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Frets on Fire

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Rating: 4.7/5 (130 votes)
Comments (111) | Views (11,797)

JohnBfretsonfire.jpgFrets on Fire is an open source clone of the ever-popular PlayStation 2 music/rhythm game Guitar Hero. It's a free download and is available for Windows, Linux and the Mac, though the Mac version is experimental.

Just like Guitar Hero, Frets on Fire features a handful of songs and allows you to play the guitar sections with just a few keys. Instead of using a separate controller to mimic the guitar, Frets on Fire lets you pick up the keyboard and jam right in front of your desk. Best of all, a built-in editor lets you tab any song, spawning a growing community of music-modders on the web.

After choosing a song from a stack of cassettes, a wire image of a guitar bridge shows on screen running from the foreground and vanishing into the distance. Five colored blocks line the bottom, each one representing a different key. Hold your keyboard like a guitar with the fret keys by your left hand and the pick (Enter) by your right (reverse for us lefties). When the song begins, notes scroll down the screen and you must press the fret keys at the right time while tapping Enter to play the sound. Time it right and the song plays just as if you were listening to the real thing. Make a mistake and you'll hear distorted guitar noise followed by a deafening (and defeated) silence.

The Frets on Fire download comes with a few well-made songs to get you started, each one with several difficulty levels to hone your skills. The online forum features many more tunes from other players, though they won't share a space on the global high score board and usually feature just one or two levels of difficulty.

Analysis: Rhythm games add an entirely new dimension of fun to gaming: aural rewards. Frets on Fire takes that to a new level by allowing you re-create familiar tunes with nothing more than your keyboard. The reward isn't getting a high score, it's listening to the song playing on your speakers and knowing you were responsible for that. The feeling you get when you effortlessly land an impossible combination is amazing.

The in-game interface couldn't be simpler, but selecting songs can be cumbersome if you have a large playlist. The song editor is also a bit awkward and will take some practice before you can create anything decent. And while holding your keyboard like a guitar is the best way to go, Frets of Fire is just as playable on a flat desktop. Also worth mentioning is the extremely entertaining tutorial. Your host, Jurgen Guntherswarchzhaffenstrassen, walks you through the game and proves that he is, indeed, much cooler than you are.

As a warning to anyone with children: Frets on Fire is kid-safe, but like any game that encourages user-created content, not everything you download will be suitable. The tunes that come with Frets of Fire are alright, but some of the songs tagged by users may contain objectionable language.

Frets on Fire is a great rhythm game that has earned a permanent space on my hard drive.

Download the free full version

Mac OS XMac OS X:
Download the free full version

Download the free full version


Just wanted to share a few resources that people might find handy:

Keyboards on Fire - A Frets on Fire music database. The front page has some rather uncouth language, but there are some nice songs on the site.

Fretsonfire.net songs - A list of the songs available from the forums.


most frustrating thing ever to play on a laptop, made me furious


Yeah, i been playing this for awhile. The cool thing you can import GH songs (and hopefully GH2 songs) if you have a DVD drive, process might take long, but it's worth it. Also if you have PS2 to USB converter, you can use the guitar for key buttons. Pretty cool!!!


Looks awsome, downloading it now 70% done...

Ffirebrand October 13, 2006 5:58 AM

how gutted am i!??!?!!!!! i cant down load it as im on a mac computer well gutted and i liked guitar hero on ps too, is there one out there for mac users? FfireXXX


^^ hehe

sry, i had no time to post. awesom game, i have played metallica - fuled all the time.

here are some personal bests!:

the first song in game: BangBang ...
Amazing: 21000
Metallica -Fuel:
Acdc Hells Bells:
High way to Hell:
easy: 21688
medium: 13733
this week ....


there is a problem with the controlling...

some songs cant be played because my keyboard doesnt get a "hit return" while pressing F1 + F4?

some combinations work, some not

i downloadad "stellar" from board, and i cant play the entire song


makes me sad x((


For anyone having trouble with key combinations on their keyboard (including some laptop folks), there's a workaround posted on the official site's FAQ:

Q: Some chords don't work.

