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Hapland 3

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Hapland 3

Why are you still reading this? Hapland 3 is Rob Allen's latest sequel to the tremendously popular Hapland series, and it was just released.

Play Hapland 3

For a complete walkthrough that rewards you with concept art of the game, see below.

Hungry for more Hapland?
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Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Hapland 3 Walkthrough:

  1. Click the man (the one on the platform), then click the carrot. As he grabs it, but before he eats it, click the top of the crate below him. The carrot should fall down. Quickly click the two flies before they get the carrot.

  2. Click the lever man (on the bottom platform) until the other carrot swings into place above the man on the upper platform. Click the carrot so the (upper platform man) eats it.

  3. Click the lever man (on the bottom platform) until the red arrow swings into place above the man on the upper platform.

  4. Now click the right opening of the crate. Click the red arrow above the guy.

  5. Click the two connectors to those landing pads the UFO have. (The connectors are directly beneath their respective pads, and have [until you click them] a red light on them)

  6. Click on the UFO, then quickly click the right yellow button under the crate. The UFO should abduct the snail-shell, and push the man into the bathroom, where he will flush the toilet after disposing (post-digestion, I assume) of the carrot. This will shake off part of the boulder that is beneath the bathroom. Also, the dropped snail-shell will blow up a mine next to another red arrow, making it point upwards.

  7. Ring the doorbell of the bathroom/house, and the former upper platform man should exit. Click him to make him climb back up onto his platform.

  8. Click the bottom lever guy until the shield appears. Now click the switch (like the ones clicked earlier to activate the UFO pads) by the green arrow above the lower platform guy, then click the bottom lever guy again

  9. Click the pipe that is above the door on the far left of the screen; it should bend upwards. Also, click the upper platform man so he is on the left of his platform.

  10. Click the UFO again, so it flies off to the right of the screen. TIMING IS IMPORTANT HERE: Wait about a second, then click the shield above the upper platform guy, so he grabs the shield. Immediately after clicking him, click the former bottom platform guy, and he should pull a new lever which should fire a rock out of the pipe.

  11. Now the lake should be frozen!

  12. Next, repeat the process of shooting rocks at the shield twice. They should bounce into the basket below the crow. You should stop after the second one, which is more like a spiky ball than a friendly rock.

  13. Now, click the light above the left door where the former lower platform guy is. That man should end up back on his lower platform. Next, click the gear/bolt in the middle of the crate that our snail shell came out of before, then click the yellow button on the left.

  14. Click the switch (you know which one by now) by the green arrow, then click the lever man on the bottom until the bomb (red ball) appears. Making sure the upper platform man is on the left of his platform (if he isn't, click him), click the bomb.

  15. The lake should be melted.

  16. TIMING INVOLVED AGAIN: Now, click the spider's web above the crow, and the window next to it. A carrot should fall out of the window. Click the spider, then, after a split second (sorry for the ambiguous timing) click the crow.

  17. If all went as planned, the crow should have knocked the carrot into the basket which should have fallen on the snail-shell and into the lake which should drain soon after. (Boom.) Also, the angry mother crow should've shot a laser at the spider, missing him, but knocking down a ladder.

  18. Click the bottom platform lever man until the red arrow appears. Then click the lever switch (again), and click the lever man again. He should go down, click him to make him pull that lever revealing a green blob.

  19. In the cave where the blobs have been revealed, click on the door to the crate, making it fall open.

  20. Click the far right leaves on the tree. Now click the bell under the mechanic (the other stickman on the screen, next to the wrench sign). After he leaves to repair the mess you made, he will leave the door open; click it closed.

  21. Click the mechanic, so he burns the vine. Now click the blue trapdoor that leads into the cave, directly to the left of the right-most UFO pad. Click the arrow so it turns to the right, and click the mechanic, directing him back to the right and into the cave.

  22. Click the mechanic so he walks into the crate. He will come out riding on a cart. Now, click the red blob that had been covered by rock, so that it produces a blob that falls into his cart, and then click the lever man (former bottom lever man) to make the green blob fall into the cart.

  23. . Now, click the gear-wheel at the bottom tight and the sign should turn around; press the button now. YAY! Pretty colors! End.


Wow, awesome.


Wow another amazing work by this guy really cool and hard

great work of art


was waiting for this sequel


anyone near completing it?

i've managed a few things (shooting, blowing stuff up, but i've got no clue how to do abductions and that)



I don't think I was able to finish the other ones even WITH a walkthrough.

This is a TOUGH series!

Whoever figures it out is a true point-and-click king.


Well, I've released the UFO, but that's about it.

