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Escape Ancient China Room

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Weekday Escape

GrinnypIf—in reality—you were trapped in a room that you couldn't get out of, you wouldn't be solving tricky puzzles or finding scraps of paper with clues on them, you'd be looking for objects in the room to help you break down the door, smash a window, or attack whomever locked you in if they bothered to come back. So let's play a game that focuses almost entirely on the use of found objects to escape. Welcome to Escape Ancient China Room by Flash512, a Chinese room escape that depends more on your ability to combine objects than to solve puzzles.

escapeancientchinaroom.jpgNot to say that there aren't any puzzles in Escape Ancient China Room, there's a right tricky one at the end to get out. However, the bulk of the game is finding and using what you've found. Navigation is accomplished by bars at the sides of the screen to move you around this lavishly appointed room. Unfortunately, there's no changing cursor, so be prepared for some pixel hunting to find the items that you'll need.

Take some time to enjoy the beauty of the room itself. Done up in the style of ancient China, you can almost feel the intricate lattice-work of the wood in the furniture. Adding to the feel of a time gone by is a lovely Chinese tune that plays in the background. And if the tune gets annoying there's a handy button to turn off sound in the upper left of the screen. Inventory is stored at the right of the screen. Simply click on an object to use it, or click on the little magnifying glass in the object corner to bring it up for a close up. Remember, there's going to be a lot of object usage and combing to get out of this room.

Analysis: Escape Ancient China Room is a little trickier than most escapes featured in Weekday Escape. Still a nice break in the middle of the week, with the lovely scenery and the calming music. Don't worry that it's a Chinese escape game, there is an English option, just remember to click it before the game begins. When you follow the link to the game, scroll down a little and you will see three large blue buttons. Just click on one of the blue buttons and enjoy the casual gameplay.

There is a lot of combining objects and use of found objects in this little gem, so be prepared. Some things are quite intuitive, but some are a bit of a logical leap. The lack of a changing cursor means that there will be pixel hunting nigh, which can be very frustrating. Fortunately, most objects are fairly easy to spot. The final puzzle will be very easy or very difficult, depending on your knowledge of peg jump puzzles.

Despite the flaws this is still one lovely, well put together little escape. A little something to take your mind off your troubles and the hustle and bustle of getting ready for the holidays. Sit back, relax, and escape to ancient China.

Play Escape Ancient China Room

Note: The links above take you to a page where you will see 3 blue buttons with Chinese text on them. Click on any one of those to be taken to the game.

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Escape Ancient China Room Walkthrough

General Information

  • There's no changing cursor, so there is some pixel hunting involved.

  • When you click on something in your inventory, you will see a magnifying glass in the upper right corner. Use the magnifying glass for a close up of any inventory item.

  • To use an inventory item click on it until it is highlighted with a square then click where you want it used.

  • Hope you remember how to play peg jump games.

  • The balls (pegs) in the final puzzle will only move in the direction of the arrows on them.

  • Remember to try and combine objects.

Main Room (front of screen)

  • You are facing a pretty pink screen. Click on the chair on the left for a close up.

  • There's an object on the left arm of the chair. Take it (hare's ear).

  • Back up and turn left.

  • You are now facing a musical instrument and a pot full of scrolls.

  • Two of the scrolls are plain paper. Click on them.

  • These are directions for solving the final puzzle, so try to remember.

  • Click on the instrument for a close up.

  • There's a wooden object on the left of the instrument, take it (stick with hair).

  • Back up and turn left.

  • Click on the door lock for a close up.

  • This is the final puzzle, but it is missing some components.

  • Back up and turn left.

  • There's a lamp here, but it's too high to reach.

  • Click on the chests for a close up.

  • Open the chests. One of them is hiding a special stone. Take the stone.

  • Turn left.

  • You are now facing the screen again. To go to the back side of the room click between the screen and the window on the left.

Main Room (back of screen)

  • You are facing a chest that doesn't open. Turn right.

