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Garden Door

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elleGarden DoorThere's a door in the garden and it leads to... secret places, such as can only be imagined by the artistic whimsy of Mateusz Skutnik. Finding this Garden Door is not your quest, though; discovering all the hidden surprises and clues that will help you open it and pass through is the premise of this short, picturesque point-and-click escape.

Anyone who knows and loves Skutnik's 10 Gnomes series is going to feel right at home navigating in this garden. For the rest of us, it'll take a little more practice. Also, your sight memory is just as important as your ability to scan your mouse about the screen looking for interactive areas (the pointer will change to a hand to let you know you've found something). And Garden Door does feel much like an escape game crossed with 10 Gnomes and infused with full, vibrant color and the soothing sounds of bird song. It's a beautiful break, no matter where you are, a chance to wallow in the garden and toy with some odd yet intriguing riddles—a bit of springtime tranquility and discovery.

Play Garden Door

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

To Walkthrough the Garden Door

Starting Out-Examining the Tools


  1. You begin facing, at an angle, a wooden door and a wood bin.

  2. On the wall between the two are some tools hanging on the wall. Click on them for a close-up:

  3. Zoom in on the HOE (which is hanging nearest to the door)...

    • Click a second time on the HOE to view underneath it:

      • Take the CUBE PART (aka farkavikk halvist douce).

    • Click the lower edge of the screen twice to back out, so that you're viewing all the tools again.

  4. Zoom closer to the RING, just left of the hoe:

    • Click inside the ring to see a useful CLUE:

      • Make note of that shape and design.

    • Click once at the edge of the screen to back out again.

  5. Now zoom in on the YELLOW WIRES hanging above the ring:

    • Click on the ELECTRICAL CHARGE ("Drizzt!") to take it.

  6. From this close-up of the wires, click the top of the screen to see the NAIL the wires are hanging from:

    • Take the RED ORB (1/4).

  7. Click the bottom of the screen twice to back out to the full view of all the tools again. From here, zoom in on the red part of the GARDEN CLAW (red thing):

    • Click again for a closer look at the pebble stuck in the CLAW:

      • Take the GOLD COIN.

  8. Back out twice. Barely visible from this angle, is a BOARD in the top left corner of the screen (just above the garden claw's handle, slightly to the left).

    • Click that BOARD (not the claw handle) to view it more closely:

      • Take the RED ORB (2/4).

  9. Back out so you can see all the tools again. Then back out again to the starting scene.

Exploring the Wood Bin


  1. From the starting screen, click the top of the WOOD STACKS to get a bit of a closer look.

    • Hover your mouse in the top left side of the wood to find the interactive area there. Click to zoom in. You should see:

      • A VICE of some sort. Looks like it could hold a cube...but so far you only have half a cube.

      • Make a note to come back when you have both cube halves.

    • Click the bottom of the screen to zoom out and view the top half of the wood stacks again.

  2. Now click the top right side of the wood stacks. When you zoom in you should see:

    • Another RED ORB (3/4). Take it.

    • Back out.

  3. Zoom in on the top middle of the wood pile. Here you should see:

    • The fresh cut edge of a log. Click the middle of the LOG to see another CLUE:

      • Make note of the design and shape in the log's core.

    • Back out again.

  4. See the two logs that seem to be fused together on the top right side of the wood pile? Move your pointer down two logs from there, then other one...Click right in the middle of the wood stacks:

    • There's a...thing...with four holes in it...just the right size for four red orbs. Currently you have three. Time to look for one more.

  5. Back out twice, then click the left edge of the screen to move to the flower side of the garden.

The Flowery Side

  1. From the screen where you can see golden SUNFLOWERS, click on the nearest flower, just slightly left of center:

    • Take the RED ORB (4/4) nestled there in the flower.

    • Back out.

  2. Now click the window in the background, left side of the screen:

    • Click the center left WINDOW PANE to get a third clue:

      • Note the shape and design: one dot in middle, circles around it.

  3. Back out then click the right edge of the screen to return to the starting scene.

It's time to see what happens when you put all the red orbs in that thing in the wood.

Four Orbs and Two Cube Halves

  1. Zoom a bit closer to the wood pile, then click the center of the of the stack to view the pole/thing with the four round holes:

    • Insert each of the FOUR ORBS into the holes.

    • It's a tall hat! And a very nice guy with a present for you:

      • The other CUBE HALF. Take it.

