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Fault Line

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Rating: 4.7/5 (329 votes)
Comments (119) | Views (8,220)

ArtbegottiFault LineRemember those old magazine ads where you could fold the page so that Arrow A met with Arrow B and a completely different picture resulted? What if you had the power to do that with the world around you? You could fold the earth so you could walk to Chicago in three steps, or reach the jar of cookies on the top of the cupboard... Well, Nitrome proudly invites you to start folding the world away in Fault Line, a new puzzle platformer. Plus, you get detachable arms! Sweet.

As in many platform games, your goal is to reach the exit, a purple teleportation pad located somewhere in the level. Best of Casual Gameplay 2010To move your robotic character, use the [arrow] keys or [WASD]. But jumping around isn't going to be enough, as walls, spikes, and other obstacles may impede your path. Throughout most levels, you'll find "join nodes", which can be used to fold parts of the level together. To do this, click on one node, and drag toward another node. You can see the area that will be lost in the fold outlined in white. To undo a fold, simply click on the joined nodes again (but remember that you can only undo the most recent fold).

Once you get the hang of folding the world, new obstacles will turn up for you to work around. Moving objects may disappear inside the space of a fold then come out on the other side. Lasers are deadly to you, but can be used to break through barriers if you can direct them there. Some levels begin with folds already in place that can't be removed. It takes some skillful maneuvering and some quick thinking to make it through each level.

Fault LineAnalysis: It's weird to think that a staple of Mad magazines since 1964 or a piece of origami could be the basis for a game, but Nitrome pulls it off in stunning fashion. Each fold becomes a calculation, as you try to predict where each move leaves you once the transformation is complete. Some levels even throw in extra nodes as red herrings, so experimentation is crucial to find the way out.

Moving the robot around is simple enough, but occasionally the folding mechanism can be a bit difficult with the mouse. Sometimes, it's hard to make the mouse "lock on" to a certain node, particularly if you're in the middle of moving or if more than one node are right next to each other. Also, it's somewhat irritating not being able to connect to a node just off-screen, but this was probably done to keep folds from being too dramatic, preventing you from just folding the start point right next to the finish.

Fault Line is a clever puzzle platformer that will have you creasing the fabric of the universe with every move. Each level brings a different challenge to the table, requiring you to push your mental folds in a new way. And if you find yourself stuck on a level, simply grab the nearest sheet of paper and experiment. (Just don't try to detach your arms.)

Play Fault Line


Great game :). A new artist joined the nitrome team (Stefan Ahlin) and this is his first game! 5/5!

benjabby June 16, 2010 2:24 PM

finnally ive been waiting for you to review this.

i love how nitrome are trying new enviroment stuff. first chisel. then this. its so epic and original

god i loves me nitromes/

["finally"?! Nitrome only sent word of the new release to us a couple hours ago! -Jay]


I can't figure out room 16


Level 16

try contracting both faults at the bottom before anything else, right one first

contract the fault on your right
contract the one on your left, jump up to the left, expand the last fault, the path is clear, just contract the diagonal fault to mask the spikes

mystmoon June 16, 2010 3:12 PM

argh! stuck on level 21! it's going to bug me all day now!


help on 8?


I'm stuck on...level 1...and no, that's not a typo. *embarrassed* Don't think this is even worthy of a spoiler, but here goes anyway:

When you get to that big gap with the mines at the bottom, how do you get across? The only node on my screen is on the far left, and can't help me. The arrow says to go right, but if I run straight right I fall down into the mines and I can't jump because the roof is right at my head.


Yay! Finished it without slight walkhrough! I'm enjoying this, the level design is superb with the right difficulty!


@ Alaira

You can "unfold" folded nodes by clicking on them

Augwich June 16, 2010 3:56 PM

Alaira -

You need to undo the last fault - click on the glowing node that helped you get up. It will undo the fault, re-creating the bridge over the spikes


Best Nitrome game in quite a while; I love it.

Something about the music reminds me of The Goonies.

Evergreen June 16, 2010 5:04 PM

Man, this is clever. It plays so smoothly, and all the objects feel really solid and touchable. I appreciate how simple the design is. No pointless collectible objects. Reasonable difficulty curve. Well done.

