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Growbal Warming

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Growbal WarmingFlash Game Design CompetitionYou might have guessed that with a name like Growbal Warming, it is likely the next entry from our "grow" themed competition; and you'd be right! The game was designed and created by Richard Ohanian, a fellow graduate of RIT, and it features gameplay that mimics the futility we potentially face with the problem of global warming.

Play Growbal Warming


If you don't pick the right supa powa, you're pretty much screwed. And that'd be fine if there were a way to go back a level and try again. As it is, I just kept shutting the game down and restarting. That got old. It'd be nice if you knew what the supa powas did before you picked them.


i am SO lost! i dont even know where to start! what do those grey buttons at the right do because i keep clicking on them but nothing happens!

Khrisper March 3, 2007 5:50 PM

So far i found out the following -


Allows the carrying of 1 person, not families


Lets you change direction of the vehicle

Have Fun!


@tRJ, in each level, look down the bottom right corner, there is a restart level button. And i just used it on level 1. I must be really bad at it. =P


its a nice game-- have not had the time to fully play it-- nice puzzles
but when i saw the title for a moment i was really hoping it was going to be a GRow game, with the little buttons, that you have to push in the right order to stop global warming....


i shall suspend judgement, and give it some more time..
i got to level 2, but chose the wrong power up :/

stop polution or something.. not sure


ooooo nice IMPortant find..

so i was getting really frustrated with the "supa must be flying over the road to do blah blah

as in turn the car with popularity

so i decided to bang on the keyboard with frustration and found

supa is the red dot

move him with the WASD controls



bang on the keyboard when you are frustrated!
haha :)



or just read the instructions-- WHOOPS!


Okay, I don't get it. Supa picks them up using the spacebar, but he's too tired in level 1 to pick people up. So... how do I get everyone into cars so they can get going? I've only managed to get 5 people off the island, because of Supa's laziness, so I didn't manage to get any sort of superpower. How do I manage all 10?

Lualmoba March 3, 2007 7:33 PM

This is the first time I comment on here, but I have been looking at this site for a while.

Anyways, I really think there should be a button to go back a level. That way, even if we have to redo the level, we still get to choose another supa powa. Or there should at least be a description for either the level or the power. Also, you should be able to look at the instructions while you are playing. I think it's a good game, but it needs some fixes.

I had to restart the game several time, but now I found what each powa does.


Lets you carry a person, up to three times, but not families.


Lets you change the direction of the cars.

Flood Prevention

Turns on the alarm, which will make cars go faster, but will create some pollution.


Lowers the amount of pollution.

I think the name of each powa makes it very hard to guess what they do...

I have only been able to save everyone up to level three.


i officially think that jay, you should submit your own entry anonymously, and see what everyone says about it!

haha-- do you make games yourself? or just review...


Augh... I can't get anywhere >v

Sorry about the double-post, Jay, my Typekey wasn't working.


...and my posting isn't working right.

Can someone please help me with level 1???

Defibrillator March 3, 2007 8:33 PM

I wish SUPA had the power to rechoose his powers


I'm feeling incredibly stupid, but once you pick someone up, how do you put them back down? Perhaps I should start banging on the keyboard with my forehead. ;)


Releasing passengers can be accomplished by clicking on the car icon to the right of the play field.


If you choose a power again, you get a different, "additional" power in that category. For example, if you choose Popularity a second time,

you can turn snobs into normal citizens.

And no, clicking "restart level" will NOT allow you to re-choose your super power.
That said, the execution in this game is badly flawed. If there's two vehicles adjacent to a person, you can't choose which vehicle to put them in. That might be intentional, but the instructions really ought to mention it if it is (and maybe tell you what vehicles people prefer to get into, so you aren't just wasting time guessing at the start; that's not fun or challenging, that's just annoying).
Worse: to ensure that you can transfer people between vehicles, you pretty much have to park one vehicle right atop another, which in some cases means much frustration as you try to click on the desired vehicle after transferring people into it and get rewarded with a series of "no driver!" messages because you're clicking the wrong vehicle.
I also ran into a serious bug:

after converting a snob into a normal citizen for the second or third time in level 4,

I found myself unable to click on or interact with the entire center-left side of the island. Hosed.

