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Color Infection (1 & 2)

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Rating: 4/5 (93 votes)
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PsychotronicColor InfectionColor Infection and Color Infection 2 are a pair of puzzle games built on the useful Box2D physics engine. They feature a bare-bones presentation, no music or sound effects, and a color scheme that is arguably hideous. Their saving grace is a selection of incredibly devious puzzle designs, the kind that make you sit back and bask in their cleverness, even as they taunt you with arcane complexity.

The objective on each level is to turn all the yellow balls brown, by bringing them in contact with other brown objects. Your only means of interaction is clicking on stationary pink objects to make them disappear, thus setting various convoluted chain reactions in motion. Color Infection 2 (and one level in the first game) features green balls as well, which must be kept uninfected by the brown ones in order to beat the level.

Included are a few nice usability features: press the [number keys] to adjust the game speed, and in the sequel, pressing [B] toggles a primitive but considerate colorblind mode.

Color Infection's designer, Tapir, could probably use an artist collaborator to get these games looking a little more appealing, but his talent for diabolical contraptions makes him a blessing for those who enjoy watching the interplay of gravity, inertia, and friction. Other than an ill-advised run of nearly identical levels at the end of Color Infection 2, you'll just see one intriguing setup after another. This is just one stylish makeover away from being one of the coolest puzzle series around.

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ManoftheSea January 13, 2009 7:05 PM

In level 16, with 6 balls (2 brown) on top and a ledge

You drop the four yellow, then the brown. Dropping the ledge on the five in the shallow pit will force the bridge out. I had to time it so the last brown ball would land on the ledge to roll across the bridge.


Needs more pretty! But other than that, it's a great puzzle game :)


Yay! I've been waiting ages for Tapir to get some sort of recognition on JiG! His games are brilliant, if not very stylish, and I really think that if he gets more recognition he might come into the means to improve them. Yay again!


Definitely a great style of gaming. As said, it really needs some pretty.

Schmorgluck January 14, 2009 12:40 AM

Just finished them both. I had found the first one at Kongregate some times ago, but never went beyond the fourth level. Clever and pleasing game overall, but oh how the last four levels of the second opus are tedious! Four times the exact same strategy!


Number 15 on Color Infection 1 (It has 2 brown and 4 yellow balls; 3 at the top)?

I don't understand how to make the big yellow ball start rolling!

Please help!


I got the big ball on 15 rolling by

letting two balls from the top go to the left side of the moving blue contraption. It squished them together and forced one up rather spectacularly.

peroxide555 January 14, 2009 4:36 AM

Loving the game, but am totally stuck on level 15 - I've managed to flick one of the little balls, get the big ball rolling on more than one occasion but just cannot get the little yellow ball stuck on the top of the column!!! Can someone please help me??? :)

peroxide555 January 14, 2009 4:40 AM

Sorry for the double post - but my comment was regarding number 1 - I forgot to mention that! Sorry! :)


I've beaten #2 (wooooow repetition), and I have all but level 21 on #1 (that is, all but the leftmost level on the bottom row. I almost had the timing perfect on one attempt, but I cannot seem to get exactly how this works. I imagine:

that the goal is to get the two balls to kiss before dropping to their respective sides, so each tints the lower ball brown.

...however, despite numerous attempts, unless I'm missing something, it requires INTENSE luck and trigger-precision. I'd challenge the creator to get it again within five passes. For me, if the maker takes twenty goes, it doesn't need to be made.

Schmorgluck January 14, 2009 9:40 AM

about level 21 of the first game: yeah, it's tricky, it took me some time to figure it out.

The balancing of the platform makes that overall, the balls tend to go slightly more easily to the right than to the left. First, you have to release the yellow ball, timing it so it goes rightwards. Then, release the brown ball at the right moment for it to push the yellow ball leftwards ny falling on it.
You may want to use slow motion (numpad /) to do that.

I don't know if it's the only solution, but now that I've found it, I can repeat it at almost every attempt.


