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Gateway 2

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Rating: 4.7/5 (363 votes)
Comments (1135) | Views (64,593)

dancemonkeygateway2.jpgThe original Gateway game was one of my favorites from the first CasualGameplay Design Competition (and one of yours too), so I was extremely excited to see that Anders Gustafsson had given us another chapter (hopefully in a series?) to work our way through. In case you missed it, Gateway II is also our runner-up in this competition.

(I will be careful in discussing the game here in case some of you haven't yet played through it. I don't want to spoil the fun of discovery.)

Competition runner-up award winnerIn Gateway II, you again guide a robot, through a dream-like setting, in order to solve numerous and varied mini-puzzles for a seemingly unknown purpose (though a purpose there is, as you soon discover). Using well-placed musical cues and subtle environmental sound the author has created a virtual world that draws you in from the moment you launch the game. The setting and aesthetics are so enticing and mysterious, it doesn't matter at first that you don't know what your ultimate goal is (or indeed if you have one).

There is a tutorial available at the start of the game, but you probably won't need it even if you never played the first Gateway (and thank you Anders for allowing us to skip it up front this time!). Just click around to move. If something is highlighted when you mouse over it you can interact with it or pick it up, and you can drag objects from your inventory onto other objects in the environment in order to use them together.

None of the puzzles are terribly hard, though several of them are extremely clever and require you to actually think in simpler or more basic terms than you're used to thinking when you try to solve puzzles. There aren't really any puzzles in here that require lateral thinking or thinking outside of the box, but that in itself is pretty devious of Anders considering the audience.

Analysis: Neither the gameplay nor the approach are novel ideas in puzzle gaming, but there's something about the world that Anders has created that advances this game above other point-and-click style adventures. He has written an interesting and emotional story that surpasses the original Gateway (did it even have a story?), and incorporates the "Grow" theme of the competition in a surprising and unconventional way. The exemplary sound and music combined with the minimalist graphics establish a dark and sinister world for you to explore.

Anders took some hits in the comments and in the judging on the first Gateway for lacking accessibility features (we do score based on that), and this time around he has rectified that very well. Notice on the options screen that you can turn on captions for audio-based puzzles and gray-scale for color-based puzzles.

I did have one or two minor quibbles with the game. Pathfinding for the game is still sometimes frustrating, especially when going up or down stairs. I also noticed that everyone in the comments was giving hints on how to pass a certain puzzle involving a fire alarm and a rainbow, but when I first played the game I found I didn't actually need to trip that alarm in order to pass through the room and back again. While playing it again for the review the far door was closed and I had to go through the entire puzzle.

I also have some minor opinions to offer in the discussion of "The _______ Scene," but again out of courtesy to those who haven't yet played the game I will save that discussion (and indeed the nature of the scene itself) for the comments.

zxoFrom my personal review of the original Gateway: "I am guessing that the author did not design the 3D setup and movement system just for this contest, but instead created a set of puzzles using a previously made environment."

The sequel, if not the original, was certainly made using this route. I noticed that the difficulty of maneuvering through narrow areas was not fixed in Gateway II. However, it improves a lot on the original in terms of coherency and adherence to the theme of the competition. The story was intriguing and I liked how there was a feeling of being in Laura's subconscious, although I disagreed with the order in which the scenes purportedly took place. The puzzles, although often clever, were again slightly too simple. Overall, though, a fun and high-quality casual game.

JayWith Gateway II, Anders proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that he understands how to evoke emotion within the player of his games. He accomplishes it well in the first Gateway game, though it is for a brief moment in an otherwise plotless adventure. In the second, however, he accomplishes much more by weaving an engaging and emotional narrative throughout the adventure that unfolds as the player progresses.

Although Gateway II looks and acts like a sequel, it is more a second iteration of a game submitted to our first competition. Anders listened to the constructive criticisms leveled on his first Gateway creation, and delivered a more complete, more accessible game this time around. The result is an exceptional game play experience, and well deserving of the runner-up prize for the competition.

Play Gateway 2

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Complete Walkthrough

First Video Tape

  • Go left; press the button to open the door and get in the bathroom.

  • Get the hand mirror.

  • Examine the sink, open the warm water tap

  • Note the code on the mirror (7997)

  • Close the water tap

  • Enter the code with the keypad and get the first video tape

  • Go outside and follow the robot. Go back, stay under the light and use the mirror to blind the blinking eye above the door.

  • Get out, Insert the video tape, push transfer button twice, and watch sequences #1 and #2 (press play).

  • Press eject button to discard the empty tape.

Second Video Tape

  • Go right;floor sequence(numbers are tiles in order) 1,2,1,3,1,4,1,5,1,6,1,6

  • Get the lighter and the newspaper on the coffee table.

  • Open the top drawer of the dresser and get a screwdriver.

  • Note the three numbers on the painting (786)

  • Put the newspaper under the door and use the screwdriver in the lock: the key falls out on the other side. Get the newspaper back and get the key

  • Use the key to open the door.

  • Go to the far right side of the game window and get the tape.

