death.


  • Don't attempt this on your first playthrough. You might as well have four playthroughs to acquire all permanent Pantheon upgrades. You don't have to build wonders on these playthroughs.

  • In your 20 food clicks, you'll need at least two skins to build a tent. I highly suggest you restart until you have at least 3 so you can build a hut as well.

  • You'll have under a second to make your worker farm before they starve to death. It takes a bit of luck, but it is possible to do this. If you're having trouble, some autoclicker programs have the functionality to help you with this.

  • You'll need to build up a reserve of food so you can reassign your first worker and build stone and wood.

  • Don't leave the game alone at the beginning unless you have plenty of food and everyone is assigned to be a farmer. Wolves will kill off a lot of your workers.

  • Beyond the slow start, the main difficulty will be acquiring the secondary resource upgrades. You'll need to trade for gold (minimum 4) so that you may buy secondary resources and acquire the upgrades.

  • Be wary of your building total. You won't be able to get more land until you have secondary resources. Most of your land should be spent on barns and stockpiles so that you're more likely to be capable of trading. You'll obviously need houses as well, but don't use up all of your land. Once you get secondary resources, you won't be able to get more land immediately. You'll need tanneries, barracks, temples, graveyards, etc.

  • Watch out for invaders. If you don't get secondary resources before corpses pile up, your entire population could get sick. This could mean game over. Fortunately wolves will eat your workers rather than leaving corpses.


A few tips:

a) Once you build 1000 buildings your people will get VERY unhappy very quickly. This affects your productivity and can be a big bummer.
You cant fix it until you get 1000metal/leather to start raiding.

To avoid it, get the Masonry upgrade ASAP for 100food/wood and build the biggest size houses you can do. In other words, do NOT spam tents, but build Cottages or whatever is the highest grade of thing.
This will help greatly in keeping your building count down without impeding your progress. Get the 1000/1000 upgrade too ASAP for Houses.

Check often for your Free Land stat to ensure you don't go over. 999/1000 is happiness. 1001/1000 = everyone hacked off.

b) After you get your Diety to 50 devotion is a good time to Reset. You get to keep the permanent bonuses, and it frees u up to get a new diety with new bonuses. Field was my first choice as getting Food bonuses is pretty strong as a passive to carry over when resetting.

c) During a Raid you can ADD or SUBTRACT TROOPS! This means you don't have to watch as your 300 troops get killed slowly by their 440. Just retreat all of them (tho you lose your siege.)
This ALSO means that you can quickly recruit and add MORE troops to turn a defeat into a victory.
Really though you don't want to fight pitched battles as you lose too much resources from the dead troops you have to replace. Beat up on the small guy.

d) Mansions kind of suck. They take your precious Leather which you are trying to save for upgrades and troops. Once you are raiding, getting more land is trivial. So go back to Houses which only cost Wood/Stone. Who cares if they are less 'efficient'?


It got really dark once I realized how to be efficient.

Once you get the first underworld deity perk and restart, getting new people and instantly just letting them starve is a good way to get piety, and thus, a deity fast.


So for anybody wondering, completing a Wonder gives you the following:

A choice from food, wood, stone, skins, herbs, ore, leather, piety, or metal

That Wonder gets permanently associated with that resource and gives a 10% boost to production. Not sure whether that boost applies to click-production or not, but it does for worker production. Also unsure if they stack. Will get back on that at the end of next play-through.


FYI, if you're destroying your mouse like I was, notice the "custom increments" button on the bottom of the page... Helps tremendously.


The god of the dead makes for an excellent choice of god for Wonder generation. Build graveyards for the sole purpose of boosting Piety production, then go on conquests galore. You seem to get not only your own dead in corpse income, but the slain enemies as well. You can then buy all the workers you can with food, while it's cheaper, then raise all those corpses as zombies for the flat price of 100 piety each, where food-bought workers cost more over time. Even before 1 million workers, it gets cheaper to re-fill an army and ressurect gobs of zombies than it is to buy even a few more workers (not that you shouldn't, but it gets faster to do the latter, plus all the bonus resources and land)

silent george January 29, 2014 5:56 PM

I love my nifty Apple trackpad. When the trader shows up, my two fingers start dancing and I can get 200 gold if I'm right on top of it.


Autoclickers seem to be a must at the start.


Somehow I managed to get my wonder in the negative...


How do I reset everything, like my achievements also?


Use FireFox and Jscript:

F12 > Console > increment(food); increment(stone); increment(wood);


Reap Rewards...


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