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Combat Heaven

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Rating: 4.5/5 (97 votes)
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Combat HeavenImagine yourself but a single soldier against an army backed by an incredible assortment of weaponry and heavy artillery. Heavy metal hardware comprised of tanks and missile launchers, bazookas and aerial assault vehicles as far as the eye can see. Now imagine being plunked down smack-dab in the center of it all as these formidable forces bear down on you in wave after wave of hostility. There is little time to think, save for the will to survive.

In what seems to be an impossible scenario, there is no mercy shown from the very first level thrown at you. This is no ordinary arcade action shooter, this is Combat Heaven.

Controls are as follows: [Z] move left; [C] or [V] move right; [S] or [D] jump; [X] nose dive; press [space] or [ctrl] to change weapons; press and hold the mouse button to fire (do not click rapidly). In addition, double-tap left or right keys to dash in that direction; a very valuable maneuver.

Combat HeavenTo get started, first gear-up on the "SET UP" screen and spend the 10,000 'custom points' the game starts you off with. You can use it to increase the characteristics of your armor and boost capability. Of course armor provides a cushion that allows you to withstand attacks to an extent, and boost is a valuable feature of your armor that allows you to rocket upwards in short bursts to help escape the incoming munitions fire.

The game also features a shop where you can purchase better weapons and armor, but you won't have enough points to visit the shop for quite some time.

Once your points are spent, it's time to dive into the missions. There are 11 missions total of increasing difficulty and reward. Start with the first and work your way up. The later levels require much heavier armor and weapons than what you're equipped with initially. Even the first level will be rather difficult at first. Luckily, if at first you don't succeed, you may try, try again.

You will earn points even if you don't succeed in clearing a level, so don't feel discouraged if you do not get very far in your first attempts. Practice the controls to get a feel for how they work, and before long you'll be strong enough to reap the rewards that this game has to offer.

Here are a couple of strategies I found useful: mind the red triangles indicating incoming missiles. Keep an eye on the radar to know where the enemy is. Use your boost and jump out of the way when you hear the lock-on signal of a tank. Take out the tanks first by rushing them, as it takes some time to rotate its turret. Do not click rapidly to shoot; press and hold the mouse button down to fire continuously. Take out the aerial assault vehicles as soon as you can as they will continue to drop more and more soldiers until you do.

Analysis: Megatons of action packed in a tight little Flash package that features appealing graphics, effects and a dynamite soundtrack. Combat Heaven is an insanely great shooter with periods of non-stop over-the-top action that is intense and very gratifying. A 'custom points' reward structure offers upgrades for purchase that increases the replay value of each of the game's 11 missions. Two save game slots allow local storage for saving and loading of games. Amazing fun awaits just beyond the learning curve.

The game was created by Tonowi of Japan, with a new version (v1.2) promised to be due out in February. Update: Version 1.2 is out(!) Update #2: Combat Heaven is now back online officially at 128f.com's relaunched site, Game-Pure.

Play Combat Heaven

Cheers to Willoughby Jackson for the link.


hiram archibald January 27, 2006 4:14 AM

Gotta say, very very nice. Great replayability--the levels are repeatable, so you can just gradually level-up to become a force of nature in casual 5 or 10 minute increments of gaming. Right up there with Raiden X and Pop Pirates.

I need to learn me some Kanji so's I can see what's happening on all these great Japanese game developer sites.

Only possible complaint--and maybe I just didn't look closely--is that I didn't see a sound and/or music mute button/option.


Nope, you're right... no sound mute that I could find. =/

theholythom January 27, 2006 4:48 AM

hey first time post, love the site jay!

i was just wondering what determines whether you fight the boss at the end of the stage or not. ive fought one at the end of the first 2 stages so far, but only after redoing them a few times

and a tip: if you get hit, boost up and you will save time getting up


Cheers, thom! =)

And I'm not sure what determines the boss appearances, but my guess is it's based on time.


Another interesting thing is that if you've fought the extra bosses and won, it shows Completed instead of Cleared.

twistofreality January 27, 2006 10:46 AM

I'm typically not a fan of shooter-style games, but this one is a lot of fun. It must be the random havoc.


zetasextantis January 27, 2006 12:53 PM

This game is like the offspring of Metal Slug and Heli Attack. Great fun, thanks again Jay. =)


Yes, I immediately thought of Heli Attack when first playing this one. =)


stay on the ground and you WILL be terminated. dont slow down. be aware of your enemies. never release your trigger.

stay alive


The triangle indicates a tank locking on I think, when the bell rings he's ready to fire. Is that not right?


The triangles indicate an incoming missile and the direction it's coming from.

A tank's lock-on is the red brackets that surround the player, and the bell is indeed when the tank is ready to fire.

hiram archibald January 27, 2006 9:07 PM

I've found that if you're dashing (I know I am), then missles won't knock you down even though they do drain armor.


LOL @ hiram archibald. =)

Yes, dashing is definitely a power move. You can even dash whilst in the air.

hiram archibald January 28, 2006 4:06 AM

has anyone worked out what the 3 armors are?

the default allows you yo charge jump; the medium allows repeated jumps but is wussy and only allows only one weapon; and the highest allows flying and is beefy but is super slow

,,. is that right?


I haven't made it to new armor yet, and I've only purchased one new weapon, the GRB-013 Boundary.

It launches those powerful grenades the ground forces start firing back in level 5. It has a very long reload time, and the explosions from the grenades can damage your armor if you're too close.