It seems like there could be much, much more done with this concept. Enemy robots that can be destroyed by folding them into the rift, enemies that can make reality folds themselves, machines that only operate when you connect them to a source of electricity, lots of stuff.

I keep imagining a giant robot boss character who you have to fold various ways so you can climb up parts of his body and jump on his head.


Lvl 17 should be named "no Jumping" Ahh.


Excellent concept and best nitrome game to date despite their previous history of innovation... 5/5


who can help with level 18?

sirgren June 16, 2010 6:43 PM



worked like a charm, thanks


I'm stuck on level one... How do you get past the spine pit?


Ah, never mind, it is obvious now. Their instructions were not clear.


You have to click on the node you just folded. It should be just below and to the right of you. It will unfold and show the platform above the spines

Anonymous June 16, 2010 7:03 PM

How about lvl 23? I could use some help.

roomescaper55 June 16, 2010 7:05 PM

@ Sveeds
Level 6 should have the same name too. You can't jump because of the spikes.


This is what i imagine kirby's epic yarn to be like.

sirgren June 16, 2010 7:51 PM



I need help with level 23.


I literally have no idea how to beat Level 4 D:

I got past the first laser, but I honestly have no clue what to do for the second.

help pleeeeeeeeez June 16, 2010 9:08 PM

help with level 10 plz and thank you :)

Marktime June 16, 2010 9:21 PM

lvl 23

Connect the two nodes to your right, drop down next to the laser, disconnect them and move past the checkpoint. Reconnect them. Jump to the first small platform to your right, connect the two nodes below you, jump to the lip to your right. Disconnect the nodes and jump to the new platform to your left. Connect the two nodes to your left and jump up the ledge, where you will see three new nodes. Connect the farthest left node and the top right one. Walk to the left and disconnect them. Connect the two nodes to your right and drop down to the finish.

Hopefully that is readable enough to help. :)

nitromo June 16, 2010 9:41 PM

made it to end, and...

at end says "test sequence complete" so hopefully a part 2 coming!

Anonymous June 16, 2010 9:59 PM

As usual, it stopped being fun and started being stupidly difficult right around 9 out of what, 20 or 30 levels?

Does it make you feel good, Nitrome, that people never see more than the first 30% of your games before giving up in hair-pulling frustration? Is that what you really want as artists? Yeesh.




Thanks Augwich and Reozul, I thought I'd tried that. Guess not. *facepalm*


@JIGuest, I though it was easy until 20. Perhaps you're just not smart enough for Nitrome.


Just beat it and it's really a fun game, but required a lot of trial and error for me. Still, I didn't need any walkthroughs or anything!


Over too quickly. Need a sequel.


this game is great! I couldn't stop playing!


It amazes me the thorough and competent output of Nitrome. Whether there are hits or misses with their games (and this is a satisfying hit) they are one and all leagues ahead of even the published and commercial game out there.

Would there ever be a portable compilation of these game on a console like the DS ever?

Congrats to the entire crew again!


It amazes me the thorough and competent output of Nitrome. Whether there are hits or misses with their games (and this is a satisfying hit) they are one and all leagues ahead of even the published and commercial game out there.

Would there ever be a portable compilation of these game on a console like the DS ever?

Congrats to the entire crew again!


i apologise for the quadruple posts above, something went wrong with my computer! Can a moderator delete them for me?! (and apologies if it happens again with this one!)

in_dubio June 17, 2010 5:32 AM

Best Nitrome game in ages - very glad to see them completely back to their game! I love the concept, the level design is brilliant, and the graphics are great as usual.


It's not arcade, but that is the atmospheric feeling I got whilst playing. Not too keen on arcade games. Made it to level 20 before I said, "enough already".


Why isn't the game anywhere on nitrome apart from the blog? Or is it just me?


Two things; one, this is a really well-made game. The concept is great, original and well-executed, and the same goes for the level design. The art, as usual, is charming and top-notch.

The main thing I have to say is thank god they did away with lives in this game. I'm firmly with Yahtzee on the subject of lives; I'm not feeding money into an arcade machine, so you have no reason to furnish me with lives.