Has anyone done anything with that creature in the water? I think you probably have to drain the water but i don't know how.

Also, is it possible to use the stone to hit the UFO?


I've figured out how to

release a ladder.

Click on the leaves above the crow to make a spider come out.

Click on the window to drop the carrot

Click the spider then quickly click the crow. If you timed it correctly then the crow should shoot down a ladder.


Okay, I've figured out a few things.

If you have the stick guy on the platform drop a bomb instead of jump into the cliff, you can release the ufo and still keep him.

then, you can still release the rolling stone from the crate and have him go into the house.

he will go to the bathroom and this will reveal a ... bomb... making... thing...?

14yearold March 26, 2006 1:19 PM

what do you mean in the first step derekw


I realized 2 things about my previous comment.

if you click on him first, he will walk over to the other side of the platform. click on the guy with the lever untill you see a red thing, its a bomb. have him get it and instead of throwing it towards the water, he'll clear out the slug thing.


if you make him eat both the carrots and then go into the house, then he'll go to the bathroom and reveal the yellow-dognut-bom maker.

does that answer your question?

Alterion March 26, 2006 1:42 PM

wow have you tried putting your cursor in the water? thats cool.. little touches make these games

YoungEmpirer March 26, 2006 1:51 PM

if you crash the ufo into the other hover thingy, then click the bell the man walks down towards it and gets zapped

Cant really figure out a large sequence yet.. the spider and crow thing is confusing cant get it..

Alterion March 26, 2006 2:01 PM

i figured out how to use the ladder and destroy the mine


you can make him drop the shield in the water by clicking the shield, then shooting the platform or hitting it with the lid of the crate.

also, if you click the right hand leaves in the right hand tree, some fruit drops out and breaks the other floaty thing


after dropping fruit on the right floaty thing, you can repair it by clicking the bell, but then the repair guy disappears


ah ha! drop the fruit, and quickly quick the branch below it. the fruit will blow the mine up, and point the arrow upwards


If you click the leaves then immediately click the branch on the right side of the tree, the fruit will destroy the land mine instead of the other thing.


Have figured out 2 things ...

1. the basket hanging on the branch could be filled up by stones.
make sure that stick man on yop can see a sheild
now breeak the electric circuit between the stick men. now ask lower stick man to pull the lever. he will swim across and stand nect to lever. there would be pipe coming out. click on pipe to bend it.
now click the armour and then ask our new swimmer stick men to pull the lever. timing is important. pipe will shoot the stone and sheild will divert stone to the basket.
If three items are there in basket it will drop off.

2. the bomb next to arrow would be defused if you swithch on 2nd alien launching pad by connecting circut below it, then click on the tree leaves above it a fruit will drop an simultanously click on branch below it to make sure that fuit falls on that bomb. you will also realise that the arrow points upwards to the ladder (if you have already used crow's laser power :))



If you click the tree branch right as the fruit is dropping, you can make it fall on the bomb, and change the direction of the sign to point up. however, this just makes him go back to his platform.


if you click the switch next to the guy with the lever, you can make him activate the arrow and swim to the lever next to the big tree, which makes him shoot wads of paper. Plus, one bomb.

plus you can

click on the top of the rolling stone box and have the thing hit the platform

but this dosn't seem to produce any effect.

HisJap2003 March 26, 2006 2:25 PM

oh no, i was hoping to get something done today


I noticed that the third thing that you shoot out of the pipe is different than the first two. Any thoughts?



If it goes into the water, it will explode, but other than that I don't know.

Since you only have one, I'm assuming it's important, and probably is something that needs to be timed perfectly in order to be useful.

That is, of course, if I've learned anything from the previous games.


Has Anyon gotten

The Cart machine thing

yet? What's it for.

The Mechanic rides in it, you can let him go all the way to the end (the cave with the light on) or you can drop a bomb into it from the bomb maker and blow it up, either way nothing happens after you choose either outcomes

YoungEmpirer March 26, 2006 2:38 PM

Yea i think the third thing is a bomb if you shoot it down into the water then it explodes.


I noticed that the third thing that you shoot out of the pipe is different than the first two. Any thoughts?

Reply - Its a bomb


1. open the crate in the cave
2. drop the bomb to damage the right teleporter
3. click the ramp just to the left of the teleporter
4. ring the bell
5. when the guy goes to repair it, close the door behind him. He will eventually go down into that cave.
6. Click on him again and he rides a big bowl like thing out of the box.
**if you've already done the thing with the carrots by now, you can time an orange "bomb" thing from the red blob to fall into the bowl as it drives by. This creates a red glow, but I don't know where to go from here.