Other than that, I'm still grinding to max out all armor and boost characteristics in Set-up. =p

hiram archibald January 28, 2006 2:08 PM

Did you know that everything--stats, weapons, armor--is sellable at the same price you bought it? Just sell down everything and replay level 1 6 or 7 times to try out every weapon and armor once.


The stats stay with the armor, not the soldier. So unless you switch b/w armors, whenyou buy a new one might as well empty it out and put the points into the new armor.


Long time reader, first time commenter. I played this game extensively awhile back, still love it. I wanted to add something that may have been obvious to some, but helped me immensely when I found out. Once you purchase a weapon, you can equip it in both weapon slots. I originally assumed that this would accomplish nothing, but they actually use two separate sets of ammo, allowing you to switch back and forth as the other copy reloads. You can take out any boss in seconds by using two Eclipses.


hmm... It seems to me that the bosses only appear if

you have full health at the end of the level

They are pretty hard if you cant find a place where they hit you less. so far I have found that the best place to stand in the level 1 boss fight is

right in the middle of him when he stops, he cant use the tank blasts and the missiles are easy to shoot down


I've encountered a boss with less than full health before. I was at about 75% or so.


Yeah, the requirements for the boss appearance is still uncertain, as I can't pinpoint it. It is likely based on one or more of:

Remaining health
Time to complete level
Max. combo
Total score earned (prior to boss)


The later levels are nothing but bosses and still have additional bosses triggered at the end to "Complete" the stage rather than "Clear" it, so it's unlikely to be based on score or combos.

I've gotten the boss(es) to appear in every stage but 11 and 7.


One question for those that have managed to complete most of the levels:

28 million credit gun.. anyone got this? Is it worth going for?

Some other things for new players:

Buy the hawkeye gun as early on as possible (even removing some of your armour/boost bonuses).
I've found for me the first armour is the best.
Level five and six are the hardest apart from 11, skip them if you are having trouble and want to try something else.


The 28 million credit gun is worth it. it shoots missles that do good damage


Lala I think you're looking at the 280,000 gun.

Anyone have tips for beating Stage 11?

Daddaluma January 29, 2006 2:24 AM

I got the 1.5 million credit gun. It's not as uber as I had hoped. Plus you can't hold down the mouse button to continue firing with it. You have to repeatedly press it.

I can beat every stage except 11. On stage 11 I got as far as the three helicopters. I beleive that's the third set of enemies. I didn't use the 1.5 mil gun either. I think I used the 160,000 explosive arrow shooting one.

If there's no better weapon than the 1.5 million credit one, I don't see myself ever beating this game.


Alternatively, it might be that the requirements for getting the boss to appear in each stage is unique to that particular stage. For example, it might be score-related in one, health-related in another, and both in yet another.

I don't think it's health-related for the first stage; I have yet to finish a stage with more than 25% of my life remaining (as I've completely given up on trying to dodge) and I still managed to get the boss to appear once.

hiram archibald January 29, 2006 3:31 AM

My most efficient way to credit-up:

Buy one Eclipse, set up on both hands, and replay Mission 7 over and over. The boss takes 8 shots (rapid using Adramalech's trick above).
Nets about 10k credits every 15-30 seconds!


There is another weapon after the 1.5 million credit weapon, although I'm not sure how decent it is.

I think you unlock it through having completed at least 9 levels, as it first showed up in my shop when I had completed level 8.

In addition to what hiram said about credits..

The less stats you have in your armor, and the more life you have at the end of the stage, the higher your life bonus, which seems to be a direct multiplier of the level bonus + score. Going without any stats on the armor will net you about 20-35K every 15-30 seconds on mission 7.

Daddaluma January 29, 2006 9:18 AM

I just got my 9th complete and no new weapon . . . perhaps I need to buy the other weapons first or something.

Daddaluma January 29, 2006 9:25 AM

Oh, and in case anyone wants to know how to make the boss appear on stage 7, I'm pretty sure I figured out how.

You either have to take a long time to kill the first boss, or have low health when you kill him, or both.
Both times I got the boss to appear, I was at low health and I waited around a while before killing him off. So I don't know if it's just the time, or the time and the health or what.
Hope that helps.

Daddaluma January 29, 2006 9:37 AM

Triple post!

I found the game's message board on that site and found a post about weapons. It seems there actually is a 28,000,000 credit gun and a 35,000,000 one above that.

The 35 mil gun is unlocked by beating the last stage, so that's no help.

Unfortunately, it doesn't say what the conditions to unlock the 28 mil one are though. Anyway, I'm gonna keep reading and see if anything interesting turns up.

I didn't really think these details are spoiler tag worthy, but feel free to edit this comment and add them if you think it's necessary, Jay.


Got it! I beat the last stage!

I read a strategy on the message board and it works very well. I beat the stage on my first try with it.

Be warned it feels somewhat cheap to use this method. If you want to feel like you've accomplished something, I suggest you don't use it. If you just want to beat that freaking level, like I did, then by all means, click on the spoiler tag . . .

First the setup.
Use the 168,000 credit weapon. The exploding arrow one.
Use the GALE armor.
Max out Armor: max and defense, and Boost: Max and recover. Raise move 3 times and power 3 times.
With this set up you can fly all the time. And that's what you should do. For the first set and second set of guys fly just high enough so that their missiles and other attacks can't hit you and make it rain death from above. For the helicopters, surprisingly, do the same exact thing. You can fly much higher than they can and they won't be able to hurt you at all. The next two round involve a combo, so kill the helicopter first and then go low enough to kill the others easily.
You should win easy no problems. You can even win without taking a hit! Although, this doesn't bring out a final boss, apparently. I think it's governed by time.
For winning you'll probably get 5 million credits, making this by far the fastest way to gain credits.
That's all I got. Now I just have to do it 6 more times so I can buy the 35 million credit weapon.


i've never leveled up the gale armor to the point i could fly, but one thing interesting it does do is make the sword more useful...still the sword sucks.