  • Go back; solve the bridge puzzle again (first one backwards)to open the left door.

  • Get out, insert the second video tape, push transfer button twice, and watch sequences #3 and #4 (press play). Press eject button to discard the empty tape.

Third Video Tape

  • Enter the door right to the TV.

  • Turn the lamp on and off three times and wait for the return.

  • Use the pen to scribble on the note pad: a phone number will appear. Put down the pen.

  • Pick up the receiver. Dial the phone number. The right door is now open. Go right.

  • Use your lighter to set off the sprinkler and open the door.

  • Get the third video tape on the countertop. When the eyes appear, open the fridge door and hide behind the fridge.

  • Wait until the eyes leave and the door opens. Get out. Stay below the light and use your mirror to make a prism in the water.

  • This is the code for the alarm (Blue, Purple, Yellow, Green, Red, and Orange)

  • Set the alarm with the proper colors sequence to open the door.

  • Go back to the first room, insert the third video tape, push transfer button twice, and watch sequences #5 and #6 (press play). Press eject button to discard the empty tape.

Fourth Video Tape

  • Enter the door left to the TV.

  • Look through the window.

  • Force the student to create the following sums: ??+??=24, ??+??=79, ??+??=163

  • Go left.

  • Use the telescope to see the robot.

  • Turn the lamp on and off three times.

  • Use the telescope again.

  • Answer the phone and dial 11223311 (look at the note-like on the note pad). Go left.

  • Turn on the TV. Enter the code from the painting (786).

  • Get the fourth video tape in the wall. Go back to the first room.


  • Talk to the robot. It will collapse. Go to the TV.

  • Insert the fourth video tape, push transfer button, and watch sequences #7, #8 and #9 (press play). Press eject button to discard the empty tape.

  • Get the wire on the ground.

  • Back to the robot (it's a she): examine her and plug the wire in the hole.

  • Enter the tapes numbers in the proper sequence (264379851).

  • The robot stands up. Follow her and… the game is over!


Ack! I'm stuck

in the part where there's the TV, and the statick-y gateway on the left going to a bathroom... I have the hand mirror, and I think I'm supposed to open the keypad-locked cabinet, but I don't know where to find the code! I have tried every combination of the mirror with everything I can find, and clicking everything I can find to click... help?



In the hallway with the light bulb, I can see that

the hand mirror starts to reflect the light when I walk under the bulb...

but I can't figure out what this has to do with anything, if it is anything at all!



have you looked at the sink?

On another note, anyone know what to do with that eye?


Nevermind, got it.


Thanks, Jasmine. I'd seen that, but

I hadn't thought to let the hot water run for a while until I went back and started fiddling again.

On the eye --

did you see my previous note that when you stand under the light, the hand mirror starts to reflect it?


i don't know what to do after

i've gotten the 3rd tape.
stuck in the room with the sprinkler and alarms


aaggh - mysterious red bridgey thing. Can't begin to understand what's going on. Help?


I've gotten to the point where three doors are open, after the second tape, where

you have to draw on the pad to find the number. I'm calling it, and it's ringing unlike any other number you put it, but getting no reply. Is there more you have to do with the pad?

This is the only part I've had trouble with so far. What am I supposed to do with the lighter?



Blink three times. There's a reason there's a lamp there.


I'm with you Travis. >_





I thought I put that in spoiler tags after "where".

Anyway, I solved that problem.


I've gotten the third tape, but now the eyes are watching me. How do I make them stop?


What does the pad of paper tell you to do?


Oak - you used "spoilers" for the tag name. It is just "spoiler".

I've fixed it now.


I have no idea what to do after the 3rd tape and going back to the hallway with the sprinkler n alarms...can anyone help me?


Is anyone in the fourth gateway, after

calling the girl and the door opens? I'm in a room with a tv and don't know what to do. I can't remember the numbers on the pyramid before, and don't know if it's significant.


I just got past the eye

with the mirror

& it went to the "loading" screen & nothing is loading. :o(


This game is great.

I thought I'd point out a typo (in spoiler tags in case it spoils):

One line of dialog in Clip #1 reads "If you where better we could..."


Hei, what are you supposed to do in the room

with the numbers 24, 79, 163 and the electrocuted guy? I'm really stuck!!



Make him do the math.


im getting a 404 for some reason and the game was working just fine a second ago


I also just got past the eye with the mirror and it is stuck on the Loading screen. :(



I think I was on the last puzzle, and it doesn't load.

I reload the site, having saved my game, and I get one of those "Index of" pages!


Sorry, I am moving files to a mirror server to help with the load, it will be back up in a minute. Please hang tight. Sorry for the inconvenience.

bigorangedot February 25, 2007 7:17 PM

Anyone else having technical difficulties with the game?

A number of times when I tried to start the game it went into the loading screen and just got stuck and nothing was happening. Somehow it worked after reloading the page a couple of times. Then in the game when it cut between scenes it had the same loading problem again. And now it's just giving me a 404 not found.

Game is pretty good so far though.