  • You are now facing a bed platform, with three wall hangings behind it. Click on the wall hangings to lift them. Notice that there are holes behind the one on the right and the one on the left.

  • Turn right.

  • You are now facing some pretty shelves with vases. Notice the stool in front of the shelves.

  • Take the stool.

  • Look closely at the empty shelves. In the lower middle there is a shelf with what appears to be a thin lighter line on it. Click on that shelf for a close up.

  • Take the object on the shelf (iron board).

  • Back up.

  • Turn right. You are now looking at the back of the screen with the chests on the left. Click on the chests.

  • You are now by the chests, looking at the shelves from an angle. Notice that there is something on the floor underneath the shelves. Take the object (hare's ear).

  • Turn right.

  • You are now looking at the chests and the lamp again. Place the stool to the left of the lamp.

  • Click on the top of the lamp. There's a reddish object there, take it (red bead).

  • Back up and take the stool again.

  • Turn left and go back to the back of the screen.

  • Turn right once until you are facing the bed platform with the three wall hangings.

  • Let's put the "hare's ears" into the holes behind the posters, the one pointing to the left underneath the left poster, the one pointing to the right underneath the right poster.

  • That didn't seem to do anything. Hey, don't hare's ears point up?

  • Click on the ears in the holes to make them point upwards, rather than downwards.

  • Lift the center poster. Hey, a switch!

  • Pull the switch.

  • Turn right.

  • Wow, there's a doorway that wasn't there before. Go through the door.

Secret Room

  • Hey, it's dark!

  • Perhaps we need some light?

  • Time to do a little combining.

  • Pull up the stick with hair from your inventory. Doesn't that look sort of like a torch?

  • Now if only we had something to light it with.

    • We do have an iron bar and a strange stone.

    • Iron plus flint (a type of stone) makes sparks.

      • Place the iron bar on the stick with hair.

      • Place the stone on the iron bar, this produces sparks.

      • Click on the "hair" part of the stick, it should light up.

  • You now have a lit torch!

  • Close the torch into your inventory and look down the stairs.

  • There appears to be a bowl on a green platform down there. Click on it and it says that it is a lamp bowl.

  • Use the torch on the lamp bowl to get light.

  • Click on the door to move down the stairs.

  • Hey, there's some sort of switch beside the door. Click on it for a close up.

  • Click on the switch. It moves a little then sticks.

  • Back up. What do you know, the door raised a little.

  • Turn left.

  • You are looking at a wooden bench with wood stacked underneath.

  • There's a plank of wood to the right leaning against the wall. Take it.

  • Click on the top of the bench for a close up. Hey a tool! Take it (knife).

  • Back up. Now click around underneath the bench until you find a stick (towards the back against the wall).

  • There's something of a lighter wood underneath the bench, on a seat underneath. Click on the light brown area for a close up.

  • Take the object (head of a rake) and back up.

  • Turn left.

  • There's a table full of pots here. Click on the ones in the middle until one lifts up revealing a weight. Take the weight.

  • Turn left. You will see a giant put underneath the stairs. Click on the pot for a close up.

  • Take the blue bead.

  • Back up and turn left to face the door.

  • You know, we probably have everything we need to lever that door up.

    • Let's make a lever.

    • Place the stool in front of the door.

    • Place the plank of wood on the stool.

    • Place the weight on the upper end of the plank.

  • Hey, we managed to get the door open partway!

  • Click on the open area of the door to see what's in there.

  • There's a yellow ball in there, but we can't reach it.

  • We do have a stick.

  • But if we hit it with the stick it might roll away.

  • Hey, we do have the rake head.

  • But it's not long enough to reach.

    • You could try fitting the stick to the rake, but it's too big.

    • We do have a knife.

      • Pull up the stick from your inventory.

      • Use the knife on the stick to sharpen one end.

      • Close down the stick and pull up the rake head.

      • Use the stick on the rake head, you now have a rake!

      • Use the rake to get the green ball.


