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Governor of Poker

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Rating: 4.6/5 (213 votes)
Comments (113) | Views (29,063)

Governor of Poker

StaceyG"Play Texas Hold 'Em against skillful computer opponents in Governor of Poker by Youda Games, creator of the previously reviewed Youda Camper. Build your reputation and wealth in a dusty western town by winning at poker and buying up property. You start out in the small Texas town of San Saba with money in your pocket and the ambition to climb up in the world. The game directs you to a poker tourney starting at the local saloon. As you win at poker you are able to buy property and increase your reputation. The higher your reputation, the more poker games you get invited to, and so on, until you own the whole town. You even make headlines in the newspaper! And best of all, if you're not in the mood to download, give the free Flash demo a try and see what you think.

governorofpoker.jpgThe bulk of the game is spent at the poker table displayed in overhead pov, but those ten-gallon hats have a bunch of personality. Hand and body movements mimic real play, which is a nice touch. The most fascinating thing to me was that the characters had verbal and visual "tells." When he twirled his chips, was he strong or weak? Did the crack in her voice just tell me she raised with pocket Aces? Did the guy staring straight ahead when he made a quiet all-in bet mean he had made his flush? Usually. I called a bunch of hands just to see if I could figure out the code. If you show some bluffs, you might make someone start to steam or go on tilt! You can see the steam coming out of their ears, and they start to play badly.

Once you build your wealth and own houses, you'll have keys with you at the table in cash games, and you can bet the worth of those houses. But be careful, because other players have keys too, and when the short stack throws in his key, suddenly you'll be calling a much bigger bet than you expected. If at any point you don't have enough money to join a game, you can sell a house, or click on the "next day" button a ton of times and earn rent on your properties until you have enough to play. You can also win a series of 24 medals for various hands and situations, like "Busted A Player," "Won All-In Against Two Players," "Won 1st Place," etc. You can eventually own the town and are offered to play heads-up against the best player to win a horse. Once you win the horse you can mosey on to the next town and take more players to the cleaners all over again. You'll have thirteen towns and cities to conquer with your poker prowess, buying up all the houses and saloons as you go until you run all of Texas!

governorofpoker2.jpgAnalysis: Simple with few frills, Governor of Poker focuses on gameplay and creates a superb experience as a result. The AI is really pretty satisfying, even at just this first town. There are three skill levels to choose from, and a couple of the opponents are quite challenging. It's up to you to figure out who's the bluffer, who's betting true value, and who's betting their house on the nuts.

If you're new to Texas Hold 'Em, you won't find the instructions very helpful. But you can see a hand ranking chart on what beats what. There are lots of onscreen tips which you can turn on or off, and all the people in the town seem to want to give you poker advice every time you talk to them. You'll also get used to how the "blinds" (forced bets) go around the table and learn plenty of poker lingo as you play.

Governor of Poker has a nice feel for a computer poker game, a bit more like playing against people than other casual AI poker games I've played. The graphics and animation are very appealing, and the added goal of buying up property is a strong incentive for playing well. Too bad there isn't a multiplayer version!

Play Governor of Poker (free browser version)

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A lot of poker games tweak the dealing so as to prevent "boring" hands, where it's just fold around to the big blind or something else that's not as exciting as the big hand showdown at the river. Does it look like this game tends to do that, or does the dealing seem pretty much fair?


I don't know of a single poker game that "tweaks the dealing" as you claim. In Governor of Poker, the dealing seems fair and square.

If you're a good Texas Hold'em player, then you'll only wind up seeing about 25% of the flops. That's just the way the game is played.

In this game, as in any game of Texas Hold'em, many players fold without a decent hand, and so should you, or you'll be without your chips in a hurry.


Too bad there's no "Beat a Full House" medal... cuz I would totally have gotten that one!

(at least in the Flash demo... maybe the full game has it)


I just got a Beat a Full House medal in the flash demo. Game just doesn't like you, yo.

Cassie! :D July 12, 2008 1:56 AM

omg, most online texas hold 'em games are boring, but this one is mega fun! It makes me think that the computers are real people because they take their time; but they are just computers =] I give this Two Thumbs Up *Puts thumbs up* :D


It is really excelent piece of software. It is more challenging than some special poker software (Fult Tilt Poker WSOP, Poker Academy, etc.)

DenDuurs July 12, 2008 11:59 AM

The AI is really terrible. If they make a big bet, it means a big hand. Bet size has nothing to do with the current size of the pot, and the bots will call an all-in if they have bottom pair!
This has nothing to do with real poker.
Nice graphics though :)


I think the players in the first town are supposed to be pretty bad, so the game has room to get more challenging later. Mind, I have no idea if it gets better later on.


Yes, the AI changes (gets increasingly more challenging) as you progress through all the towns in the game.

It sounds as if DenDuurs' assessment was based on just a couple of hands.