A: Some keyboard manufactures reduce costs by making some key combinations impossible to press. This is especially true with laptop keyboards and some cheaper PC keyboards. The solution is to change the keys to different ones. For example, swapping the Enter key with Shift should help a lot, or changing the frets to i.e. numbers 1-5. Use the key tester in the settings menu to check your chosen key set.


At first I wondered why there were so few comments on such a neat game. Now I have a suspicion why.

Be VERY careful should you choose to download this, and especially any user-created content. It screwed up Windows so badly I ended up reformatting my hard drive. And yes, I have a good anti-virus that caught nothing.

I'm not particularly miffed at you, John, Jay, & Co., since I know you wouldn't post anything you knew to be malware. Obviously, it's working fine for some. I'm just giving a heads-up.


Lizard, perhaps it was your anti-virus that messed things up for you? I downloaded the game and ran the latest version of Norton Antivirus on the downloaded files and it came up clean. I then installed the game, without any trouble what so ever, with my virus protection turned off.

Unless you can give specifics on what exactly you found, your claims of there being malware present are unsubstantiated.

Still, your words of warning are applicable to this and any downloadable game for Windows and caution should always be taken. That is why I only use my Windows box for downloads and games that require a PC, leaving all my important work to be done on my much more secure (unix-based) Mac. =)


Awesone Game !

I just can't stop playing this game. I am a big fan of the DDR series, but never played Guitar Hero, anyway I find this gameplay just genuis.

"Easy to understand, Hard to master" games are always good choices for me.

Congratulations for the default music too, these are very well chosen tracks, with several difficulty levels.
The song "Defy the Machine" is just brilliant.

The game is so addictive I didn't have time to think about how stupid I look using my keyboard as a guitar ;).


Upon restarting my machine, I was told that Windows couldn't start because "C:\windows\system32\c_1252.nls is missing or corrupt." I was unable to replace the file via the repair tool, command prompt, or even reinstalling Windows. Because this game is the only thing I've installed in a long time, it was probably the cause; I have no idea what exactly went wrong. As you suggested, it might just be my particular system.

Fortunately, I back up everything of significance, so nothing was lost but time and possibly a couple more of my proverbial marbles.


Lizard: I did a little research, and the c_1252.nls file doesn't have anything to do with Frets on Fire. Apparently it's a language file for Cyrillic. I don't even have it on my PC. :-D I couldn't find any causes for it vanishing, but I guess it's kind of late for that, isn't it?

There have been some reports of antivirus software returning false warnings for the game, but it's verifiably clean. Some graphics cards won't run the game well, but there's plenty of help on the forums for all the above.

And by the way, hope you got your computer back up and running. That's usually an all-day affair of complete fun! ;-)


anyone getting a strange vision distortion thing after playing for a while?
i think it has something to do with the frets going down all the time

pointyman2000 October 14, 2006 10:18 PM


I get vision distortion after playing a few songs in Guitar Hero and I have a feeling that Frets on Fire is pretty much the same thing. Relax your eyes after every song if you're worried about it. :p


>>>>>>>>>>>>> d e l ! c i o u s

try to get the "tretsonfire addon"

you get + 100 songs and you have to unzip them with a new version of winrar


Cyrillic? Windows refused to run in anything but command prompt without Cyrillic? =/ Microsoft is so logical sometimes.

Anyway, I did get back up to speed with minimal "fun" involved. In a way, I feel cleansed of all the unnecessary junk I had on here, and may now begin to clutter anew, knowing that my Cyrillic language file will always be here to, um, help me.

evilwumpus October 15, 2006 4:25 PM

I figured out a good fingering position with a flat keyboard, but I can't figure out how to hold my keyboard like a guitar without cramming my thumb into a wierd position. If I put my thumb on F1, it get's jammed up with my other fingers. If I put it anywhere else, I can't reach the F5 key. Not that it matters because none of the starting songs use F5 key (the purple fret)

dustfnger October 15, 2006 9:26 PM

I got this creepy folder thingy on my windows pc. And everything opens up into weird garbled notebook text.
Can someone give me a windows walktrough? CURSE YOU WINDOWS!!!