Evilwumpus January 29, 2006 7:39 PM

The copters are impossible to find! I'm dashing like mad, with hordes of soldiers, trying to stop the source, when out of the blue I see FIVE copters that have managed to escape me!


Throughout the duration of a level, enemies will respawn once you deal with the ones currently at large. The process repeats until the total number of enemies for that level are taken care of.

That is why it may seem you cannot "find" those pesky airborne vehicles, or copters, that drop all the armed soldiers. It's always best to keep one eye on the radar, and look for those red dots that bob up and down.


Does anybody have a translation for the explanation of what each attribute does? I'd like to know what it is that the armor's skills work.

Daddaluma January 30, 2006 6:42 PM

Max = The maximum amount of damage your armor can take.
Defense = Your defense (controls how much damage you take per shot)
Move = How fast your guy moves when not dashing

Max = The length of time you can boost
Power = The speed at which the boost works
Recover = The speed at which you recover boost power

Also, to get the 28 mil credit gun to show up in the shop you have to complete stage 8 . . . which I haven't done yet, so I don't know the conditions to get the boss to appear.


Just a quick breakdown on the armors since it really wasn't said yet...

Fang - Average armor, will reload weapon even when switched.

Gale - Speed armor, also gives extra range. Very weak armor.

Javelin - Defensive armor with highest boost capabilities.

Even though the Javelin is great for the defence, I find it really annoying that it doesn't reload your gun when you're firing other one. I found myself tapping ctrl alot in between shots... I stuck with the Fang armor in most missions...


how does this game save system works? evry time I save, and the next time I'm trying to load my last game I can't find my game in the data load menu.

evilwumpus February 4, 2006 8:24 AM

More on the armors:

Fang: Cheapest to level up. Medium speed. The infinite-boost technique works almost as well with this armor as it does with the Gale. Jump can be charged up to give you better control, and dash is fast and can be sustained for a long time.
Gale: More expensive to level up. Movement without dash is very fast. Simply touching the jump key charges your jump to max, so you can ascend much quicker. However, it uses more boost power than the Fang. Dash CANNOT be sustained, so use dash for quick manuevers instead of for traveling.
Javelin: Extremely slow, extremely defensive. Dash is barely faster than the Fang walking. However, it's very fuel efficient, and the jump is easiest to use. Simply hold down the key and you will keep going up. You can also use it to fly sideways, unlike the other armors.

Jeff_from_MD February 6, 2006 4:20 PM

wow I finally got enough credits for the 35 million credit weapon.

Apparently you have to hold down your mouse button in order for the damage to be strong enough though, since the base damage is like a bb-gun! Unfortunately the charging time is like 3-4 seconds at least, and even then I don't see how this thing is any more powerful than the eclipse (explosive arrow gun)

I hope I'm just using incorrectly, because it definitely wasn't worth 35 million lol.

The 28 million credit weapon on the other hand is nice to use. It's not missiles like the other guy said, rather it fires a broad laser that can pretty much cut through all the baddies in its line of sight, with more punch than the eclipse even. So it's a real joy to use on most levels, although for the final stage, it requires too much accuracy for it to be any use while you're in the air sniping on the bosses. The poster who recommends the eclipse and gale armor is pretty much the only way I could beat that last level.


The 35 million railgun is definitely worth it. One maximum charged hit on the bosses' weak spot takes off 2/3 of their life. In addition, the range of the gun is almost the entire visible radar, which means if you can see them on the radar, you can hit them. Take it for a whirl on stage 1 or 2 to see for yourself. One rail shot will kill the entire radar screen.
In my experience, you can take off the most life on the bosses fastest with this weapon. I use it with the Fang armor, which allows the Eclipse to reload in the time I charge the railgun. For the tank boss, shoot from directly on top, and aim down straight through the "neck" of the torret. Shoot the mech boss directly upwards, between the legs, when it jumps. The chopper boss I'm unsure of, it's either through the center of the spinning blades from above, or through the black box thing from below, or maybe both.


For fighting the bosses....I think I found out how you're able to. Just beat the stage before it goes down to a certain time. It's different for every stage I believe. For the first boss if you don't beat all the baddies once it hits 74 secs. You won't be able to fight the boss.


I didn't like this one much, there was a little too much havoc, and the controls are difficult at best. I'm not sure why they didn't stick with the normal w with q and e as the dash.
a s d

A combined shoot n' dash is very hard to pull off with the current setup.


yehman - I can't seem to pull off the godly powerful shot to the boss. I think I did it only once. How consistent are you with it?

Jayson - You can use the arrow keys to move.

Also, pressing down/x while in the air will make the character fall faster.


wEiRdO - It's very consistent with the tank boss, not as much for the other two. Because the tank boss doesn't move as much, pretty much every time you fly over it you can get a good shot in. With the mech boss you have one ideal chance, and that's when it first appears. You can dash under it and shoot straight up for a good 2/3 damage, then jump to avoid the shockwave damage. A good shot followed by three Eclipse will kill the mech boss. The chopper bosses are tough, and since most of the time I kill them offscreen, I can't be certain of the weak point. I usually get the most damage when shooting either directly down or directly up. Once in a while, a diagonal shot will do good damage, but they are much harder to get, since the recoil from the gun pushes you back and changes the bullet's trajectory.

I also think that possibly having less points in your armor makes it do more damage. I was trying to raise my life points by taking off armor stats, and somehow it seemed that things were dying faster the more life points I had.