DenDuurs July 14, 2008 1:30 AM

Well, I played through the first town - and I still have to say the computer's play is very exploitable.
It is true that their big bets were not always a made hand, but nonetheless it is silly for the computer to consistently bet like $100 when the pot is $16. I just wait for a hand and get paid almost every time.

Does the computer ever checkraise?


The AI even slowplayed me! Several times even.
Sometimes they will do a big bet to scare you and temp you to fold.. but when they showed their cards it's just a bluff and they faked a higher card

bullets bill July 16, 2008 6:37 PM

I've played the full version and it gets a lot more challenging beyond the first town.

It gets really hard to read the players in the final towns (but not impossible)

I really like this game, so much so that I've given up playing against real online poker players for a few days to see if I can learn anything to improve my strategy.

For an AI based game, it's one of the best I've ever played (I have only played a few however)

It can be frustrating as well as rewarding. It teaches patience as well as aggression.

Highly recommended


I'm trying to fill the medal board. Can anyone tell me what I'm missing so I can know what kinds of hands/situations to pay more attention to?

Top row: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, ???

Seond row: ???, ???, All-in before flop, All-in after flop

Third row:
All-in after turn, All-in after river, All-in vs. 1 player, All-in vs. 2 players

Fourth: ???, Bust 1 player, Bust 2 players, ???

Fifth: Beat a pair, Beat a 2 pair, Beat three of a kind, Beat a straight

Bottom row: Beat a flush, Beat a full house, ???, ???

I'm not going to play for the horse until I've filled the medal board. It might take me a long time if the game requires me to get a royal flush!



I've never cared to get into poker, until I tried this demo. The plot and reward system give you some incentive to keep at it past a few hands.

Actually, it has encouraged me to learn more about the game overall. Based on this game, I may try my hand at real opponents soon. I don't ever intend to get into poker for money (it's too hard to earn in the first place) but I think I've found a fun new hobby, or at least I won't be an idiot when the neighbors ask us play.


Coming from a very serious yet amateur poker player:

I am extremely impressed with this game. The AI is nothing impressive at first but it becomes much better as you progress. I have had the computer bust me by checking me all the way to the river and raised a value bet I placed on a middle pair. I have seen them bluff at me in solid situations such as when a possible flush or straight hit the board.

Yes, the AI is exploitable to an extent. But the beauty of this game for beginners is that to win you have to play tight and most beginners play way too many hands because they see the pros do it on TV. Try being a Gus Hansen in this game and you will get busted in a hurry.


Gotta say, I liked the game. Despite all the despute over the AI, I found it much better than many of the flat ones out there.

And the game's demo (what I played) serves as a great teacher on how to play the game. I was taught to play awhile back, but not well, and I forgot how to play it.

Sure the demo doesn't teach you alot of tact, but it's got a nice learning curve if your playing just for the sake of playing the cards. It gives room to adjust your style till you know what you are doing.

The town itself is easy. You get most the money you need up front.. but it is a demo. Focus on the card play instead.

My major problems with it were:

1.) It lacks in written instuction. It seems to hint at having it, but never really does. You ethier know texas hold em already, or learn on the fly. End of story.

2.) Despite an option to speed game play up, matchs tend to drag. If I opt out, I don't want it to take that long to conclude. Watching the players is useful, but once I have play styles figured, I don't want to watch while 6 computers raise the pot on each other several times. Perhaps a 3X speed would solve this, but I'm unsure.

beyond that, it's a fun game imo.

Anonymous July 21, 2008 9:29 PM


There's a button called "Fold and Skip" that should speed up your play.



I walked away from the table with over 400 chips, and when I viewed my $$ I had only 6 to my name. What is up with that?


To my buddy Scooby.
What i have on the Medal Board!!!
Top row: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th(from the second town it is possible)

Second row: 5th, ???, All-in before flop, All-in after flop

Third row:
All-in after turn, All-in after river, All-in vs. 1 player, All-in vs. 2 players

Fourth: All-in vs. 3 players, Bust 1 player, Bust 2 players, Bluff and Win

Fifth: Beat a pair, Beat a 2 pair, Beat three of a kind, Beat a straight

Bottom row: Beat a flush, Beat a full house, ???, ???.

I agree with you about the bottom row!!!Hard to beat the hands bigger then a full-house!!!
But I wont give up!!!
Good luck to all of you cowboys(and girls too)and,please,let me know if you get the ones we dont know yet!!!


I sunk a good deal of time in this one, just kind of liked the "real" feel of it, plus you advance the hand when you fold, which is nice.

I will say that I found it fair in dealing and the AI to be pretty reasonable. The only silly thing about the AI is that when they are bluffing they will still chase the pot down to the river, even if it means an all-in, when they are holding crap. That's not realistic, but it lets you see what they were holding, I guess. Easy vs. Difficult seems to make a "looser" less "friendly" table, with bigger bets and more bluffs. Also, on easy you are more likely to find somebody to go up against your "nuts" hand.

I didn't download the game, though, just did the demo for a while.


