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Dolly House Escape

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Dolly House Escape

elleDoll houses are magical in how they light up imagination and make us feel like tiny explorers in a tidy, diminutive world. By not only including a doll house, but letting us open up, explore and play inside it, TomaTea has waved a wand of wonder over their newest escape-the-room game, Dolly House Escape so that every step feels more special, even as you grapple with some of TomaTea's most enigmatic puzzles.

Dolly House Escape (TomaTea)When you begin play, explore the room for signs and symbols that will lead you to the dollhouse key. TomaTea's signature glowing cursor and "I have no clue how to solve this" messaging are much appreciated guideposts in this mini adventure. You can highlight to use an item or click its "?" icon to examine it more closely. Needed information is often secreted away or so well coded that you'll have to think more deeply to solve some codes until you open the door and go outside to play. Although this isn't a four walled room, and so you won't need to turn or move about as much as zoom in or zoom out of areas, details abound in niches, cubbies and alcoves. It's enough to revive the unfettered curiosity of childhood dreams, so take your time and sink into this inviting place, settle down for a cup of tea, and play house!

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Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Dolly House Escape WALKTHROUGH

  1. When you first begin, you're facing the whole scene, which centers on a doll house. Let's do some exploring...

    • Zoom in on the pink doll; note the symbols on her dress. Then, check out the blue doll's dress, noting those symbols.

    • The books above the door look interesting but they're too high.

    • You also can't reach the high cupboards on the right side of the room, and the stepladder is screwed to the wall, but you can climb up on the bed to get to the high cupboards on the left side...

  2. Look at the high cupboard, second one from the left:

    • Here you need to re-arrange the jumbled puzzle tiles to make sense of the picture...

      Screenshot: Puzzle Tiles Solution

    • When you get it open, take the SCREWDRIVER from inside the cupboard.

  3. Back off the bed and go over to the stepladder under the window:

    • Use the SCREWDRIVER to take out both screws

    • Then, take the STEPLADDER.

  4. Put the STEPLADDER in front of the french door and climb up to reach the books:

    • Get the SCRAPBOOK.

      • Look through the scrapbook to find several clues, which we'll get to use now and later.

  5. Back up from the books, taking the STEPLADDER with you. Set it back down on the right side of the wall shelving unit (slightly under the doll house). Leave it there for now.

  6. Examine the first drawer on the right side of the room:

    • There are two buttons, star on the left, moon on the right. You need to click them in the proper order, then press the button below, to unlock this drawer....


      The first page in the scrapbook along with the two dolls give you the answer. Follow the string through the buttons, starting at the scissors. The pink button denotes the star, the blue means the moon, as seen on the doll's dresses....


    • When you get this cubby open, take the CLOVER KEY.

  7. Stand up then zoom in on the doll house. Use the CLOVER KEY to unlock it and open it up so you can explore inside...

    • In the bedroom you see a picture of three flowers and a wardrobe that's tied shut.

    • The bathroom has a sink that really works!

    • The kitchen has a stove that also works, once you solve its code...but you have nothing to cook at the moment.

    • The livingroom has an umbrella stand by the door. Examine the umbrellas for another clue.

  8. Leave the dollhouse then examine the animals on the shelf above the blue doll. Then, head over to the drawers on the right side of the room again. This time, you're ready to open the middle drawer...

    • You need to arrange the animal faces in the correct order then press the little button to open this drawer...


      Use the clues from the umbrellas in the dollhouse and the colorful animal figurines on the shelf above the blue doll. The number of paw prints on an umbrella color refers to the animal who is that color...


    • When you open the middle cubby, take the BATTERY.

  9. Back up and then climb up the stepladder again, this time to examine the green square on the high shelf above the doll house...

    • Click its side to view its battery slot. Insert the BATTERY.

    • Then turn back to its front and click the tiny green button in the lower left corner. Make note of the pattern you see.

  10. Back up from the green square and then go up to the upper cupboard on the far right:

    • You need to input the correct code to open this cupboard...


      Use the pattern you saw when you pressed the green square's "on" button...


    • Get the BLACKLIGHT BULB.

  11. Go back to the front of the dollhouse:

    • In the upper left edge of the screen, when you're looking inside the whole dollhouse, you'll notice a little LIGHT. Take it out.

    • Now replace it with the BLACKLIGHT BULB. Something changed in the dollhouse bedroom!