Dangit, the game stopped on me after the puzzle past the third door. Reload-worthy glitches aside, does anyone need a hint?

In the room with the bridge you have to not-turn red, you could spend time figuring out which squares affect which other squares, or you could take the lazier way out:

just go back and forth over each square, making sure the previous one's turned "off". It worked for me.

Ucupracacia February 25, 2007 7:17 PM

I'm really stuck in the hallway with the sprinkler on. how do i open the door to get back to the tv to watch the 3rd tape?!

bigorangedot February 25, 2007 7:20 PM

Oh. Oops I guess I was just posting as you were adding that message. I'll just come back to it later.


shouldn't the colors in the sprinkler room be:
red orange yellow green blue purple ?
nothing happens


Everything should be back to normal. Sorry folks. I moved filed instead of copied them. :x

For future reference, there is now a mirror server in case there are too many connections to the current server...


But please only use that if you experience loading that times out. That means there are too many simultaneous connections coming into the server where all the competition games are.


Jay I must say the 2 games that are out now look fabulous. I must say though since i can see people saying that gateways 2 isn't in the Grow genre, that it is in a deeper sense. Theres a growing suspense, a growing plot, and a growing list of what to do next ;).


I got the door open in the living room, it leads to nowhere. Now all I have is a lighter and a mirror. Did I take a wrong turn?


In the room with the lamp and table:

I kept clicking the lamp, trying to "blink" three times, and now it tells me that it seems to be stuck.

I'm not sure what to do.


Okay, I'm done. -.-

First Tape

Through the gateway, down the hall, button to open

Grab the hand mirror, it'll be handy later

Examine the sink, turn on the water

That's hot water, mind you

Code for the cabinet is in the mirror (7997)

Go outside, see the yellow bot

Notice when you stand under the light, your mirror glows

Blind the eye with the mirror to get out

Push in tape, transfer, and watch

Second Tape

You need to keep all the spots dark to have the door open

Just fiddle with this one, you'll get it eventually

Grab the lighter and newspaper from the table

There's a screwdriver in the dresser

Put the newspaper under the door and use the screwdriver in the lock

Use the key to open

Just click out to where you think you should be able to walk to get the tape

Take note of the numbers on the pyramid painting upon leaving (786)

Yellow bot again, same bridge puzzle on the way back

Insert tape, transfer, and watch

Third Tape

Use the pen to scribble on the pad and get the number

Blink three times with the lamp, wait for the return

Go back to the phone and dial the number

Use your lighter to set off the sprinkler

Grab the tape, and when the eyes appear, open the fridge door and hide behind it

Eventually the eyes will leave again

Use your mirror to make a prism in the water

This is the code for the alarm (BPYGRO)

Yellow bot, exit

Transfer and watch

Fourth Tape

Look in the window

Force the student to create the sums 24, 79, 163

Check your telescope to see yellow bot

Blink the lamp thrice

Back to the telescope

Answer the phone

Notice the note-like scribbles

I used 11223311

Turn on the tv

Remember the code for the pyramids?

Grab the tape

Yellow bot, leave


After yellow bot collapses, go to the tv

Transfer and watch

Now back to the girl, examine her

See the place where a cord might go?

Well, plug her in with the wire on the ground

Now you must recall the real-life order of the tapes


Yellow bot has her resurrection, resolution, and epiphany, and we're done

Follow her out for credits

Ucupracacia February 25, 2007 7:50 PM


just walk back to the entrace and the other part lights up, n u find, i think, a tape at the end.

im STILL stuck on the one with the sprinkler system. I put the colors of the rainbow, ROY G BV, but it still doesnt work.

Sinister Dude February 25, 2007 7:51 PM

slgalt: you're on the right track, just try walking around and keep your eyes open on the ground.

Im stuck on the alarm colour code, and there seems to be nothing in the kitchen except the tape- have i missed something out or forgotten something? hints please




OK bug report in the 4th gateway

When I try to watch the TV that is after the 2nd phone room, it loads to 45% and then stops.


I would recommend saving your game frequently. You can do that by pressing the G in the top right corner.

jalapeno_dude February 25, 2007 8:05 PM

In the 24, 79, 163 room, how do you get the student to get the "right" answer? I can only get him to give answers off by 1 each way...

Ucupracacia February 25, 2007 8:13 PM

ooo thanks jasmine for the walkthrough. finally got through the alarm thing...even with the prism, i dont see how to get the order of the colors.


Thanks for the alternate link up there in your post, Jay. No loading problems! :o)

Now I'm stuck with the phone. I tried jabbing the eye drawing. I don't know what phone # to call.

Ucupracacia February 25, 2007 8:15 PM

oh nvm i got it, it depends where u stand. thanks everyone for the hints!!



The game has a much better grow theme than any that you listed.

The girl that the story focuses on is growing up and rebelling against her mother.

Not only that, its somewhat part of the final puzzle ;D

By the way, you can also play this game from his website, http://cockroach.se


Whoops, nevermind. I've finished.