I don't remember the position on the board but there's a prize for 'Bluff and Win'
i don't remember how i got it though


in the bottom row, the third prize is 'Beat Quads"
It was hard but i remember how i got..
a full quad appeared on both flop and turn, so everyone had a quad.. I had an ace in my hand so i won.. that's how i 'bet' a quad

Anonymous August 3, 2008 6:32 PM

Im totally stuck. I have fullversion. Im stuck on day 6, if i push next day, screen just fades for night, but nothing happens. i can get off from it only pushing map and then im on the same 6th day, still...


JIGuest - please email customer support at [email protected] with this issue. Someone there will help you.

Thank you.


I have the same problem as JIGuest
When pushing "next day" the screen fades to black and nothing happens.

Sebastian Yap August 10, 2008 7:59 AM

Can you please tell me each player styles in the first town?


What I have on the Medal Board!!!
Top row: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th(from the second town it is possible)

Second row: 5th, ???, All-in before flop, All-in after flop

Third row:
All-in after turn, All-in after river, All-in vs. 1 player, All-in vs. 2 players

Fourth: All-in vs. 3 players, Bust 1 player, Bust 2 players, Bluff and Win

Fifth: Beat a pair, Beat a 2 pair, Beat three of a kind, Beat a straight

Bottom row: Beat a flush, Beat a full house, Beat 4 of a kind, Beat a straight flush.

I agree with you about the bottom row!!!Hard to beat the hands bigger then a full-house!!!
But I wont give up!!!
Good luck to all of you cowboys(and girls too)and,please,let me know if you get the ones we dont know yet!!!


Second row second medal...
So only this one we need?

I have all towns and houses.
Without the medals this game will never end?

Please email me if u have the last "secret" or a cheat, thats fine too ;)


Barry, the game will end. I do not have all the medals. You must have all the houses. The game will end if you beat the Governor heads-up.


Please, does anybody know what the second medal on the second row is? I'm gonna check this site regulary to find out the answer. Thanx!


Eugene: THNX, found it and won...
Now wait on gop2 :)


Hi there

i am playing the full version of this game, but although I own whole San Saba, the man that I have to play to win me my horse doesn't appear...does anyone know about this problem and does anyone know an answer to it?

greetz from Holland, Frank



Typically you have to go to the next day before the horse offer comes.


I noticed a few people had the the problem of freezing when you hit next day. I have the same problem and I was wondering if anyone knows how to fix that.


Is there a way of copying your saved game?
I have a laptop and a PC and I wanna play on both computers. If I install the game on both computers can I continue on the one where I left off with the other?



I have the same question Dave has. It seems that no matter what i do i cannot get the saved game from the computer on to the laptop.



I bought the full version. What a waste of $20.
(I can't see any real difference with the difficulty levels.) I put it on hardest and beat the game in a day.
Once the game begins, the first few towns are the most difficult. Mainly because the players will go in with anything.
After that tho, they play SO predictabe that it's a joke. The strategy is simple. Always raise. If they re-raise, you should probably fold. Human players would never play this bad. They would learn and catch on to your constant raising. All of the "great players" of each town are no better then any other player. Sometimes being the first out of a tournament.
As for all of the bots playing style, it comes down to, some play often and some fold more often.

When they do play a hand, they will stay in till the end if they catch a pair. If you have top pair, you should raise (they will call) and on turn raise high enough (about as large as the pot)so that they won't get lucky with the river.
The only time they 'bluff', if you can call it that is if they have two pair or better on the flop. If the flop is A 10 8, you should just call and wait to see if they raise. It'll be on the turn.
If they have anything, then they WILL raise to the river. If they raise and check on the turn, then you know they don't have top pair. Good time tto either take their money or siphon it.

If all are in minimum bet (as usual) then unless you have a strong hand, (this doesn't work as well in the beginning of the game since they play anything), you should just call - with anything since if no one raises then you can bluff them all often. Especially on any flop like J5J. Be wary as if they have anything they will tell you with that re-raise. It hard to lose since they give away their hand so easily.
I beat the Governor in like 5-6 hands. I just raise minimum raise and he folds every time. Else he raises something like 5278 or something dumb. Others do the same.
I won the game quick since I just keep buying houses and clicked next day. This gives money so much faster then playing for it and I just bought all of Texas rather quickly. It's like monopoly with poker. Just no real point to buying the houses if all you want to do is play against the computer. (only reason I did this was to play the Governor, which was over very quickly.

As for randomness of the cards dealt, it is accurate. You can see that after playing enough hands.

As for the player's style, I'd have to say that it's all from the same code with minor tweaking for how often they play and a very few other things.

One thing to note is to goto options and select double speed or it's just so slow.


I have the same problem. When I push "next day" the screen goes blue and nothing happens. I'm near the end of the game - 52 days. Can anyone help me?


As a beginner, I loved the demo, but I was curious if someone knew of another hold'em program that had more realistic/challenging opponents?