Although I believe the game should be called fold line and not fault line (hmm... the name could be a joke), I love the concept, the art, the sound, the level design, the diviculty curve, everything :D Level 30 really was the hardest level but still not too hard to get fustrating. This new artist is a great recruit for nitrome! I also loved the atmosphere; yourself being the only 'living' person around and many things not explained so you could find it out yourself was great. I also loved the checkpoint system... the only thing that I disliked was the fact that a certain type of obstacle (chainsaws?) only was in one level... they should have added more of it. But still a great job nitrome, way to go, 5/5!


The art of pulling off a puzzle that is not ridiculously easy or hard is not child's play, and I think that Nitrome have yet to master it. Their puzzle games tend to be on the easy side, like this one. Not that I actually though about the puzzles, I just bruteforced them since in most cases there were only about six or seven ways to do them. There were only a few levels that could not be solved this way, all past level 25. The result: another two-hour nitrome game.

Frankly, I think Nitrome should return to their roots in non-puzzle games.

Anonymous June 17, 2010 7:50 AM

anyone finished lvl 30? i'm stuck.


I can't figure out level 28.


Oh this is Nitromes best since Final ninja 0. But down to business, im um *hem hem* stuck on level uh 4, Yes level 4, don't tease!
heres the prob

So I have gotten to the part where there's a platform, and right below you there's a moving platform, then below that aNOTHER platform, where, to the left there's a laser. I can't get past the freaking laser!

If anyone of you could lend your smarts to dumb ol me id appreciate much


Wow! Loved it! First Nitrome game I've ever finished all levels of. Was decently easy and levels felt just the right length (if not a little short sometimes).

Would love to see a continuation with more variations!


as a puzzle, I find this extremely enjoyable. it does require some forethought (or trial-and-error, if you're me), and the smooth visuals serve as a nice little reward for folding reality to my whim. not too terribly hard, but enjoyable.

as a platformer, this game makes me want to pull my hair out. between the confusing pre-folded level layout, the slippery controls, the one-size-fits-all jumping mechanic, preventing controlled hops, and the fact that these levels HAVE to be completed before I can move onto more reality folding goodness just frustrates the INSERT-DEITY-HERE out of me. probably wouldn't be as annoying if the levels weren't divided up into either puzzle or platformer levels. mixing the two up would help to alleviate some of the frustration.

at least nitrome did have the good grace to give us infinite lives. without that, I would've died and never come back to this game again.

TL;DR: fun puzzle, frustrating platformer.



@Blinky: Level 4:

above of the moving platform there are two join nodes... use these two and you can get past the laser. If you jump on the moving platform without using these first, you can't get back up so you'll have to die and try it again from the last checkpoint. Hope this helps :)


I've completed quite a few Nitrome games before (with a LOT of help, admittedly) and, although the gameplay held my attention and was fully enjoyable, I felt as if the ending was a little slapped together. With every other game that I've completed, there was some sort of twist with the ending animation, like

in "Droplets," where those cute little creatures are evil invaders, or in "Tiny Castle," where the 'hero' is actually there to evict the princess and not save her.


This is pretty amazing! I played through all 30 levels in one sitting, and was having fun up to and including the last. The mechanics were fun, and the levels varied nicely! I enjoyed how some levels were puzzles, while others were platformers exploiting the bizarre spacial folding theme.

If a sequel is made (and I think one should) I would focus on more varied level layouts and goals. Outdoor settings, indoor settings, maybe levels that had you moving objects around, or monsters that can be defeated only by folding space to manipulate them or destroy them.

An excellent game!


MmeTurbulence June 17, 2010 5:48 PM

Cute game -- like some earlier commenters have also said, I enjoyed the puzzle aspects of the game, but the controls were way too slippery for a fun platformer.

Also, was it just me, or were the final three levels unbearably simple?

waycooler June 17, 2010 5:50 PM

I... I think I cheated on 27...

I made it up to the cell that was second from the top on the left side, then promptly got killed and respawned at the bottom. Thing is, it didn't reset my folds. So, through the use of some timed clicks and jumping I managed to fold the whole stage into one vertical level. Then I just folded horizontally and ran into the goal.

I'm pretty sure that this is not how they wanted things to happen. Unless I just did it correctly but in a roundabout way. I actually did this for quite a few levels now that I think about it.

Amazing game! I loved the concept. It's one of those things that my nerdy self always wished I could do. Also, the very first Nitrome game that I've ever beaten all the way sans walkthrough, hints, or anything. I think I owe it to the fact that I managed to cheat my way through a few levels, if it counts as cheating. Still something for me to be proud of though.

