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Eye Defence

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JayEye DefenceDesigned for our recent "grow" themed competition, Rob Allen of Foon.co.uk sent word today that he has finally finished his entry, and we have been scrambling ever since receiving his note to come up with a prize to award him for the latest entry ever(!)

Eye Defence is an action puzzle game that will remind you a bit of the Grow series of games in that you are given several elements with which to drag and drop into play. What's different here is placement matters as well as timing, and so there's a little bit of a Hapland-esque gameplay to it as well. Come to think of it, there is also a hint of a castle defense game—Yes, here in the U.S. we spell defense with an "s", Rob spells it with a "c"; I can do both. ;)

There are 3 levels to this puzzle, and you'll have to be resourceful if you are to complete every one. (And is that the JIGster I see?)

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Mandypoo May 22, 2007 3:49 AM

This sure is an interesting game! I haven't quite finished the last level but it has brought me hours of frustration and elation. Thanks!

will7303 May 22, 2007 4:21 AM

is there anyway to control the rockets in the air i cant seem to find a way? i only managed to beat level 1 by luck.


I have no idea if those rockets were controllable... but somehow I finished the first 2 levels.

Now, if only I could work out how to survive Level 3 - after the first two attacks, I'm doomed....

Leadbear May 22, 2007 5:43 AM

How do you get the rockets you speak of? I keep getting shot up and dying.


The first level was easy once i figured out what the saw did, and where to attach things, but now i'm a little more stuck. Got to use those rotation things for something...


Use the rotational things on the joints and then attach an arm to the joints for rotating killing goodness.

Anynoe made it past level two yet

I can't get the little guy with the flamethrower, he is doing my head in


not sure but...

the rockets seem to react if you click on either side of them....



I believe the gray and green thing was what you used to make the rocket in the air target the enemies, as that is how I passed level 1 and the only way I managed to do it.

fuzzboxer May 22, 2007 9:50 AM

As usual with these games, I have no idea what to do and there are no clues to help you. I'm on Level 2 and can get to just after the UFO before the lightning thing kills me.


yayy ive finished da game =P
i think the rockets r random, not 100% sure...


Rockets issue !

You have to Aim the rocket while it cycling by clicking on rocket click i did not pass level two yet but i am fighting right very hard any way i will info you guys about any thing happen with me Regards

kingoftown May 22, 2007 10:57 AM

The rockets can be fired after you place them. There is a button above your inventory.

For level 2
Attach the green rotating piece to the top middle. Attach a saw blade quickly to the arm on the right (if you are fast enough) and a rocket to the arm on the left. The first monster will hit the saw. Shoot the spider with the rocket. This will give you a new rocket.

Don't attach your other things yet, as you dont need them. Attach the second rocket to the rotating piece. Shoot either the spider, or spaceship...which ever one is alive.

You get new items. Attach another rotating piece to where the rocket was, and another arm. Attach saw blade to end of that.

For flame thrower guy, he needs to be hit 3 times with saw, and once with rocket.

good luck with level 3...


how do you control the rockets!!

they definitely react to us. if you leave them alone they dont do anything! just fly in circles but when you do something they suddenly shift direction!


Level Two walkthrough

about the rockets my first comments telling about using menu rocket ! not sky rockets, i i thought before they are enemy ! any way they are half random because they fallow mouse as i think !

KingofTown May 22, 2007 11:34 AM

Finally beat level 3. Much easier than thought.

Attach an arm to the left side. Wait for the guy to come out and take one step forward. Put the saw blade on the end. He takes 3 hits, and is dead.
As he is dying, quickly attach the controlable rotate device (red rotating thingy) to the right side. Attach an arm, and a saw blade to it. When the guy comes on the right, wait until he is about to shoot, then go chop him.
The left blade will stop the bomb.
Use the right arm to block off all missiles, and everything else that comes at you.
Attach the green rotating thing with double arm.
Attach missile to double arm.
When 2 guys come out on right side, blast them with the missile.
Congrats :-)

fuzzboxer May 22, 2007 12:02 PM

I finally got though Level 2.

This game is just too frustrating to be much fun.


Definitely bizarre, and a good kind of difficult. I like the way there's more than one way to do things, even if it does feel a bit random.

SNOITALUTARGNOC ?? .... hang on I get it now


Level three Walkthrough

something else you have to play it easy way be cool and do not lose time make its quick and effective

drmwlkr May 22, 2007 12:55 PM

i have finished it at last with many tries.

another way for level 3(actually it's harder than the way which is posted above):

this is what i did
replace the rolling blades when they broke.
u must be very quick.