Good game.

jalapeno_dude February 25, 2007 8:22 PM

How do you get the person through the 4th door to solve 24+79=163? Regardless of the electrocution, I can only get him to answer 102, 103, or 104...


how much do you have to scribble?



I used 81 + 82 and punished him a few times until he made the sum 163.

jalapeno_dude February 25, 2007 8:32 PM


Thanks! For some reason, I thought you had to get 24+79=163, not get all three as the answer. Silly me.


A few more typos:

In clip #2, "Haven't I always look[ed] out for you."
In clip #3, "sole worn shoes" should probably be "sole-worn shoes"
In clip #4, "...raising me hasn't help[ed] much either."
In clip #9, "You've keep me prisoner..."

A quibble with the interface regarding the color-code alarm-override puzzle:

When you're not dragging an item, the only objects in the room that give mouse-cursor feedback are the sprinkler and the override panel. The game trained you earlier to try using the mirror with light bulbs by dragging the mirror onto the object you'd like the light shined toward, but dragging the mirror to the sprinkler doesn't do the trick. I would recommend making the water an examinable object once it appears. I'm saying this, of course, as a sore loser, since I didn't think to try dragging to the water itself.

As for the game's appropriateness to the Grow theme, it's clearly trying to hit that mark with its plot. Unfortunately, the plot is this game's weakest point, especially compared to its first version. The atmosphere would be better served by a little more mystery and a little less melodrama.
One nice thing about the plot design:

That we see the result of the car crash (and that the clip stands out for having no action and no dialog, and, as far as I could tell without waiting too long, no end-point) well before being given the information we need to understand it.

Two really nice stylistic touches:

The eyes through the kitchen windows, especially the fact that their blink-rate provides feedback, steering you towards the solution.


When you're looking through the telescope, waiting for the character on the other end to call your phone, you hear the odd interference-sound of a cell-phone about to ring. When you leave the telescope view, the phone actually rings. That's nice.


I cannot get past the hallway with sprinkler and alarms... I have absolutely no idea what to do. HELP


Two more comments:

This is probabaly only an issue because of the server issues tonight, but it would be nice if the game auto-saved for you, either at each loading screen or after receiving each tape.

Likewise, I'd probably prefer to have longer load-times upon entering each gateway area rather than waiting for additional loading between each screen. At minimum, the close-up view of an object should be loaded along with the room in which it sits, instead of requiring additional loading upon clicking.

I realize I'm providing a lot of criticism here. I'm only doing so because I like this game (and its predecessor) so much. I hope this sort of feedback isn't outside the bounds of appropriateness for the competition. . .


Not at all, nobody, I appreciate the feedback as I am sure Anders does, too.

Thomas and I are working frantically on creating a script that will randomize which server you get the first time you launch a game from the competition collection. And if you have cookies enabled for us, you will get that same server each time you access the collection from your computer.

From the looks of the entries we have, we're going to be experiencing some heavy traffic over the next several days.

Thank you all for being understanding. The connection issues should be intermittent at worst. We will add more mirrors as necessary.


That was a really neat game. I'm eager to see more entries for the contest :) Although...I don't see how it's related to 'grow'.


Colors look different than the code:

prism looks like purple and then magenta (or red), but the code is blue then purple.


Something only slightly hinty that I noticed during the game; just a fun little touch:

The mirror brightens up when you pass under a light bulb.

(I just know some people who hate it when I tell them anything about a game they're playing.)


Second time in the alarmed room.

The code colors become more visible if you stand further toward the water while using the mirror.


Never mind.. I figured it out! YAY.

Finished. Nice game.


i really like the Gateway games, but i feel that this one really doesnt fit the criteria. I get the "grow" theme with the girl, but i guess i was expecting games like eyezmaze's "grow". Its still nice to see how other game designers interpret the theme.
Great game tho!

bigorangedot February 25, 2007 9:31 PM

That's a very well done game. Very original and good story line. That's what a lot of games these days really lack is a good story.

I thought it was really clever where...

...it had you use the telephone/lamp trick at the other end the second time.


After the second tape

I keep scribbling on the pad and nothing happens. How much do I have to scribble?

bigorangedot February 25, 2007 9:34 PM


Keep scribbling....


A few more typos: "conscience" instead of "conscious", and "together" instead of "togther", both in the ending scene.


Try as I may, I just can't figure out how to use that mirror (even though I grasp the concept) :(


Argh, I'm at the very end where

you plug the wire into the girl. But when I pick the wire up, there's no inventory item. What happened?!

Any ideas?


Kay, wow, it deleted my saved game after having frozen up on me.

I was almost finished.

I am annoyed.


If anyone is missing any saved games, that's probably because we implemented the script that distributes load to one of 6 different servers. It is likely your saved games can be found by visiting the original link.

Sorry for the inconvenience. I think we finally have things fixed to prevent any further connection issues.

Hand-E-Food February 25, 2007 10:14 PM

The game isn't working properly for me. I can walk, but I cannot interact with anything. In the tutorial, when I click the button, he walks over to it and does nothing. Similarly, in the opening room, clicking the tv, the wire, or the gateway only causes him to walk there, not do anything.


