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Escape from the Quiet Room

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Escape from the Quiet Room

SonicLoverIt's been almost three months since we've heard from Tesshi-e. They're like an old friend, always welcome when they turn up after a long time, prepared with yet another room to lock you into... look, we have some eccentric friends, okay? Anyway, Tesshi-e has come back with Escape from the Quiet Room. The setup's a tried-and-true one, and one many can sympathize with: the protagonist is worn out from days of work, and is invited by a friend to a quiet room. Obviously, said room turns out to be locked, and you've got to solve one puzzle after another to escape from it.

Escape from the Quiet RoomBefore you start, make sure you set the text to English by clicking the button at the bottom of the screen that says Language. Just click around to navigate, interact, and pick up items. This room is a quaint one, with the furniture, walls, and floor all made of wood (presumably the incentive for escape is fear of splinters!), a beautiful view of the night sky, and a cuckoo clock. Even the familiar Tesshi-e fixings are there, such as the Mr. Hippo, the picture with the sensitive corners, and the optional Happy Coin.

As usual, the Quiet Room is a masterpiece of escape, with soothing guitar music, photorealistic graphics, and puzzles that make sense if you think about them just right. There are some slightly more obscure puzzles than usual, and there's one point where you have to click something you can't quite see (which makes the non-changing cursor slightly more frustrating than usual), but those are easily overlooked when everything else is done so well. Come, escape the chaos of your day for a little while.

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Walkthrough Guide

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Escape from the Quiet Room Walkthrough

  1. You start facing the "Clock Wall", host to a cuckoo clock and a painting. The cuckoo clock has stopped at 3:40; you can move the hands and press the buttons, but to no avail. The painting's corners can be teased. You don't have the clues to solve either puzzle yet.

  2. To the right is a potted plant. You can zoom in on the soil, but can't do anything with it. Oh well. Back away and turn right.

  3. This is the "Door Wall". Aside from the door (which is obviously locked), there's a nightstand with a Mr. Hippo figurine bearing four variously shaped hollows. The nightstand's drawer is locked.

  4. There's also a cabinet with dishes inside. Zoom in on the top area to find a screw holding one of the drawers shut; the other drawer is locked. The doors down below are locked with a four-digit code. We'll come back to those, too.

  5. Another turn to the right is the "Shelves View". One thing that should catch your eye is the wooden Mr. Birdy contraption on the ledge. Note the heart and spade keyholes up above it; they'll be useful later.

  6. Press the white button and purple Mr. Birdys will pop up in sequence. Note that sequence: 4-1-3-1-2-3-2. Also note that one of the Mr. Birdys is carrying a key, but you can't snag it.

  7. Look at the two little doors below the Mr. Birdy contraption. The one on the right is empty; the one on the left is locked, requiring a sequence. The one you got from the Mr. Birdys will do; input it and all four buttons will light up.

  8. You can now open the door, getting a locked box. Take it and zoom out again. Before you go anywhere, look at the other things in this view. To the right of the contraption, on the same ledge, is a notepad; it's slightly hard to see. You can also zoom in on the bed, but we'll worry about that in a moment.

  9. Turn right one more time for the "Window View". From here you can see a bed and a desk. We'll check the desk first.

  10. The right chair has a number on the back: 1963. It'll be useful later. Check out the model train; you can zoom in on one car and take the unsharpened pencil. You can then zoom in on the same car again and turn it over, revealing a sequence of arrows.

  11. Click the bottom of the desk to zoom in on it. There's a key you can't get because it's held by a chain, and there's a wine bottle you CAN get but can't open. Hmm...

  12. Use the box on the key to unlock it ("it" being the box, not the key). You'll get a round panel for your trouble.

  13. Zoom all the way out and click on the bed to examine it. Look under the pillows to find another panel, this one square.

  14. Click the foot of the bed to look there. It says "-2101-", and there's something under the bed that you can't reach. Huh.

  15. Back away one view, then examine the books on the shelf. "+5796". What?

  16. One more thing in the bed view: the radio. Click the area below the three white buttons to open up a compartment; looks like the radio needs another battery.

  17. Zoom all the way out and turn right one more time to return to the Clock View. Zoom in on the painting and click the corners in the order the arrows on the model train car showed you: upper left, lower left, and so on. You'll get a tape measure.

  18. Heart, spade, and RLL? That clue will be useful later. For now, extend the tape measure (click the tab). Then go back and use the tape measure to fetch the object under the bed. It's a box cutter!

  19. Use the box cutter to sharpen the pencil, then go back to the notepad (just to the right of the Mr. Birdy contraption, remember?) and use the pencil to scribble on it. "1540" to "2035LRR". Hmm...