Hamburger October 7, 2008 10:29 PM

I don't know what causes the blue screen in the trial version, but it happens only after you have bought the full town and "won". I'm not sure what the exact trigger is - maybe you have to win the horse, or maybe you have to sell a house and "unwin" the town.


Pliss, anyone, help with this blue screen, can't get to the next day? What shall I do?

Anonymous October 12, 2008 6:58 AM

Also have next day freeze. Anyone find a fix?

[Edit: Please contact support {at} youdagames.com if you continue to have this problem. Thanks! -Jay]

Boredatwork October 16, 2008 10:26 AM

Has anyone figured out the medal that goes in the spot in the 2nd column of the 2nd row.


Can somebody help me?

I won 2 times in a normal game with a full-house. But I just don't get the reward for it (the coin).

Is there anyone who maybe know why I can't get the coin?

Please reply!


How do you fix the next day problem? Obiously it is a serious glitch, that many encounter. Can anyone post it here (instead of giving the email of support)


You DON'T have to win with a full house in your hand to have the medal!

You have to BEAT a full house in your opponent's hand!



how do you get to the governor? i have all of the houses, do you have to have all of the medals too?



When they fix the next day problem, I will buy it.


why would any game developer not simply clarify whether this regularly mentioned freeze is a serious bug or whether there is a fix for it?

simply telling to contact support doesn't seem too trustworthy (what will support actually do?) - so I agree better to wait with bying until this is resolved...


One probable reason is that there are so many different configurations of computers out there, especially with Windows, that the chance of a conflict coming up that wasn't caught during testing is quite possible.

Conflicts such as these do not affect everyone, and many times there is a fix for it.

Unless you contact the developer with the specifics of your particular configuration, how else are they to know?


Hi I have just started playing Governor of Poker and was wondering whether if you close the internet down, if it saves the game automatically? If anyone knows give us a tinckle


Just bought the game the other day and I have to say that it is really enjoyable, but somewhat addicting. I have not had any problems with the screens freezing as mentioned above. Got busted out the 1st 2 times I played, but am doing better on the 3rd try. I have to say that I am really glad that I bought the game.



Just bought the licence and already playing in the first town I noticed a couple of oddities:
1) I got beat in the middle of a a cash game by two pairs: 3s and 8s when I had a flush of spades down from A (my A, not the table). Must be a bug?
2) In the last three of a tournament: I had AK at the BB button and had the bigstack bully raise on me like a lunatic from the blind to the turn (first raise was sth like 86 with a 16 big blind) I got my ace paired at the flop, kept calling, and he beat me with his pair of fours, because the RIVER was a four. He had no reason to raise like that before the river (he checked on the river) other than bluff, but he didn't get a "lucky" flashing over his head at the end or anything.

poker1101 January 10, 2009 6:44 AM

Like others have said this game is poorly made.
I stayed in a hand to catch a straight flush only to lose to someone with a higher flush, (not a higher straight flush)
It was A->5 for me and they had a Queen high flush and won. See the pic below.


There are many other times this will happen.

I'd advise against buying. No real A.I.
The only difference between easy, medium, and hard is the amount of money you start with. Another bug is that you can get around clicking the next day button in some cases. Not there is any penilty for taking as many days to win as you want. It could be win all of Texas in X number of game days, making going to the next day somehow meaningful.
So lots of bugs and the game play is unrealistic.

Another annoying factor is that you're supposed to be in Texas and everyone has a British accent or wherever the game was made, plus game characters are from places like Vietnam or wherever. How they got over to Texas way back then I don't know.

The 'best player in town' is never any better than anyone else.

The game should be redesigned so that you could buy something more than just means of getting to other towns. And it doesn't get any harder in other cities. So no need to actually buy the game thinking you'll get more. You won't and you can't sell a digital download on ebay either :(

poker1101 January 10, 2009 8:38 AM

The above link
needs to be copied and pasted in the url bar to see the picture.


Game is great but glitchy, next day / blue screen problem. Seems like its random (can be in the beginning of the game or at the end) please help. Is there a fix? Fix would be awesome.


Well this game is kinda fun. better than the online game i know because at least they can make better calls. but they are kinda stupid sometimes. its just a good game for beginners because the computer plays stupid sometimes. and a hint of course, when they bet big they usually have a nice hand. but sometimes they check raise you. i haven't finished the game because it gets broken when i am trying to get the wagon. but i got the newer version which doesn't break down easily. its a nice game all in all but they are very predictable and you can cheat the game. if you get the timing right you quit the game if you are losing and when you play it again it goes back to the last hand. haha. that's how i got the wagon. beat the game and play tight and do something stupid yourself sometimes. LOL


I have bought all houses in all towns, but am unable to get a face to face with the Governer. I beat him in both types of games (cash or tounament) but cannot play directly against him for the title. Is there a special trick, or is it a bug?
j c

poker player February 14, 2009 7:10 PM

I have the next day/ blue screen problem and I was honestly dissapointed to find out it was so common. Anyway, the only "fix" I could find was playing with another player, choosing another character. But it sucks cuz I was almost at the end of the game.When te screen goes blu just press map and return to town then quit the game and choose another player. I know it isn't much help, but...