I'm just sad because my computer can't handle it. I want to play it soooooo bad. Any suggestions?


TomTom224 - Um, upgrade your computer?


its an awesome game
i played it at my mates
but when i downloaded the game
i started it up and all i could see was a red screen for about 10 seconds
then it goes blank
then the game shuts down and says
"error occurred" see log file....

Topstring October 24, 2006 7:49 AM


You dont need to have your thumb on F1. Its best to have your index through pinky on F1 - F4, and slide your hand down briefly/stretch your pinky to hit F5 - Its what I do on Guitar Hero.


A quick note for Mac users out there: the latest Frets on Fire update has an experimental OS X version. Now everyone can play and be happy!


I disagree with the view that points don't matter in a game like this. Points is EVERYTHING. Well that and stars. But mostly points. When me and my friends play guitar hero(1 or 2) on pc we always go for points, because that's all that matters. Hitting hard combinations is great, but you can't really have an amazing score without doing that anyway, so it comes with the territory. I noticed the visual distortions of these types of games when playing guitar hero 2 at my buddies house on his 40+ inch screen. Right when you look away from the screen it appears that things are moving around when they shouldn't, carpet looks like it is swimming etc. It is very close to the visuals received when on mushrooms actually, but for a MUCH shorter period of time.
Fun stuff.


this game is awesome and there is a song called bark at the moon by ozzy osbourne on it and it is the hardest song in the game

Dark_Pinoy November 26, 2006 3:49 AM

I downloaded it and all it gave me was a winzip file. What do i do now?


see the logfile 'C:\...FretsOnFire\FretsOnFire.exe.log' ?? It Says It Wont Open Because The Following Errors Occurred


This must be the first game I LOVE to play on medium :) Just started to play 3 days ago and its great to see the improvement.
This game kept me playing till 10 in the morning and makes me go buy a new keyboard tomorrow :)

for me this is one of the best games out there ( even taking big titles in consideration )

loved frequency, but this ( and of course guitar hero even so i never played it and would love to own such a guitar ) takes it up quite a notch!


Amazing game. Cheers to john for posting this!!!!

gsarwohadi January 2, 2007 9:19 PM

I believe Frets On Fire is inspired by a korean-made game called Virtual Orchestra Studio (VOS). It was very popular in parts of Asia several years ago (2002-2003). I played an english version of it, but I'm not sure where I got it from. Maybe you can review this also, Jay?


I played Guitar Hero 2 a few weeks ago. The day after I did, I clicked this game randomly from the recommended section. I finally get around to downloading it, but it's downloading at 14 kilobytes per second. I'd wait the hour, but I keep disconnecting before it finished...


i want to know where that tretsonfire thing is that xunling mentioned

kcisconfused January 21, 2007 8:26 PM

i really want to play this.
but everytime i try to download it,it says the file is corrupt.
whats up with that?


Make sure you are downloading from the SourceForge mirror. After that download a program like WinZip or WinAce. Once you install one of them double click the FoF download.

A google search for "tretsonfire addon" brought nothing so either it is a well hidden torrent or it does not exist.

In no way does this cause any harm to your computer.

vanvincent February 8, 2007 8:16 PM

I like it the first i saw it on PS2, but my problem is, i cannot make any sounds when i hit the keys. Only the solo sounds at the very beginning key. Yhe rest of the keys should be making tunes too. I hit the keys perfectly, why i cannot hear some sounds. Only the base the rythm is all i can hear. Whats seems to be the problem guys? Help me Please..


where do i downlaod frets songs.. i need help..! cant find any... plz help me


I Can't a sound out of it, or to be more spesific i cant get any guitar sounds.
and I can't hit the notes(or whatever you call it)
i want this game bad


i have been playing for 6 months and my all time hi score for This Week I've been Playing Mostly my guitar on amazing is 172500 points. (i play guitar hero too)

Evilwumpus March 30, 2007 8:48 AM

There is a BitTorrent file available with a huge number of songs for this game. I highly recommend it for anyone who likes this game.