If these problems are meant to display the futility we face in dealing with global warming, it doesn't feel that way to me; they feel like they display the futility of playing the game. If there was at least a vaguely accurate depiction of global warming present I guess it could be forgivable, but c'mon, towns that each flood near-instantly after their individual pollution meters fill in? Do they each have their own localized ice cap hovering within a hair's breadth of melting point, subject to a localized atmosphere?

Normally I just try to overlook that kind of stuff and worry about whether the game is fun. But as presently designed it isn't very fun, and it isn't very (if you'll pardon the expression) deep, so... yeah.

Sorry for savaging the game. :P


Opening scenarios for each level. Hopefully this will aid your selection of Supa powers.

Level 1:

Welcome to the islands of Unda Water. Right now, no one will listen to Supa, so see if you can help the people by yourself.

Level 2:

Things will start getting harder, so hopefully you're already earning Powas to help the citizens with.

Level 3:

Don't forget, you can end the level and move on, whether or not all the residents have been saved.

Level 4:

Man, this island is disgusting, just look at the flood meter! You had better think of something quick!

Level 5:

Oh no, it looks like a family went out camping! I'll bet they don't know about the flooding...

Level 6:

This island seems to have quite the attitude... I wonder if there's any way to change their minds.

Level 7:

Looks like a boy scout troop is out wandering...better round em up, the pollution here is pretty bad.

Level 8:

There's so many people on this island! I wonder if there's enough rides for everyone.

Level 9:

Oh great, now there are plenty of rides, but all the taxi drivers have already left!

Level 10:

Oh no, not only is the bridge out, but this island's pollution is unstoppable!

Level 11:

It may be a nice day for a trip to the beach, but the surf is definitely up! Supa better tame those waves!

Level 12:

This is the last island to clear, and it looks like you have your work cut out for you.


I'm having so much trouble with level 4. I can't seem to get the cars where they need to be before the flooding starts.


Huh, somehow as the flood levels were rising and my final truck was fleeing (on level 4), the truck spun just before it reached land... and then the screen was telling me that everyone survived. Spooky.


Well, the game is nice, but the interface could use some improvements. For one thing, switching cars is a complete pain until you learn where the locations people will pop out at. Then it just becomes somewhat a pain, since you could accidentally overlap two cars and have to pixel hunting to click the car you want. My last effort to finish the game with everyone rescued got me stuck right before the last level, as Supa "received" a new Powa, but there were no more actual Powas to select.

Interestingly, as I let the game run while typing this, I apparently beat the stage, and now am at 135/121 rescued, though still received the "tragedy" newspaper. :/


Levels of Strength:

1st - ability to carry 3 individuals separately
2nd - ability to carry one family
3rd - ability to hold the flood waters back

Levels of Popularity:

1st - ability to direct traffic
2nd - ability to change Snobs into regular people (increases pollution)

Levels of Flood Prevention:

1st - ability to move traffic faster (also increases pollution)

Levels of Inventory:

1st - ability to decrease level of the flood meter

These are only as far as I've gotten.


Yeah, as soon as I submitted it, I actually got out of "test" mode and into "play" mode and realized how hard it was and that no one was going to have any idea what to do. Jay even sent me an email saying how bad he cried because he couldn't get past level one.

If you're able to beat level one, definitely go for


for your first Powa. After that, it resembles (though horribly butchered) the Grow idea, there are several Powas to choose from, but you don't know what they do until you choose them and see what they interact best with.


I'm trying really hard to like this game, but I'm finding it too troublesome for it to be enjoyable.

The cause for frustration, ofcourse, could be my own fault...but changing vehicles is, as someone has said, a pain.

I'll keep giving it a try, though.