By the way, having different life point values is what triggers the bosses to show up, at least for mission 1 to 10. I've finished mission 11 with life points of 0.1 to 2.0, but still no final bosses. I wonder if you just can't get a 'complete' on mission 11. Highly anticipating version 1.2 with new armors and weapons. :)


Gaah! I can't take it anymore! You unlock the bosses by getting the amount of point listed at the bottom of the level description by the end of the level! Good game.


Nai - Uh, no. That's part of the the credits you earn.

yehman - I believe the bosses are based on time, at least for the previous version. Beat the level quickly for every level except 7 and 11. Take a long time on 7 and for 11, I'm not sure if it is possible. I haven't played version 1.2 much so I'm not sure if it has changed. I have not seen new armors/weapons yet.

PandaKnight March 15, 2006 11:34 PM

HAIL, PEOPLE! I have discovered the key to getting the level 7 boss.

Once you've killed it, get as high in the air as you can. I tested it, if you're at the height ceiling (just keep boosting with a high boostfulness and you'll be fine) a mech boss (the two-legged one) will drop from the sky with a pair of soldiers.



Alright somethings not right here. Y'all keep saying 11 levels but I just counted the levels I've past and there are 19. Also why havn't you all been bragging about horizon the fang ultra upgrade? Am I getting something you all missed? If I did I can provide screen shots proving it. L8er


Version 1.2 was released on Feb 26. It increased the number of missions to 21, weapons to 19, and armors to 7.

Certain bosses get tougher the more stats you put on your armor. The amount of armor improvement and HP plus other unknown flags trigger completes. So far no one knows how to complete M11 or M21. Completion of M20 is possible, though people aren't too sure how.


alright guys. this game is so frikin cool
i need help completing lvl 20 and wait there is a lvl 21?
please tell me how to get it.


You need to clear M11 to unlock M21, and need to complete M7 to unlock M11. M7(complete) -> M11(clear) -> M21

For Mission 20, how much armor points you have greatly affects the boss. He does more damage and takes less damage the more points you put in. One thing that also changes is the reward changes from 123000 to 666000 if you fight him with full armor upgrades. It's speculated that this, in addition to other conditions, is needed to trigger a complete. Once you learn his patterns he is pretty easy to beat.

You'll have the weapon of choice for all bosses once you complete M19. This gun makes the 35 million railgun unnecessary by comparison.


I completed lvl's 1-7 and still nothing happend no lvl 11 oh and i completed lvl 19 and i got nothing for it


OK, looks like I've come in on something big here for once.
I've been playing the 1.2 version at the official site at 128f.com. It's quite the rage.

I've picked up the following weapons and armour:

1. TMG-013S ANTARES (39000 CP)
2. TGG-024 TEARS (129000 CP)
3. GGX-035 MOMENT (1208000 CP)
4. TSG-001 RAIN (19000 CP)
5. TSR-022 HAWK-EYE (54000 CP)
6. TPC-020X PIERCE (280000 CP, good weapon)
7. MSL-001 PHANTOM-TAILS (75000 CP, weak)
8. GRB-013 BOUNDARY (89000 CP)
9. NGP-003 ECLIPSE (168000 CP)
10. TBZ-013 AGONY (280000 CP, good weapon)
11. RGN-050C LONGINUS (35000000 CP, excellent weapon)
12. PSR-X71 REQUIEM (28000000 CP)
13. BMR-250 DESIRE (1500000 CP)
14. BLD-S05 (120000 CP, close-range)
15. BLD-E14 Glanzen (320000 CP, close-range)
16. BLS-913 GENOS (560000 CP, close-range)
17. HMB-078 (1800000 CP, close-range)
1. TAT-003 GALE (190000 CP)
2. TAT-015 JAVELIN (210000 CP, hover type, useful armour)
3. SAT-070 HORIZON (528000 CP)
4. AST-265 CARDINAL (2650000 CP, aerial type, useful armour)
5. TAF-009 (10005900 CP, blade type, USELESS armour)
6. TAT-001RF SILVER-FANG (350000000 CP, FAST RELOAD type, useful armour).
Out of 21, 3 remain CLEARED; 11, 20, and 21.

The tough part's figuring out the COMPLETE criteria for those last 3 missions. LONGINUS, coupled with SILVER-FANG, can be used effectively to speed up the killing process in those missions, especially in Mission 11, but it's still tough figuring out what will bring out the extra bosses.

Tip: If, when attacking a boss, it glows red, that means you've hit a weak spot, and it'll take more damage. Griffon-61 helicopters have this around their engines, so a well-placed LONGINUS (charged, of course) or PIERCE shot should knock them down.

And yehman, actually, the LONGINUS railgun is quite useful in certain situations, so don't give up on it too easily.


Anyway, about Mission 11, just to give some people a strat on taking down at least 6 out of 15 bosses in the first 100 seconds, or to just finish them all.

Here's the line-up, first:
1. 3 X UNICORN Super Tanks.
2. 3 X CYCLOPS Mechs.
3. 3 X GRIFFON-61 Helicopters.
5. Same as (4), I think.

OK. For this, the LONGINUS railgun and PIERCE sniper rifle will be your weapons, and your best bets are either the CARDINAL aerial armour, or the SILVER-FANG fast-reload armour. At full stats, unless you need to reconsider.

When you first start, immediately charge LONGINUS, and stay in the air. Cardinal has an edge here over S-Fang, but you can keep jetting in the air if you don't need to use Cardinal.

As soon as the first UNICORN appears, fire as soon as it touches the middle of the vertical line to take it out, then charge again, and do the same for the other two tanks, jetting across the screen to get them in your sights.