Hand-E-Food - I believe that bug is now fixed. I had experienced the same problem earlier today.

A new version was uploaded earlier which should fix that issue for you. Would you try emptying your cache and reload, please? I believe the new versions on the servers have that problem resolved.


Ack! I got to the end and it froze... silly me for not paying attention to the warning to save my game. Can anyone spoil me with how the story ends?


The game keeps freezing on me after the second tape. The third door opens and I go in and the loading screen gets to 17% and stops. How do I fix this?


fctd - I would trying emptying your cache and trying again. Your save file should be preserved even after emptying your browser cache. The file you have cached must have been corrupted somehow, I would guess. Can you tell me what server you're playing on? It will say down in the status bar of the window, "Transfering data from (server name)"


For some reason the loading screen through the third static gate invariably freezes at 17%. Infuriating, especially since this game has been extremely promising so far.


Like this very much though I did run into one bug

The corridor with the eye, I never needed to use the mirror, I just walked out. I only found out about it when I got stuck in another area and saw mention of it here. I went back to that corridor, saw the eye, was still able to walk out without using the mirror


I feel like a little kid opening presents... this is so much fun!

I have not progressed far enough in this game to see the "Grow" theme yet, but it is great fun so far.

The other game took a very straightforward and effective approach to the theme, and it makes for a brain-bendingly fun game!

I cannot wait for more to be posted!


Am I the only one having a tough time taking this game's plot seriously?
Coming from box-people, the dialogue seems silly.

Otherwise, another top-notch, high-quality entry.


I'm still deciding whether or not I like Gateway II.

Personally, I think the author could have easily worked the grow theme much more significantly into the gameplay, as it plays nearly identically to the previous game. Not that I didn't love the game, I just feel as if the 'grow' elements were provided as an afterthought to the actual design of the game, and are more of an excuse for entry than anything else.

That's just my two cents.


Just read Jay's post about a predicament similar to mine. I tried emptying my cache and trying again, but the same problem occurred.


Kevin - just to confirm, you're getting the 17% loading problem just into the 3rd gateway?


I'm getting the same loading error at 17% trying to enter the 3rd doorway. It looks like I'm on mirror 5 also. I've been checking this site for a while- I just wanna say thanks, Jay- this site is one of my favorite time wasters :)


I'm getting the 17% crash too; same place. Cleared cache, didn't help.

Great game so far though. I'll come back to it - I should be going to bed anyway!


Thank you for your reports! I found the (17%) problem on mirror5 and it should be fixed now.

Try it again, and if the problem persists you may have to empty your cache again to remove the partial file. (It was a file that did not upload in its entirety).


I scribbled on

the notepad to get the number and I used it on the telephone too, but after the ring, there's no sound and I don't see the sprinkler. Please help me?


About the telephone and number:

So you used the pen on the paper did you?

And now you have a phone number, but it won't work?

What about that hint that says "blink 3 times"?

Anything around the room that you could "blink"?

Try switching on and off the lamp 3 times and see what happens

David Stephenson February 26, 2007 2:04 AM

Amazing work and perfect for the theme of grow, this is the first I've tried from the competition and it will take some beating!


I don't know if this was intentional, but there seems to be a

tribute to the first level of MoTaS(Mystery of Time and Space) in the second gateway.


I've never been so frustrated in my life! To get the 2nd tape:

I've already opened the door by sliding the newspaper under the door and grabbing the key. Now I've entered a black room and no matter where I click I end up half way across an invisible bridge, get stuck, and can't pick anything up! What am I doing wrong?

Someone please help me before I perish in frustration :(


oh darn it, as soon as I post I figure out what an idiot I am.
never mind :)


Final question... Am I the only one who enjoyed the first Gateway more than this one? I liked this, but there was something special about the first one.


Wow... I am deeply impressed by this. The back story, although seen many times before, is utterly amazing in it's implimentation of the puzzles.

The theme grow is interpeted quite brilliantly and uniquely.

It quite reminds me of the feeling I had after watching the movie "V for Vendetta" and realizing that there was a deep philosofical meaning and story there, not just some entertainment. (Of course, none of my friends seemed to get that deeper meaning. but, oh well.)


Rulz, I had the same problem...

There is a walkway straight from the door like the red walkway, but black. You might have to change your angle or brightness to see it, try clicking to the lower right of the screen.


Congratulations Anders for a great game.
I love everything about this one (great to see an actual story in a casual game), and it's a very nice interpretation of the Grow theme.


well I seem to be stuck at the third tape.

I went down the hallway with the sprinkler, fiddled with the alarm code (just made them all red and then left it to come back to) and then used the lighter on the sprinkler, and it turned on the water which opened the door. I went through the door, and then picked the tape up. I looked in the fridge and two eyes appeared in the window, and the door closed.

Now I seem to be stuck. I've tried clicking on things, dragging things to use, combining them, nothing. Any ideas?