According to my friend who encountered the nextday glitch, he closed the game as soon as he realize the bug happened. It apparently works. The logic is that the game didn't save the bug-ed copy yet.
Hope this helps! Cheers...


I walked through the full version of the game in 43 days in the game (: just be agressive but never rash.

Anonymous March 2, 2009 11:35 AM

Agree with most of what people are saying. Good random cards, being able to read the cpu and so on. Been playing this game for a while and at least once during each session I get screwed royally when the computer continues to call or raise when they have crap. Yesterday I was dealt A2 and everyone called so I didn't raise on the button. The flop was AAQ with one diamond. The first cpu raises some 200 (this was a $360 cash game) and the other cpus call so I raise $50 with 3 Aces just to see who's bluffing. All of the CPUs go all in so I follow suit. NONE OF THE CPUs HAD AN ACE. So I was sitting on 3 Aces, two of the CPUs had a pair of queens and one had 5J diamonds (if you played this enough you can see where this is going). Next card is an 8 diamonds and the river... is another diamond. Flush wins everything but the 50 chips I have left. Basically to make a long story short The CPU went all in with 3 diamonds after the flop. Crazy

jean-claude st-amant March 16, 2009 9:19 AM

There is a bug if you use French as option for language. The dialog box when the Governer invites you to a face to face at the end, does not have the little blue squares where you can accept. So I guess the Governer will never be French-speaking. If you go back to English, then it's ok.


I'm also concerned with the "next day bug".
I have sent an email to support {at} youdagames.com as suggested with really, really DETAILED hardware information about my system.
I've got never any kind of response...


There were various occasions in time, where it was hard to see how you'd lose or win. For example, I had three of a kind (9's) vs a three of a kind (3's) and I still lost. This happened numerous times, and I just felt the need to uninstall the game. Happened during a full house, and during a two pair.

Usually I can find reasons why a player would win, but when I'm trying to figure out how I lost, after three seconds, a new round is set, and I still wouldn't understand what happened.

This is a lousy game April 29, 2009 2:00 AM

Send an email to support if you have any problems = "We don't know how to fix it so we'll just ignore you."

Was having fun... Had enough money to buy off the last town when the blue screen next day bug hit...

arghh the RAGE!!!

Can anyone save me time and trouble and just tell me what happens after you buy off every town?

Wasted money in this game...

[Edit: What it means is we have contacted the developer about it and they asked us to refer customers to them to help resolve the issue. The bug doesn't happen to everyone, and it's unfortunate that it has happened to you. If you are unhappy with your purchase, please contact the place where you purchased the game and ask for your money back. -Jay]


"According to my friend who encountered the nextday glitch, he closed the game as soon as he realize the bug happened. It apparently works. The logic is that the game didn't save the bug-ed copy yet.
Hope this helps! Cheers..."

This finally worked for me after having installed the latest version. However, the bug was still there, but I was able to continue.

ANGIEDIANE May 17, 2009 4:41 PM

I love Governor of Poker. I beat everyone, including my over-zealous boyfriend. Does anyone know of any other games similar to this one? Thanks.

rwilliams May 19, 2009 8:10 PM

I really enjoyed the game at first, but after playing a while the computer gets tired of me winning and WILL NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES DEAL ME A DECENT HAND. You can't win a tournament having non-winnable hands 40 times in a row. Even when down to 4 players it's not uncommon to lose 20-30 hands in a row. That doesn't count the hand or two you would've drawn out on the river if you would've called an all-in before the flop with an off-suited 2,5 against pocket bullets. And the computer must know what you've got when it calls an all in to beat your 10 high with a J high. Every now and then the computer will throw you a teaser by dealing you a flush, only to have the computer have a boat. I'm playing on hard, but hard should be good poker players, not cheating. It's defied the odds TOO MANY times for it to be just random. I can't tell you how many streaks of 10-15 hands I got without a single pair. Unbelievable. I'm ready to uninstall it and quit wasting the hard disk on my computer.

bilbo bob June 1, 2009 9:14 PM

the blue screen is not actually a glitch. its the game's way of stopping hackers. when you get to a certain point of money, the game stops letting u sleep, afraid of hackers.


I bought the game, I am not great at poker but not too bad..... I really don't understand why there is not a save game feature. I can get rolling decent but then I get a string of back luck and I just end up restarting or losing....Kinda frustrating being so bad I can't get out of the first few towns....either that or make the income of your earlier properties higher.... worth the money, I dunno. It is better than Youda Marina..... that was a waste of money

Anonymous June 9, 2009 3:06 PM

i have the full version and have never had a problem with it freezing up when going to next day. what does everyone mean when they say the AI is not very good. what does AI mean?