Ya I finished. The trick to finish level 3 is:

using the rotating joint, the 2-arm extension and the rocket which will take out both guys, hope you have good timing

The blue rockets with the targets on them generally follow the mouse but in a winding pattern so its hard to aim them. However if they happen to be near an enemy simply put your cursor over them and they'll explode. A few times they killed the UFO or someone else simply by luck. Actually that's how I finished level 2, the last guy happened to get hit by one.


this one would have gotten my vote :)

except there wasn't too much actual growing going on, but hey, i'm not going to complain.... except maybe about that stupid ufo ;)

Voldako May 22, 2007 4:34 PM

So...confusing...can't even...beat...lvl 1...HELP!


This is wonderful! Just wonderful! A fun grow game!


Great idea, but I don't like the speed.


Wellll, after a long time away from JIG I come back to find an absolute gem!

That was so much fun, thanks for sharing :)

will7303 May 23, 2007 5:40 AM

ok the rockets in the air with the targets on them i am pretty shore that

they are enemys because they can destroy your saws and that i could find no way to control them

and thats what i think they are

will7303 May 23, 2007 5:40 AM

ok the rockets in the air with the targets on them i am pretty shore that

they are enemys because they can destroy your saws and that i could find no way to control them

and thats what i think they are

will7303 May 23, 2007 7:09 AM

places to place items on body numbered 1,2,3,4 from left to right ememys set as coming in waves new wave is when you get more items

kill flying rockets with targets on them as soon as possible by waving mouse over them. they are more harm then good
stick = the brown stick things
saw = the saw
rotater = the gray circle with green triagle-ish things
red rotater = same as above but red instead of green
rocket = the red rocket with green nose cone. press button to the left of foon.co.uk url to shoot.
Level 1

wave 1

place arms at 2 and 4 with saws on the end place arm at 4 first

wave 2

place rotater at end of stick on 2 and add saw to the end of this wait until it hits the tank and then place another rotater, stick and then saw to the end of that. forget about the guy walking on the left hand side he wont do damage

level 2

wave 1

place rotater on 3 then add double stick to the rotater. add another stick to the rght hand side of that and then a saw to the end of that. place rocket at 4.

wave 2

shoot rocket at monster on right hand side when it gets very close add rocket to shorter end of spinning sticks and shoot this rocket at ufo

wave 3

add rocket to 1 and shoot monster when it gets close. add rotater to short end of spinning stick then add a stick to this and saws at ends of the spinning sticks.now wait till they saw the cat.

level 3

wave 1

place stick with saw at end at 1 and red rotater (you can control the rotation) at 4 with a stick and a saw attached. add normal rotater at 3. use the red rotater to cut the enemy from right but dont do it to soon do it when he starts shooting then use it to protect from rocketman from above by holdin it directly above your eye monster then protect from rockets from volcano then kill the guy on the right remember not to slice to early

wave 2

place saw on stick at 1 then hold rotating stick at the postion of 2. once you are safe from the flying eye things place rocket in rotater at 3 and shoot the guys with laser beam things with it.


Great game but it lacks a decent "how to play" description in the beginning.


Cool game. really fun to play.... um nice eye :P


The rockets are actually neutral. They can destroy your saws, but they can also destroy the enemies if they collide. Still, they're too random to be of much use.

Charlie H. May 24, 2007 7:10 PM

Hey, it's me again, and I have a spoiler for this amazing game!

Complete Spoiler:

Throughout this spoiler, the little bumps on the eye blob will be referred to as 1,2,3 and 4 from left to right. Please note that I'm sure this isn't the absolout most efficient way of winning the game, but it does let you win. The blinking rockets in the air are not important to the game, but you can destroy the mby hovering your mouse over them.
Level 1:

Put regular limbs onto bumps 2 and 4, and attach saws to he end of those limbs. A green man will come in from the right, and be killed by a saw, and a plane will come in from the left and be killed by a saw. Next attach an arm and saw to the first bump. A tank will come in and kill itself on it. A green man will come in after him, but don't worry about him, 'cause he's not out to hurt anyone. 2 more green men will come in from the right and kill themselves on the saw. Now attach a blade directly to the top of the eye blob (Bump 3) and you'll be set to win.