YoungEmpirer March 26, 2006 2:42 PM

just found out if the man from the raised platform is next to the hover thing and you click on the ufo while its hovering then the man gets abducted and thrown onto the bit where the mine is so if the mines not there...


I think the objective for the platform guy is to climb over to the platform dome/roof. Though, as soon as I get the UFO to deliver him on top of the toilet-house, he is zapped by the UFO.

I was hoping that the container with stones would be kicked into the water and trapping the monster but it didn't happen - just kicked the lever-guy as usual.

A thought
Why not shoot the mine into the water and time explotion with the rolling stone from the crate? Thus hurting him...

Alterion March 26, 2006 2:58 PM

i think i found a bug... if you click the pipe while straight until the bomb is meant to shoot out it just appears in mid air behind the pipe and stays there


I just managed to get the mechanic

to climb up the ladder (I used the fruit to break the hover pad and I used the man on the platform to detonate the bomb

Once he was up there I clicked him and he burned down the vine!(Now I'm Stuck)

YoungEmpirer March 26, 2006 3:21 PM

Stuff ive learnt about game from game and here (not necessarily in right order, just figments can be interlocked and so forth)

1. Click spider web top left, click window, click spider, wait till spider is close not too close not too far though, click crow.
2. Click platformed man, click carrot, click man below twice, click pink thing, click man below, click carrot, click man below 3 times, click right button below crate, click switch in ground near bottom of the screen, click switch further to the right, click ufo, click arrow above platformed man, click arrow over to the right, click man from platform, click doorbell, click arrow near mine, click man from platform twice, click man below 3 times, click switch next to the green arrow, click man below, click pipe above him now, (click platformed man, then other man on left)(do bracketed 3 times).
3. (note: the top one has to be done to a certain extent before doing this) Click leaves ontop of the tall tree left side, click bell, open trapdoor to the left of the destroyed thing, close door when man comes out, click man, time clicking the red thing for when the machine comes across.
4. Mod to (2.) Click platformed man, click carrot, click man below twice, click pink thing, click man below, click carrot, click man below 3 times, click right button below crate, click switch in ground near bottom of the screen, click switch further to the right, click platformed man, click ufo (this part if done with 1. and 5. gets the man to the top of the toilet house but then he dies...
5. Click top leaves on the right, click branch below

Just noticed the carrot also goes into the basket equation... hope this helped


found out how to kidnap a guy-
use the red bomb hung above the top guy when he is on the left side, then open the right side of the box, then move the to guy using the sign, then float the UFO and use it. tada- blowenup\zapped guy. stoning the UFO doesnt help a bit.
another thing- closing the door while the guy is fixing the landing pad helps.


YoungEmpirer March 26, 2006 3:26 PM

With joels information it made most of my walkthough not needed because that removes the mine bit and some other bits... i am coming up with my own information but im not sure at the moment.. ill try add em all together in my head then comment again


What I know about certain things:

The Crow:

Is used to in conjuction with the spider to make the ladder unrole

The Rolling Stone Crate:

Clickin the top makes it pop up and bump the platform
Clicking the Left button makes a boulder role out into the water and kills the Lever Man
Clicking the Right button makes a boulder come out knock down the door
Clicking the right makes a ledge for the Platform Man
The center gear speeds up the boulder (it won't kill the lever man if its fast)

The Mechanic:

He gets zapped and dies by the fallen ufo
He repairs the ufo pads
he can use the ladder
he can ride in the buggy/cart

Large Crate:

Contains the buggy/cart

The Buggy:

Is used by the mechanic
can catch the bomb from the machine

The Sheild:

Can reflecct rock shot by the cannon ito the basket
can be dropped in to the lake and eaten by the beast
can be dropped into the cave with the light

The Carrots:

Must be eaten before going into the house if you want the bomb machine

The Red Bomb:

Blows up the slug blocking the circuit
Blows up the little stick in the cave
Blows up and does nothing if you throw it at the water

The Rock cannon:

Shoots two rocks then one water activated bomb
can be bent to change the angle of the shot
will break if you bend it too much


is found in the left hover pad
can move to the right hover pad
can go under the roof of the platform
Can abduct the platform man
can crash and become use less
can kill the mechanic

The landmine:

Can be detonated by the fruit or the platform man after he is abducted


Once somebody figures out what to do with the underwater lever and the beast this will get solved easily!


Hey, I'm new. I've been visiting your site for a while, Jay, and have finally decided to sign up. JayIsGames is a great site!