AI means Artificial Intelligence.

Mr.Tajny July 3, 2009 6:12 PM

To find your savegame search for the file GovernorOfPoker.sol


I think this game is rigged. It started out nicely, but after about 40 days the game stopped letting me win. Sometimes it would let me go through an entire tournament without giving me a single winning hand. Also several times in a row, I'd go all in with the second best possible hand and someone else would have the best possible hand. (Example: King high flush versus Ace high flush or trip Queens versus trip Kings.) I honestly believe that the game is programmed to decrease your luck as time goes on.

[Edit: THAT, my friend, is poker. It happens in real life, too. Seriously. I know, I play a lot of poker. -Jay]

matmaster50 July 29, 2009 1:04 PM

I bought the full game not long ago and i recomend people buy it to, goin around all the other towns is great, i especially love the two table scheme (The two table schemes are on the 3 towns you need a horse for) this game was loads of fun buy it i think it was only around £14.


No, Jay, I would disagree. The game is rigged at the higher level. I have seen this game pull incredibly rare wins out on the River on multiple hands. It is rigged against the player. I've seen the game drop trip 2s so that the game could beat three aces with a two-five hand. The game is rigged.


Posted by: c | December 24, 2008 1:29 PM
Posted by: poker1101 | January 10, 2009 6:44 AM
Posted by: JIGuest | March 2, 2009 11:35 AM
Posted by: rwilliams | May 19, 2009 8:10 PM
Posted by: PEEDY | July 28, 2009 6:24 PM
I'm happy to read that I'm not the only person who has this "problem". I saw in 6 consecutive hands , 4 were a straight or higher against me on the river !! What are the odds ?? Even with a KK, only to lose from a 4-9.
I needed to restart 3 times because of this. The 4th time looked and was promissing: I had the first town, 4/5 houses in the second and $8500.
All of the sudden, I can't get any combinations anymore, and I'm down to $1800. It took +-2 weeks to get there, and lost it all in around 2 days.
Another problem is that the computer already did NOT show 2 times the cards anymore from the opponent, and just gave the "busted" text.
As if the program is not stable, and breaks down during time and play.
Something is wrong !!
However, if the updates can solve this, it will be good fun.

Posted by: tony | February 14, 2009 4:21
I do NOT agree with the fact that they are predictable.
The only thing that is predictable, goes along with the problems mentioned. After a while, if I get 2 low cards, the flop will be high, and vice versa.



I think that a source for these problems come for the difficulty levels.
You can NOT increase difficulty artificial by tampering with the cards itself, cause otherwise you change the factor 'random' which is the very basic priniciple of poker.
And that is what the programmers have done in my opinion, and made a crucial fault.

You can augment difficulty by in/decreasing the blinds, bets, bluffs, starting money, price of houses in combination with a random behavior of the player, etc…
But NEVER intervene in the dealing of the cards itself -which must be the same at all levels !!
But keep in mind that it is still possible to win in the highest level (+-20%-25%), otherwise it will be another negative remark.

The other remaks about the blue screen, not showing the cards… are nearly in the program itself and are in fact secondary cause the good random dealing of the cards -which is illustrated to be possible in a good way- is primary.

Anonymous October 1, 2009 7:46 PM

so there is no solutions for the next day problem...

Anonymous October 15, 2009 7:21 AM

for save file searchers:
Search for GovernorOfPoker.sol file in your application data > macromedia


"Another annoying factor is that you're supposed to be in Texas and everyone has a British accent or wherever the game was made, plus game characters are from places like Vietnam or wherever. How they got over to Texas way back then I don't know."

Actually, Chinese laborers were brought over to work on the railroads back in the day, so having a Chinese or two in the game isn't such a crazy idea. I do love, though, how the Chinese guys talk like old westerners... The English guys don't surprsie me too much, either, actually. Wealthy Russians would pay people like Wild Bill to lead them on hunting expeditions in the old west -- why not Englishmen?


Hi There!

The problem with the "bluescreen" bug s in languages, apparently the bug is only found in there.

By selcting another language (besides Amercan English) this enables the End of Day Earnings NOT to be dispalyed when you Click on the 'Next Day' button.

Oh! And the missing 2nd row 2nd Medal is: a ROYAL FLUSH MEDAL (Spades Only)

Have Fun and Post any Questions!

Shine Bright and Keep Smiling Everyone!!


I also have the full version and I love it. About the glitch: it happened to me in the beginning of the game, I quit, started a new character and so far no problem. But I still have 3 towns to fix.. so please blue screen don't visit me, ty.

Some tips for developers when creating GoP2:
- more different towns with different buildings, I was very happy to see the fort town for instance.
- change the AI when going heads up. Its very easy to beat them. They should play more loose.
- how about decreasing the reputation a little bit when you hit next day or lose tournaments? People forget you if you keep sleeping in your hotel and your reputation is getting worse if you lose all the time ;) This might be an option for expert players since it'll make the game very tough.
- option: give cards different colours
- would be fun to get ROBBED sometimes when traveling to different cities :D

Just some tips, I love the game so keep up the good work.

