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Easter Joy

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Rating: 4.4/5 (81 votes)
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Easter Joy

DoraA few days late, maybe, but never a buck short when it comes to an escape game by TomaTea. Easter Joy has everything you'd expect from a tried-and-tested TomaTea title... the soft colour palette. The soothing music. The house you're never going to be able to resell after all your costly and curiously specific holiday themed puzzles and locks. Just click to navigate and interact, and a little glow at the tip of your cursor will typically let you know when there's something worth clicking. Click the tiny "i" icon that appears when you highlight an item in your inventory to view and manipulate it up close. Like a lot of TomaTea's games, occasionally you'll find yourself presented with something the game will claim you have no idea how to solve, which usually means you haven't "seen" the solution or clue to make said solution yet. You can flip over your desk and yell, "YOU DON'T KNOW ME. YOU DON'T KNOW MY LIFE." Or you can roll up your sleeves, and search high and low and everywhere in between for the clues the game demands you look at first.

Easter Joy is a lot more contained than some of TomaTea's previous escapes, confining you to a relatively small area with a lot of puzzles and codes penning you in. This means, for the most part, that the game follows a fairly strict progression from puzzle to puzzle, which means that annoying "I don't know how to solve this" message actually winds up making the game easier. Every time you find a new clue, you just cycle through the available puzzles until you find the one that no longer tells you you're clueless. You'll still have to figure it out, of course, but knowing where to apply your newfound knowledge by process of elimination makes things considerably easier than an escape game that simply folds its arms and offers no feedback at all. Still, Easter Joy's lovely, calming presentation and satisfying chunk of puzzle locks makes this a more than welcome treat for escape fans. So what if the holiday is already past? I say any day you get to lock yourself inside a tiny room without basic amenities and a bunch of complicated mechanisms is a day you get to celebrate.

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It is always a pleasure to play a Tomatea game!


Short and easy, but always fun.


Oooh, Easter egg designs to copy! Good thing I haven't put away the dyes yet. :)


Not bad. Am stuck at what is probably very close to the end: the

concentric circle code.

I don't seem to recall any clues relating to it. Help?

bearharry April 22, 2014 12:02 PM

the last puzzle seem weird...


Power of posting. That wasn't intuitive for me.

Two pieces of information are required: What order to click the buttons in and how many times to click each one.

The number of times to click each one is printed directly on the button.

The order to click them in is so obvious that I overlooked it.

Just go left to right.


This very well might be my favorite Tomatea game, not so much because of the game itself (although it was excellent - well structured, just hard enough), but because those Easter eggs on the shelf are gorgeous. I want to go home right this minute and try to reproduce them. That one you can pick up towards the end? I didn't want to use it, because I was afraid it would get destroyed. :)

shjack180 April 22, 2014 4:13 PM

This has probably been my favorite experience playing an escape game from Tomatea. I actually enjoyed this one. That last puzzle was rather awful though.

joaquindcn April 22, 2014 7:32 PM

I can't get the letters that seem numbers puzzle, can anybody help, please?



Notice how the eggs are hanging upside-down? Without removing them from their pegs, how would you flip them right-side-up? If you did that, what would they spell?

Alternatively, you can simply

notice what word the letters obviously spell, using the theme of the game as your clue.

Jamilworm April 22, 2014 9:34 PM

That last puzzle was so easy it was hard.


(Plus colorblind instructions)

  • I've been all over this room, and all I've got is a square picture of some sort which says it's 1 of 4.

    Oh, come now, you can do better than that.

    Oh, wait, I found a calendar!

    That's better, but you actually have enough clues to open two doors.

    Look for some footprints, and then examine the striped eggs.

  • Big whoop, I've found a cup. And it's empty. Not even a drop of egg nog. Harumph.

    Look at those striped eggs. How many of them are there? Is there a door with exactly that many buttons?

  • OK, I have a battery, and I've found where to put it. Now what?

    7 columns by 5 rows, with some white squares and a red square. Where have you seen this already?

    Examine the items in your inventory.

    Press the green button and note which squares light up. What do those squares correspond to?

  • Oh, oh! Numbers! 4-digit code, here I come! ... Uh, a weird angular thing and an egg I can't take. Help?

    The weird angular thing is a handle.

    A window handle, to be exact.

    (You'll come back to the egg a little later.)