I've managed to get the mechanic into the underground underneath the toilet, where the big box is. I've also managed to get a large type of machine carring the screaming mechanic into the underground chamber to the right of the lake/pond.

When the UFO is hovering over the second pad, break the pad with the fruit. Call the mechanic, and when he comes out of his hut, close the door. Now, open the flap to the right of the hoverpad. He won't be able to open the door, and will fall through the open flap.
If you open up the box beforehand, then click the mechanic, a machine will come out of the box. When the machin is undermeath the piping, click the piping and a red bglowing ball will appear in the machine. The machin will continue left, through the wall.
If you managed to get the glowing red ball in the machine, when you click the machine again it will turn into a platfrom with wheels. The mechanic will dissapear.

You can fill up the basket with carrots. This seems to have no effect on anything.


Cheers, Ice, I'm pleased you enjoy the site! And thank you for creating a TypeKey account, as it makes it easier on us here since we don't have to approve every comment posted. =D


Sorry Jay, I had an account I just forgot about it!

This game is getting very frustrating! Now I'll never finish my Biology Lab! Must.. Beat.. Hapland 3.....


No worries, Joel. =)

I find it productive to use games as motivators for getting work that must be done out of the way. You might decide that you'll work on your Biology lab for 45 minutes and then take 15 minutes out to play games. That way you have fun and get work done, too!


hey jay i loved your site for a year now i found it when friend told me about house and now you're just brill at finding games p.s. i love grow and hapland i completed number 1 but no. 3 im boggled =D


I'm guessing the underwater switch does something with the dome, because they both have the same symbol on them.

Also, notice the help section says "Mix up a haptacular potion" so I think we need to add ingredients to the bowl/cart thing.

Actually, click on help, then click on the text and there is a visual diagram of what you need to mix, I think.


Dunno if this is of any use to anyone, but once you have the UFO pads up and running, clicking the UFO will send it from pad #1 to pad #2. click it again, it disappears off screen

then get the man on the platform over to the left, have him wave the sowrd and shiled, and then blast a rock at him. the rock bounces off the shield and destroys the UFO, if your timing is any good.

the UFO drops little blue drops which freeze the water.

...Im not sure where to go with it from there.


Hey I just thought of something. What is the Goal of the Game? In #1 and 2 it was to light the torches/wheel. There is the Torch wheel but their aren't any visible ways to light it Up. I'm Guessing the underwater lever activates it.

mikesf78 March 26, 2006 4:55 PM

I've tried adding the shield and the paper balls from the cannon into the "flaming cart," but nothing will land in it.... anyone have any luck adding anything other than the fire to the rolling cart?


I was amazed how much I was able to figure out on my own this time. Maybe Im getting better?... Nah, probably just luck.


Good find with the ice. The 3rd projectile (water bomb) doesn't do anything to the ice, btw. Those blue drops fall pretty slowly, so maybe we need to do something while they're falling?

Also, once the water becomes ice, you can turn on the light above the door and the guy will cross back over to the original switch.


You can also make a "cart" with the boulder from the box and the Bucket full of stuff. (The water has to be frozen though)The boot then kicks it onto the ice.

Heres a theory. maybe you have to get the water bomb into the lake before it freezes so that when it explodes it shatters the ice!


I am sooo going wait 'till someone comes up with the full walkthrough =P
There's just too much to click on in this episode - I'll never figure it out on my own. hehe.

If the reward would've been an xbox360 on the other hand... ^^


Incredible! I've never seen it take this long for a complete walkthrough to be posted for any game on this site!

mikesf78 March 26, 2006 5:24 PM

After freezing the lake, I was able to send the left wheel out of the box across the lake. I filled the hanging basket with 3 carrots making it fall, and it balanced on top of the wheel. I had the door kick the wheel sending the carrots and wheel on top of the ice. Not sure where to go from here... perhaps the wheel and carrot are set up to jam the robot once the lake thaws.

Also, I tried shooting the water bomb at the droplets as they fell. I think I hit them right on, but no response.


Try throwing the red bomb off the left side, and it rains fire. Could that work in conjunction withthe frozen lake...?


yeah I tried that too. I thought maybe it would catch them (blue droplets) and when it bounced of the door it would go into the cart with the glowing red bomb but either my timing was of or that's impossible to do (I tried 3 time beofre giving up on this Idea)

Does teh ice thaw?


i had the waterbomb blow up right as the water froze, the screen shook, nothing happened, it still froze

Apauling March 26, 2006 5:30 PM

Once the water is frozen, if you send a fast wheel to the left and then drop the basket on top of it, the door on the left side will open and the mechanical leg thingie will knock the basket over... but that doesn't seem very useful! I'm not sure freezing the lake is the right thing to do since we probably need to access that underwater switch.