  20. The cuckoo clock was stopped at 3:40 when you first saw it, right? That could be 15:40 on a 24-hour clock. Set it to 20:35... that is, 8:35. Don't forget how to read an analog clock; the marks are 1 for the hour hand and 5 for the minute hand, and always round the hour hand's position counterclockwise. Once it's set, press the buttons left-right-right.

  21. A spade key! Of course it goes to the spade lock above the Mr. Birdy contraption, but there's something else you can do with it. Use it to unlock the left drawer in the cabinet, revealing a "spatula for oil panting". It's called a palette knife, Tesshi. Look in the drawer again for a hexagonal panel.

  22. Use the palette knife to dig up the soil from the plant (accessible from the Door or Clock View). You'll get a triangular panel. Now you have the full set!

  23. Put all four panels in their respective holes in the Mr. Hippo and its mouth will open, revealing a corkscrew. Also note the sequence of words: SIT, SLEEP, LISTEN, READ. Please try not to do all four of those things at the same time.

  24. Obviously, open the wine bottle with the corkscrew, and take the lever inside. Use the lever on the appropriate slot in the Mr. Birdy contraption, then pull it. The key one of the Birdys is holding is then yours to take.

  25. Use the clover key to unlock the drawer below the Mr. Hippo, and take the screwdriver. Use the screwdriver to unscrew the screw in the cabinet, the one holding the right drawer shut.

  26. Inside the right drawer there's a battery. Put it in the radio to reveal its number: 1216.

  27. Let's do some math. There are numbers on the bed, the chair, the radio, and the books, and some of them are accompanied by math symbols. Put them in the order of the shapes on the Mr. Hippo to get: 1963-2101-1216+5796. Punch that into your calculator and you'll get 4442.

  28. And indeed, 4442 opens the doors at the bottom of the cabinet. You get a pair of pliers, which you can use to cut the chain on the heart key. The heart key unlocks the door!

  29. You COULD leave now, but you'll get the normal end if you do. You want the Happy Coin end, don't you? Read on...

  30. Instead of leaving, go to the Mr. Birdy contraption again. Use the spade and heart keys on their respective keyholes to make two arrows pop out. Zoom out one view, and use the extended tape measure on either keyhole.

  31. Zoom in on the heart keyhole to see the measurement: 1450. Back all the way out (you'll automatically take the tape measure back as you do).

  32. Go back to the cuckoo clock. Remember the clue on the tape measure? Set the clock to 2:50, then press right-left-left.

  33. Happy coin! Take it, then go out the door.


VoxPopuli42 March 17, 2013 4:20 PM

Oh Tesshi-e. Always a fun escape. Someday they'll sprout changing cursors and I'll never need a walkthrough again

JetSetVegas March 17, 2013 7:06 PM

Wow. Tesshi-e is usually the best, but this effort was not up to par. Considering they were gone for so long I was expecting a great Tesshi-e escape, but a couple of the puzzles required un-Tesshi-e like leaps of faith and questionable logic. Here's hoping the next escape isn't like some of the other sub par efforts out there. We expect more from Tesshi-e. Changing cursor or not.

Headroom March 18, 2013 6:36 AM

Out + happy coin...
Just fumbled a little on the

clock job

in the beginning... and needed a clue there... then all went quite easy.
True I have seen better from Tesshi-e.

Paris : getting warmer, still cloudy...


Perhaps it should be noted that

you must leave the spade and heart keys in the wall locks in order for the second clock code to work.

Ewan Whosarmy March 18, 2013 4:59 PM

I'll take the normal ending please Tesshi-e - the bacon egg and beer is more my style!


Never thought of using

the box on the heart key

but it was smooth sailing after that.

I didn't think this Tesshi-e was bad at all. There was no major pixel hunting. I thought all the puzzles were logical, although

using the same key for many locks was a little strange. But there are cases like that in real life.

And the time puzzle might have been difficult for those who don't really use 24-hour time.

Nice game!


I don't know why, but I can't seem to get the Happy Coin. I got it right the first time, double-checked against the walkthrough... and nothing happens.


Argh, POP.

My lifelong inability to tell time gets me again! The hour hand has to be closer to 3. Oddly I swung the minute hand to get that, and it didn't work. Only worked when I nudged the hour hand itself.


Not vegetarian friendly :(


I realize I'm way late to the party, was just browsing for escape games and found this. But I have to say it's pretty ironic that the walkthrough says "It's called a palette knife, Tesshi" then proceeds to call the club key a "clover key."


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