Superb game!!!!!


What's better than puzzle games that require timing and analytical thought? Love this one.

@Jacob: re: L21

Try releasing the yellow ball so that it hits the platform on its upswing on that side. Then when it's just to the left of where the brown ball will hit it, release the brown ball.

Hope that helps.


CI1, level 6. Stuck. Already! Help, please.


Ah. POP. (Power of posting, or something). Got it. And it was embarrassingly easy.


Does anyone else notice that the last four levels of Color Infection 2 are the exact same?


I must be a total putz. I can't get level 10 (with the swinging brown ball on top and the "dominoes"). Help!


for level 10, let the ball swing completeley over to the left, past the last hinged domino and let gravity work.....


If someone could post the green/yellow sequence for level 22 of game 2, I'd sure appreciate it!


I really dislike the color scheme. It works, but I would personally change the colors to work better with eachother.

However, I enjoy that some of the puzzles are very action oriented where you have to do things at a certain time, where other puzzles are more about the order in which you click the pink blocks, and time really isnt a factor, but mostly they are a slight combination of both.

I also enjoy the ability to switch time so that if i am just waiting for the balls to slowly roll into place, i can just hit a number to make it faster, or if i have to click two things almost simultaniously, i can easliy just put it on .5 time. I would have, however, liked it if I could completely pause the game but still manipulate it.

Overall 4/5


Nevermind... Solution for level 22 of game to is:

This is the order to release them in:

1st group: G-Y-G-G-G-Y
2nd group: G-G-G-Y-G-G

@EMDF - I believe that the last 4 levels differ in how the tipping ramps are positioned at the start.

Also, the pistons jammed on me more than once playing this level. It would be nice if the designer could prevent that.

All in all a fun game though.


Four iterations of the exact same level concept = LAME.


Solutions for the last three levels 23-24-25 of game two:
Level 23

Release the balls in this order:
1st group: G-G-G-Y-G-G
2nd group: G-Y-G-G-G-Y

Level 24

Release the balls in this order:
1st group: Y-G-G-G-Y-G
2nd group: G-G-Y-G-G-G

Level 25

Release the balls in this order:
1st group: G-G-Y-G-G-G
2nd group: Y-G-G-G-Y-G

I've got to agree with keith. The last 3 levels are disappoining. It's a shame because the rest of the other levels of both games were original and entertaining. The designer should have expended a little more effort and maintained the momentum. It's not a good idea to leave your audience with such a lackluster ending.


I can't solve # 12 on the second one.
its the one with the big T in the middle.


I'd love to finish the second set but for some reason the top piston will grab two balls on my second set through, every time. This happens on levels 23-25, never on 22.


I'm stuck on level 17 of the first game, with the two little yellow balls, the one big one, and the see-saw. Any hints?


The idea isn't revolutionary. But the so well designed puzzles is what makes this game as great as it is!


for level 17 on the first one:

Think catapult

As much of a walkthrough as I can manage:

drop the first small ball, let it roll across and do its thing, drop the second small ball, and then drop the big ball to catapult the small ball over the top and into the rightmost pit. It takes a few tries to work out the timing.


Actually, there are two levels with green balls in the first one.


@JNinjaz: "I would have, however, liked it if I could completely pause the game but still manipulate it."

You can. Hit the zero button to stop time. You can then click all the pink blocks you like and restart time.

Sarah-ndipity January 19, 2009 4:58 PM

I feel stupid... CL1 Lvl 4 I think I know how to do it but nothing seems to work... help plz!!

Sara-ndipity January 19, 2009 5:36 PM

nvm Wasn't fast enough

nerdypants October 28, 2009 11:27 PM

This game was nice... to begin with. My major problem with this game was the repetition of levels. The last four levels of the second game are essentially the same, and once you've figured out the main pattern in the first one it's just a matter of elimination and footwork to solve the next three levels. I did no puzzle solving whatsoever in those last three levels of game two. That lack of creativity is quite annoying.


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