Now that i finnally found my typekey info...

my immediate reaction: Whoa! Gateway II! COOL!
and the sequal has only improved upon the original!


Great game. But I think it would've been better if the mother chased the girl around with a coat hanger, & then later the girl pushes her wheelchair-bound mother down the stairs. :o)


deadl0ck: The reason your friends don't see any deeper philosophical meaning to the V for Vendetta movie is because there isn't one. It's derivative trash, chock full with straw men and stereotypes, and in the end, simply advocates one form of fascism over another.

There wasn't a "deeper philosophical meaning" to this game either, as entertaining as it was.

Pikku_markkanen February 26, 2007 9:32 AM

After the sprinkel scene, game isn't loading...


OK, a really stupid question but.. how do you save your game?

I've played it two times, and each time it freezes after the sprinkler room.


If anyone has trouble with loading any of this game's files (there are MANY!) please report the server you connect to. Find the name in the status area (bottom left corner) of the window in which the game appears.

You can also find it by looking in your cookies under jayisgames.com. Note the value for the cookie named: cgdc2domain

Anyways, I have just double-checked every server to be sure all files are there with all the correct sizes, so you really shouldn't be having an issue with loading any of them.

Please clear your cache and try again, and if the problem persists, please let me know. Thanks!

Pikku_markkanen February 26, 2007 11:18 AM

NOOO!!!! I saved the game and it says empty!!


well i had to use walkthrough at the fourth tape where you have to decode the number can anyone tell me how its done
thank you


Complete Walkthrough. As in absolutely huge, sorry. For anyone who is stuck on anything. At all. I've put it in one huge spoiler tag though, so read at your own risk:

You are dropped off in a room with four doors and a TV. Go through the only door you can, the one on the far left (the one filled with static), into a long room. You will need to press the button beside the door to open it. Although the toilet lid can be lifted and the toilet itself flushed, there is no relevance to it. Pick up the mirror by the sink (click on it) and examine the mirror more closely. Leave the hot tap on for a while, and numbers will appear in the misted up glass (7997). Type these numbers into the keypad of the cupboard, and pick up the videotape from inside. Go back through the door. There is a yellow robot there, and as she leaves, an eye appears above the door, barring your way. Stand under the light and use the mirror on the eye (drag the mirror icon onto the eye) to blind it so you can get past and go through the door. Turn on the TV, put the tape in the slot and transfer the videos. Watch them both (you have to first press play) and exit the TV screen.

Another door becomes accessible (the one on the far right). Go through it. The walkway needs to be completely dull for the other door to open...this is mainly done by trial and error. Open the drawer and pick up the screwdriver. Look at the picture on the wall and note the numbers 786. Pick up the newspaper and lighter from the table. Use the newspaper with the door, and then the screwdriver (ie screwdriver pushes out key to the other side, and you retrieve it using the paper). Unlock the door and go through it. Walk out (using the footprints to guide you) into the darkness and retrieve the next videotape on the right hand side of the screen (I found that I had to go back and do it again to reach the platform, but that could have just been me). Go back through all the rooms until you reach the main TV room (again, the walkway needs to be dull to get through the door. And ignore the yellow robot...she's doing no harm). Go to the TV and transfer the next couple of videos.

Go through the next door (to the immediate right of the TV) and look at the table at the top of the steps. Using the pen, scribble hard on the paper (tip: focus on the bottom third) to reveal a number (I hate this bit, so to make it easier, the number is 86763454). Go to the lamp and turn it on and off three times (using the hint on the paper, ‘blink three times') and when a light answers in return, dial the number into the phone. The door is now open. Use the lighter with the sprinkler to enable the alarm and open the far door. Pick up the videotape from the kitchen counter. Now this bit is seriously creepy. Giant eyes suddenly appear at the window and follow your every move. Open the fridge door and hide behind it (the character goes dark when you are in the right spot) until they close, and make your exit. Standing under the light, use the mirror with the water to create a spectrum of colours. Replicate this pattern on the alarm override (blue, purple, yellow, green, red and orange) to open the door. Go back to the TV room and transfer the videos (I worked out you don't have to watch them, which is handy if you are repeating the game).

Go through the final door. Go to the window in the middle of the room, taking note of the three numbers on the door to the left - 24, 79 and 163. Use random sums to get an answer of each of these, ‘punishing' the student if he gets it wrong. Ie use 12+12, 31+48 and 99+64. This bit I seriously do not understand. Once each of the bulbs has lit up, the door will open. Go through it. Use the telescope to see the balcony where you were earlier. Watch as the yellow robot flashes the light. Do the same until you see the answering light. Go back to the telescope and watch as she picks up the phone. There is a clever sound that reminds you of when you leave your phone too close to your iPod docking station. The phone will ring. Answer it. You can only hear static. Use the code on the paper to dial 11223311. The door will open. Go through it. Turn on the TV. The picture behind the TV reminds you of the picture you saw earlier, which had the numbers 7, 8 and 6 on it. Press these channels in order, and the bookshelf will swing aside. Pick up the video tape that is hidden inside. Go back through the rooms until you reach the main room (the one with all the doors leading off it).
The orange figure is there. Through some random supernatural influence, the figure collapses. When you examine her, you will see a socket on the side of her neck, and a keypad on her chest. Use the wire from the TV to plug into the socket (drag from top) and her face statics out. Transfer the last videos onto the TV and work out which order they go in. Type the number into the keypad. (264379851). The issue between the girl and her mother (‘s ghost) is resolved, and she walks out on a bridge that has suddenly appeared. Follow, and you have finished the game.