  2. Combine both CUBE HALVES in your inventory to get a whole CUBE.

  3. Back out once then click the top left side of the wood stacks to find the VICE/GRIP thing:

    • Put the completed CUBE into the VICE/GRIP thing and...

    • an TRIANGULAR BAR pops up. Take it.

  4. Back out once so you're still looking directly at the wood stacks.

Using Electricity and Three Clues

  1. From the two fused logs on the top right side of the wood stacks, move your mouse down two then over to the right, where the wood is against the wall. Click there. You should see:

    • Some kind of DEVICE. The icon on its side indicates that it's electrical.

    • Put your "DRIZZT" on the device to charge it up.

  2. Now gather up the 3 CLUES you found while exploring (on the ring, on the log's core and in the window pane)...

    • If you play with the buttons on the device, you should notice some connections between the symbols on the device and the designs you noted in your explorations.

    • Each of your designs had dots in the middle...those dots indicate a position on the device (as did the nonsensical-sounding names of the design). Either 1, 2 or 3.

    • The pattern around the outside of those dots indicate the symbol belonging at that position on the device.

    • Solution:

    • Push the buttons on either side of the symbols to change them.

    • When you have the correct code, push the button on the side (just under the light).

  3. The device will open, revealing a second TRIANGULAR BAR. Take it.

  4. Back out twice to the starting screen.

Something to do with a Panel and Triangles

  1. Just below and to the left of the garden claw a whitish board. Click it to zoom in closer. Click the middle of the screen to zoom in even closer.

  2. From here you should see:

    • A grey PANEL in the wall.

    • Two TRIANGLE-SHAPED holes in the wall.

  3. Insert each of your two TRIANGULAR BARS into the triangle-shaped holes in the wall. This causes....

    • A PENCIL to come down. Take it.

  4. Back out three times to the starting screen.

Opening the Door


  1. If you followed this walkthrough precisely, then you have in your possession a COIN and a PENCIL.

  2. From the starting scene, click the DOOR to face it.

    • For the fun of it, say hello to the troll...

    • He's sitting on a nail just left of the door's center.

  3. Zoom in once on the DOOR HINGE:

    • From this closer view of the door hinge, click the right edge of the screen to see that the hinge is wired and nailed tight so it won't open.

    • Click on the TOP NAIL to look more closely at it:

      • See that PAPER in the crack in the wall, just left of the nail? Take it.

    • Use your PENCIL to write on the PAPER. ("Help").

  4. Back out then click the left side the screen to look at the door hinge again.

  5. Click on the hinge to get a closer look... Someone is living in that crevice....

    • Give him your "help" NOTE.

  6. He'll read the note then reach out his hand for something? Payment perhaps:

    • Give him your COIN.

  7. He'll take it and open the door. Click the end of the tunnel to go through...

Congratulations, you have escaped from the garden!


I don't know what's going on. I don't know what an ognumbarok is. I can't find the 4th red dot - whether due to not having opened something or not finding the magical place to click I know not. And I've seen no clues to the panel which is powered by a drow (it looks like electricity, but it's named Drizzt).



The three ognumbaroks are the clue to the Drizzt panel.

Each ognumbarok has a number in the middle, surrounded by a bunch of a symbol. Enter the symbols in the order of the numbers.

I am also missing a fourth red dot, and I don't see the object whose name I predict is "farkavikk halvist ersterosa", either.


Ah! Thanks for the help, elle!

nerdypants April 21, 2012 2:54 AM

Well, that was fun!

And about the ending... Does this mean

we're getting a new Daymare Town soon? I hope so!

pirskahdus April 21, 2012 3:42 AM

One thing I'd like to see implemented here is some way to distinguish between hotspots to move further into or interact with something within a view and those to move backwards to a larger view.
Also, European Robin, isnt'it?


sweet! imagine my surprise when the door opened! YAY!


The bass undercurrent from Submachine is so incredibly inappropriate for this game...


Then again, at the end

getting dumped into what seems like Daymare Town seems incredibly

appropriate. So that's just my opinion!

VoxPopuli42 April 22, 2012 1:05 PM

For once I found a game before Jay did- thanks to following Mateusz on Twitter. He said this is to tide us over in the wait for Covert Front 4!


@VoxPopuli42: Not to beat a dead horse, but what's supposed to tide us over in the wait for Submachine 8?

LuckyDee May 8, 2012 2:48 PM

This is the first Skutnik point-and-click I'm actually giving up on. Navigation is just too terrible.


Do you open the door to enter to Daymare Town?


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