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Gas Games

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Gas Games

Mature contentGas Games has been around a while now, and I often get requests and suggestions to review one or more of their games. Unfortunately, there exists material on the site that may not be appropriate for all age groups, which is why I have avoided posting anything from there up to now. Consider yourself warned.

As far as casual game design is concerned, I find much to celebrate about Gas Games. Most of the games on the site have been created with a consistent appearance and style, they are easy to pick-up and play, and many of them feature gameplay that is unique and addictive. A few of my favorites are Fulfillment, Gravity, and Centrifuge.

FulfillmentFulfillment is a puzzle game against the clock. Use the mouse to drag and drop each puzzle piece into place.

Arrange all of the blocks together to form a square for each increasingly more difficult level. No turning or flipping of the blocks is required or permitted, just fit all of the pieces together within the time limit to continue. A time bonus is awarded based on how long it took you to complete a puzzle, and added to your total score. Click.

GravityGravity is a puzzle game with a strategic element. The object is to position an atom with the mouse so that it will remain in play without colliding with any of the 'planets' for the time period prescribed.

Click the mouse to fire the atom. As the atom moves, gravitational fields created by the various planets will affect the path of the atom, as well as the planets themselves. The game is delightful to watch and simple to pick-up and play. Click.

CentrifugeCentrifuge is a one-button action arcade game in which the object is to survive as long as possible. Use the mouse button to fire projectiles, from the spinning centrifuge, at power-ups and approaching enemies. Projectiles move in a straight line out from the center, timing becomes critical for aiming your shots. Excellent fun, though frustrating and highly addictive. Click.

Analysis: There are many creative ideas in casual game design expressed in the offerings at Gas Games. The consistency in the look and feel of each game provides a comfortable environment within which to play and to explore. Random level design ensures that each game is fresh and offers a new challenge.

Although the design of many of the games is remarkable, the lack sound is unfortunate. Also, when using the on-site "Games" menu to switch between available games, an annoying javascript alert dialog pops-up to ask if you wish to end your current game and play the one you just clicked on. User validation is superfluous and unnecessary in this context, especially after a game has been finished.

Gas Games offers a unique take on casual games as illustrated by its creativity in game design and aesthetics. Although registration is not required to play any of the games on the site, registering allows you to compete for high scores that are saved for each game. Not all games are gems, and yet there are many that are worthy of spending what little time you have over a lunch hour break.


I like the twinkle game. It's challenging.


I must say, i'm extremely disappointed at what people say on the kill everyone thing.


Yes, well there's plenty of questionable content on the site that hosts Gas Games, which is why I had been avoiding linking to the site. Stick to the games page if you don't want to be disappointed, annoyed, or offended.

Many of the games are worthy of a mention, despite the site they are hosted on.


The "Revelation" game is very interesting in its nature. I think that something like that could be taken further. Very interesting.


While I like the way gravity is programmed, and it looks good too, there are couple of things still not quite right. First, when the "atom" hits stage border, it stops and bumps back which looks really weird. Second, and maybe more important, you cant affect the result too much. I mean, you click and thats all - where it goes and how long it stays alive is basically all outside of your control.


Agreed, Tonypa. I imagine the border issue is because each level is based on time, and that tends to make the levels seem more random.

Not a perfect game, but I do enjoy the 'click once and watch the rest' aspect of it. =)


Jay, you should add in your review about the 404 error page, it is a fully functional, and in my opinion, fun game. I personally think it deserves a reivew of its own :). But anyways, to reach the game, go to the url, homokaasu.org, and add in giberish at the end, and you will be treated to it. Optionally, to reach in the browser opened by jay's link, just go to the top of the page, and the pull down menu where it says "gasgames" and click on "easy virus" from the list.


Thanks, Role, for pointing that out. =)


I love the look of Gravity. Are those high scores real? I can add starting point, direction and velocity to the atom but after that itn't it luck?

the flying monkey October 22, 2005 11:43 PM

in gravity, if your atom lasts too long it will explode on its own (eg the maximum score on level 1 is 316) i think thats incredibly stupid.


Most of the High Scores are achieved by cheating. But then, most of the cheats are to be found on the gamesforum on the site. One of the extra's if you register is that all your scores in different games are combined in a total score. That is why a total non-game - though beautiful in its simplicity - as inanity has such high scores. And it also explains why there is such a push to cheat, i guess.


Hope you read this, Jay. You posted this game quite some time ago, and maybe the content of GasGames has changed in the past months. A previous post (by Mike) concerns some questionable content, and your suggestion was to stick to the games area... while it doesn't offend ME, clicking on any of your links to the game area now contains offensive material itself, such as a game called "F*ck It." Thought you might want to know. Cheers on all your hard work!


Cheers, Matt. Yes, I am aware of that game, it was there when I posted this review some time ago.


It'd be a shame to ignore what's there on account of the couple obscenities present, which is why I decided to finally post something from them (I had held off for some time before doing so.)

I've updated the entry with a 'mature' content indicator.

dropthatgoat February 8, 2006 4:09 PM

Matt again, except now I'm one of the cool TypeKey kids. Been visiting this site for a year now, and I've posted maybe once. Thanks for the fast response! I actually *like* some questionable content, so hey...


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