  • You now have three colored balls (beads).

  • There were three empty circles in the door lock puzzle.

  • Let's go solve the puzzle.

  • Back up and go back upstairs.

  • Before we tackle the door, let's look at the scrolls one more time.

  • One scroll indicates red on the top, green on the lower left, and blue on the lower right.

  • The other scroll indicates movement and arrows.

  • Face the door.

  • Click on the door lock for a close up.

  • Let's place the balls first. Red in the top circle, green on the lower left, and blue on the lower right.

  • Well, that's lit up the lock.

  • It would make sense to get the red arrows up to the red ball, the blue arrows to the blue ball, and the green arrows to the green ball.

  • Basically, this is a peg jump puzzle.

  • The "white" circle is an open slot.

  • This is a little hard to explain, but here it goes.

  • Remember, the balls will only move in the direction of the arrows.

  • You can move a ball forward into an open slot, or you can jump over other balls.

    • Let's start with the red.

    • From the red ball at the top, there are three black balls, an open space, and three red balls.

    • Move the bottom black ball forward.

    • Now jump the first red ball over the black ball.

    • The pattern should now look like (from the top): black, black, red, black, white, red, red.

    • Now move the second red ball into the white space.

    • The pattern should now look like (from the top): black, black, red, black, red, white, red.

    • Jump the lowest black ball over the red ball, then jump the second black ball over the red ball.

    • The pattern should now look like (from the top): black, white, red, black, red, black, red.

    • Move the top black ball forward so that the white space is at the top near the big red ball.

    • Take the top red ball and jump it. It should now be at the very top, just underneath the big red ball.

    • Jump the second red ball and then the third. The white space should be at the very bottom.

    • Now move the bottom black ball forward into the empty space.

    • Jump the second black ball then the third black ball. The pattern should now look like (from the top): red, white, red, black, red, black, black.

    • Move the second red ball forward, then jump the third. Move the last black ball down and now they are reversed, with the white slot back in the middle.

    • You will notice that one of the bolts from the lock has opened up.

    • Repeat this pattern with first the blue balls then the green balls until all the balls are in the slots next to the big balls.

    • If you get stuck you can use the arrow button at the upper right to reset the puzzle to the beginning.

  • Once all the balls are moved the three bolts of the lock should be open.

  • Back up and click on the door. You are out!


Billy Nitro December 2, 2009 1:15 AM

I have a huge lever and a fully assembled rake. I'm missing something somewhere...The rest of the game was somewhat logical, but why cannae I push the lever mahself?



That was a doozy.


I don't know if this has changed since you wrote the review, but to people who don't read Chinese:

The three blue buttons are the three servers you can play the game on so click any of them.

The Chinese original seems to have more interesting text. Maybe tomorrow I will translate it if people are interested. :)


Very briefly, the premise in Chinese is that you are the Jade Rabbit and Chang'e the Moon Goddess has locked you up in this room!

Billy Nitro December 2, 2009 1:26 AM

NE'ERMIND LOLOLOLO. I don't know how many times I solvered that last puzzle. It was one I had seen in one of the Professor Layton games, but I still messed up like a million bajillion times (due to teh dum).

Billy Nitro December 2, 2009 1:27 AM

And I am curious, Joye-ous.


Hmm, ok, I have

Two "rabbit ears"
an iron bar
a brush
a stool
and a red ball (used in door puzzle)

I can figure that I need to

find two other balls

Unfortunately, nothing I have combines with anything else in any fashion I can figure out, and searching of the room has been reduced to a click-fest of hunting for items I missed -- that's how I found the second item on my list up there. Nudge, please?

wickedcherub December 2, 2009 1:32 AM

It looks like having a lamp bowl?!