What if the water-activated-bomb is in the container. Would it come in contact with the ice when it falls over?

dittydog March 26, 2006 5:32 PM

the laser bird scares me


The Ice won't shatter either. I just tried if 4 times


No, when the water bomb hits the ice it does nothing.


I just noticed that when you poke the foggy white thing floating around in the background it sends them flying around really fast.

It probably is just for ambience like the water bubbles.

or these two factors are very important and we keep overlooking them, but I doubt it

mikesf78 March 26, 2006 5:38 PM

What's up with the bathroom window being open versus closed? I can't see how/when this makes a difference?


How do you fill basket with carrots?


When Rob wrote me earlier today to say the game was finished and ready to play, he also admitted that it is quite difficult to complete (and I would argue that the Hapland games have all been rather difficult to get through on ones own.)

He also wondered how long it would take before a walkthrough showed up.

It won't be long if everyone continues to work together! ;)


I think filling the basket with carrots is a glitch because the carrot bounces around like when the crow is trying to eat it.


You can thaw the ice with the bomb's flames. and you can remove the slug by using a carrot and clicking the two bugs real quick


Clicking on the help text seems to say that we need to combine the drops from the UFO with the red bomb-stuff (under the toilet house), probably using the cart, and then put it underneath the light. Maybe it will explode and allow the water to drain, getting us to the lever?


So Jay, have you managed to beat it yet?
Because if you did you should really help us out! Who cares about the T Shirt anymore, i just want to see the ending!!!


Has anybody found a way to get up the ladder without killing the guy on the platform (the shield guy)? The only way I can get up the ladder is to use the platform guy and the ufo to set off the mine, then use the fruit to blow up the right teleporter to bring the mechanic down.

Has anybody figured out what burning the vine does? After burning the vine, the mechanic follows the right most red arrow. You can send him left across the top of the ring (nothing there as far as I know) or right down into the cave.

manbam97 March 26, 2006 5:55 PM

somone should realy put all these guids together
im me my screen is manbam97


There has to be something were missing... maybe if we put the whole thing in perspective there, some factors that add up or something. Like, maybe the cart and the frozen lake, or something else. *Goes into a deep ponder*

DangerDoom March 26, 2006 6:02 PM

Ok I dont knwo if freezing the lake is the right thing to do. When u press the help button the click on the screen it shows you what you need to get into the BOWL and make the potion (I think). Remember the red donut bomb thing you put into the bowl when the mechanic is riding it? Look at the symbol on the donut-dropper. Its one symbol. Then the lever in the lake AND the top to the platform have the 2nd symbol (though not sure how to get those)!. Perhaps we have to kill the UFO yet get the drops into the bowl. And i thin the third symbol stands for sunlight or light (when the bowl stops it is sitting underneath the lightbulb cooking i believe). So not sure where to take that but hopefully it gives YOU guys some ideas.


Joel - no, I haven't finished it. Truth is, I haven't been able to even start yet. I have an essay due tonight at midnight and I've been working on that in between approving comments. ;)


I've tried thinking of other way to knock down the UFO, The crows laser doesn't work, neither does the fruit.


Wow... good job DangerDoom... I was wondering about those symbols also and had seen the two ones on the platform and in the water earlier but hadnt piced it together like that. I think you're definetly on to something.


Okay, so this probably won't be of too much assistance as I don't have the timing down just right but, concerning the water,

it is possible to have the man on the bottom open the door on the left and fire the wheel thing from the center area and have said wheel be eaten as the man is knocked into the water. I've only been able to do this twice as the timing's rough...but it does enable the man to access the bottom switch.


This would probably be a lot easier if we knew exactly what we were trying to accomplish instead of just trying to make things happen.

DangerDoom March 26, 2006 6:31 PM

Ok so when You only put the red donut in the bowl when he goes across, once it reaches the light the bowl disappears so THAT is a no-go in my opinion. I think that the UFO bits and other stuff have to go in BEFORE u reach the lightbulb. No idea how, just an observation. Also that damn lever underwater HAS to be gotten to but i have no clue at all! How do you get the bomb from the second floor to go with the UFO fragments, dont you have to use the bomb in order to get the UFO to work? Reading back i see daniel already proposed this yet I never noticed it. Good idea DANIEL:) Hopefully doing the whole bit will make the bowl explode, draining teh lake, and the lever starts the portal...but how in the hell!?

