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Hans Hans the Biking Viking:
Leaving Loki's Lockup

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Rating: 4.6/5 (120 votes)
Comments (58) | Views (11,488)

SonicLoverHans HansAs familiar as you may be with Norse mythology, there's one parable you've probably never heard of. Fortunately, it is retold in Hans Hans the Biking Viking: Leaving Loki's Lockup.

As the legend goes, a courier named Hans Hans (and his sentient wooden bicycle, Sykkle) traveled to Loki's castle to deliver an important package to Thor. However, Loki tricked him and deposited him in his dungeon, an elaborate eleven-level maze full of tricks and traps.

Hans made full use of his ability to move around with the [left] and [right] arrow keys, jump across gaps and onto platforms ([space] bar), and pedal to activate conveyor-belt contraptions ([space] bar again). He wasn't alone, either; he later joined up with Freya, the goddess of love, war, and things that grow. She could fire arrows at phantoms and crystal switches, as well as make potted plants grow into thick vine bridges. Thor had massive muscles and could push and pull heavy blocks, as well as punch statues and other obstacles. And they later teamed up with a fourth character... and you can find out for yourself who that is. (You can switch control between the various characters with the [ctrl] key.)

Analysis: There are multiple reasons why I loved this game, which happens to be based on an upcoming Nickelodeon cartoon (You can watch a few webisodes and play mini-games at the show's website). Let's start with the more topical reasons and work away.

One: it motivates you to stick to it till the very end. Although the game has an autosave feature, I beat it happily in one sitting. There is also one hidden Rune to collect per level, and if you've got them all by the end of the game, you get an extra little bonus.

Two: the puzzles are very innovative. The same series of tricks makes up puzzles in many different ways plus several levels have unique obstacles. It's obvious that this game's levels were constructed by an expert in the trade. The only hitch is that none of them are particularly difficult.

Three: it's in the subgenre of The Lost Vikings-style puzzlers, which I always adore. Something about the concept of multiple characters with different abilities working together towards a common goal just steals my heart.

And four: it's based on an upcoming cartoon I've never heard of before. Sounds counter-intuitive? Perhaps, but I learned about the cartoon in question through this game, picking up quite a lot. I had Hans pegged as the cartoon's "mandatory stupid character" until I met Thor, and I can definitely picture some of the other situations these characters must get into.

Everyone's cartoon personalities are so well carved: Hans's unshakable devotion for package delivery, Freya's boldness and obvious irritation with her less competent allies, Thor's unending desire for sandwiches, and Loki's evil scheming with a dash of incompetence are all easy to pick up. I've gotta watch this cartoon once it's on air.

Play Hans Hans the Biking Viking: Leaving Loki's Lockup

Thanks for submitting this game, Tina, Kris, Iwa, and Fred!


Oh! This game is great!


A part of me was thinking "How durr they use norse gods like that"
then a part of me thought "It's just a children's cartoon"
then a part of me thought "Yeah, but they wouldn't do it with Moses and Jacob."
then a part of me thought "Yes, yes they would."
then a part of me thought "But they had the whole of Norse mythology to draw on and all they could come up with were these horribly overhashed characters which could be dumped on any shape!"
then a part of me thought "It's just a children's cartoon" again
then a part of me thought "Hey, that's quite aesthetically pleasing"

then a part of me thought "Oh, and that's a fairly solid Three Dwarves variant. The powers are varied and - perhaps a little overly - well-signposted, the puzzles such as they are require a little thought and can be planned ahead with the camera tool although they're not terribly taxing, and on the downside you have to switch to the mouse for a single click between levels (NO. BAD DESIGN.) and there are some animations which you could do without the second time, or which could be speeded up."

then a part of me thought "... I wonder if you'll get an Asatru busybody somewhere sending letters."


Hi, I'm the lead designer of the game. Thanks for the review and comments! glad you guys are liking it.

[Edit: comment edited by request of the author. -Jay]

Thanks again, and have fun!
Geoff Rollins
Lead Game Designer
NDI Media


The game wouldn't load.


That game was fantastic, I really enjoyed it. Excellent work all around, it's very rare to find such a complete, well thought out, entertaining, and enjoyable puzzle all in one little package. Highly recommended.