It took me a while to realize that this is a Grow-type game. Part of the problem is it's framed like a set of puzzles, and I had the expectation that I should solve each puzzle before moving on. But the best approach is to rescue as many people as you can from an island, and then keep going to find out what the Grow-powers are.

It also wasn't very clear that the numbers at the end like 12/15 meant how many people I had to rescue before the next power-up.

I think I'd like the game better if there wasn't a "restart level", and if there were more things forcing forward motion. Have pollution always increase. Have people get into cars and start driving automatically. Maybe some can stop to pick up passengers automatically. Maybe have a power to stop a car and force it to unload.

The problem with the Grow-like aspect is it takes too long to get through the game. In Grow, you can click through all the options in about a minute and test out various permutations relatively quickly. In this game, you have to go through a lot more work to find out what the powers are, and it gets kind of tedious and repetitive.

This game has many interesting ideas, but I think it would work better if most of the levels were smaller and faster and crazier. Say, on each island you have 15-30 seconds before it floods, and if you don't do any intervention about half the people survive on their own. Have some visual variety and eyecandy to keep replay entertaining. etc.


I got every power up to level eleven, but between eleven and twelve, it is waiting for me to select a power, even though there are no more to get. The moral of the story: Let the people in level eleven die.


The puzzle aspect of the game was interesting, but it is spoiled by the player's inability to predict what choosing a power will give him and a bug that prevents you from advancing if you do too well and have no more powers to choose from.

The complete list of powers is as follows:

Levels of Strength:
1st - ability to carry 3 individuals separately
2nd - ability to carry one family
3rd - ability to hold the flood waters back

Levels of Popularity:
1st - ability to direct traffic
2nd - ability to change Snobs into regular people (increases pollution)
3rd - ability to carry one extra person in taxis and cars

Levels of Flood Prevention:
1st - ability to move traffic faster (also increases pollution)
2nd - ability to use a special low pollution truck that can hold 10 people

Levels of Inventory:
1st - ability to decrease level of the flood meter
2nd - ability to throw three life preservers that save a a person once flooding overtakes them

A working formula that allows you to win every level is to choose powers in the following order:

1 - Popularity: traffic direction
2 - Strength: carry 3 people
3 - Strength: carry a family
4 - Popularity: convert snobs
5 - Popularity: add capacity
6 - Inventory: sunglasses that remove polution
7 - Inventory: life preservers
8 - Strength: hold back tide
9 - Flood Prevention: siren
10 - Flood Prevention: flood truck

You will be rewarded with a blank screen that prevents you from advancing.

Thanks, Jay!


I like the message a lot, since I'm also concerened of global warming. I have familiy in the netherlands, and netherlands will be the first country that goes away.

Other than that, I don't get the "grow" theme, except altering the titel. Can I submit next time also my tetris clone, when I call it "tetrigrow"? As said you will GROW the lines, and they grow away when they are full, you grow up your score and grow up in the highscorelist.


Just happened to me what happened to yehman, If you beat every level without casualties then after beating the one before last level you don't have anymore powers to choose from, so the best way to finish this game is to let 1 person die, and then Supa won't be overPOWAed.

Mortice March 4, 2007 6:21 AM

I have enjoyed every entry so far immensely, except for this one. The lack of instructions is incredibly frustrating; how on earth do I

drop someone once I've got the "strength" power? The game tells me how to pick them up, but not how to drop them.

The gameplay is frustrating too - if you fail to stop a car on time by clicking on it as it moves, you have to restart the entire level. If you realise that you can't use the power you chose, because the game doesn't tell you how to, you have to restart the entire game in order to choose a different power before starting the level.

Sorry for the negativity, but this game was just too frustrating, and with a little more time spent on developing it, it needn't be.


This game has some really great potential, but the way it is done now where you don't know what the different powers are and what the next level of them is - especially when certain levels require certain powers - it just don't stand up to the competition. Some ways it could be improved (IMHO): preview of the next island before you choose your power or ability to select the power anew if restarting the level. As it is now, I find it closer to "gamble" than "grow".