Can any one help me please
i've downloaded the game but this is what i see when i open the game

see the logfile 'C:\...FretsOnFire\FretsOnFire.exe.log' ?? It Says It Wont Open Because The Following Errors Occurred


ok i have the game it works on my computer now can someone help me and tell me how to transfer music on to it please


Um a little help here, if you could,

Seems the frets on fire download page is down... or I dont understand it

This page and all other download links I can find send me to a page with a few lines of... I think german... and nothing else, no links or anything. Google toolbar cant translate it either.

Very confused,

john jay sparks April 22, 2007 12:57 AM

i recently played GHII at a friend's house and i noticed that if you don't hit a key, the sound from that note won't play, making the song sound terrible. with fof i noticed that if you don't press any keys, the song will play normally. really the only difference is that the keys aren't lighting up. is this just me or everyone?


for some reason, half the songs I download don't work. eh, theres not much on there anyway... most of the decent ones are notes only or something like that...

someone should totally put The Automatic: Monster on this ^___^ or some Gorillaz. Me like Gorillaz. ook...


@ john jay sparks:
I'm not sure if it is like this if you don't hit any keys (because I only barely played it so far, a lil today at my friends' house), but at least when you hit the wrong key, the sound becomes lower..

About the Cyrillic thingy.. Maybe you chose to install the translations, and Cyrillic was one of them, and that caused a problem?

Also, I'm trying to download more songs (as I only have the 3 that came with the game), but the Torrents from the pirate bay aren't working.. I was wondering if anyone knew anywhere I could download songs (preferably batches of songs) without having to use Torrents..?

Drummer415 April 26, 2007 6:36 PM

this game won't work with my 360 guitar hero controller, help!

Anonymous May 15, 2007 3:14 AM

I can't get the default songs to work, I can't even play the damn game. I put the ogg thing in but now it doesn't even recognise the songs.

mr. cool May 26, 2007 10:41 AM

I need help downloading other songs onto it? Can some1 please help!


Aw man when i try to download it a window pops up and says something about some pandagate junk and I have windows. Whats the problem?

somebody May 28, 2007 7:11 PM

hey, um, for some reason, it pulls up a page with some wierd language on it. i cant download it, but i heard its good. so what went wrong and how do i fix it?

Please Help


Argh, when I play it, it's split screen (both sides showing the same thing) and I can't see what options I'm selecting, or the frets. Help!


Poops. I'm running Mac OSX 10.4.9. I have a 1.33 Ghz processor, and 256 MB RAM. When I try to run FoF, the screen turns black for a minute, then I get this, opened up in the console:

"An unexpected error has occurred during execution of the main script

AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'GMatrix33'
Frets on Fire(4451,0xa000ed88) malloc: *** Deallocation of a pointer not malloced: 0x533ba00; This could be a double free(), or free() called with the middle of an allocated block; Try setting environment variable MallocHelp to see tools to help debug"
Well, actually, more than that, but a lot of it is just one chunk repeated over and over:
"2007-06-17 21:59:25.934 SyndicationAgent[4404] WARNING: BestCalendarDateFromString - can't interpret: 'Sun 17 Jun 2007 17:43:57 -800'"

Any help?


Gosh, i'm running it on a macbook, and it doesn't work, the mac version goes blank. I tried on a g4, and an intel. What is the problem PLEASE HELP


I cant download it for some reason it is just a blank page for me, help please???

jamesreal June 30, 2007 1:27 PM

I strongly suggest to that anyone who cant run it such as those using nvidia tnt2 graphics card to get the latest driver and make sure it has opengl support. I tried this game about 20 times on my computer and it was so choppy using d3d that it was not worth it. I got a new driver and now it runs great.

MelissaLuvsGuitar June 30, 2007 2:08 PM

Great game, its really fun. I have a couple of problems though. One i have no idea how to download songs onto FOF and have no idea what an Ogg file is or how to convert the media files to ogg files. My second problem is that when i turn on FOF i cant see all of the words or numbers and the first time i play a song i can barely see the screen. I need some help. PLEASE HELP!