On the subject of no lives, I feel it was more just because it is so easy to mess things up and get yourself killed. The lack of lives in most other games generally makes them quite a bit easier (I'm looking at you, Donkey Kong 64), but in this it just fit. IWBTG also had unlimited "lives"/continues, and it's still the hardest platformer I've ever played.

JIGuest June 17, 2010 6:30 PM

The game won't load for me. I can play other Nitrome games, but not this one.


I can't figure out room 19. Help please!

Anonymous June 17, 2010 7:39 PM

Does anyone know how to pass those flying saw things near the other platfom in level 14?

I have tried all sorts of methods but I keep
getting back to the beginning, nearly want to bash my keyboard! Lol!

Thanks :D


Another brilliant game from Nitrome! I had a lot of fun messing around with the folds, just to see how much I could twist the levels up (especially Level 27, when I accidentally fell offscreen from folding too much).

The one thing I think would have made the game even better (and the puzzles tougher) would be if there were moving nodes, I mean, nodes that were fixed on moving objects. That way, a fold made using one of these nodes would be constantly changing as the node moved. To me, this sounds as awesome as it sounds confusing... and I mean that in the best possible way.



You've probably solved it by now, but you just have to

undo that first fold after you've gotten to the second platform.

And for Level 14, JIGuest, it's all platforming and timing, no tricks involved. Just try jumping closer to the edge and you'll make it to the platform in no time.

Anonymous June 17, 2010 9:13 PM

Thought this was fairly easy actually, with only one or two levels that were challenging. The platforming parts, though not as smooth as can be or as enticing as the puzzle parts, are pretty manageable.

I didn't really get the ending myself.

anyone get more than 75%? I didn't exactly see a story or anything to even know what that 75% could be, nor what you're uploading. Was the entire game a simulation or something?

For lvl 27, you could actually "cheat" quite a bit

by going straight to the right at the beginning, if you "zoom" your mouse to the right enough, you could in fact fold away the entire mid wall and skip the entire going up and down part.

One thing I'd like for this and many other Nitrome games is the ability to record each levels score separately so that you don't have to complete the entire game for a "high" score if you're looking for that.

Nautilus199 June 17, 2010 10:31 PM

I always <3 Nitrome games, and this one is no exception. It's inventive, unique, the mechanics are good, and it has a good experience rate


Level 28?


I think this is the first Nitrome game I've managed to complete by myself! I love it! It's not too difficult like a lot of their games are, and the puzzle concept is unique and interesting.


I need help on level 13.


i can't do level 10... ???

Anonymous June 18, 2010 4:28 AM

another great nitrome game but perhaps a touch too easy? i completed it in a hour :S still, a lovely idea :)


made to the end! and was disappointed because

there was no nice end screen with great graphics but just this little square in the middle of the screen with some stupid joke!

not very nitromeish


Sweet concept. I did feel that this was a bit easier than most nitrome offerings. Not to say I didn't get stuck here and there.
I hope they do another one (or three) of these.


i usually don't like nitrome games, but this one blew me away. seriously.
its just... over the top

MmeTurbulence June 18, 2010 10:38 AM


For 28

Counting up from the bottom right corner, fold together the first node left of the corner to the first node above the corner. Wait until the lasers break through all six bricks then unfold.

Repeat with the second node left of the corner and the second node up from the corner. Do it again with the third left and third up.

Fold the node immediately to the right of the vertical laser with the node just below the platform on the right.

Fold away both lasers and make your way to the exit. You need to undo the horizontal fold to activate the exit.


Room 13

The idea is to fold, move one room over, unfold. Repeat until you're done.

Your first move is to hide the vertical wall and go right. Unfold, hide the ceiling of the room you're in, and go up. Unfold, hide the wall, go left. Unfold. In the room, you need to be on the step, just above the lowest level in that room, so that you don't get caught in the fold. Hide the floor, jump down, unfold.

minuatar June 18, 2010 12:45 PM

level 20?
got to checkpoint but stuck on moving platforms in between the checkpoint and the goal. maybe my timings off but i can't get on the right platform w/out a platform under me but by the time that platform gets there i can't the way to the next is blocked. HELP!