Evilwumpus March 4, 2007 8:50 AM

MAJOR BUG: I saved everyone on levels 1 to 11, so now I can't choose a new power to continue. It's a real pity, because this is a great idea. It's just badly designed.


I did get caught up with the actual idea behind the game rather then work on the mechanics and interface. There shouldn't be a blank screen at the end though, once the level named Flooda Wata is over, there should be a screen after that.

Someone mentionned the Kyoto Protocol, so I know the ending still exists. Did you read the *entire* story?? :)

All in all I had fun doing it and I think I'm going to rework some of the mechanics and puzzles and take this all into consideration. This is why I love this community.


Q, restarting the level doesn't let you re-pick the powa.

Tenkaido March 4, 2007 2:08 PM

If anybody is still having trouble setting people down after picking them up, just move Supa over the arrow while carrying them.


I managed to work out that it's possible to drop people off the island using the first level of Strength. My gripe is that I want to be able to put people where I want. That way I don't run out of drivers...

perrers March 4, 2007 8:55 PM

The controls on this are horrible. The puzzle part would be fun if I could actually get the thing to MOVE, STOP, or START.



How do u get a Powa?? I dont get it. It says he is to tired to pik any1 up!!

Jujubee March 5, 2007 3:07 AM

I like the concept of this game, it's the execution that seems to need work.

The learning curve gets frustrating because you have to restart so much(unless you happen to pick right every time). As mentioned before, if there was a way to actually redo what was done, it just becomes tiring. There should be a redo button or a reverse drive.
I really don't know how anyone got to the end without killing off so many or how you even got TO the end. Maybe I gave up too soon. Once the pollution level started rising on it's own before a car was even cranked, I had too much trouble getting anyone to enter the non-polluting-faster-than-a-ferrari van before the tide came. Maybe I'm just missing something and there's a clearcut way but for me it was too hard and I didn't have time to keep redoing it.

I don't know what was expected in the Grow contest and I'm not sure I would consider this a Grow game but I do think it has potential and would really like to see it improve to something that everyone can enjoy.

Maybe if the Supa could pick up more people AND a family after a given amount of time OR the cars would direct themselves off the island with another "powa"?

Some of the other entries aren't what I would put in the "grow" category either so I guess it all depends on what the makers of the contest intended that counts.

I don't understand how the bridgeless island works...it still tells me I passed but no one ever gets off the island...

This is my first time posting so I hope I'm doing it right.


I cannot figure out how to do anything. I give up.


If you wait long enough at the end, you actually see an ending, give it about 5 minutes after the blank screen (because I went to get something to eat) I heard a cheer and it goes to the ending.

Astroxslurg March 8, 2007 12:48 PM

This game is just too irritating, sorry. It would REALLY help if you saved before choosing a POWA after each level ;)


how do you drop people after picking them up


Lvl1=popularity,Lvl2 can be either Str or prevention,that's all i know

OpenTheGait April 1, 2007 8:30 AM

I would love to see this game reworked. Whether it matches the 'grow' category or not, it is still a great idea! I need not mention most improvements since everyone else named them... but you could give a second person powers too.


The controls on this game stink and are confusing. Otherwise it would be a great game.


how on earth do you get your super to move over the road so he can direct cars and such?
please help!

crazypuzzler811 October 11, 2008 5:46 PM

I don't get it. I just don't get it. I give up.

(the three I's of a bad game.)


Dropping the people

Click the car, then the information of the car will appear in the right area. Drop the people by clicking that red car icon.

level 1

click the blue spot beside the red car. then click the car to motivate it.
Click again the red car and pick up the second blue spot.
Wait til the red car move to the green tuck.
Click the red car and drop the people.
Click on one blue spot, then motivate the tuck.
While the tuck has moved away, then click on the blue spot.
Click on the red car and pick up the 3people family.
Click on the spot beside the yellow car.

reminder of level 2

You need to choose the popularity to gain the ability to change the direction of the car.


Did Hellen Keller design this game for you? It's impossible to play.


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