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Escape Game Restaurant Hana

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Rating: 3.9/5 (40 votes)
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Escape Game Restaurant HanaThe second game by Tesshi-e takes us to the famous Escape Hotel - we already know how the rooms look, how the lobby does, hot spring outside and even the basement, but we've never been to the hotel restaurant!

Hana Restaurant is very pleasant indeed and what's even better - you may train your escape skills here! While waiting for the meal to cook, look around the room, explore the shelves - hush, there is a black cat sleeping, be quiet - and try to escape, with or without the happy coin!
The game has autosave and two endings.

Have a good time with another great escape game!

Play Escape Game Restaurant Hana

Google PlayEscape Game Restaurant Hana (Android, Android Tablet)

Download on the AppstoreEscape Game Restaurant Hana (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)

P.S. One good new and one bad new.

Good new is that Tesshi-e is still active and creates games for us (there is one more out for Android yet: The Happy Escape - The Top Floor Room) and keeps porting them to PC.

Now the bad one, quote from MildEscape site:

This site (Mild Escape) uses Yahoo! Geocities.
But it will be closed at the end of March 2019.
In order to continue Mild Escape it is necessary to search for a new provider.
On the other hand, although Mild Escape No.1 to No. 116 games are created using Adobe's Flash, this will be deprecated in 2020.
Currently, moving the site is under consideration, but in any case the games of No. 1 to No. 116 will be closed at the end of March 2019.
Although I also thought about rebuilding with the current method, I gave up considering the large number and damage situation of the original file etc.
All the games are sorry to me because I made hard work but it can not be helped.
I thank you for playing with many people for a long time. Thank you very much.


FleshPuzzle March 13, 2019 3:46 PM

Aw man, the closing down notice is such a bummer. The downside to digital-only creations is that actually mantaining them depends so much on your site provider. Of course, this is a mainly internet storage problem, as you can save data to your personal files and such, and this is how ultimately so much content is lost in the void of no longer having server support.

Best of lucks to Tesshi-e's future endeavors, whatever they may choose to do in the future!


Lovely game, had such a bitter-sweet time playing.

Tesshi-e's games have been a mainstay of my escape-room gameplay since I first discovered the genre (through this web site!) about twelve years ago. I've often gone back and played some of the older ones that I really like, and it's sad to hear that that entire body of work is about to be wiped out. Hopefully, there will be more great games like this one to come.

If you're out there, Tesshi-e, thanks so much for all the joy those 116+ games have brought me. And best of luck in the future!


Oh man, they're closing down? Noooo!!!

I hope someone archives them, I love MILD Escape! I've always wished there was a Tesshi-E store where I could purchase a Mr. Birdy for myself and also support the author of these wonderful games.


Oh wait, after a search, I saw that there ARE Tesshi-e products online...aaaand, they're gone. Waaah, I'd love a Mr. Birdy!!!

vadasz March 16, 2019 5:05 AM replied to Bliznik

This line gives me hope:

"In order to continue Mild Escape it is necessary to search for a new provider."

Hopefully they'll find a suitable host and keep making future games - still incredibly sad that all that work will be vanished, though.

I've always wanted a really simple tesshi-e t-shirt!

Patreon Contributor kktkkr March 16, 2019 8:42 AM replied to chrpa

FWIW, the Pesimari page asks overseas customers to use the contact form in Japanese or simple English. I'm wouldn't expect them to still have the items, since they've been sold out for so long.

I really do believe that for Mild Escape it's just a matter of finding a new provider. As for the Flash games, I think most of the files have been archived but they're site-locked anyway, so it would be rather difficult to revive them (not to mention any moral/legal implications of unofficially mirroring a discontinued game).

More bad news: in Tesshi-e's twitter post about the announcement Suzunari also replied to mention that she closed her page.

It seems we'll be seeing more closures and removals as the Flash deadline arrives. Now is the time to preserve and enjoy the games before all that history is lost.


Escape Game Restaurant Hana

The Escape Hotel never fails to surprise and impress with its rooms, and the restaurant is no exception. Will we be seeing more of the hotel? (Probably.)


You start off in front of some tables. Let's focus on the far wall, which has a painting of Napoleon Bonaparte that tilts when you click its corners. The green table to the left has a handle, which lets you figure out that the cover of the table is secured with a screw. The wall box on the right is labeled PESIMARI and it has three buttons arranged diagonally.

Turn right. The wall here is divided into three arched sections, each having shelves in it…

The left section has a red book of Rooms, and you can flip through it to view beautiful pictures of the Escape Hotel and find a Hana panel at the end. There's also a Mr. Birdy with a white symbol drawn on it, a four-digit panel with a tiny disco ball and a word clue, and a chilly cat Muu sleeping on a cushion.
The middle section has two similar-looking holes in the wall, a rusty bell with a plus-shaped controller, a teal four-digit box with some picture clues, and a box with three wineglasses lined up on top.
The right section has some books about Napoleon, a Mr. Hippo figure with another symbol clue, a Mr. Birdy box that seems to be missing its Mr. Birdy, and an elegant-looking Hana's box with a keyhole.