  12. Back up and go to the high cupboard on the far left:

    • Input the correct color sequence to open this door...


      Copy the colors of the flowers in the dollhouse bedroom, as seen under the blacklight...


      Colorblind: 1 click--2 clicks--3 clicks

    • Take the KNIFE.

  13. Back to the dollhouse and into the doll's bedroom:

    • Use the KNIFE to open the wardrobe.

    • Get the ENVELOPE and open it to find a LETTER. Read the letter for a clue.

  14. Now head over to the bottom drawer on the right side of the room:

    • Enter the correct word to get this drawer open...


      The heart symbol in "I [heart] toys" is your code. Look inside the scrapbook for its meaning...


    • Get the TEAPOT.

  15. Enter the dollhouse again, this time heading to the bathroom:

    • Fill the TEAPOT in the bathroom sink.

  16. Then, go to the doll's kitchen:

    • Turn on the stove's burner...


      Use the clue inside the scrapbook, the page with the flames symbol and four directional arrows...they indicate which way to set the dials on the stove....


    • Set the TEAPOT OF WATER on the hot burner. It'll begin to steam.

    • Holding the ENVELOPE over the steaming teapot to loosen it, take the STAMP off the envelope.

      • There's something written on the back of the stamp that's too tiny to read.

  17. Back up twice. Let's see how long you've been playing this. Oh my! Look at the clock!

  18. Now, go over to the high cupboard, second from the right:

    • You need a 4-digit number to open this. You actually could've opened this a long time ago, but you didn't need to until now...

    • HINT:

      The date on the front of the stamp is just a red herring, ignore it. All you need is a page from the scrapbook and the clock.


      The third page in the scrapbook has a series of numbers and symbols. In the sequence shown, trace the numbers and symbols on the clock and you'll end up with the shape of four numbers...


    • Open this cupboard and take the MAGNIFYING GLASS.

    • Using the magnifying glass, read the back of the stamp.

  19. Go down and then over to the cupboard directly above the bed:

    • Change the directions of these wavy lines to open this cupboard...


      Using the magnifying glass, you can see the answer on the back of the stamp...


    • Get the STAR KEY.

  20. Back up from the bed, turn to the french door, and use the STAR KEY to unlock it. Go outide to play!

Have fun!


Username March 21, 2013 4:41 PM

Quick and easy escape from Tomatea, I love their games.


hey I enjoyed the game but 1 small problem

for some reason my pc won't read .png could you convert it to a .jpg or .gif or something?



I'm sorry, Paul, but png is an industry standard image file format. You might want to find out why your computer doesn't read pngs and fix it. We are moving to png images for virtually all our articles.

justforfun March 22, 2013 8:27 AM

Maybe the problem is same message I have when I try to see screenshot: The requested page could not be found.

Page not found - /images/hs_dollyhouse_tilepicture.png

Broken link?

[Yes! Sorry, I forgot to load the image file. Doing that now! -elle]


That was cute. My only problem was the inconsistency in the "too high" places.

One of them said "too high" unless you had placed the right object in the right place first.

One of them was unresponsive to clicks unless you had placed the right object in the right place first.

Generally I found maneuvering from one view to another to be less intuitive than usual.


I just realized after I posted that that what I meant was there was no such image because it didn't look like the image was uploaded. If you could do that soon, that would be great.

[I'm very sorry that happened, Paul. But, regarding walkthroughs in general, we always strive to get them up them as quickly as possible. I appreciate your enthusiasm for our walkthroughs in asking for them "soon", but it honestly does not help me move faster as I'm already always working as fast as I can to get them done and posted. -elle]


elle, I too want to apologize on that. I have aspergers so it's kind of a symptom I personally have regarding that. I don't mean to anger or upset anyone in doing so. if I did, I apologize. you are cool elle :)

jcfclark March 22, 2013 7:45 PM

Puzzles solved but I don't want to leave the room 'cause i love the music box song! It goes so very well with the dollhouse, carousel, etc... to me, very bittersweet. 5/5


Really needed the hints for this one :D Loved the dynamic dollhouse ~ so clever!


Hey... a dollhouse with running water and a gas stove... what they don't do for kids these days...

Paris : grey...

kbholen1 August 7, 2014 3:34 PM

Wow, I never would have figured out the clock if not for the hints in this walkthrough. Had all the clues, just couldn't put them together. Thanks!


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