Once the last tank explodes, dash (in mid-air, of course) left or right to bust a CYCLOPS mech as it falls from the sky, and try to catch the other two mechs.

As soon as the last mech goes down, charge your railgun again, stay on the ground, and aim straight up. Release the shot as soon as their engines (the boxed part of these annoying GRIFFON-61 helis) come into view, then immediately dash away (left or right) whether or not you hit them, and get into the air once more.

Keep a safe distance from the ground, so that their bombs won't touch you, and try to get them from either above or underneath, with either PIERCE or LONGINUS.

Once destroyed, stay on the ground, charge LONGINUS, fire as soon as you spot the heli's engine, and immediately dash back into the air to avoid the UNICORN. Quickly wipe out the heli, then snipe the tank and the mech from the air.

Repeat for the last set. Should do the job nicely.

Still working on getting a COMPLETE on this one. Sorry.


Checked up the main BBS for the game yesterday. Apparently in Mission 11, in the older version, you need to wipe out all 15 bosses within 45 seconds to trigger the extra boss or several.

It's unconfirmed for this version, though...no one's found any ways to break that mission.


How can I beat level 12? It has an easy difficulty level, but I'm not sure what to do.


Albert, try going as far right as you can :]

What are the requirements for completing levels 5 and 9? I have tried everything I can think of.


Thank you very much, Manny. Unfortunately, I have no answers to your questions...

Chris Moore April 2, 2006 12:12 AM

How many people do you have to kill before you complete level 12

Chris moore April 2, 2006 1:57 PM

What do you with that goal thing at level 12?

Chris moore April 2, 2006 2:04 PM

How do you beat level 12.I mean what do you do when you get to that blue thingy.


Yeah i have real problems now i restarted and well i uhh cheated by changing memory values but that shouldn't in anyway affect the game all i did was give me infinate money

anyways now the real issue is that now i can;t beat lvl 2 i can beat every other lvl i have almost every gun and armor but still i can't defeat lvl 2 would someone please tell me what the requirment is


Hey, i can't complete levels: 2, 9, 10, 14, 17, 20, and 21. anyone know how?

im guessing you shouldn't be using the cardinal for lv 20 to complete?


OMG I finally completed mission 2

(i set cardinal at half stats for everything, then used pierce and hawkeye. after i beat the normal requirements with full health, a boss came up, good god, this took me so friggin long)


>And yehman, actually, the LONGINUS railgun is quite useful in certain situations, so don't give up on it too easily.

Yeah, it still does the most damage per shot of any weapon. But now in version 1.2 you have to wait for the gun to close before you can switch weapons. The double Pierce plus Silver Fang combo, I believe will do more damage over time, since it will reload one weapon before you can use up the ammo on the other. I still use Longinus sometimes for M20, since you have time to sit around and charge your weapon when the boss is invincible.

Mission 11 and 21 can be finished really fast with Silver Fang(zero upgrades) + Pierce x 2. Having no points in your armor lets you kill them faster, normally 2 shots to the weak spot for each boss. I'm not certain if the TAT soldiers have weak points, but it seems all the mecha bosses take extra damage when shot from either directly above or below.

The mission completions are tricky. I still only have "Cleared" on M11, M20 and M21. There are speculations on the official BBS, but nothing solid. There does seem to be more weapons to unlock though, TEMPEST and JUDGEMENT.


This is the page on the official BBS with all the collected information on weapon/armor/mission/enemy stats. Use a translation tool if you don't read Japanese.

For me, I got most of the 'complete' by mostly using either fully upgraded Fang or an un-upgraded Silver Fang.

A gameplay tip: After a dash-jump, as long as you hold down the direction of the dash without touching the ground again, you will maintain your horizontal speed. As long as you keep the button down, you can continue to travel in that direction and do air jumps to maintain height. Use this trick to travel long distances without draining your boost meter. Fire off a few shots of PIERCE behind you, and you'll be flying across the screen with ridiculous speed. This will let you fight decently without any points in your boost meter. Getting a perfect on M11 with no armor upgrades will net you a cool 15 million CP's. 30 million if you manage it on M21.


FuXeD how did u change the memory values... iv been playinthis game for a few days on and off and i just find it impossible 2 earn all those credits


I used a program called T-Search it's pretty easy to use. i also used a flash downloader so i could edit the copy on my computer.


I can't beat mission 20, at all. Any tips?


Sweet I beat it! but now I can't beat mission 17 or 21....

Mike Peterson April 22, 2006 6:34 PM

How to complete 17:

I use Horizon (unmodified) and Agony (X2). Armor stats and possibly the box's HP (above 50% ?) seem to be the req's to bring the boss out. I suggest moving slightly away from the defensive line, try not to let any enemies get past you. Aim agony level/slightly above level with the ground and unload. As soon you're empty, switch to your other agony and unload. Just keep that up, take out the occasional bomber and dodge any tank's beams that might come your way. I managed a 100+ combo on this level using this tactic. Hawkeye can be used in a similar manner, but I prefer agony.

I need to know how to bring bosses out on 10 and 14 (I've already cleared both). Tips on beating 20 welcome as well.

What's the weak point? The green gem? I'm lucky to do 25% damage before I die.