Level 2:
Attach a limb and saw to bump 2, and a rocket to bump 1. An owl wizard guy will kill himself on the saw, and a spider will come over directly afterward. When he stops moving, immediately press the new button, and it will shoot off the rocket, which will kill the spider. Next, another spider will come in from the right. Do the same trick with the rocket here. Now a UFO will come in from the sky. Attach a saw to bump 3 to block the bomb he drops. A spider then comes in from the left again (guess what you have to do). After that, QUICKLY put a rotator onto bump 4, then a double limb, then a regular limb, then a saw blade. If you assemble it quickly enoughh, it will kill the evil owl wizard with the magic flamethrower. (Yes. I just said that.)

Level 3:
Immediately put a red rotator onto bump 4, then 2 limbs, then a saw. Use this to kill the first enemy. (Don't worry if he hurts you, he almost surely will. Just be sure to do this absoloutly as fast as you possibly can.) Next, put the saw on enemy 2 as soon as he pops up. Now a rocket man will attack your eye blob by jumping off the top of the train. Kill him with the saw aswell. Now the conductor (He looks like the conductor) will throw a bomb at you. Block it with the saw. This is tricky. Immediatly afterward, put a saw on the end of the limb, and use it to block the incoming rockets from the hills. If you block them all, a rewarding "PERFECT!" sign will flash for an instant. The condutor then pops out again with another bomb. Block it and replace the saw like you did last time. He then gets out a horn that shoots little homing... things at you. Block them all with the saw. Finally, 2 green men with more weird weapons will come out onto the right side. Kill them with te extended saw arm. The train stops, and you've reached your destination!

Congratulations! If you managed to do everything I told you to well enough, you win! ~fanfare~ If you still can't get past it, just keep trying and I'm sure you'll get it eventually. Thanks for reading the walkthrough! Sorry if it's a little messy, but I tried my hardest. It would have been MUCH easier to write if this game had a pause button, or level select. I had to keep starting the game and playing through it over and over to check my facts :( Great game, and thanks for posting!

big time May 25, 2007 7:21 PM

i just beat the whole game, without help in about 10 minutes!


Man, I beat level two with sheer luck; when the flamethrower dude came out, I just attached two saws in the ends of the double-ended joint, but they didn't reach him. I thought I was going to have to start all over again, but then out of nowhere a rocket came out of the sky and hit him dead on. Hooray!


Please help, I saw a walkthrough for level 1 and it doesn't work! All I have are two sticks, I put them at 2 and 4, and then he shoots me until I die.


just pass through the first level..ew...


how do you get past the laser beam guy on the 3rd level can someone help me


amazing game man, i beat it first try, thats why im so awesome!


the rockets in the air are dealt with by scrolling your mouse over them


I like to click on them to deal with them. =)

Master_N123 May 28, 2007 2:41 PM


Part 1:
1.) RIGHT side out the STICK and then a SAW on the end.
2.) On the LEFT DIAGONAL side put a STICK and then a SAW on that.
3.) Put a SPINNY THING(rocket) on the end of LEFT DIAGONAL and then stick another STICK on the SPINNY THING.
4.) QUICKLY Put a SAW on the end of the now SPINNING STICK
5.) AFTER the tank is destroyed, put another STICK on the LEFT DIAGONNAL SPINNING STICK and then the last SAW at the on that.


1.) Attach the SPINNY THING on the TOP MIDDLE and then put THE MISSLE inside.
2.) Then the put the (VERTICAL/SINGLE) STICK on the LEFT DIAGONAL and then put a SAW at the end of that
3.) SHOOT the crab from the left with the MISSLE by CLICKING on the BUTTON above your INVENTORY
4.) QUICKLY attach the new MISSLE to the SPINNY THING and shoot the next CRAB from the right BEFORE he can jump (VERY FAST).
5.) Then the missles SHOULD kill the UFOs but keep doing level over if they don't
6.) Another CRAB will come on the left, SHOOT with MISSLE CAREFULLY!
7.) Attach a STICK on the RIGHT and then the SPINNY THING at the end of that, then put the (HORIZONTAL/DOUBLE) STICK on the ROTATOR and TWO(2) SAWS on on EACH END.