And... anyone some info on the 2nd reward of 2nd row?

Stephen j April 12, 2010 3:32 PM

To everyone who wants to know what the 2nd reward of the 2nd row is.......it's when you come in 6th place. That's what it is on the iPhone anyways, not sure what it is when your on the computer. Hope that helps folks.


I puchased the full version, nice fun and graphics .. though, nothing is here going on like in a real Hold'em poker! Poor AI, for example - nobody really bets or calls with 8-2 offsuited, while A-Q-Q-10 is on board .. well, not really ;). On the other side, in cash games the opponents get too often street, flush or full house (actually, almost 4 of 5 times), if you get a nice preflop hand, like AK, suited high cards, QQ, KK etc. That can become boring. I play Hold'em since years, never saw as lucky opponents before .. LOL. Unfortunately, the difficulty level is just limited by the prices for the houses, not by a better AI or playing strategy. So the game gets predictable, just spot the "shemes" and you can win easily! Even without always getting the chips by the "next day" option. Governor of Poker is a PC fun game, so don't expect to learn anything .. just relax and enjoy the funny NPC comments :))!


G.o.P. has nothing common with a real tournament and cannot be compared with a real holdem gameplay. Weird bids, strange raises and imho - GoP is a 100% spoofed program ;)! If you do play the full version long enough, you'll find out why. Never in my life I saw as often and as many lucky hands and bad beats. Its amusing to see how the opponents plays all in with a pair of fours on AK10-flop or how the opponents raise after two-color flop with just an option of flush having an unsuited hand .. and win ;)! Few times I lost in final a full house on flop ! :)? Well, it happens in a real game too, but not as often. Another example - eventually you will get a lucky trip on the flop (77K), let's say having a 7A hand, two opponents have a hand with unsuited K and do raise. Of course you'll call (but do not raise!), .. if you raise or even go all in, be prepared for a surprise by a K on turn or river (well, the calculation of the last K on turn and river is really tiny, but not in G.oP.)! Try out this two variations with a trip on flop ;)!
My other observations :
1.If you are going to play for a high score (finishing the game in less days), as higher your score your hands will become more unfortunate.
2. In the finals - when you are on small/big blind - everybody calls, not so if opponents are on sb/bb.
3. As often you call and play, more often players get busted on OTHER tables.
4.At the final table - evidently The Engine does balance the opponents with smallest stacks - so, it's useless to play tactics with a big/highest stack, to fold and to wait that the opponents get busted mutually.
5.When you are on BB or SB and the opponent raises before flop, he has a pair - 9:1 you will lose even with a suited high card. But, if you are not on BB or SB - call the raise! Mostly -The Engine- will reward your bravery.
Well, there are a lot of other situations which are more than unusual, but, as Poker is an inpredictable and unusual game you can't complain losing a great hand. Nevertheless, imho, Governor of Poker made this game ridiculous. The difference between a real tournament with real players and this computer game is huge!

giunghi June 25, 2010 9:09 AM

I really like this game. The buying properties and the progression to farther cities makes the whole thing interesting. The AI is quite good, players have different levels of skill and strategies. However, the difficulty is controlled by the quality of the cards you get. As you progress tournament become just impossible to win. In the cities reachable by car you go 20, 30 hands without seeing an officer while the other players get trips and full-houses. In order to make it to the last 5 one needs to grab binds in weak openings and fold almost every hand. It becomes boring. The cash games are fun though because one always gets decent holes and bluffing the opponents out is easy. Ps mind that some of the players are just f***g lucky, dont bet against them.


I think I found the solution to the "next day"-problem. When I buy the whole town, I can see a picture of me, holding a certificate. Then is the moment the blue screen problem appears. I decided to do the following: I buy the town, then I immediately click "next day", so that the picture with the certificate does not show up at all. I have no problems with the game now. :) Good luck. Try, this might help.

annieokley July 9, 2010 1:18 AM

Game glitched!!

Playing in a tournament in Rockport. I checked, then 2 players raised and I folded. The players reveal their cards and immediately the winner is moved to another table, leaving his winnings. It freezes the dang game!

I've tried closing and opening the game multiple times, folding instead of checking ... still stuck. It happened once before and the only way to move past it was to leave the table and lose my $$.

Anyone else have this problem?

annieokley July 9, 2010 11:16 PM

It's happened 2 more times ... when the player in the lower left chair wins the pot they are moved to another table, leaving winnings behind.


Anonymous July 14, 2010 7:11 PM

ive had the same problem when it reaches 19/32 players four times in one town , went to another town in the second version of poker strwtchr


i really love this game my problem is i am not able to save it:-( every day i need to play from first. can any one help me


"It freezes the dang game! (...) Anyone else have this problem?"

It happened a lot of times here. But feel lucky while you can leave the game and just lose $$.