I was cheap on mission 20... i used the javelin and the PEIRCE rifle, flew behind him, and continously shot him in the neck. If he starts tilting upwards, MOVE, or you wil be severely electrocuted. For the meantime, stay behind him and keep shooting him. If he tilts up, theres a possible 3 outcomes: 1st outcome: he will start throwing a tantrum and bang on the floor, not a threat unless your on the ground next to him. 2nd outcome: he will rapidly band his fists on the floor twice,at this point, you should go behind him, as he will emit spheres that take 3 hits to kill you with javelin, 2 with everytihng else. You might also want to take that moment behind him to severely shoot the stuffing out of him with the rifle. 3rd outcome: he will tilt up, start to charge a beam, and then fire it. for this just stay near the cieling, then shoot his crystal with a full rifle magazine, which does lovely damage. And every now and then he will throw a punch, which does nothing unless your across from his arm. He should be dead in no time. Scratch that, it takes a little while.

TheStupidOne April 23, 2006 6:03 PM

Hey, I can't seem to get any armors other than the Fang, Javelin, and Gale (which are all the official. The DESIRE, LONGINUS-something, and some of the short range weapons seem missing too. I've completed everything except for 11 and 20, and both of them are uncleared, making 21 absent.

I'm playing at http://www.128f.com/contents_1164.html
which is Jay's link. How do you get the armors?

TheStupidOne April 23, 2006 10:11 PM

Desire works well on lvl 20.

TheStupidOne April 23, 2006 10:35 PM

How are people supposed to use the Longinus in Lvl 11 if that's what they get in the level? Sorry for the trple post.

Yes, Pierce works well on lvl 20 with Fang, go behind the neck, take the damage (unavoidable)and switch weapons when one runs out. An unlimited supply of shots!

Lvl 11, same equipment. Always take out the Helis first, then fire down from the sky on the puny ground-based mechs and tanks.


I Unlocked the javelin, horizon, gale, and silver fang. Though i couldve sworn you get cardinal before silver fang. For weapons, I have the sword, VOICE, RAIN, PHANTOM TAILS, ECLIPSE, AGONY, BOUNDRY, HAWK-EYE, PIERCE, and The second machine gun that stores 15 bullets. all of my armor is fully upgraded.

Jikkuryuu April 26, 2006 9:09 PM

Level 13 provides a really easy way to make money.
Requirements are the horizon armor (haven't tried it with any others, sorry) and the pierce rifle.
Equip the pierce in both hands.
As soon as the level starts, clear out everything in range and head left to the "Area Over" alert. Shoot anything to the left of you first then move your cursor to the limits of the screen (on the right) and start shooting everything.
The enemy drop point is right at the edge of the screen and the pierce can reach even the mine-laying enemies that appear offscreen.
The enemies wont drop on your left side as long as you are plastered to the wall (the pierce will enforce that).
You still have to defeat the boss at the end but you can easily rack up a 300 combo that makes soldiers worth 5000 a pop and by the end you will have about 970 thousand points x your life bonus. Around 3mil a shot.
Sorry for the length. Good Luck!


Awesome tip. Thanks, Jikkuryuu.


I can't Complete level 10 or unlock level 11. I'm guessing that level 11 unlocks when you complete missions 1-10, rather than just clearing them. I can blow up the big helicopter in 10 with barely a scratch, but I still can't get a boss to appear. How do you do it?


Okay, I just beat it. I looked at the page Yehman linked (thanks Yehman!) and translated it using Babelfish. The translation I got for Mission 10 says "Complete condition: Custom of the armor above HP50% leaving in state of one fixed-command or less, it clears
When completing reinforcement: サイクロ�-ス �- 1, griffon �- 2". Not exactly sure what that means, but I took it to mean that you should reduce your customization to at most halfway, then beat the first helicopter with at least 50% life. I used Horizon armor and two Piercers. Thanks.


I've completed every mission except 11, 20, and 21. 11 and 20 are clear, but Mission 21 hasn't been unlocked at all yet. Yehman said above (March 27, 2006 04:47 PM) that completing 7 and clearing 11 would unlock 21, but that hasn't happened. What's wrong?

Also: I can't get the SilverFang armor. The 128 message board guide translation says that SilverFang is "The armor which appears with M19 finished product." Well, I finished M19 long ago. Now what?

I think I saw somewhere somebody said that you have to buy every armor except a particular one to unlock Silverfang, but I can't find that message now.

I can't duplicate Daddaluma's strategy that he posted about on (January 29, 2006 10:35 AM). He posted that in January, so I'm guessing that "the last level" he's referring to was M11. The helicopters can fly just as high as I can, so that strategy doesn't work. I guess that was changed in the upgrade.

This game could really use a pause button and volume control.


Ah, I guess there's more to unlocking M21 than I thought. Here's the page I found on the official BBS regarding the most asked three missions (M11,M20,M21). According to this, you need to beat M20 with full armor upgrades to get M21. My guess is that this condition is in addition to clearing M11.

The note at the bottom suggests that the only way people have been getting complete on these three missions is by editing the save file. That was also the only way to get the Tempest weapon, until (I believe) the author fixed the code to allow the Tempest to be unlocked.

Like I said above somewhere, I was able to unlock everything (except Tempest) by beating each mission with either full-or-none upgraded armor. Still don't know how I achieved a complete for M7 though. Spent forever trying everything, and once it was completed, it seemed all I can get afterwards are completes. :/


In order to fight the boss, you need to kill all enemies needed to win BEFORE the time reaches 50!!!


can any one explain how to use that t-seach thing they said up there i cant figur it out


Does anyone know where the save file actually is? Just need to know, so I don't accidentally delete it when I run Disk Cleanups...^_^;;

Haven't played the game much recently, but I've got COMPLETES for all missions except for M11, M20, and M21. Still can't figure out their requirements.

Also bought all weapons BUT TEMPEST & JUDGEMENT. Anyone know how to unlock them?



