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Happy Flower Music Time

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Happy Flower Music TimeWhen things get you down
And life seems so blue
And no one's around
That you can turn to
Just wipe off those tears
With whatever you find
Cause there's no need to fear
It's Happy Flower Music Time!

This silly and surprisingly fun audio game with Simon-says gameplay is disguised as a quirky little Japanese title named Tanoshii Hana Ongaku Toki!—which apparently means Happy Flower Music Time.

In the very strange and hard to understand opening cut scene—which is a little whacked if I may add—we learn that some big round brown dude is smashing all the flowers, which causes all the musical notes to disappear... yeah, that's it. And uh, the rainbow fairy godmother comes and rescues all the flowers, and then... she builds a flower stairway to outer space. Seems totally logical to me.

Your task is to unlock all the flowers and climb as high as you can by repeating the sequence of notes, or tune, that each flower plays.

Begin by listening carefully to the three (3) musical note tune of the first flower. Click on a petal to play its note. Sample all of the petals to get a feel for what notes are available. Repeat the sequence at any time by clicking on the appropriate petals in order. It's really just that simple. Click the center of the flower to repeat the tune at any time.

You have a limited time in which to unlock a flower. The green center will turn yellow as time goes by, and then red as time begins to run out. If you fail to repeat a tune correctly before time runs out, it's game over.

As you move up in levels, the number of petals will increase as will the number of notes in the tune you have to repeat. There are also a few power-ups thrown in to make the game more challenging and fun. Spiders will descend toward the center of the flower to mix up the current tune. Bees will try to lock a previously unlocked flower. Click on either one before it reaches the flower to swat it away. Rockets will drop extra time and Chinese characters from the sky. Collect an entire set of characters for a super happy flower points bonus!

The game relies on the sense of hearing and tests your skill at recognizing musical notes with very little visual aid: you have only the help of different colored petals representing different notes. Therefore, the game won't be accessible to the hard of hearing or deaf. However, if you can hear musical notes, and you can differentiate between them, then this game can be quite a challenge and ridiculous fun.

From Mark Arenz and his Ridiculopathy website full of craziness, this game will surely make you smile. Click.

Update: At least one person has reported a problem loading this game using Internet Explorer, but has been successful using Firefox. So, until we can figure out the source of the loading problem, it is recommended that you Get Firefox! for this one.


Oh well, sehr cool game jay :)


Woot! #12 on my first try (as 'Koi')! First time I've made a high score list EVER!

Died on level 6 with those sliding notes - I had three different ones in one flower-song and my brain just couldn't sort them quickly enough.

Also, smushing the spiders makes an insanely satisfying noise!


You think they're joking about Japanese advertising, but they're really, really not.

Nice game, too much homework to go further. Probably couldn't get further than level five anyway, I was flagging a little at level four.

Snowite512 November 30, 2005 2:58 PM

It's not working on my computer... Any ideas?


um... what's not working specifically? If you can provide a bit more for me to go on, then I might be able to help out. =)

Eyebrows - congratulations! I managed to get 23rd, and only because I filled a set of Chinese characters for bonus points. I seem to hit a wall everytime I get to Level 4. I guess my brain has a 3-note capacity. =p

Dan Weinstein November 30, 2005 3:09 PM

I too can't get it to work. :(
All I see is a plain grey rectangle, nothing happens. Seems like what I'd get if I had a wrong Java version or Flash version.
Any ideas?

Snowite512 November 30, 2005 3:11 PM

Well.. the site opens up but then the gray rectangle where the game should be isn't loading I guess. I thought it might have been a problem with my flash, but I updated my flash player and rebooted.. still nothing..


Well, do you have the most recent version of the Flash Player installed? That would be my first recommendation to consider. A new version (8) was recently introduced, and so we are in a transition period where you will begin to see things that require the new version.

Try that and let me know how you make out.


Ok, just saw your post, Snowite. Besides installing and rebooting, try clearing out your browser cache. Sometimes that can cause issues.