Though the voice bits got old after the seventh or eighth time I heard them, it was a pretty clever take on the Lost Vikings style of gameplay, and since it is intended for kids I'm not upset about the puzzles being rather simple. Nice job!


@bwansy: It looks like they rigged the game so that if the adds don't load, the game doesn't load. If you are using ad blocking software, try white listing that page.


That was fantastic. Nice work.

A couple sound bugs I noticed: if you push the action button while Thor is dragging something (instead of releasing left or right first), the grinding sound will continue until you grab, drag, and stop it again. Also, if a level ends during an avalanche, the avalanche noise continues for the remainder of the game, even during cut scenes (For the latter, I simply reloaded the page.)

Still, great stuff. Delightfully executed.


I enjoyed it, for a while. The only annoying voice for me was the girl saying "Come on, let's go", what seemed like every time you switched to her. If you are using just the keyboard, you cycle a lot.

The continue button should work with the space bar (I dislike switching to the mouse in a keyboard-based game.)

Finally, and this is more of a genre problem, with these "get a group to the exit"-style games, I don't understand why there isn't a tiny bit of smarts that allows them to walk the last way automatically. Some levels it seems silly ot have to walk all three characters across a level, open path to the exit.

I think the Traveller's Tales Lego games do this (of course, they also follow when you don't want them to, sometimes).



A part of me's thinking "yeah, I probably should", but a part of me's thinking "no, maybe not". A part of me is thinking about kittens.

Anonymous August 11, 2009 4:37 PM

"Gaze in awe at my spider form!" That clinched it for me. The control isn't always as smooth as it could be, but I was pleasantly surprised by every aspect of this.

...And, oh goodness, Loki's lobster form! Perfect.


I finished it one setting as well, although I forgot to get the rune on Loki's solo level.

This is a very well done game, so these amount to minor nitpicks that keep it from being great:

A slight lack of smoothness in control and geometry was mostly ignorable, except when jumping the bike. Only once or twice was it really aggravating.

The repetitive lines weren't so bad, except in the final scene, where it was odd to hear them repeated.

The dialogue lines seemed to pop up too slowly for me. It was almost annoying to get a rune because it required a brief sideshow.

But altogether, very well done. I liked the characters and the visual style too.

andy the anon August 11, 2009 6:03 PM

A part of me thinks, "I need help getting the rune on level 11."
A part of me thinks, "Oh, I am such a loser."
A part of me *slams head against keyboard repeatedly*


Thor makes a comment about the adventure "reminding him of the time he fought the ice/frost giants"...

That actually happened in Norse mythology. It'll be interesting to see how many references to Norse mythology they put into the show.

andy the anon August 11, 2009 6:13 PM

A part of me thinks, "Oh, Duh!"
A part of me thinks, "Nevermind."
A part of me *slams head into keyboard repeatedly*
A part of me thinks, "Great. Now I have to get a new keyboard."
A part of me thinks, "Again."


I too am stuck trying to get the Rune on Level 11. :(

wlangford August 11, 2009 7:14 PM

Two games with bicycles in a row?

Seriously? THAT was the "got all the runes" thing? A WALLPAPER? Oh, wait, this is a children's TV show. Nevermind. -.-;

Also, what's up with the jumping on the bike? And the spacebar should continue levels.
I enjoyed it though. Simple, yet not too much so.


Game froze IE6 twice here. To bad there isn't a save progress on the fly. Running xpSP3.

[Edit: IE6 is definitely your problem. Please upgrade your browser for a MUCH better browsing experience. -Jay]


this game was awesome. I love it.


A Soniclover:

THANK YOU. I don't know how I camera-panned over that whole level and still missed that.


I really liked it, and still am playing, but the crying elephant? not cool. is there no way to give him the food he wants? :(


Level 5

How do you get Freya passed the green flames?


Cool game, I enjoyed it. The only glitch I got was that the end movie played the audio ahead of the video by several seconds.

BTW, there is no bad design, you can press "Ctrl" key to switch characters. It says so in one of the cut scenes. I think the design is spot-on. Five mushrooms of coolness have been awarded!



Are you talking about the Flame on the upper right?