Yea, same here. I cant get TEMPEST or JUDGEMENT. and I haven't completed M11, 20, and 21. what are stats to complete the missions?

Whyatt Thrash June 3, 2006 6:20 AM

At least on my Mac, the save file is under:

~/Library/Preferences/Macromedia/Flash Player/#SharedObjects/

- "KSM6NLQ9" I guess are just random letters and numbers, could be any sequence of characters on your computer.
- "128f.com/swf/combatheaven_v0100.swf" is the domain and flash file name

I know this because I had to locate the save file to be able to play locally, since Flash player doesn't let different servers read the same data (very smart). NOT because I've had any intention to modify the save file, mind you. *wink*wink* :)


even if you were to modify it, some of us don't know how to do that. Also, its possible that modifying code could lead to messing up the game too


wat bout someone who has all the weapons and completions (TEMPEST and JUDGEMENT included) givin out the data for download? if someone's got a server, they could upload it to that server and let everybody dl it on their pc. then they could replace theirs wit it.


To Beat Level 12 U Need to Move To The Right Till The Word "Goal".

P.s:how do u unlock silverfan >.<


hey hola, um about the whole thing about bosses, i havent had to worry about times or nothing, you have to get a combo of 20....yea so far thats why they come out for me at least lvl 1, 2 and 3


Im having problems with level 12, i am on the goal but its not wroking

Jerry Hankenson August 27, 2006 9:16 PM

Boooooring. It's good for a short, fast-paced bit of fun, but it's pathetically easy. Never put a point anywhere but Boost (Max) and Boost (Recovery). You don't even have to buy any guns or armor until those two stats are maxed out. You can just keep flying in the air with those two stats, bouncing back and forth, and never get hit the entire game. The default gun's pretty much all you need, with its giant clip.


Anyone has tips for Level 20?

The Level 12 is to kill 20 people and Goal!


This is the perfect way of clearing stage 20. Full health.

I used fully upgraded Cardinal and pierce. Cardinal is
the key to this mission. With this method, i believe
you can complete even with "The Voice". Tho you may
need to upgrade your patience if you intend to try
When you touch down, run towards the giant mech until
you reach the black line on the floor juz in front of
it. now fly all the way up and you will find the
identical design in the ceiling. Now, that line is the
boundary to his melee attacks and the electric
attack(who said it cant be avoided? xP) so make sure
you dun cross it unnecessarily. Hover right at the
ceiling and wait for the below attacks.

The cue for this would be the boss clawing the ground
twice, once with each hand. As soon as you see it, dash
to the top right corner. And start shooting him in the
neck. you should get around 7~8 shots in him with
pierce. As soon as he stops shooting, go back to the
position on the left of the line on the ceiling and
wait again.

The cue for this attack is the boss rearing up and
sucking in power to his mouth. On seeing this, dash to
the top right hand corner and start shooting him. With
luck, you get all 12 shots in him. As soon as he stops
shooting, go back to the position on the left of the
line on the ceiling and wait again.

-Electric attack-
There isnt a cue, cause the attack is instant. but if
you are not on the right side of the line, you will
realise that all he does is puff out a ring of smoke.
shoot from where you are. with pierce 1 shot is all you
get, 2 if you are that fast.

-Claw attack 1-
Boss raises his claw high and slam it on the floor.
stay behind the boundary and it doesnt affect you at
all. as soon as he starts raising, shoot him. right
after he finish slamming, shoot again.

-Claw attack 2-
He simply paws the floor. Just shoot him once from
behind the boundary.

Keep this up, be careful, and you will be sure to
complete with full health.

-You can do this with Gale also, or some other
-Keep your cross-hair at the bottom right corner
whenever you arent aiming and shooting. this is to
ensure you get the largest view of the boss possible.
-Dont start off dashing at him with fully upgraded
cardinal. you will find yourself crashing right into
him and get shocked.

Well, thats for stage 20. I hope to get precise methods
of getting every weap and armor if you guys dont mind.
hope my method is useful. =)


Vanguard, by "perfect", did you mean a "COMPLETE" status for Mission 20?

Because if you did, we might stand a chance after all.

M11 and M21 are still JUST cleared, and as far as I know, no one's got an effective strategy to properly complete them.


heh, sorry dude. i cant complete either. i even went in with a stock cardinal and i didnt manage to complete it. all i get is cleared. =\


Guys I think i found out how to COMPLETE level 11

ok i was using Horizan armor with duel piercers and the boost maxed out. I also had move nearly maxed out as well ,but i dont think that was how i triggered the complete part. first off I did take damage so its probally ok to upgrade your armor level. What I think happen was that when you get to the part where u have to fight the three different robots, you need to kill them in order (as in tank,then mech, and then chopper.) i got that warning sign after killing the first set so I do believe thats how you complete it


Oh yeah, the Moment is a double gatling gun. And it does Rain damage.


Why hasn't anyone patched this to English, also make the trouble missions completable. And in a way that's possible. And don't tell me to do it, I can't do everything.


huh, found an interesting tidbit.

Apparently, Clearing mission 20 with all armor and equipment completes it. I have not tested this, and cannot, due to money and skill issues (honestly, how am I going to be able to kill that thing with the TAF and the two swords?)
I only found this on another forum.


however, I have found a trainer(not linking it)
and then I'll try it. I'f you want it just search it up, it just takes a while to load.


One more thing, the Genos goes straight through the Mission 20 boss's defense (You can hurt him even when he isn't attacking.)


got another bit of info.

Mission 11 (maybe 21 too?) might be able to be completed by being beaten without taking damage.
if that doesn't work, try the 45 second clear, using the way light of Omega described. his post is right above the guide.


