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elleCreatively ComplicatedLeft Brain, Right Brain, we need to have a talk. Some issues have come up that require your cooperation. So put down the pizza and start a crackin'. It's gotten Creatively Complicated around here and only your clever resourcefulness can sort it out. What kind of complications, you want to know? The damsel held captive by an ugly, big-fanged monster (and so you have to solve some puzzles) kind.

The easiest part of B-Group Productions' sprightly point-and-click puzzle game is, well, pointing and clicking around the screen. It's a bit more tricky to finagle handy tools and manipulate a short list of problems until you can perform the heroic rescue. Want to slip over to the next screen? Just click near the left or right edge of this one. To tell the truth, it's not all that complicated. Yet the whimsically unassuming sketch art in a simple color palate is rather charming. By the end, you should be feeling rather proud of your creative accomplishments here.

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Creatively Complicated
A quick way to create less complications in your life/gameplay.

  1. Follow the Clicks

    • Click here, here and here when told to.

    • Then, click to highlight/pick-up the PIZZA from your inventory.

    • Then, click on the little guy's mouth (or where the mouth would be. Don't try to feed pizza to his hair...that's just messy).

    • Click the right edge of the screen to go right.

  2. Keep to the Right *

    • You See a Door:

      • Door is locked. Needs key. Noted.

      • Go right again.

    • Muscles Needed:

      • Click the pile of...stuff? Find out you're not strong enough.

      • Go right.

    • No Spin Zone:

      • A part seems to be missing here.

      • Keep going right.

    • Left Brain/Right Brain:

      • You've reached mid-brain.

      • Keep going right.

    • Button, Button, Who's Got the Heavy Pile of?

      • Learn you need something heavy to activate the button.

      • Go right.

    • Wheel of Smilies:

      • Currently closed for refurbishments. Enjoy some of our other amusements. Return later.

      • Go Right.

    • Light My Fires:

      • Unlit fires means no strong making goodies for you.

      • Keep going right until you reach the Ring of Numbers.

    * It would actually be a tad quicker to just go left to the first puzzle. But then you miss looking at—and taking stock of—all the puzzles and stuff. If that doesn't matter to you, turn around, go left, and skip to here:

  3. Rings of Numbers

  4. OBJECTIVE: turn the rings until each has the correct arrangment of four numbers.

    • The two numbers on the outer edge of a ring must be equal to the number in the middle of the ring itself.

    • The number where two rings intersect must be the sum of the numbers on either side.

      • i.e. the number between the top two rings, 1 and 3, must be 4.

    • When you have a number in the correct position, it will turn yellow.

    • Screenshot: Number Rings Solution.

    • It helps to solve one ring at a time because it's easier to keep track of where to put the numbers as you progress. But if one set-up is proving too difficult, leave the room and return to reset the puzzle. It's randomly generated each time and some set-ups are a bit easier to solve.

    • When all the numbers are correct, one of the fires will be lit.

    • Go right.

  5. Memory Match Game

  6. OBJECTIVE: memorize the placement of each color do-dad and then pair each up by clicking on the correct two panels.

    • Pull the handle.

    • Click on a panel to see what's behind it.

    • Then click on the place where the matching item is hidden.

    • If you mess up, you'll have to start all over.

      (It's more fun if you truly test your memory, but if you're having trouble or just want to hurry along, just make a note or screenshot of it.)

    • When you're successful, the second fire will be lit.

    • Go right.

  7. Grab the Torch

    • Take the TORCH that's sticking out of some more brain stuff.

    • Go left three times.

  8. Get Lit and Be Strong

    • Take the BOTTLE off the middle pillar.

    • Give the BOTTLE to the little guy so he will drink it and be strong.

    • Use the TORCH on the right fire to light it and get FIRE.

    • Go left about five times until you reach the ramp where you found a heavy pile of stuff you couldn't lift earlier.

  9. This is Heavy Stuff

    • Now that you've drank the strength potion, go up the ramp and take the HEAVY PILE.

    • Go right three times to the one big smily face.

    • Put the HEAVY PILE on the big button.

    • Go right.

  10. Expressions Roulette

  11. OBJECTIVE: get four yellow smiley faces in a row.

    • If you don't already have a smiley face in a column of blocks, sit down on the button in front of it.

    • Hover your cursor on the ground somewhere to the left or right of that spot so you're ready to stand up as soon as a smiley face turns yellow in that column's middle row.

    • If you stand up at the wrong time, you must move off screen and return to reset the puzzle. Unless it was the last button, in which case it will reset automatically.

    • Change each yellow face until all are smiles.

    • A SWITCH piece will land on the pillar to the right. Take it.

    • Go right three times to the room with a broken switch and spinner.

  12. Switch on the Spinner

    • Go up the ramp. Put the SWITCH PIECE into the socket.

    • Switch it up to the "on" position. The dial will spin, eventually stopping.

    • Take the CRANK HANDLE out of the spinner.

    • Go left five times until you see a sword stuck up in the ceiling.

  13. A Boy and His Sword

    • Use the torch of FIRE in the niche to the left of the sword.

    • Pull the SWORD out of the rock in the ceiling.

    • Go right.

  14. Those Who Would Fight Monsters

    • Move to the middle of the room by the tied-up girl.

    • Click on the monster to find out he's mean.

    • Use the SWORD on the monster.

    • Click on the slot in the wall to find out you need something to make it work.

    • Put the CRANK HANDLE into the slot in the wall.

    • Turn the crank to lower the girl.

    • Click on her to get your reward...a kiss and a KEY.

    • Pick up the KEY.

    • Go right twice.

    • Use the KEY on the door.

    • Open the door and exit.