DangerDoom March 26, 2006 6:37 PM

OH I HAVE AN IDEA! What happens when you turn the gun tube upwards and shoot it? It goes in the CAVE! SOOO maybe once the guy is runnin across in the bowl and u fill it with the red stuff once it reaches the hump it goes slowly..perhaps the WATER BOMB goes in there?


I just dropped the carrot into the cave

and two flys came after it!
If you click the flys the bug blocking the switch will leave leaving the bomb free for another use!


The Bomb:

Melt the frozen Ice!
I tried melting the ice with the cart on it and the cart just floated there.
Then I got the lever man to swim back to the cannon lever. I turned on the light and the cart disappeared. Now the lever man is stuck standing in front of the door!


I you use one carrot as bug bate and theeat the other one you can still get the bomb machine


How do you drop the carrot into the cave?


How'd you get the carrot in the cave in the first place?

DangerDoom March 26, 2006 6:48 PM

Hey Joel i think that's neat but how do you get the carrot to drop into the cave? Are you using the carrots from the platform or from the tree? If you are using the carrots from the platform then how do plan to use the toilet with the man and drop the stuff below the toilet so you can drop the donut-bomb stuff?


Make the platform man stand on the right grab the carrot and before he eats it click the top of the crate to make it bumb him, he'll drop the carrot into the cave.
Get ready becase you have to click/kill the two flies away before they carry of the carrot or your screwed

DangerDoom March 26, 2006 6:53 PM

Ahhhhh i see you go to eat the carrot with the guy then shock him with the top of the snail box which makes him drop it. Then you have to click both the flies fast and the bug eats the carrot and leaves the fusebox. dont see how this helps us becasue the guy has to eat both carrots to use the bathroom and open up the red-donut-bomb stuff.


DangerDoom, Read my post @ 6:42


But wait, how do you switch to the shield after dropping the carrot? You can't get back without freezing the pool, can you?


Without spelling errors and no puntuation

Make the platform man stand on the right,
grab the carrot and before he eats it, click the top of the crate to make it bump him.
He'll drop the carrot into the cave.
Get ready becase you have to click/kill the two flies before they carry off the carrot or your screwed


You drop the carrot at the very beginning.


Oh, right. Sorry, I was being stupid, I didn't read it properly and thought you made him drop it by shooting the platform with a stone >_

bytesmythe March 26, 2006 6:58 PM

I drained the lake!!

Use the above hints to do the following:

  • Use the carrot trick to clear the UFO switch. Don't waste the bomb on this.

  • Freeze the lake by hitting the UFO with the rock. You must do this on the first hit.

  • Land the second rock and the "depth charge" into the bucket.

  • Turn on the porch light and boot the guy back across to the first switch.

  • Click the "gear" in the center of the rock crate. Launch the left rock over.

  • Make sure the upper platform guy is standing on the left side. Give him the bomb. He'll toss it over the lake, thawing it.

  • Use the crow/spider sequence to drop the carrot into the bucket. It will fall onto the rock and tip into the lake, dropping all the way to the right. The charge will explode, making a hole in the cave wall and draining the lake.


Okay... so now... how do we burn that vine again?


I also just drained the lake. If the bottom guy is on the right, he'll jump down and throw the switch. This causes a green ball to pop out of the dome and roll along the vine. That's why the vine needs to get burned. The ONLY step I'm missing now is how to either:

Set off the mine without killing the platform guy or using the fruit
set off the mine using the fruit but how do I get the mechanic down? I think that's the only step missing.


yes i have the same problem
i dont want to mess up and have to redrain the lake
someone please solve this dilemna

mikesf78 March 26, 2006 7:12 PM

We still have some extra paper balls that we can fire and there's the bathroom window that doesn't have a purpose yet.

DangerDoom March 26, 2006 7:12 PM

Ok we're almost there!!!!! You burn the vine by using the MECHANIC (damn) after sacrificing the guy on top of the platform. You need to use the UFO to sacrifice the guy so I think it is only a matter of sequence. Perhaps we need to use the platform guy as much as possible (opening the plumbing, using shield to get stuff into bucket, and using the bomb) THEN sacrifice him. DAMN doesn't work because to get the frozen lake you have to sacrifice the UFO WITH the platform guy...grrrr we KNOW how to do eachseparate but not both together GRRR.


okay so if you drain the lake the UFO disappears...so then how do you abduct the platform man so that he will detonate bomb so that mechanic guy can burn vine????