Turn right. This wall has a wheel stopped by a bolt between its spokes, an empty stove without firewood, a crate that's also secured with a screw, and a framed picture of Hana.

Turn right. The door to the room is locked, but it is locked and has a plus sign in a flowery border. The next arch has a suit of armor, and the shield has a white square on it (in addition to a Christmas tree on the other corner). The right arch has two cupboards, where the top one is locked and the bottom one is tied shut with wire.


Use the clue from the books to unlock the tilty painting.

(The spine of) each book has a slightly different golden square at the top, missing the ⌝⌟ ⌜⌝ ⌞⌟ corners.

So click those corners of the painting, and it slides up to reveal a number clue, a small key and a a Mr. Birdy box with three figures, a single digit button and a knob that changes which bird is lit up.

Unlock (small)

Use the small key to unlock the upper cupboard on the wall with the suit of armor. Inside, you find a clue which appears to have forked arrows, and a wine bottle.


Use the clue from the upper cupboard to unlock the bell box on the middle shelf.

The clue is formed by single arrows from left to right, indicating that you need to push the URLDRLD sides of the controller.

Do so, and the bell opens up so you can take a Mr. Birdy.


Place the Mr. Birdy figure on the box next to Mr. Hippo, which activates the three digit buttons beneath.

The two Mr. Birdy boxes are related somehow, but only one can be unlocked. How?

Hint: Play with the buttons.

First check the box behind the painting. In its original configuration, the middle bird is lit up, and clicking the digit button reveals that it cannot be set to 7.

Turn the dial to light up the left bird. This resets the digit button, and now you find that it can't be set to 4. Similarly, after turning the dial twice more to light up the right bird, you find that the digit button can't be set to 3.

Enter 473 in the birdy box on the shelf, and a screwdriver falls out!


Use the screwdriver to unscrew the table under the painting. The cover comes off to reveal a compass with a wine opener inside.

(The screwdriver doesn't work on the other screw, which has a different shape.)


Use the wine opener to slowly open the wine bottle.

Pour the wine into the wineglasses on the middle shelf. Some letters appear, then the glasses rise and a coin pops out! (Not a Happy Coin though.)


Use the clue from the wineglasses to unlock the wall box beside the painting.

Labelling the glasses (and buttons) 1, 2, 3 from top down, the letters PESIMARI appear on the 13322132 glasses.

Push those buttons to open the box and find a square key.

Unlock (square)

Use the square key to unlock Hana's box. Inside, you find a matchbox and three square holes.

Unscrew 2

Use the coin to unscrew the crate next to the fireplace. Inside, you find some firewood.

Two rows

Use the clues around the room to unlock the four-digit box with pictures (on the middle shelf).

Mentally replace each picture on the box with the figure on the corresponding object, and you should obtain something like this:
www www www www
w_w w__ __w w__
www w__ __w w__

w_w www www www
w_w w_w w__ __w
www www www www

Combining the rows gives you the code 8625. Enter that in the box and open it to open its right side and find an ignition agent.


Place the firewood in the fireplace, add the ignition agent and use the match to light it.

When you close the door, a number clue appears on it.

Also, Muu moves over in front of the fire.

This means it's no longer resting on the cushion, so lift that cushion to find another Hana panel.


With help from the compass table, use the clues around the room to unlock the disco-ball four-digit box (on the left shelf).

The letters NEWS refer to the four compass points, and each of the four walls has a flowery clue on it that matches the box:

North wall fireplace = 1963
East wall door: +
West wall book: 2
South wall alcove: 1

This spells out 1963+21, which works out to 1984, so enter that in the box. The ball opens up like a flower to reveal a glass ball inside.


Place the glass ball into the top hole, and it rolls out of sight…

and immediately dislodges a pair of pliers through the bottom hole.


Use the pliers to cut the wire and open the lower cupboard. Inside, you find a hex wrench.


Use the hex wrench to remove the bolt from the wheel on the north wall.

Now you can turn the wheel, which makes the suit of armor spin around! Take the Hana panel from its back.


Place all three Hana panels in Hana's box (on the right shelf), and its drawer opens to let you take the door key.

Normal End

With the door open, you finally get to enjoy the restaurant's dinner. But after a while, the screen grays out…

And after another short wait, Mr. Birdy appears sipping tea, and reminds you that you can get a happy coin.

Happy Coin End

Restart the game and make sure you click on Load Game.

You reappear in front of the door, so back away from it and look around the room again.

The Mr. Birdy box on the shelf is now glowing. What do you do with it?

Check its clue (the other box behind the painting) again. This time, with the left, center, right birds lit up, the digit button skips over 6, 4, 7.

Enter that in the Mr. Birdy box on the shelf, which dispenses the Happy Coin (and picking it up autosaves the game). Now you can leave with it!

You enjoy the dinner as well as dessert, and a happy coin will bring happiness to you.

(After a while, the screen fades to the usual image of Mr. Birdy in the bath.)


I am seeing mildescape.com back up on lolipop.jp lets hope this is a permanent solution.

Patreon Contributor kktkkr April 3, 2019 11:03 AM replied to Brf

That's great news! It was getting kind of tedious having to use the mobile versions.


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