MmeTurbulence June 18, 2010 2:06 PM


Level 10:

Fold the two nodes on the left together to make a diagonal fold. Wait until the laser breaks the brick. Unfold, then fold together the two nodes to the right of the laser to break the other brick. Unfold. Fold away the laser by joining the two nodes at the top of the screen. Voila.


Level 20:

It's all about timing. Here's how I did it:

When the first platform is to the left of the fold, jump up on it and run to the right. When that block slides to the right, jump up on it and stay on the right edge of it.

When the second block disappears jump up, and land on the second block as it is reappearing. If you time it right, the third block will have disappeared and you can jump to the platform and run left.

minuatar June 18, 2010 2:09 PM

thanks but i already managed it through dumb luck and repeated jumping


Level 9 help please?


I must really be a moron. I can't beat level 3!!! Anyone willing to give me a walkthrough for the 3rd level will be my hero! Thx :)

griffith76 June 18, 2010 5:06 PM

Great game!!! I'm so very very glad I found a short cut to finish room 30. I went back to retry it to find the "normal" solution I gave up after a while :p


I need some help on room 26, please.

Ann Onomous June 18, 2010 9:21 PM

Help on 28 anyone?!


How do you restart a level? I'm stuck on level 10 and there's no was to kill myself to start over.


Nevermind - I was able to get back up to the top, no need to restart. My first ever "power of the post"!


Protip: When your game is based around a mechanic that bends the levels into unpredictable and possibly inescapable shapes.. GIVE ME THE OPTION TO SELF DESTRUCT.

I folded one of the later levels in a weird way while jumping, and it dropped me nicely into a pit that I couldn't reach any points from.

MmeTurbulence June 19, 2010 12:00 AM


For level 3

Use good timing to jump across the moving platforms to the checkpoint in the middle. Jump down from there to the very bottom, and you'll see two nodes to your right. Join them together. Now use the ledge that's jutting out to your left to jump onto the moving platform. From the top of its run you can jump to the exit.


Level 9 is all about timing.

For the first set of jumps, jump after the bottom platform has moved to the left of the leftmost fold. It's only there for a very brief time, so jump quickly to the next moving platform, and then to the stationary ledge.

Fold the two nodes you can see together. The next jump is easy -- onto the moving platform then at the very top of its path, jump over the spikes to the ledge on the right.

Fold the two nodes near this ledge together, and you'll be able to jump up two more ledges. This puts you on the same level as the horizontal moving platform. Wait until it's on the left of the fold, jump, and voila - exit.


Level 26

Join the two nodes at top left together to bust up two of the first set of bricks. Unfold.

Join the two nodes at bottom right together to neutralize the horizontal laser, and move to stand on the second set of purple bricks. Unfold.

Join the middle two nodes together. Once they are joined, make sure you are standing on the rightmost purple brick, then join the outside two nodes. Once the bricks are broken, unfold and proceed to exit.

@Ann Onomous

28 was posted 11 comments back :)


This was pretty good, but commits a terrible UI error for a game - there's a sharp disconnect between how you trigger folds and what your in-game character is doing. You can even trigger a fold as you die (which is how I passed a few points).

That, combined with the sort of drunken screen adjustment as you move the mouse around makes it feel not like you're controlling a little guy who can fold the world around him, but somebody with a mouse trying to connect two points with a line. I nearly gave up on it, but the basic idea was quite good and it had few other faults.


Found the game to be a bit easy and short. Nitrome's games are usually quite challenging but it seemed to be, quite ironically, very straight forward.

howbigis1gb June 19, 2010 9:56 AM

Loved the game. Best Nitrome game in a while. And one of the easier ones. To be honest, I didn't really try too hard in any of the levels. I feel proud of myself. Maybe I should post a video walkthrough - but I'm sure Tasselfoot already beat me to it.


One of the better Nitrome games. Very fun, but easy. I only needed a walkthrough on level 28. ( Thank you MmeTurbulence )

Sorry if I double-posted.

Anonymous June 20, 2010 5:05 AM


Ouch. I'd have to agree with JIGuest, with maybe the exception of Avalanche and Tiny Castle.

But I don't think you're exactly the smartest person in the world either, if that's how you talk to people :|


help on #2 no joke its hard

deppluva4eva June 20, 2010 2:44 PM

Level 7, help me, please. My life depends on it.