It looks like I am stuck, that's what.

wickedcherub December 2, 2009 1:36 AM

Ah the power of posting. Have solved lamp bowl.

wickedcherub December 2, 2009 1:39 AM

Hey LS

Examine your rabbit ears and see what they look like and what they might do

waycooler December 2, 2009 1:44 AM

wickedcherub, please enlighten me as to your solving of the having the lamp bowl. I'm confused. >_



I've stared at the things a dozen times. They look like knife blades, fan blades, and clock hands.

They look like they might fit into those two holes behind the wall scrolls.

They look like they might connect together, or to either end of the flattish iron piece.

They look like they could cut open the screens or the lamp. (And the rock I also have looks like it could be used to break those pretty little pots.)

They look like they might be used to slit my wrists in order to get out of this room the hard way...

Unfortunately, I can't do any of these things with them.

wickedcherub December 2, 2009 1:51 AM

and I'm out - first time I've ever done that without a walkthrough :) :)


grinnyp, I've been trying to do that since I found them.

Anonymous December 2, 2009 1:56 AM

I've gotten so close to getting out without a walkthrough, but now I am asking for one. I have a rake, a long piece of wood, and what looks to be one or three empty inventory spots. I have found the red and blue spheres, and I am out of random places to click. Please tell me what to do with this darn rake or this oh-so-useless plank.


is there supposed to be

a second lever to put behind the scroll

because I can't find it.



wildflower12 December 2, 2009 2:22 AM

Billy Nitro,

the weight in the basement? it's behind one of the pots.

Now, about how you put that rake together...I could use a little help.


that last puzzle hurt my brain...

waycooler December 2, 2009 2:37 AM

Thanks for the help, but now I'm stuck at the last puzzle! I can't figure it out for the life of me.

waycooler December 2, 2009 2:42 AM

wildflower12, my guess is that you don't have the long stick. It is

underneath the table where the knife and the plank of wood were. A slight pixel-hunt.

Once you have that it should be pretty obvious what to do.

waycooler December 2, 2009 2:57 AM

grinnyp -

That helped a little bit, but... Maybe I'm just too tired right now to wrap my mind around it. Dang 3-hour night classes... >_>


Thank you Joye (for telling about the blue buttons)! I was a little confused...


Grinnyp, Where do I find the greenish/yellow bead?

Seregmegilmor December 2, 2009 4:41 AM


Gathering items :

- Click the left chair, get a hare's ear on it.

- Click on the gap between the wall and the panels, then right twice. Take the stool. Click on the shelf immediately above where the stool was and get an iron board.

- Turn right and click on the chests, get the other hare's ear from under the shelves before going right again.

- Open the chests and get the stone.

- Step back, put the stool near the lamp and click on it, get the red bead and don't forget to pick back up the stool.

- Turn right twice, click on the white scrolls in the pot, there are two different ones which hold clues to the last puzzle.

- Click on the music instrument, pick up the duster on the left extremity.

Getting access to the basement :

- Go back behind the panels where the bed and the posters were.

- Lift the posters on the edges and put the hare's ears in the holes, then turn them so that they're both pointing upwards.

- Lift the middle poster and operate the switch.

- Go right and enter the purple door.

- You're going to need some light to go down into the basement.

- Examine the duster, use the iron board on it then the stone on the board a few times.

- Use the torch on the bowl

Gathering items again :

- Get down and turn left

- Get the plank resting against the right wall, the stick on the back, resting against the floor and the wall, the rake head on the stool in front of the table, and the knife resting amongst the wood bits on top of the table.

- Turn left, lift one of the pots on the table to get a weight.

Getting the remaining beads :

- Turn right twice to face the door.

- Click on the button to slightly open the door.

- Use the stool on the door (or in front of it)

- Put the big plank on the stool

- Put the weight on the plank

- Click on the wider gap, there's the yellow bead, but it's out of reach

- Examine the long stick, use the knife on it

- Examine the rake head and put the stick in it.

- Use the rack to get the bead.

- Go back to facing the stairs, and get the blue bead from the big pot under it.

Solving the puzzle :

- Get back up to the main room and face the main doors, click on the lock.

