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Cover Orange

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Rating: 4.2/5 (108 votes)
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Cover OrangeJerradRain can be a destructive force, whether it's flash floods decimating crops, acid rain ruining an entire ecosystem, or a light drizzle canceling your afternoon jog. The new physics puzzle game Cover Orange introduces us to a whole new threat: spiky ball rain, which could threaten citrus fruit everywhere.

The goal of the game is to keep your orange (or oranges) safe from malicious clouds that rain down spiked balls. To do this, you are given a number of wheels and blocks you can use to push or cover your oranges. You can also shift various elements of the environment. Each object must be dropped from the top half of the screen, so there is a fair amount of precision and timing required to get everything to land exactly where you want it to. Once you have used the objects the spike rain rolls in. If just one hits an orange, the level ends and you have to try again. Points are awarded for how quickly you can complete each level, although this is largely superfluous as you can merely devise a strategy, press the reset button, and complete it as quickly as you can.

As with most games that require you to drop objects from the top of the screen, there is a mixture of skill and luck involved here. What fails one time might work on your next try, which can lead to some frustrating moments. Fortunately, the physics are consistent and fairly predictable throughout the game, so these instances of bad luck are brought down to a minimum. Aside from that, the only other flaw in this game is with the length. With only 20 levels that never get too difficult, it can be completed in a fairly short amount of time.

What this game lacks in length, however, it makes up for in style. The animations and sound effects are all very adorable, and I'm not one to use the word "adorable" lightly. But it fits perfectly here. Even the way the oranges turn black and disintegrate upon contact with the spikes is done in a way that is extremely cute and not at all as horrifying as it sounds. Even though it's over far too quickly, Cover Orange is a cute, entertaining game to fill a lunch break or an empty afternoon.

Play Cover Orange


There is no "play Cover Orange" at the bottom. Just wanted you to know.


The game was indeed nice, but very short. Not too challenging as well.


Ugh. You liked those annoying giggles?

Overall, though, a neat little game. Easy, short, perfect for a coffee break.


Very fun but too short. This game is begging for a level editor and some player packs.


Hmm.. The oranges were very cute until the

evil cackle when you beat a level!



Agree with previous posters, fun but not challenging and too short.


oh yeah. the sounds are annoying. I'm used to playing without sound though, so that wasn't a big deal.


I haven't gotten past level 7 and i like the game but i cant seem to get past level 7 can anyone help me?

MethanalCHO March 3, 2010 3:46 PM

Level 7 is actually quite easy.

1. Drop the first wheel as low as possible, just left of the orange.

2. When the orange is stationary, drop the metal barrel onto the other end from as high as possible.

3. When the orange falls down and is stationary, drop the second wheel just right of the third vertical bar.

4. Wait for the rain to pass. It won't come close to your orange.


I can't get past level 9! it's driving me crazy!


I can't pass level 4! It may sound dumb but HELLPPP!!! plzz!!!!


Stuck on level 97 anyone know how to get pass this level. Any help greatly appreciated

Stephanie January 25, 2011 4:36 PM

To get through level 97:

Drop one wheel from the highest spot you can to the left between the two hammers. Immediately drop the next wheel to the right between the two hammers. If you time it correctly each one will hold one of the oranges in place, with the hanging down hammer between them. Then drop the two triangles the same way - they will lodge in the top and keep the rain from falling down in between the two handles. Hope this makes sense!!


THANK YOU for the help with level 97! I could not get past it for the longest time. Much appreciated!

Anonymous January 26, 2011 5:14 PM

Level 106 anyone?


I'm on 117 and don't know how get pass it :( I would love some help ...


Level 68 please?!


I need to know how to pass level 106! ):


how to beat level 84?? someone help me please...


Can someone please help me with level 58?

Anonymous August 31, 2011 10:16 PM

Can't get past level 90. Can anyone help me.thanks


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