I have some "translations" as to what the save stats are.

The one above the bottom one (your CP) Is the amount of anything you've killed. the one above that is the amount of missions you have cleared.
I am not sure on what the top 2 are.


also, the waves for 11 and 21.


1. 3 tanks.
2. 3 mechs.
3. 3 helicopters.
4. one of each.
5 one of each again.


1. 3 red TATS
2. 1 mech, 2 helicopters.
3. 2 tanks, 1 mech
4.1 heli, 2 tanks, 2 red TATs (?)

that's as far as I got in 21.


ok, correcting 21 and adding useful info.

1. 3 red TATs
2. 2 helicopters, 1 mech
3. 1 helicopter, 1 tank, 2 red TATS
4. 1 helicpter, 1 tank, 1 mech, 1 red TAT
already forgot.

anyway, the info is the order of stuff to take down first.

Helicopter goes first. ALWAYS. if you fail to do that, the mission will become even more hellish. take it down in the "danger zone" underneath it, avoiding bullets from everywhere.
once it's down, fly off until it finishes dying, because it's still as good as alive then.

Now go after the tanks. Their cannon is really annoying, but they are the weakest thing, a few pierce shots and they should go down.

After that, the mechs. simply avoid missiles and tanks shells and you're all good.

finally, the TATS. the reason these guys are last is because it's much easier to fight them on their own than with helicopters and giant tanks. simply "lure" them just into the range of the pierce, then when they get in sight, or you see a pierce shot fly at you, boost away,go over them, and repeat the other way until all are dead, then make sure to reload all weapons before the others come.

I used a fully upgraded silverfang and 2 pierces. You could substitute full cardinal or something, though. or just somewaht upgraded silverfang. (I spent good money on that suit, I'm not gonna let it go to waste.)

TokenBlackGuy August 28, 2011 10:44 PM

Molle, a lot of your info about missions is inaccurate. I'd advise you go look throughout the posts and adjust it


that's why I said I think. also, I tested all of them myself, and most of the ones I tried worked.


also, if you think something's wrong, tell me.
It's kinda likely that I may be wrong, it did only take me like 5 hours to make the walkthrough.


Here are the boss name

ユニコーン弐式  Unicorn Type 2
サイクロ�-スC  Cyclops C
へり グリフォン Griffon Helicopter β
新型TAT�...� New Type TATs

In additional

1. 3 tanks.
2. 3 mechs.
3. 3 helicopters.
4. one of each. (Very Weak)
5 one of each again. (Very Strong)

(I am a player from HK, just wondering how other players equip.)


Misinformation is fun!


Defeat 20 enemies


Defeat them as fast as you can and take as little damage as you can, then defeat boss(es)


Defeat 30 enemies


Defeat them as fast as you can and take as little damage as you can, then defeat boss(es)


Defeat 40 enemies


Defeat them as fast as you can and take as little damage as you can, then defeat boss(es)


Defeat 60 enemies


Defeat them as fast as you can and take as little damage as you can, then defeat boss(es)


Defeat 40 enemies


Defeat them as fast as you can and take as little damage as you can, then defeat boss(es)


Defeat 50 enemies


Defeat them as fast as you can and take as little damage as you can, then defeat boss(es)


Destroy the boss tank


Destroy it as fast as you can and take as little damage as you can, then defeat boss(es)


Destroy the boss tanks


Destroy them as fast as you can and take as little damage as you can, then defeat boss(es)


Destroy the boss mech


Destroy it as fast as you can and take as little damage as you can, then defeat boss(es)


Destroy the boss helicopter


Make sure your armor isn't upgraded much, 3 times to each attribute is safe. Destroy the boss helicopter with light damage, then defeat boss(es)


Destroy the 5 sets of 3 bosses each.


No clue, just do the above as fast as possible.


Destroy 20 enemies, then reach the blue waypoint to the right.


Do the above with light damage taken, then defeat the boss


Defend the post for the entire duration.


Do the above with as little damage taken as possible and as many kills as possible, then defeat boss.


Destroy 40 enemies, then reach the blue waypoint to the right


Make sure your armor is not upgraded much. 3 times to each attribute is safe. Do the above while sustaining light damage, then defeat bosses


Defend the 3 posts for the entire duration.


Do the above with as little damage taken as possible and as many kills as possible, then defeat boss.


Defend the supply truck for the entire duration.


Do the above with as little damage taken as possible and as many kills as possible, then defeat boss


Make sure enemies don't wander left of your defensive waypoint for too long. Defend until time runs out.


Make sure your armor isn't upgraded much, 3 times to each attribute is safe. Do the above while sustaining as little damage as possible, then defeat the boss.


Defend the 3 supply trucks for the entire duration.


Do the above with as little damage taken as possible and as many kills as possible, then defeat boss


Defeat the red TAT boss in a duel.


Defeat the red TAT boss with little damage, then defeat the 3 additional red TATs that spawn.


Defeat the uber cyber dinosaur prototype.


No idea, but you might get a complete if you max out all your armor's attributes as that makes the boss much stronger. I haven't managed this yet.


Defeat all waves of enemy bosses


No idea, just do the above as fast as possible.

Most of the missions' bosses trigger when you performed well. Its either time based, number of kills, or health based, so I simply recommended that you try the best you can. With trial and error the bosses will eventually trigger.

That's it for the missions. Armor, weapons, and enemies guide is next.


I don't know there's people who still playing this game. but

To unlock M11


To unlock M21

Fully upgraded TAT-001C FANG

M11 walk through

i will record M20,21 Soon


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