Ugh that spinning numbers puzzle...I just suck at puzzles like that. I don't think I'm going to be able to progress past it.

librarysmiles September 14, 2012 11:17 AM


The middle numbers are the sum of added numbers,7+5=12, etc. with the 3's on the outside with the 3 circle, etc. so I solved for 3 circles (the numbers turn yellow when correct) and then used one other circle spinning with the last one to make the last one correct. That was the easiest method to solve the spin numbers for me.

Currently stuck at

The spin faces. Not sure what the solved face puzzle should look like.



where else have you seen a smiley face and what did it look like

you need all happy smileys :)

librarysmiles September 14, 2012 11:24 AM


all happy faces :)

librarysmiles September 14, 2012 11:37 AM


I wish I could click on the outer rectangle and circle for the levers instead of the inner spot.

Also, read! I already had tried smiles first because of the smiley face and must have been too slow on the last smile the first time. Then, I thought I was stuck and tried all the other faces before trying the happy faces again. :)


Love the music, but

why did he leave without the girl?


@LibrarySmiles - I understand what I meant to be solving for, I am just utter crap at those types of puzzles. I can never seem to get them.


Ah, as always, power of the post. Really just dumb luck on my part that I was able to get past that puzzle though. Man I hated that.


Wow, I am totally stuck. I got past where hothotpot was stuck, but then I'm stuck. I

drank the strong juice (??) and picked up the pile of rocks, but now what? I can't set them on the big circular thing that has an image of setting rocks on it, and I can't seem to interact with anything else.


Ah, POP... I had to click on exactly the right pixel. That's irritating.



What are the 2 rooms where it seems like you should be doing something but you're able to escape without doing anything? I'm talking about the room with the 2 piles of stuff on either side of the large rectangle and the room with the pile of stuff on the pedestal with an unlit flame above it...


@ Rich W

The second room you mention...

I believe is the room you received the torch from. So you have done something there. I had to play through another time before I realized this.

The other room ...

I don't know. I have been wondering the same thing. When you click on the piles he thinks about "brains". So, I get the impression that there is something you are suppose to do to make yourself smarter, just as you made yourself stronger. And that this might possibly lead to an alternate ending? But so far, I have been unable to find anything else to do to accomplish this. :(


I'm stuck on the spinning numbers.

I had all the numbers in their correct places, except for two. I don't understand the puzzle well enough to place them in their correct spots without screwing up the numbers already in place. I get the general concept, I just can't figure out how to apply it.



You do have to mess up ones you've already got right. There's no other way to do it. Work out how to mess up one of the positions, then put it back again, without messing up all the other circles. And work out which positions you can easily swap without harm. This is exact principle which will help you solve Rubic's Cube !


I think what is in the second room are

Melted brain hemispheres, representing the lack of creativity

I think the game was great, though a bit offed by the "use one puzzle-obtained item for another puzzle".


Figured it out. I don't think I was entirely clear, though.

When I said I didn't understand the puzzle, I meant I didn't understand how to turn the dials so as to swap two numbers' positions while ultimately maintaining the positions of the rest of the numbers.


I must confess. I cheated on the memory puzzle. :(
Also, maybe it was just me, but I felt a wee bit mislead as I thought part of the quest was to restore parts of the brain.


Ugh, I can't even get past the first puzzle (the number wheels). I hate puzzles like those: every time I get a piece where it's supposed to go, it moves another piece out of its place & I can't fix the problem without moving yet another piece out of place. It's endless.


beautiful art, but that spinny number puzzle was far too annoying....moving on....


The spinny numbers was an annoying puzzle but here's how I solved it.

Let's use the upper right circle as a starting point. Make sure that the 3s and the 4 are out of that ring first. Rotate one of the 3s into the upper central spot, then rotate the upper right ring once. Get the other 3 into the upper central point, then rotate the upper right ring once again. Now get the 4 into that upper central point. You're done with that ring for now. Now move to the next ring clockwise, then repeat with the other numbers in succession (outer, outer, inner); as you work your way around, the 4 will inevitably get knocked out of position, but by the time you get around to the last ring, you should be able to just spin that last ring around and the numbers drop into place.

Reply September 15, 2012 12:59 PM

#8 is wrong, you don't need to leave the room.

[There are two ways to reset... leave the room, or complete the puzzle incorrectly. I'll add in the second way. ;) - elle]


I thought the spinning number puzzle was fine. The only problem is that it is several degrees of magnitude harder than any other puzzle in the game. Overall, I had fun, though I didn't appreciate that I spent more time walking back and forth to get to the places I needed to go than I did actually solving puzzles or playing the game. Also, I thought I still needed to do something before

confronting the monster, because after grabbing the sword and clicking him with it, I still got the "oh he's deadly" message. Turns out, every time you enter the room, you needed to click once to get that message BEFORE trying to attack him. Either that or I wasn't clicking the right pixel. Very misleading.

What was up with all the inventory slots? There were about twelve more than there needed to be. Was this just a failsafe to prevent crashing in case of a weird glitch?


I despise the pixel hunting. I thought that trend was over for some time.

Taargus Taargus September 16, 2012 3:10 PM

@ luthy: Agreed. Irritating. I couldn't even do the pizza part for a while. I ended up getting to the last part and giving up.

Sierra Foxtrott September 30, 2012 2:00 PM

Anyone knows how to get the 'fat man'-in-game Achievement??


Grr! Solved the first two puzzles but now I'm stuck

with trying to get the guy to drink the bottle of stuff! I click the bottle and then on his "mouth" and nothing. What am I doing wrong? I also tried to light the torch with the fire on the right but no matter where I click it doesn't work!


I can't even get the pizza. What's with that?


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