OMG what is wrong i got some problem with the screen... it goes splitscreen with the game on both sides of the screen. does anyone know how to fix this... i got a nvidia geforce fx 5500 256mb graphics card do i need a new driver or is it just the game?


YOU GUYS!!!! THE UPDATED ADDRESS IS http://fretsonfire.sourceforge.net/
(Sorry for the caps i just want to help(


The game wont let me play because of some weird error. It will let me edit the songs, just not go to the tutorial or to the play game on the main menu. What should I do to solve this.


um the background music is not right on my version of frets on fire

360player August 17, 2007 8:45 AM

gerr how do i get my GH controller for the 360 to run properly!!! i wanna play it on this thing

Anonymous August 20, 2007 12:33 PM

what's the game directory?


someone please help. i am so upset i cant play. all i get (when i click to open) is "runtime error microsoft visual C++" it won't play. ive tried my hardest to make it work. if you know how to fix, please tell me.

Skinny - Laura


ok so after i downloaded the game i get to the main menu and pick tutorial or play game it takes a long time to load whats up with that!!



whenever i try to put a song that ive downloaded on, i put it in the frets on fire folder in program files, then i upload the song .ogg file and the background track .ogg file, but i dont know how to upload the notes. so whenever i try to play the song theres no notes. how do i upload the notes?


laura-the used to happen to me on other accounts on my computer. i found that the problem was one of my internet toolbars. i deleted comcast, google, and yahoo toolbars and the problem went. away. if that doesnt do it then google search the error. there should be some help there.


This program has more bugs than a Central American jungle. And internet searches on the subject only produce - and this forum is a great example - frustrated people asking questions, and no one providing answers.

Aside from the kindergarten-level fixes (like ensuring you have administrative rights and placing an executable in the same folder as the application itself) the creators of this program have failed to really address the program's problems.

Maybe they should go back to flipping burgers for a living.


Hellooo!!!,,, How Do I Put songs like on Guitar hero II on Frets on Fireeee?

Priincezz93 October 16, 2007 12:02 PM


I open it and it says

'error see log file'

how do i fix this?

EMAIL ME [email protected]

if you have an answer on how to fix this

Anonymous October 16, 2007 6:43 PM

can anybody help?!? The "download" link isn't working. it keeps saying that it can't find the server.

longboardskateboard November 5, 2007 8:40 PM

My game is screwed up too. All the graphics are screwed up and the game play and slow, choppy, and full of wierd graphics. I have a brand new dell laptop with Windows Vista. I've heard of other people using this game with Vista and it worked fine for them.



I 'm having trouble downloading my own music to it.


fretsledge December 2, 2007 12:31 PM

if you want to insert your own song, you must first convert your song to .ogg format. then rename the song to "guitar.ogg". create a folder for your song and save your song and folder to your frets on fire directory in the "songs" folder in the "data" folder. Then you only have to edit your own notes by going to the edit option in the main menu. editing notes can be tricky at first, but you'll get the hang of it quick.


ok 2 other people have said this and i have the exact same problem but no one has given a solution PLEASE HELP...

Can any one help me please
i've downloaded the game but this is what i see when i open the game

see the logfile 'C:\...FretsOnFire\FretsOnFire.exe.log' ?? It Says It Wont Open Because The Following Errors Occurred
EMAIL the solution to me at [email protected]


I got the same thing with the cyrillic file. you know what the worst part about it is? i'm on a mac. :(


How do I put Win Vorbis into the game directory?


My hubby's been playing this and all he does is curse up a storm because he can't hit more than 2 notes at a time [and sometimes not even 2 at a time]. If he hits 3, it's either 'wrong' or no notes play at all.

I'm sick of listening to him b--ch, so can someone please tell me what he's doing wrong so I can shut him up???

He's already changed the F1 keys to number ones.


I'm noticing a lot of people running into technical issues and just thought I'd throw out some advice based on my experience with the game over the last year or so.

First of all the most recent version of the game is known to be buggy--most people recommend using version 1.2.451 to get the most stable experience.

