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Four Second Frenzy

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Rating: 4.5/5 (31 votes)
Comments (28) | Views (7,582)

Four Second FrenzyAs many of you were quick to point out, the previous game, Four Second Fury, has been around a few months—since April of this year, to be precise—and a sequel to that game has just been released, called Four Second Frenzy. While both games feature the same fast-paced action and gameplay, the sequel offers even more mini-games than the original (50 total).

The concept is simple: using only the arrow keys and space bar, follow the on-screen instructions for each mini-game that gets thrown at you ("Avoid!", "Shoot!", "Swat five", etc.) And you have just four (4) seconds to do it in. Make it through 20 mini-games before losing all seven (7) lives to win.

The game will be immediately familiar to anyone that has played Nintendo's Wario Ware series of games, as it borrows the very same frenetic gameplay formula. The result is a game that is almost as enjoyable as Nintendo's commercial offerings, and that's saying quite a lot. This game is a lot of fun!

The larger sequel was made possible by a collaboration of 26 Flash game authors from all over the world. Together they have made Four Second Frenzy an even better game than the original ("Fury") due to the sheer variety of mini-games it offers, and by including three (3) different modes of play: Normal, Endurance, and Sudden Death.

Normal mode is the same as in Fury, except you get seven lives to beat 20 games; Endurance mode gives you ten lives to make it through all 50 mini-games; and Sudden Death challenges you to make it through as many games as you can without losing a single life.

A cheap (it's free!) alternative to commercial games offering similar gameplay, Four Second Frenzy provides all the frenzy you'll need for an enjoyable browser-based game play experience.

If you need help with any of the games, there is a tutorial available that gives hints for each of the mini-games included in the game.

Check out the entire Four Second series of games.

Play Four Second Frenzy

Cheers to Jibioko, Camjam80, RedKlonoa, and Mike for suggesting this one.


Great followup to a great game, and the review wasn't too shabby either! gg


The game idea is really good, however, when you've played WarioWare for hours, like me, Four Second Frenzy is quite hard to play. I find it very hard to understand the game compared to wario ware. And when you had to move a cursor with arrow keys, it was quite slow. I think the same game using mouse in every game (like the stylus of the Nintendo DS) could improve it greatly.
However, some micro games are really fun. Congrats!

baba44713 August 14, 2006 5:24 AM

Man I love this insane games. More, more, more...


How do you kill the final boss? The help section says

shoot the eyes

but that just brings up more minigames.


Good game? Huh?

Anyways, thanks for putting Four Second Frenzy on JIG! <3


240 the first time I beat it (not to be confused with the first time I played it, where I just lost :)) seems about average. The best score is 135, and the worst 975. How the hell did someone last long enough (on normal) to get 975?

Great game anyway!

Glazius Falconar August 14, 2006 12:45 PM

As for the final boss...

He drifts around in a figure-eight pattern, then launches a minigame at you when it completes. When you shoot his eyes, you'll notice a number counting down in the background, quite rapidly. (hold down ye spacebar) Get that number to 0 while not dying from the minigame assault.


roboninja August 14, 2006 1:13 PM

four second fury and four second frenzy both remind me of the game boy advanced game wario ware twisted. its sorta the same concept.

Capt_Poco August 14, 2006 9:09 PM

Of all the bad WarioWare knockoffs on the internet, this one is by far the least painful to play.


How do you beat the "Save 2 Happies" game? I don't think it's in the tutorial.


zen: move the hand using arrow keys, then press and hold enter to pick up the sad face, drop him on the sun to make turn him into happy face.

Now do it twice. :D


just a personal oppinion, but it kinda lacks the tacky humor that warioware has. (for example, can you unroll toilet paper and wipe a little girl's nose? I don't think so). Also, some games are a direct rip-off of warioware, like the bomb-defuser. wonderful concept, just not theirs. *le sigh*


Ok so the game was cool I guess. Some of the minigames seem just stupidly impossible to beat. As far as I'm concerned, if you have only four seconds to do something, it should only take three to do it. I have never beaten the zombie-slash, keeping the guy cool (on the beach?), or filling the balloon. I played a good five times, FINALLY got to the boss, and was presented with two games I had never played. So I lost with two screens to go. I was not amused, to say the least. Tutorial or not, if you have to be told what to do in a game even after trying it four times, the game should be altered. I'm fussy, I suppose, but I just don't like such a unique game having such horrible parts. Pardon the rant...



I finally get to the boss, beat his teeth, have the timer at--are you ready?--23 SECONDS, and they give me a new game I've never played (avoid the lines) which boxed me into a corner and killed me. I am insanely frustrated! haha.

BUT true to form, I posted a comment and immediately did better than I ever had before. Hopefully, the same will happen in a moment...


Ha, and it did, I beat the little snot, and with quite a few lives left.

I figured this out early on, but JUST IN CASE some of you are 'professional' button-mashers, (more of a hint than a

and can do it very quickly; DON'T. Mash kind of slowly. Not SLOW, but no more than four-six times a second. That may not be the exact figure, but pay attention to the speed the items move, you'll figure it out.



has anyone else noticed there are several glitches that occurr during the games?

the ones i've noticed so far include:

in 'save the happies', sometimes there is no happy, or perhaps the happy is obscured by some of the objects on the playing field.

in the one where you have to line up the ball with the red lines, sometimes there is no ball.

in the one where you have to photograph the ufo, i have hit space, and the ufo stops, but it doesn't seem to register that i have actually taken the photo, and then i lose.

i have also noticed some other levels (which i can't remember at the moment) where the space bar doesn't properly register.

these glitches don't happen every time, but when they do it's supremely frustrating.


What web sites do you use to get your high score to register? I have beaten the game many times on different sites, but my score did not show up.


ye, i dont understand that!
i did fantastically well, ready to submit my score, but without even doing anything, i was put on the scoreboard as 'Type your name here' and 'Enter comment here'

i was sooooooo frustrated, because i didnt even get a chance to enter my name to put on the tables, how do i enter my name?????


hey i got a question, what about the save the two smiles game. i don't understand it at all. someone help me out.


nice game =D but I want to know how to do this kind of game with Flash T.T


have u guys tried four sec fry? its HARD


link's broken :(

TRINYBEANIE! July 20, 2009 7:02 PM

Does anyone have any idea how to cool the guy down in this game? it never seems to work! well maybe i'm just doing it wrong haha. also, ironing the shirt is impossible, and so is stealing the treasure! and yes i have found some glitches, like sometimes the space bar won't work when you have to crack the eggs and no bombs will shoot out of the cannon no matter what you do. well anyways, please give me some hints and tips! Thankyou so much!


How do I beat the fall down?? Do you need a webcam or something?

TRINYBEANIE! October 11, 2009 11:52 AM

No, all you have to do is control the ball by using the right and left arrow keys. it's easy!


On the balloon and booze game hold the arrows and it works and its fast


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