  • Five pretty eggs. Gee whiz. Now what?

    Five pretty eggs in a 3x3 grid, to be exact.

    I tried that, but it keeps telling me I don't have the required clue.

    Did you turn the handle?

  • I don't need a wrench, I need a screwdriver.

    Keep looking. You do need a wrench.

    That lonely gear you found? Help it to join its mates.

  • It says something was unlocked, but I have no idea what.

    You don't need to look far.

    Look at the door underneath the gears.

  • OK, so are those numbers or letters on this here egg?

    There's another egg like that one which you've already found. Put this one next to it.

    It kinda looks like a 4-digit code, but you've already opened that door. What else could it be?

    Don't those eggs look upside-down to you?

    Without removing them from their pegs, how would you flip the eggs right-side-up?

  • A square key. It doesn't work in the door.

    Try the square cabinet.

  • I need a square with colorful corners, not a square with colorful sides.

    You're not done with the gears yet.

    Um, the gears are moving. Pretty, but what use are they?

    Something else is moving, too.

    We've already demonstrated that the gearbox is related to another door.

    Oh, look, colorful corners.

  • Yet another key that doesn't work in the door. What's with the red herrings?

    If the square key opened a square cabinet, what shape of cabinet would a circular key open? What's the closest thing you see to that shape?

    Think red eggs, not red herrings.

  • This puzzle is too hard. Is there a reference picture?

    Sorry, I have no way to post one. However, note that the pieces where you can see parts of the basket all go around the edges of the puzzle.

  • Bullseyes?

    It's easier than you think.

    Just go left to right.

    I've done that, nothing's happening.

    Did you put everything in place?

    Look at those three prongs. What have you been carrying around since almost the beginning, and which has three prongs?

    Doesn't that cup look empty?

    Yes, that cup looks empty, but it won't let me put the heart in it.

    That's not where the heart goes.

    Where else have you seen hearts? Wasn't one of them missing?

Colorblind help

  • Colors & shapes (three-button door)

    The clue is the three eggs hanging from the tree in the corner. Two stripes = red, one stripe = blue, three stripes = green. The buttons cycle through blue, red, and green flowers, then blue, red, and green hearts, then blue, red, and green stars. So press the first button three times, the second button once, and the third button eight times.

  • Orienting the gears

    The clue paper has top = blue, left = red, right = yellow, bottom = green. When you put the gears in place, they're all oriented with a yellow spoke upward, green spoke left, blue spoke right, and red spoke down. Solution: click the top right and bottom left gears twice each. Unfortunately, the gears don't reset if you leave and come back, so if you've been randomly clicking, I can't help you.

  • Corners

    The see-saw picture reveals stars: top left = yellow, top right = blue, bottom left = red, bottom right = green. On the box with the corner buttons, the buttons start off gold, then cycle through red, green, yellow, blue, and back to gold. So top left 3x, top right 4x, bottom left 1x, bottom right 2x. Click the middle button when you're done.


if possible,can someone post a walkthrough as well as the hintthrough already posted? sometimes I still get confused with hintthroughs.


@Paul, why don't you post where you're stuck, and we'll give you a nudge in the right direction.


TomaTea games are always playworthy and very nice looking. But they do seem a bit stuck in the same kind of puzzles and game structure every time. I mean, it's great to know what you get; but unlike, say Tesshi-e their games are a bit too predictable and even old-fashioned. The "I have no clue" concept feels both annoying and restrained, like I'm not exploring the room by myself at all. And some of their hardest puzzles are not clever, just abstruse. I would like to see them a bit more daring. 4/5 from me.


reka, i always get stuck on games unless i have a walkthrough.

justforfun April 28, 2014 1:41 AM

De gustibus non est disputandum.

I like very much TomaTea games and their "old-fashioned" style, atmosphere and clever, good balanced puzzles, not always for five stars, but always near it.

JetSetVegas April 29, 2014 8:27 PM

Nice game once again by Tomatea, but that last puzzle was simply stupid. But it didn't ruin an otherwise good game.

novascottch May 12, 2014 1:35 AM

I've gotten the first picture piece and the empty bowl. That's it. The hint-through mentions a calendar, but I can' find one anywhere, and I've been looking for 10 minutes! I have clicked everything. Is it a pixel hunt?


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