If you're still having problems with the game crashing I might also recommend you try out the RF-mod version of the game,which you can find here:


This mod allows you to turn on and off a lot of features in the main game (scrolling through songs is much faster when the song preview option is turned off) and also adds a number of other enhancements.

If the game lags a lot on you because your hardware isn't up to snuff I'd also recommend using the 'light graphics theme' mod that comes with the game. You can even use this mod in conjunction with the RF mod. To turn on the light graphics mod go to Settings > Game > Mod. Using this mod improved my frame rate greatly (and I've read on forums that it can even keep the game from crashing sometimes).

GentsBabe: Your husband could be having a number of different problems. First of all, does the game run at a stable frame rate? This sort of game is impossible to play when the screen is constantly skipping frames and running slowly. If this is the case have him turn on the light graphics theme I mentioned above and see if that helps.

I assume he knows the basics of playing the game, but when I first started playing I would often forget to hit the strum button. If his problem is skill, then one of the best pieces of advice I can give is to practice on the lowest skill level on a song with as slow a tempo as he can find. Slow songs give you time to set up and prepare instead of just frantically hitting buttons hoping something will happen. One useful hint is that during lulls in a song (assuming a song has lulls) he can look forward in the song, see what fret is coming up, and hold it down. Then all he has to do is wait for it to cross the bottom of the screen and hit the strum button.

Get used to looking a little ahead during a song, that way you have an idea what is coming up and there is also a little more margin for error. If your eyes are glued to the bottom of the screen a single mistake can set off a chain reaction where-in you get further and further behind. On the other hand if you've been looking a little ahead you can correct for mistakes more easily.

Once he gets good at the 'supaeasy' songs he can move on to easy and so on and so on till one day he won't know how he ever had a problem.

That leads to the most important advice of all, practice...practice...practice. Or almost the most important advice. The REAL most important advice is to have fun. If he's getting frustrated and angry then he isn't going to be at the top of his game.

Lol, and I've been blabbering on forever. Hope something up there helps you.


this is a superb game though some might hate it for being a clone.
give it some support. I predict this game to grow. I hope they can come out with multilayer features on line or LAN. I am playing and looking forward to it's future.

GentsBabe January 15, 2008 2:49 PM

Thanks, Ax!! I'd forgotten I'd posted in here till I Googled my name for fun!! lol

I don't know what version he has and I can't answer any questions as he's not here to ask. I'll send him this site and he can read it over and then he can let you know what he's tried.

I do know he's not too bad at it. His nephew had gotten Guitar Hero III [or II??] for xmas and hubby got pretty durned good at that. He averages approximately 85-90%, so you can imagine his frustration when he couldn't do a "cheaper" knock-off of the game. For him, it's like being able to build a Porsche from scratch, but not able to change a tire on a Volkswagon, lol


How much space does Frets on Fire take anyways... i'm downloading it right now and it seems to take forever...


GentsBabe, I believe he's having the same issues I was having earlier today. It turns out my keyboard isn't able to accept more than three key presses simultaneously. So, if I tried to play a song that has three notes, I wouldn't be able to strum. Actually, in that case, the frets wouldn't even lift because the keyboard is just that cruddy.

My suggestion is to get really lucky with finding a good keyboard, or do what a bunch of people seem to have done and use a Guitar Hero controller. I hear the XBox USB controller works.

Also, I find that the game actually runs much smoother and with fewer errors in Linux than in Windows. Usually, if a Linux user wants to play a Windows game, he/she must emulate it or reboot into Windows or give up. This is the first time I have ever rebooted my computer from Windows into Linux to play a game.


is anyone else having trouble because your computer is too slow?

marre_the_king March 11, 2008 4:02 PM

hi i got a problem. when i start the game it saids that msvcr71.dll couldent be found. what shoudl i do.
plz help me


how do i set up frets on fire, because all i find is files.


frets on fire i love it i tried playing it once it was frozen just solidly frozen to death



when i import my song onto the game it works and like i finish placing all my frets in the right place but when i play if i hit the wrong key the song mutes and if i get the next key right the song plays again but thats only for song i make but songs that were originally there dont do that they jus simply bleep when u get it wrong and play the song continously but it stops the song on my on imported ones!!!