GamerOverlord June 20, 2010 4:33 PM

11 Please... :)


In response to JIGuest above, June 17, 2010 6:30 PM and any others that may have problems loading the game. Fault Line wasn't loading on any of my browsers on one of my computers. I also discovered that some other older Nitrome games like Flipside wouldn't load either. My other computer had no problem loading them at all. After many experiments I discovered that this game and few others will not load if third party cookies are blocked, which I had done lately with a certain Abine TACO extention of my Firefox (which starngely seems to have influenced the behaviour of all my browsers). As soon as I permitted third party cookies all games loaded perfectly well.


@deppluva4eva, since your life depends on it (I don't want to know why)

lvl 7:

Connect the first two nodes to your upper right. Move left and jump down the opening on the left. Move right, connect the two vertical nodes to jump on top of the platform, causing the laser to activate. Disconnect the two vertical nodes, leaving you on top of the platform, but with the laser deactivated. Jump down the opening on the right. Connect the two nodes on the wall to your right, deactivating the laser on the left. Move left and go to the exit platform.

You probably already figured this out, or your life is over, but for anyone else that is having issues, there you go.



lvl 11:

Connect the two nodes on the left diagonally. Jump up and to the left as far up as you can. Disconnect the two nodes you connected. Jump down and to the right. Connect the two inner nodes horizontally. Jump up and to the left. Connect the two remaining unconnected nodes horizontally. Jump over the wall to the right to the exit.



I think you are kidding, but in case you are not,

lvl 2:

Run all the way up to the upper right of the first room. Connect the two nodes vertically. Drop down to the bottom of the room you are in. Disconnect the two nodes. Run all the way up to the upper right of the new room you are in. Connect the two nodes vertically again. Drop down to the bottom of the room you are in. Disconnect the two nodes. Run all the way up to the top right and across the hall to the end of the room. Connect the bottom left node to the top node. Jump up and to the right. Disconnect the nodes. Connect the top node to the bottom right node. Run right to the exit.


Oh, and great game. Needs a "self destruct" or "restart" option, as Max said. I never got to a place where I couldn't get out of, but did have to kill myself a few times to try a different way to fold the level.

HippieChick June 25, 2010 2:00 AM

I got the the bottom of level 4..but can't get past the next two lasers..when i click the nodes vertically at the bottom..I can get past the first laser..but they don't stay long enough for me to get past the next two..I've tried and tried but can't figure it out..Please Help Me!!


need help on 30 please.



Level 10?!?!?!?


Can anyone help with Level 19???

Patreon Crew SonicLover June 27, 2010 4:45 PM

I know this is a crazy thing to say, but I love the music that accompanies Nitrome's games. They should release a CD. My favorite tracks are the main themes for Skywire, and In the Dog House, and Chisel, and Magneboy, and... hell, pretty much all of them.


Can someone help on level 19??


I know a way to make yourself lose rapidly and look like a ball of light on room 28 try to figure it out.

P.S turn off your volume!!

Elizabethhhc July 9, 2010 11:42 AM

level 6?!?! Please!!


level 28?


stuck on level 10 help


level 22... help


Can anyone help with level 26?


Level 24 please!!!! thanx SOOO much

douglasadamsreborn September 27, 2010 4:04 AM


they've put them on itunes.


I finally figured out how to get past level 4 (figured out certain tiles when stepped on, automatically cancel folds)

I can't get past 9 - where are the "sweet spots" as I cannot get up the lifts!


i need help at level 10

Byronyello December 21, 2010 8:51 PM

I love this game! It's so hugely original! My favourite levels are the ones like "Elavatorial Sin(Level 20)" and "Caught In The Crossfire(Level 24)" as they are both based on platforming, and involved no folding, yet they still kept the rift business with these levels, which meant there was still a challenge!

Great game, with platforming (Levels 20 & 24) and puzzle(The rest of 'em!)!

Nitrome does it again!


Amazing game! Best nitrome game yet 5/5 but i think i cheated on 9
Some people say you gotta jump onto the 1st platform when it goes to the left
You dont have to
If you try jump on it when it's at the right, you slip and die :-( not good
But if you jump straight up you go higher than usual
So jump up, move to the right when in air then jump onto little box by the wall

meganmulvey123 June 4, 2012 6:16 PM

hey i need help with level 19


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