Me too who ever figures that out is going to get a free T-shirt!

bytesmythe March 26, 2006 7:14 PM

I wonder if it has anything to do with the boulder that shoots out of the right side of the crate. That doesn't seem to have a purpose yet, other than knocking in the door to the house.

mikesf78 March 26, 2006 7:14 PM

and the right rolling rock... that must be usefull here too


hapland is awsome i beat 1,2,and 3 but sadly i know for a fact there will be no number 4 hate to break it to you guys

lol and if your reading this hint dont eat both carrots

Blad3Lik3 March 12, 2007 11:05 AM

help me pls. the "ladder" is so complicated how can i get the ladder??


heh, just found a glitch.

if you manage to use the top of the crate to hit the platform just as the guy on top touches the carrot, the guy will return to normal then the carrot disappears.


could someone give me a walkthrough or something because i get stuck after the blob eats the box and gets electricuted or something


Hears the prob i get the spider to be zaped but it dont make a ladder


to get the ladder u have to be good at timimg click the spider web once then the window now tricky part click on spider then when spider is half way down to bird click on bird (what should then happon is bird hits fruit which falls when bird turns round it gets annoyed at spider for stealing egg so shotts lazer beam and will hit tree which makes ladder fall

if not timed right then either spider gets eaten by bird or hit by lazer beam

Bill Abbernt May 30, 2007 6:42 PM

Hello, I completed the game up to the point where you drop the green blob in the rolling robot/cup/bowl/cart thing, once I dropped the blob in the robot, the red glow turned green, but nothing else happened except for the top of the robot exploding and killing the mechanic, and the wheels on the robot continuing to spin. Could guide me in the right direction?

could you specify about how long it takes for the "sign" to come up?

Anonymous June 3, 2007 5:32 AM

Ok, I click the carrot and he grabs it. Then I click the top of the box and carrot goes into water... but then what? Where are the 'flies' ?

Hapland 3.

Anonymous June 13, 2007 2:32 AM

How do i end the game?????


anonymous~ you need to click on the man first, so he moves over to thje side of the platform.that way when the carrot falls it falls in the cave not in the water. i had that problem when i first did it. hopes this helps

zagrag11 June 30, 2007 8:29 PM

guys in the walkthroughs people usually leave out that when you're trying to get the ufo to abduct the wheel you have click the ufo then WHEN THE EXCLAMATION MARK APPEARS ABOVE THE GUYS HEAD THEN YOU PRESS THE BUTTON, don't press it straight away. Just trying to help yours sincerely me.

zagrag11 July 2, 2007 5:19 AM

hapland 3 steps 1-26
1.Click on the top stickman on the left side of the screen now he should be at the right click the carrot and when he is holding the carrot hit the top of the box underneath him the carrot will fall down when its on the bottom two flies will come click them before they get the carrot the bug should come eat them and the carrot now the switch is free.
2. Activate the ufo pads.
3.Click on the right side of the crate to get the little bridge.
4.Click on the man at the lever to get to the other carrot and get the man on the platform to eat it.
5.Click on the lever man until the red arrow appears and click it so that the man goes down to the ufo.
6.Click on the ufo so it tries to abduct him then when the exclamation mark appears above his head click on the rightmost yellow button beneath the crate.
7.The stone will roll the ufo will abduct it and the platform man will run into the house and flush the toilet to expose the bomb maker.
8.Point the pipe at the right of the screen upwards and get the guy on the platform to go to the left, then click the lever guy so that there is a shield above the platform guy.
9.Click the switch above the lever guy then get him to pull the lever(now he should go to the other lever), then click the ufo, then when the ufo just goes out of the screen quickly click the shield and the guy at the lever and that should destroy the space ship and freeze the lake.
10.Then shoot a rock and the bomb into the basket using the same technique with the shield.
11.Turn on the light so the stick guy will go back.
12.When the stick guy is walking on the ice hit the gear on the crate and let the other stone roll by pressing the other button.
13.Have the platform man to get the bomb and thaw the lake
14.Click the spider web in the corner then open the window in the tree click the spider then quickly click the crow that should get the ladder down but if u timed it wrong the bird will just kill the spider.
15.Make the stick guy to go to the bottom of the drained lake.
16.Hit the big tree to make the fruit fall and hit the ufo pad.
17.Hit the bell to make the mechanic come down then when he walks out you need to close the door behind him.
18.After he discovers that his door is locked and he walks a bit and stops click on him which should make him climb the ladder then click him again to make him burn the vine.
19.Make him get down and open the gate between the house and the fixed ufo pad.
20.Open the box in the cave.
21.Put the mechanic in the cave.
22.Hit the mechanic so he goes in the box and comes out with a cart thing.
23.Hit the bomb maker so the orange bomb thing falls into the cart.
24.Then when the cart goes over the bump hit the stick guy in the drained lake and a green thing will come out of the dome and fall into the cart.
25.The cart will turn into monster thing that chases the mechanic and breaks the wall with the big black symbol. 26.Then a button will appear that says DO NOT PRESS so click the small gear on the side of it and a blue button will appear that says PRESS, press the blue button and the screen will change colours and then you have saved hapland and won the game.