Snowite512 November 30, 2005 3:24 PM

Okay.. I cleared some and made the folder larger.. still nothing.. :(


No idea besides possibly a firewall causing trouble. I've emailed Mark, the game author, about it to see if he has any ideas. Sorry! =(

Snowite512 November 30, 2005 3:35 PM

i don't think its a firewall.. thanks for the help! i'll keep tryin to get it to work.. i think i'd be good at this game!!! ahh. thanks for your help, jay! :)


I can't get the game to work at all. All I see is the dreaded black box of "Movie Not Loaded".


It didn't work on internet explorer for me, the page continually said loading... at the bottom and had the grey box, then turned on the virtual private network to bypass the firewall at school, refreshed the page, still nothing. Opened up firefox, and it worked.

So it isn't flash, it is either firewall or just internet explorer, my guess is IE, because immediately on opening firefox it was a black box and not a grey box. So use firefox I guess.


Jay - lol. I was thinking to myself, "Thank God twenty years of music lessons IS FINALLY PAYING OFF WITH SOMETHING USEFUL! A TOP-25 SCORE!"

Perhaps my priorities are slightly out of whack. :) I'm so playing after work today so I can get EVEN HIGHER! I finally found a game I can RULE at! Take that, Dark Complex!


Eyebrows - you rock! =D

Thanks, Role!

It's sad to be reminded that there are still people out there using IE. Ugh. From a web developer's perspective, IE causes so many compatibility issues, I wish it didn't exist.

Get Firefox! Version 1.5 was just released, and it's HOT! =)


Mark replied to me about the problems people have been having accessing the game, here is what he told me:

"I put in some security measures to prevent sites from stealing my content. All the code does is look to see if the game is playing off my site or someone else's. It might prevent the game from running locally or it could be a proxy server thing."

All the links above run the game off his site, so there shouldn't be a problem. But there is obviously a problem someplace, and for now, until we know more about it, let's blame it on the ill-mannered IE. ;)

I'm curious if anyone who has had trouble loading the game, NOT been able to load it using Firefox?

Snowite512 November 30, 2005 5:38 PM

Ok, ok, ok. Jay.. I now have Firefox.. no more IE for me I guess. The game works now. :) heh. Thanks again for all your help!!


Or is it firefox that makes compatability problems? Anyways, I never mentioned it, but I found your site through foon.co.uk's link, so if you didn't know, he put you under "best of the web", although some of the other links are sarcastic. Thanks for compiling all these great games, without these I might have had to go buy an overpriced new generation console *shudder*.


I like this game even though I suck at it.

Also, jay, do you have stairs in your house?


Yay! Snowite, you made my day. =)
I'm glad things worked out for you.

Role - no, Firefox is an open Web standards compliant browser. IE is Microsoft standards compliant. Definitely not the same thing. If IE were open Web standards compliant, we wouldn't have the browser issues we still have today. All browsers are moving towards open Web standards compliance, but we still have a ways to go.

Alex - Yes, I have stairs, and I know this is in reference to the game in some way, but you'll have to explain it in clearer terms for me. =)


I used to have trouble loading flash movies with the new version of Firefox. I googled the problem and found out that the "Adblock" extension can cause problems with flash in the new Firefox. The solution: uncheck "Obj tabs" in Adblock options.


Great game, Jay.


Holy crap! #4!! first high score eva!
yay :)


Well, I'm #2- with a tribute to Jay up there...


WOW! You guys are professionals! =D

Cheers, Joe! You're pretty awesome yourself! (I think that's the only way I'll make it to the high score list) ;)


Jay, nevermind the stairs thing....it is a secret code....

OmegaX123 December 2, 2005 4:03 AM

Jay: About the stairs, I assume it's "The Terrible Secret of Space". If it weren't for the user who posted that being called "Alex" (a name I don't think my cousin would use), I'd be wondering if that was my cousin. He and I used to always refer to that flash movie, particularly the "stairs in your house" line, in casual conversation with one another, and even with people who knew nothing about the video. (Sorry, can't find the link to the video)

According to Wikipedia, though, it's also a "secret handshake" for SomethingAwful users. Maybe "Alex" was trying to find out if you're on SA forums?

Sally Flower December 19, 2005 5:22 PM

Despite it takes me some time to come up with what I should do, the game makes me laugh. :) Nice idea. Thanks.


A bit hard to understand, but realy cute :)


Darn time eater :)))


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