You just need to get Thor up there and PUNCH the statue to flip it around. Hans will be able to use the treadmill.


The Thunder God
Did forth to ride
Bare-back on a fiery filly.
"I'm Thor!" he cried
And the horse replied
"Tho uth a thaddle, thilly!"

As for the game, I think it's okay, but I'd have to agree with earlier comments - the controls are kind of eh.


@Geoff: I'd recommend adding 1,2,3 as switch keys so that the game won't require so many mouseclicks.


I am enjoying this, although I also managed to get the game to freeze in Firefox 3.0.12.

I was on level 11, using the blue teleporter. Thor wasn't quite on the teleporter, although Loki certainly was. Still, both of them got sucked into it when I accidentally pressed the space bar instead of ctrl. The both appeared in the teleported location, but when I pressed space bar again to get them back where they were, Thor went back and Loki stayed where he was. And from there I couldn't do anything in the game.

I will probably go back to the game, just after glitching when I was pretty far through that level means I need to take a break before continuing. Hopefully I won't hit the wrong key to make it happen again. :)

sparkybena August 12, 2009 5:09 AM

Please... where is the rune on level 5?
Can't find it nowhere nohow...


Definitely not a bad game. Though I, too, agree that the characters seem... cliched. Dumb, big guy punching things and being obsessed with food? Check. Girly girl who kicks butt and is smart? Check. Average run-of-the-mill-dude who is the protagonist? Check. Stupid and tries-to-be evil antagonist? Check...

What actually grieves me the most, odd as it might sound, is that they consistently referred to Thor's hammer as Hammer or Hammy... Rather than calling it Mjolner. Considering that the name of Hans Hans' sentient BIKE is the scandinavian word for bicycle...

That said, the game plays relatively smoothly. There's some annoying points, especially with jumps, where a "speed control" would be nice so you didn't had more oppertunities than just "jump far" or "jump straight up". That, and then the very repeated voicetrack. But the runes and the access to them are well hidden, and it bears many similarities to The Lost Vikings. The addition of a fourth character, though, is close to brilliant.

sparkybena August 12, 2009 5:12 AM

ah yes, posting power wins again! don't worry, found it


The game was a lot of fun, once I turned off the voices. It really bothers me to see Norse myths used like this, though. I mean, those names have actual personalities that go with them, and your show will be much more interesting and original if you actually used them.


This game is worthy of a level editor. Would love to see one.


I'm totally with you, NathanielK. While the gameplay is smooth and fun, I can't help being distracted by the cliched and boring character design (big stupid one, 'sassy' angry girl, ordinary guy, like every other cartoon about a group of friends...ever.)

This is a comment on the cartoon itself, rather than the game, but it drives me bonkers when people pick up a rich mythic tradition, (Norse, Egyptian, Biblical, King Arthur, Robin Hood, whatever - all mythic tradition is equal, none are safe) and rather than actually starting from the characters and backstory helpfully laid down for them, writers just set the cliche gun to 'dull' and use the names. Like poor old Loki, who may be a trickster and a charlatan, but is exactly not 'evil' and definitely not stupid (although he did meet a very nasty fate thanks to one practical joke too many.)

(It also hits my other rage-button of 'It's just a kids show/book/film! Kids aren't capable of dealing with anything mildly clever or different or challenging! Kids don't deserve or require originality in their fiction!" But that's a rant for another day.)

However, I did enjoy playing the game, the gameplay felt quite polished and the level design was professional and tight. So good game, shame about the lackluster concept behind it.

[Yes, I know. I'm a snob about this sort of thing. If reading my ranting gets your back up, imagine what it's like to live in my head. Hell, I annoy myself.]


I must be stupid/blind or both...
i'm stuck on level 8.....
i don't know where to begin.

Anonymous August 12, 2009 6:43 PM

@ Seboubou

I assume you meant the flame on the lower left in level 5? I also had this problem for a long time. The secret is:

With the flame in the original position, move Freya as far to the right as possible without dying. Then, when Hans moves the flame by biking, the flame shuts off, and moves left. It will pass over Freya harmlessly, and she can go right. This also exposes the rune, which you can then pick up with Thor.