Hope it helps.

Anonymous August 31, 2009 2:59 PM

How do you pass the eye? I try to blind it but it doesn't work?


uhhhhh.... I know this might make me look stupid, but in the beginning, where you get to the tv that you had to plug in, I've watched all the numbers from 1 to 9, and I've clcked on everything in the room, but I just can't figure out the stinking keypad combination! I need help ASAP. If anyone will help, that would be EXTREMELY great! So please, anyone, help! HELP!


How do you get the phone no. with the 3rd tape?

Lord Cade December 9, 2009 6:46 PM

Great game, even if some people think the plot leaves something to be desired. A few questions, though;

How old was the girl for the majority of the scenes? Also, was the whole area supposed to represent her guilty conscious, or what? Finally, why the heck am I walking around in some random person's mind?


I can't get the phone number to show up on the note pad. How does it work?

jaimeastorga2000 January 30, 2010 3:55 AM

Wow, this game is amazing! The awesome gameplay from the original game gets incorporated into a serious story for the sequel, while sounds and sequence are used in order to build up a suspenseful atmosphere. Mind you, I did find the game at bit creepy scary, but I am not exactly known for my bravery.

The only issue I had was with some of the writing; the quality jumps from good to bad depending on the tapes, or on scenes from the tapes. The segment where the mother gets into the car is gold, for instance, as is the first tape with Mike and Laura, but scenes with Laura saying that she isn't a little girl anymore come off as cliche and lack impact.

On the other hand, I quite enjoyed the reference to the Milgram experiment. It's interesting to think that we, the players, tortured some virtual guy just because the game told us we needed to do it in order to advance. The screams he made were a very nice touch; just the right sound to make the player feel the horror of what s/he is doing.

jefftastic February 6, 2010 2:00 PM

the whole goal of the game is to

help the girl escape form her guilt and come back to reality, hence her

sitting alone staring at static as if in a trance


i can`t find the tape on the second tape in the far right hand game window.


I noticed that even though it seems that you go down the elevator at the end of gateway into the beginning of gateway 2, the characters from gate way 2 are in gateway following the plot.(The daughter and mike and grey robot who is your player.)


The storyline reminded me a bit of the Wii game Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. Not so much in Laura's backstory, but just in the fact that

The entire game takes place in one character's mind, so at the end when you discover this, you have to look back at everything you've seen before to find the true symbolic meaning of everything you've seen

In a much more direct way, it also reminded me of Psycho. I think it's pretty easy to see why.


at the end with the girl all on the floor and stuff i put in the wire then when i press the buttons 3 and 9 they both are the same thing so i cant win the damn thing.... wat am i supposed to do :'(


go in the bath room and turn the hot water on for a little and numbers should appear


I dont know what to do i just opened the third door


great great game,
but i am stuck in the very end, the memory puzzle, after you plug laura (the orange girl) to the TV, my idea was : 6,2,3,4,7,9,8,5,1
but it doesn't work.....
please help


Playing this again when it appeared in The Vault. Whoa, I remembered playing this game, but I didn't got remember getting shivers at the end when I played it before.

Great game play, and great story telling.


wow its a long game and does anyone ever comment anymore?? srly.

The Guide March 2, 2011 10:18 PM

Video number 1:

Go through the doors and enter the bathroom.
Once you're in the bathroom pick up the mirror, open the toilets lid, and there should be a password thingy. Type 7997 in it and get the video tape. Go through the door and when you try to go through the door a eye will appear. Stand right below the light bulb and use the mirror on the eye. It should dissapear. Insert it into the tv and observe.

Video number 2: This part is tricky. You have to walk in this order:
12131415166 and the door will open.
Pick up the newspaper through the door and also the lighter. Open the drawer beside the door and insert the newspaper under the door. Use the screwdriver on the lock and the key should fall. Pick up the newpaper and unlock the door. Go through and you'll see a harder puzzle walk randomly when eventually itll stay. pick up the video tape and go to the other puzzle. Do it the othr way around and it should open. Insert into tv then watch.

Video tape 3:

Go to the table and turn on and off the lamp 3 times. Go to the table and pick up the pen. Scribble and a number should appear. Type the number in and the door will open. Use the lighter on the sprinkler and enter the door. You will enter the kitchen. Pick up the tape and eyes appear. Open the fridge and hide behind it. It'll go away eventually. Use the mirror on the sprinkler and go under the light. Use the mirror on water and colors will appear. Use those colors on the code and go back to the tv and watch.