1.) Attach (VERTICAL/SINGLE) STICK to the LEFT and put a SAW on it.
2.) Attach ORANGE SPINNY THING to RIGHT and put STICK and a SAW on that.
3. Attach GREEN SPINNY THING to MIDDLE...you will use this later.
4.) Aim your MOUSE at guy on right, WAIT till CLEARLY within range, and KILL with (MOVING) RIGHT SAW.
5.) After he is dead, aim your MOUSE to the top and KILL the ROCKET man.
6.) DESTROY(with moving saw) the MISSLES from a mountain as BEST as POSSIBLE
7.) ANOTHER MAN will come on right, KILL the same way as #4
8.) Attach your new SAW blade to the (MOVING)RIGHT STICK IMMEDIATLY when you see it a NEW SAW
10.) DESTROY(with moving saw) all the EYES that come after you from the left side.
11.) BLOCK the 2 guys on the right by DESTROYING BLUE LASERS from hitting you UNTIL you can fire your MISSLE to kill them.
12.) FIRE the MISSLE



hopin somebody to post a clear exact what to do walktrough for lvl 2.... the ones here so far are not exact or clear enough


Heres my walkthrough for the 3 levels.

Level 1:

Place an arm with a saw on the end to the right joint and the up-left joint.
After you destroy the two things you get more items.
Attach an arm with a saw onto the bottom left joint, and another saw WITHOUT an arm onto the top joint.

Level 2:

Attach a rocket onto the bottom left joint, and a saw WITHOUT an arm onto the top joint. The saw will block the attack.
When the spider appears, click the rocket button to destroy him.
Then attach the new rocket onto the right joint, and click the rocket button to destroy the new spider.
If you're not lucky enough for one of the little rockets that are flying around to destroy the spaceship, add a saw without an arm onto the top, to block the bomb.
Then attach a rocket onto the bottom left joint to destroy the spider.
This bit is tricky. Attach the green rotate thing onto the right joint, then attach the double arm onto it, then attach another arm and a saw onto one of the arms of the double arm. (If you didnt use a saw to block the bomb from the spaceship you can attach another arm and saw onto the other arm of the double arm thing)

Level 3:

Attach an arm with a saw onto the bottom left joint, and let it destroy the man.
Then attach the red rotate thing onto the right joint. Attach an arm and a saw onto this, then wait for the little guy to start firing, then use the saw to kill him. (NOTE: if you don't wait for him to attack he will get knocked back by the saw, and even though he's now "out of range" he will continue firing at you and you will die)
The left saw will block the bomb from the guy. Use your saw that you can control to block the suicidal guy, and the rockets. Use the saw to destroy the guy with the gun, like you did before.
Quickly attach a new saw onto the left arm to block the bomb from the guy.
Use the saw you control to block the eye-bomb-things from the guy who is firing them from a trumpet (lol).
This next bit is tricky. Quickly attach the green rotate thing onto either of the remaining joints (top or top-left) and attach the double arm onto it. Attach the rocket onto one of the joints on the arm, and press the "launch rocket" button to destroy the two people at the right time.
Of course, you have to block their attacks with the saw while you are doing this, and if you were damaged earlier, this could be difficult to survive.

Hope this helps :)

Lol-san June 11, 2007 2:25 AM

I finished the game in ~15 minutes.. twasn't that hard.


How are you guys putting the saw on the controllable arm? It moves away from the mouse! Its impossible!


This is one of my favorite games on this site! I've only gotton to level 3. Wonderfull!


Um... I just have 2 questions:

1. What the heck are you supposed to do and how the heck are you supposed to do it?

2. What exactly is the connection to the "grow" theme?


looks like this game no longer loads from the link provided.



Grow theme games have a strategy to them. When you put an object into play, it may or may not have an effect on other objects. The ultimate goal is to grow some scenerio based on those items and relationships. For instance you may need fire to melt ice. For example, let's say you need to build a building. If you play the roof before the basement, your house may not get built.

Anonymous November 6, 2008 6:19 PM

To beat level 3 in a way much easier than previously posted...

Attach the arm from the arm on the rightmost part of your menu, on the left spot. You want to drag the right one because it's closer to the saw and to the eye, as you need to attach these items very quickly and precisely in the beginning.

Quickly, you'll attach the red rotater, arm, and saw to the right side of the eye, and saw the 2nd man when he's in range. Too early and he'll bump out of range and kill you.

In this moment of free time, attach the double-arm to the top of the eye.

Use moving saw arm to deflect rocket man, then the barrage of rockets. Block all of them and you'll get a Perfect! pop up on your screen.

Reattach a saw to the left arm, the one that was bombed off earlier, with your new inventory. Block the eyeballs with your saw arm. Depending how high they are corresponds with where they'll hit you, so you can block in advance. Attach the rocket to the right side of the double arm, and shoot the laser guys.

You can also block the lasers, first time against them I spent 10 minutes just blocking their weak lasers...



Broken Link


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