You probably already got it, but hopefully this helps out a lot of others who got stuck like me.


does anyone know if there is one of those rune things on level 7? i scrolled around and didn't see one, but it seems strange that it would be left out there.

Anonymous August 12, 2009 9:31 PM


The rune isn't visible, on the level. You have to make it appear. You can do this by:

In the upper left corner, after you push the button to open the exit switch, turn in to a spider. Go through the short tunnel to the yellow transporter. Transport to a room on the upper right. Use the shield to turn in to a wolf. This moves the ghost to the left, right under the flame. Go back to the original room, and use the shield on the lower left to turn in to a wolf again. The flame jets out, and turns the ghost in to a rune.

caslscott August 13, 2009 3:58 PM

I am stuck on level 8 where Hans hans has to jump up the box one way and then jump onto the ledge the other way. I can't get enough lift for the second jump. Any help?

Black Drazon August 13, 2009 6:39 PM

In level 5, I managed to put the game in an unbeatable state (without resetting, of course): I went up the elevator in the top right with Hans and jumped off the nearby ledge without thinking, and since he didn't get hurt, I was on the bottom with the elevator stuck on the top! Restarting was a simple fix but I figured I'd point it out anyway so other people don't get trapped.


Level 8.

I am stuck!!!

The firey thing is now up.
Hans hans is near Thor, but whats next?


Hint for Level 8:

the snakes can melt the ice



I need help beating Level 11. Im stuck on the part where you go into the red machine. I have the big guy and the guy on the bike. I have no clue what im doing. Can someone pls help me.



For the room with the red teleporter:

Use Thor to move the iron block to the left. Have Hans jump off the iron block to the next level and ride on the belt. This moves the elevator down. Use Thor to put the iron block on the elevator. Have Hans ride the belt to move the iron block up to the next level. Move Thor to the right. Punch the dirt block. Have Thor ride the elevator on the right to the upper level. Use Thor to move the iron block to the right. Have Hans jump on the iron block to the upper belt. Ride the belt to activate one of the doors to the exit. Have Hans and Thor leave the room.

Hope that helps!


For a kids cartoon merchandising game this is extremely well done.

As an adult I liked the game a lot but I'd imagine that as a kid who is interested in the series it would be even better. Great productions values and continuation of the series' appeal but also thank Thor that they have spent some time crafting and intelligent game at its heart. Well done Geoff and team, I hope your bosses have a read of these comments and continue to have more confidence in your output!


Cyberjar88 August 15, 2009 2:51 PM

Can someone help me to get the rune on Level 10?



To get the rune on Level 10:

Have Hans jump across the gap on the bottom right to the rightmost belt. Have Hans bike on the belt to raise the right elevator. Have Thor go down the left elevator, and go over to the very tall iron brick. Have Thor move the tall iron brick all the way back to the left as far as it can. Put Freya on top of the big iron brick. Have Thor push the iron brick to the right again, moving Freya across the gap. Have Freya ride the right elevator up one level, and shoot the crystal at the top, opening the door on the bottom right. Have Freya come down one level on the elevator. Have Hans go down the elevator to the rune, and pick it up. Move Hans and Freya on top of the tall iron block. Have Thor move the tall iron block back to the left, carrying Freya and Hans across the gap.

Hope that helps!

Anonymous August 21, 2009 8:45 PM

I can't get past level 3


I'm stuck in level 8. Could you help me?

canadian koala September 25, 2009 7:19 PM

The link doesn't work for me =(


If the game doesn't load on the page, try using the link I added following the review above.


stuck on lvl 11. HELP!!


HELP level 6-

Can't get past the sleeping pig! HELP plz

rosepetal June 21, 2010 12:32 PM

You have to use thor to push the sausages into the processor, and have hans bike the treadmill, and the pig will move.

lulubelle October 4, 2010 8:55 PM

On level 5, I *finally* figured out how to get Freya to the crystal to shoot and she wouldnt shoot her arrows. i was so frustrated, i just quit then and there.


I had trouble getting the nick.com link to load (and both links in the review are the same).

[Thanks, ray9na, I've updated the review with working links. -Jay]


And I got through all 11 levels with all 11 runes. :-D


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