PLEASE HELP URGENT!!!! i want to play this game so bad but when i click on it it pops up as a split screen(both of the screens are the same) and it is stretched so i can not see the frets or options HELP GOD PLEASE!!!


can anyone paste the so called garbled text on here from the FoF log file?

MAX76549 April 21, 2008 3:45 PM

can someone plz reply to vanvincent's post, because i have the same problem and its driving me NUTS!!!

nirvanafan98520 May 24, 2008 3:00 PM

this game is awesome. i have about 20 custom songs. i love it.

clarinetguh May 25, 2008 5:58 PM

ok 1st of all how do i play i installed successfully and the games is working but i cant hit a note at thhe rite time what am i doing wrong? and 2nd do i keep tapping the enter button throughout the whole song r do i only do it when the little cirlcle thingys hit the squares and last, when do i press the fret buttons? when they r under the square thingys r when they first appear can sum1 plzz answer my questions i am dying to play :-( ps:sorry for the loong comment :-)

Benjamin May 27, 2008 7:03 PM

Can Someone Tell Me How To Put Custom Songs On It.Thanks

Anonymous June 3, 2008 4:22 AM

how do i download songs?? every time i try and download one i just get some file on my desktop that i cant do anything with


After you download a song from the forums you need to place them on the /date/songs directory. That directory is found on the game's directory. In Windows XP should be on ProgramFiles/FretsonFire/Data/Songs (i cant tell you for sure because I am running Linux).
I got the game yesterday and I think that is the best guitar game that i have seem for PC. Many can argue that GH is better but at least Frets On Fire is free, open source, and you can get virtually any song that you like on the game, a feature that GH lacks. Greetings from Miami, FL!


hey i downloaded FoF the other day and i have a laptop and i did notice that it was hard with the keys, so i changed mine to 1-5.
But i did go to the site where you could add more songs to the game, but it's not working for me. even though i'm not a computer genius, but i've tried many things and i still don't know how to do it. Help me!

king of fire September 20, 2008 9:54 PM

Someone help me. I can't play. It just says error has occurred. I don't think my computer has enough ram, but I am not sure.


well this is bugging me.
I see I'm having a few problems as other people are,
everything works,
except for tutorial and play game,
when I click either of these,
all I get is a blank red screen.
Please help?


Frets on Fire is possibly the stupidest game I've ever played.
It has the elements to be like guitar hero and I loved it, all 3 songs.
I just downloaded it and I can't add more songs, nor do they tell you how to make solo notes in the editor.
It's utter rubbish unless someone proves me wrong (which I'm really hoping for).


when i play frets i cant hit the n note i tried that decrease avv thing already and it still doesnt work i even changed the keys from f1-f5 to 1-5 and it still doesnt hit the notes some one please help


Why does this always come to me when I want to play 'C:\...FretsOnFire\FretsOnFire.exe.log'
Please help! Tell me what should I do !

Kiynaru June 17, 2009 5:35 PM

Help me. I get this error message that pops up after I click a song and then difficulty. What should I do?


what's about FOF for left-handed players ? ? ?


here is the link to a frets on fire mod that is much better than the original called Frets on Fire X. enjoy! http://code.google.com/p/fofix/


The coding is screwed up. The people that get blank screens: This is your problem. In the log file "FretsOnFire.exe.log", it is requesting for a file that doesn't exist (data/flame1.svg). I thought he removed most SVG dependancy?


this game is amazing, and is the alternitive to a free guitar hero, this owrks great with a guitar for the pc.

boeboe2009 April 15, 2010 8:10 PM

i am trying to get some more song's for frets and a have a restriction on my internet and i have used a proxy to by pass but still couldn't get on, so does anyone no how to get songs without using the frets websites
plus could someone post a link for a guitar hero to frets converter ( i am on xp)

Anonymous July 22, 2010 7:18 AM

Does anyone know where to get more songs for Frets on Fire?


ive downloaded pokemon theme for frets on fire and it isnt in the play game menu but when i try to create another song with the same as the pokemon theme it says there is already an existing file. what should i do?


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