P.S I didn't make all this up I simply added more details to make the instructions easier to follow.


every time i try it, the ufo doesnt abduct the rock, the rock runs the guy over and he ends up getting abducted.. help!

ineedhelp July 21, 2007 3:27 PM

Err...I don't know what to do...help me!!!

Anonymous July 26, 2007 3:22 PM

god this is really hard


what are you guys talking about all the stuff you guys talk about
arent even anywhere near close to the hapland 3 im
and this is no help so id like to know
what game are you talking about!

Anonymous August 2, 2007 2:07 PM

Thanks, thanks, thanks !!!!! I did it... After 10 sigarettes, and three hours home... I found this, and I did it on ten minutes !!! Hahahaha ! I so happy ! :D:D:D:D

holyshrimpfest August 5, 2007 9:20 AM

i can't get past the part when you freeze the lake anyone help?

haplander August 19, 2007 5:29 PM

yay this aint spoiler just me saying woo woo i dun it!!!! hapland 1, 2, and 3 complete bring on 4


what is the point of the game and when do you know when you're finished?

-xiiao-choco September 7, 2007 7:00 AM

sry but I was justwondering where on earth are the flies?????


hey guys
I can't see some walkthroughs on this site :s

[Edit: Click the "spoiler" button to reveal what's underneath. You will need Javascript enabled. -Jay]


OK...you guyz seriously need to add details!!
What the heck is a crate?? lol
I think i messed up!! Grr.


I can't hit the ufo with the rock. I am SO FRUSTRATED. I wanna play more, but can't get past this point. I'm becoming obsessed. Please help. Quick.


i need help when i'm walking back across the lake i need to Click the gear in the middle of the box. (it spins) Click the right yellow button on the bottom of the box (a rock shoots out and stops right on the lever in front of the door)but the yellow button under the box i can't click. any help


There are a few videos on You Tube of the entire episode, which might be helpful to some. You can pause and rewind to your hearts content until you figure out the sequences required. Too bad you can't play them in slow motion ;-)

Just do a search on You Tube for "Hapland 3"

Good Luck All


how do you win?!


Is there anyway to save the game at a particular spot, so you don't have to start from the beginning?


this would be impossible without the walkthrough, totally impossible, and i wont believe anyone who says the beat it without


I would love to try the game but their server keeps timing out :(

KariLynn July 5, 2008 5:44 AM

OK, what am I doing wrong here? I can't seem to get the lake to freeze. I've tried all sorts of variations, waiting until the ufo disappears, not waiting 'til it disappears, etc. I'm feeling frustrated, like there's a step missing somehow...

jmaster July 5, 2008 10:50 PM

i finnaly find a walk through but the window never loads!!!!!:'(


SAD news. Rob Allen shut down his site. You can't play his games anymore. It's a shame, since I always loved his games.


When you make the fruit drop from the tree, click the branch to fling it to the rock thing.


This game...oh man. So much fun, but I couldn't finish it. I tried like 8 million times even after I knew what to do and kept missing stuff...and then at the very end I missed the

cart with the green blob

...and I about cried and decided I wouldn't try again, haha. But still an amazing game. Amazing.

Hey Jay, I just got an account thingie...and I signed in and everything. But it won't let me leave a comment with a name. It gives me the options of signing in or commenting anonymously, like before. Kindly inform me as to what major thing I am missing? :)

None needed January 4, 2009 10:35 PM

To the person that said there was no number 4 hapland, there is. I play it all the time.

Anonymous March 16, 2009 10:17 PM

I've FINISHED the WHOLE series.... and it's not that hard for me.... maybe about 5 hours....

Malorion July 6, 2009 5:15 PM

Jay & Crew,

Never actually finished the original Hapland or #2 so I thought I'd go back and do those with the help of your walkthroughs. Except the first one's walkthrough is actually for #3. Just thought you should know :)

brokenrecord November 18, 2009 7:14 PM

FYI the links appear to be broken :(


It's frustrating, i can't do the part when you freeze the lak. Geez what an exact timing you need there.


Right lets put it this way ive got to the bit where you click on the box underneath and the ball rolls out and the ufo is ment to pick it up but the man just gets ran over, can any1 help me out?


Too frustrating, even with walkthrough.


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