I won a tourney and cannot leave the table - not even clicking "leave game" or exiting and starting again. Looks like that famous Buñuel movie.

GoP is good for the bin I would say.


How do I get the different colored hats. It says I need a star to buy but cannot get into star games without a hat.

nonblonde007 August 2, 2010 12:01 PM

I really love the original GOP, but this one is leaving me frustrated. I've played enough hands to buy up the first two towns and kept hoping things would get better along the way, they haven't yet. It seems you can't play a true hand of poker with this version, you simply fold on every hand that is not the big blind, otherwise the play is so unrealistic that you can't win. The peeps raise huge on nothing, call to the end with no hand in sight, and you could be holding a pair of aces just to be beaten by a trio of 2s. The fun of actually playing the game is entirely gone because you can only hang around and hope to make the top three. No poker skill required. I am so saddened by this as I was so very excited to buy this game. Please someone tell me that it gets better in the other towns!

Anonymous August 7, 2010 3:47 PM

Ever since I upgraded my iPhone OS to v4 this game has been doing odd things, particularly with determining who the winner is. Players with weaker hands are declared the winner, and at times if there's a draw the computer will award 1 of the players with the win. Any solutions for this?

Anonymous August 11, 2010 10:46 AM

Example that just occurred to comment above:
Q-8 in my hand, flop J-J-Q, turn K, river Q. Three players all in, one before me has Q-6. GOP awards Q-6 with win, busts me. This should have been a split. Why does this happen?

FluffyButter August 26, 2010 8:55 AM


Many late gamers have noticed the game is rigged, and it certainly is. If you open the save game file, you'll notice it's recorded your every hand. The sheer number of times the engine pulls out miraculous bad beats, and other extremely rare wins is not an accident.

This happens early in the game too, but if you are being smart, you've long folded.

To add to the tips,

Never chase a straight, you're asking to be killed with anything, and I mean ANYTHING that can beat it. Especially with a lot of money on the table.

Never expect a win with 2pair. Oh the money I've lost on that hahah.

It really is fun, but I don't like that it's introduced "artificial luck" for your opponents when you have too much money, or winning too much, that's just rude.

Here's what I want to know though, how can I keep GOP 1 IN FOCUS. If I click outside the window (I run two monitors) It immediatly pauses, how am I supposed to play this effectivly at work like that?!!


Governor of Poker October 20, 2010 10:59 AM

I started playing this game and now I have become so addicted to it...very challenging game!!!


Can't get wagon issue solutions;
1, buy all yellow hats
2, take out a small loan from bank
3, sell a house, then buy it back, then immediately click (once only) on wagon man before the 2nd exclaimation mark comes up.

this will let you Governor of poker 2 wagon stuck issue


GOP2, for the people with problem on winner leaving the table without collecting pot, look at the page of the game, a person found a good answer for that.
As for GOP1, it seems if your computer is running too many programs and the memory is being required by this other programs/windows, that leads you to be stucked on the same day. I had that problem. Other than that, I think the game is fine but really frustrating with the bad beat situations.


"GOP2, for the people with problem on winner leaving the table without collecting pot, look at the page of the game, a person found a good answer for that."

Fabio, could you please tell us the exact url for this???thx.


This game sucks. I frequently get beat by a lesser hand. If this is an example of your game, why would anyone want to upgrade to the paid version.

Anonymous March 17, 2011 8:27 PM

my son played a game after mine and I can't find my original ,,does it automatically cancel old games and start a new one,,,thanks scott


Hi Guys,

This game is awesome!!!But does it have to end when I become the Governor of Texas??? I wanted to save my progress to win all the medals. When I finished, I cliked on quit, it gave me my final score then everything started over again? Is it normal or is there a way to save this? Hope to get a reply soon coz I'm nuts about this game but dnt wana start over in San Baba again...

Kevin Foley March 22, 2011 8:45 PM

I dont seam to have a problem with how the game runs on my computer. I do how ever am having a problem with finding people that I need to play so I can continue in the game I have over 700.000 in money own all towns and mines coach horse car but not the train or the oil wells that I cant find either along with the last person in the challange so I can play the big man for all the cookies where do I find the guy to beat for the train and so forth



I've a problem with this great game Governor of Poker! I have owned all purple towns besides Forth Worth because I can't find the 20th house to buy and so can't own the last purple city and can't play for the car to enter the green cities. I've all purple stars and won those challenges so that's not the issue. I hope u have some sort of solution for this issue.

Thanks in advance

Anonymous June 14, 2011 6:23 AM

i dunno how to get to san antonio..can anyone help...and how can i buy all the yellow hats..thanks


i have won all towns and beat the gov in gop2. am now trying to finsh last 3 medals but i cant seem to find the riverboat to get on and play for it... or, did i buy the boat when i bought the boat dock @ houston??? o btw i guess all know there is a big tourn at el paso AFTER you beat the gov.. anyway.. just trying to find out about the riverboat..anyone??????? abe


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