- Put the red bead in the top hole, the blue on the right and the yellow on the left.

- The aim of the puzzle is to switch the positions of all the arrows.

- Here's the pattern to follow to get them on the other side :

- This example is for the red arrows, always move the most forward arrow when there's two you can move.
move one arrow up, two down, then three up.
From here you should be able to finish moving them without problem.
Repeat on the other colors.

- Step back and click on the door to exit.

Papachabre December 2, 2009 7:08 AM

Cool game. There were a few pixel-hunting moments that I didn't care for but otherwise it was pretty good.


Help -- I can't even get there. Which three blue buttons? What do you click to get to the game?


Never mind (red in face) -- found it.


could someone,including Grinny,post the solution to the

other 2 colors of the door? I can't figure it out.



my game is weird. I deffinately picked up both of the hare's ears but when I came to put both of them in the holes in the wall behind the posters i only seemed to have one. Can someone explain this?


I tried, Grinny. But after I went back to the top and did my first move, I couldn't move after the first one. I never restarted because that might start everything new again, even Red. I can try again, but I know I'll mess up again.


Sorry, but

After I finished with red, I could only make one valid move with blue and I got stuck.

If anyone can please show me what I'm doing wrong, please post. This is hard.


This is the story behind the game:
Chang'e is attending the Peach Party (a birthday party where magical peaches are the main food) held by the Queen Mother of the West (a goddess)but unfortunately she can't bring the Jade Rabbit with her. Worried that the Jade Rabbit, who has successfully trained to become a supernatural being, would attempt to visit the mortal world on her own, Chang'e decided to lock the Jade rabbit in a room to avoid her causing trouble. As the protagonist, the Jade Rabbit, how can you quietly stay in a boring room? Must find a way to escape! This room is very simple, but the door is locked, and the look appear to not be a normal lock. Looks like you will have to use your brain to get out!


What are you talking about Acies?


For the final puzzle:

Assuming that the coloured balls at the end of each row (entered into the lock earlier in the game) is the "top" of the row, number each of the usable balls from 1 to 7 (i.e. for Red it would be top to bottom).

Then the sequence of clicks is:


Repeat for each of the remaining colours.


Berkerk,this was easier to understand. Thanks for that post.


Acies is translating the opening text of the game. Here's how I would translate it:

Chang'e is going to the Xiwangmu's Immortal Peach gathering, but she can't bring her little sister Jade Rabbit. However, she's worried that Jade Rabbit, who has already managed to become immortal, will take it upon herself to come down to the mortal world. So she locked up Jade Rabbit within a room in hopes that her little sister wouldn't start running around making trouble.

But how can Jade Rabbit (played by you!) relax in a stuffy old house, huh? There's gotta be a way to escape!

It's just an ordinary room, but the door is locked, and it's not an ordinary lock. Looks like you're going to have to rack your brains to get out of this one!

This room is in the classical Chinese style. Make use of all the items and clues you find to think of a way to ultimately escape this room.

Chang'e: a goddess who lives on the moon
Xiwangmu: another goddess, "the Queen Mother of the West"
Immortal Peaches: like ambrosia in Greek mythology, special peaches that give immortality, which belong to Xiwangmu
Jade Rabbit: East Asians believe that the shape seen on the moon, commonly called the man in the moon by Westerners and thought to be a face by them, depicts a rabbit.

I still haven't had time to actually play the game, but when I do I'll translate any text in it if it differs substantially from the English version.


Thanks joye... I was looking at a whole page of squares not knowing where to click.


Man, when I have to hit the walkthrough to find the start button, and I still get it wrong, I know the game's going to be hard.

nerdypants December 3, 2009 10:32 PM

Agh, that last puzzle... I had to use the walkthrough for the whole thing. I was never any good at that kind of puzzle.

This was a really pretty game, maddening end puzzle aside. I just wish there'd been less pixel hunting.



Thanks for telling us how to actually start the game. I almost gave up without even starting. :)


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