Video number 4:

Go through the last door and look through the window. Force the student to type the numbers above the door. It will open when all 3 numbers are writen. You will enter Mike's room look through the window and keep looking at Laura. She will signal you. And you should copy back once done that look through the telescope and she'll call you. Go to the table pick up the phone and type 11223311. And go through the door. You'll see a tv. Flick through the channels 7, 8, and 6 in this order 786. The library will open and pick up the tape. Go back to the tv and Watch the animation. Once laura falls pick up the tv cable and look at Laura. Around her neck is something use the cable on it and type 264379851. Once she wakes watch the animation again and THE END.

Thanks for viewing this walkthrough. I also have guides for Isoball 3, Interlocked, The world's hardest game, and Gateway 1. Goodbye!


Im really stuck on what to do after watching the first tape. i went into a room with a red bridge and i have no idea what to do! HELP!!

Courteous Helper March 20, 2011 9:00 PM

To help all those who have noticed problems with the 9 digit combo at the end of the game, there seems to be a... perhaps not a glitch, but just an error when the game was made. The 3 and 4 that you see on the tv, and the 3 and 4 shown on the robot are SWITCHED. If you look at the screen on the robot, you will notice that the image shown when 3 is pressed corresponds to scene 4 on the tv, and vice versa. Bear this in mind and the correct combo should be more evident.

random gamer June 12, 2011 1:32 PM

so i've got the second tape and i'm back in te halway where the tiles light up and i can't get the sequence right to open the door to the "home" gateway with the TV. help?


i am stuck on the level 1 please help!!!!

This person June 20, 2011 11:08 PM

Sooo, I can't get past the part where you have to get the phone number. I'm scribbling and all but nothing happens. At all.

Anonymous July 8, 2011 10:10 PM

I think that the game does take place in her house but the only things that make me think different is how you go to

mike's house and the central tv room

i also think that

the tortured math robot person is not mike but what lauras mom did to her math students

but thats just my opinion and its entirly possible it does take place in her mind but either way its a awesome game and i'm REALLLLLLY hoping for a number 3


ok so i go through the third door where the lamp and scribble on the paper but it wont givr me the number


i can't insert the first video tape in the tv.



it says that you just enter the 1st tape into the TV but it wont let me, I think I need to plug the unplugged cable in somewhere, but where???

Lol if you could help Id be very grateful, I might just be having a blonde moment...

The Zeplin December 4, 2011 9:57 AM

Personally I like the 2nd one better than the 1st. the first one had no plot whatsoever (although the second one did have a pretty cheesy one it still had one).


The mouse to interact with objects does not seem to be working from the main link. I can walk okay but not interact.

It is working fine from the second link given by Jay a few comments down the first page - the CGDC2 one.

[Thanks, I'll look into what the problem is. In the meantime, I've reverted the links back to the original competition page. -Jay]


i not sure if it's just me, but I've tried the code given in the walkthrough and it wont work, any tips?

novascottch September 3, 2013 2:41 PM

Help! I am working on getting the third tape, but

even after dialing the number from the notepad the door doesn't open. The phone just rings a few times and then... nothing. And now I can't click on the lamp or the table anymore, so I can't retry it :/

KingsfordCat July 9, 2014 5:53 AM

I had high hopes for this sequel since I enjoyed the first one so much. Unfortunately, the 'mother' being portrayed as some 'religious zealot' is quite offensive and derogatory. The "fire and brimstone" and warning the 'daughter' about 'dirty deeds' was the give away.
If this was your attempt to incorporate the book/movie 'Carrie' written by Steven King into your game, you failed miserably at it. I have to hope that was your intention for if not, you are sorely uninformed on religious beliefs.
Besides, 'Laura' was sneaking to meet 'Mike' in private. Surely she can have sex with him just as easily even if her mother believes in God.
Such talent in game design used to trash religion is uncalled for.
I highly suggest you change the mother's psychosis.

Damaia August 3, 2014 8:12 PM replied to KingsfordCat


First of all:
Nothing the mother says actually is religious. "Fire and brimstone" is a euphemism, sometimes for religious speech, sometimes just for the fact that someone spouts doom and gloom constantly, and you just have to be a prude to consider anything remotely sexual as "dirty deeds."

Second of all:
If the game's creator did intend the mother to be an homage to "Carrie", they clearly tried to avoid the more religious parts of it. Laura was sneaking off to meet Mike in private because her mom was possessive and crazy. There is nothing that indicates that the two were actually having sex. That is a conclusion you came to by yourself.

Most people are raised religiously; we atheists are definitely in the minority. It's not unusual for individuals with severe mental illnesses to turn to their religious beliefs and mix them with their crazy. This turns into people like the mother from Stephen King's "Carrie". This -has- happened in real life. (For example, the Son of Sam killer). While the story was a little cliche, there was nothing that was meant to be offensive. The fact that you felt it was some slight against religious beliefs says more about you than it does the game.


I've been playing this since I was a kid. I have the whole thing memorized. The code at the end is the lockscreen password on my phone. :)


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