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Hell of Sand

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Rating: 4.7/5 (46 votes)
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Hell of Sand

The Dofi-Blog sand and zombie toys are making their way around the Web like a ??? explosion (inside joke), and for good reason: they are quite literally sandbox games that allow for a seemingly infinite variety of creative play.

And now the author, d_of_i, has released another sand world, Hell of Sand, which appears to be a combination of the previously reviewed War of the Hell and World of Sand. There is even a large version (pictured) for those with faster computers.

In this one, the little zombie people cling to the rolling ball as they did the spider's thread in War of the Hell. What is the point you ask? Nothing more than pure creative entertainment for the imagination.

As with the previously reviewed Dofi-Blog interactive toys, this was also made with Processing, which is built upon Java. Therefore, your computer must have at least Java v1.3—ideally v1.4—installed to view and play with them. Although Java v1.5 may work, the Processing folks have this to say about Java v1.5: "...We don't support it and recommend that you avoid using it, as we don't test with it and it appears that it may be the slowest (certainly most bloated) release of Java yet."

Regardless of your Java install, do give this one a try. If it works, kiss the day goodbye.

Play Hell of Sand


Ok, now i'm trying to tell what the differences are between world of sand, and hell of sand.

So far,
Spout is liquid, and doesnt really do anything at all now.

Zombies have been added, dont know what the deuce they do.

Whatever the last thing to pass through the floor was, remains there(Toss some flames at the floor, and the zombies will burn as soon as they hit the floor. After awhile, as the flamed up zombie carcasses pass through the floor, replacing them with white, the floor is safe.

Cera has been changed to Wax.

Max pouring of oil, water, sand and salt has been lowered to 3.

Speeds 3 - 5 proformance has increased for low end computers.

Hand has been added, for tossing about the zombies.

Usernames Self sustaining fire no longer works, as spout isnt solid, and doesnt produce water.

Thats all i've found for now, i'll post more as i find em.


Very nice! Love how they now can -take a shower-


I keep getting a bad magic number error. My guess is that the "cafebabe" is now "cafedude"


Cafebabe? Bad magic number? Zengief, I have no idea what you're referring to. Are you trying to use the regular or large version?


Okay - big question - why the heck is this so fun?

burn oil burn!!! muahahahahaha!


It must have been an issue on my end. I restarted and everything is fine now. as for the cafebabe reference click here


Some more changes are:

* Oil floats in water
* Salt dissolves in water
* Salt water and sand sink in water
* Oil stops in salt water


this one IS better than the first one..you can actually move the ball thingy with your hand!!




oh my gosh...if you make the moving square/circle thingy really big then it erases the words..


What are you talking about? Spout produces water and the self sustaining fire trick most certainly does work.


I took it literally



* Plant doesn't grow in salt water.


Awesome Game, Thanks for finding it Jay.


hmm... good game, i'm making similar game but in c++, and will be a bit different :p.

Sorry for bad english.


I'm using java 1.5 (I didn't know it was so bad before I got it :/), and in both versions all the words at the bottom (everything other then the box that outlines your selection) disappears whenever, by my guess, anything is supposed to go to that area, before the application tells it that there is a floor (so like if the ball is moving around and hits the floor, it will also erase the top word), so if I make the ball too big, ALL the words disappear, with no way to get them back. Other then that huge bug with using java 1.5, I love it.


The way the sand sinks in water is rather fascinating, and surprisingly it seems really realistic.

Make a small-ish water-tub out of wall in the middle, then fill it most of the way up with water. Then brush sand above it so it falls in. It'll sink and displace the water, and some sand particles will even float out as the water overflows the tub.

Oh, and you can do a really easy self-sustaining fire now with 50 zombies. Set a couple burning and voila!


Sorry to double-post, but..

It seems nobody has mentioned yet that the "snig" (ball/whatever) is now wire-frame, so you can see, evidently, how it's constructed. Doesn't really serve a point but it's interesting nontheless.


Good point, Andrew. I had a thought that it was due to the zombies needing a thread to cling to, as in War of the Hell.


Found a neat trick for infinite ??? ...

First, turn off all the spawners at the top. Once you've done that, add a big wall of plant down the middle of the screen, leaving around 20 pixels at the top and bottom. Start a ??? explosion on one side around the top. It will jump to the otherside, but grab your eraser set on maximum size (or water or oil or sand or whatever) and put out half of the explosion. You should now have ??? slowly filling down on one side of the screen. When it gets to the bottom, it will jump to the other side, zoom up, and jump back through the hole at the top.

Enjoy :)

BTW, I have written a C version of this game (using the exact same algorithms as this one). It runs a lot faster, and it's GPL. If anyone wants a copy, feel free to poke me :) I'll be publishing it soon as it's completely finished (basically just a few cosmetic changes...)


I want it when it's ready


I found a way to get the words back!!!!!

1. get the wall material (or any other material besides hand or ???)

2. change pen size to 32

3. click and hold just above the grey bottom of the screen

4. move mouse vigorously up and down from the "play area" to the "grey area"

5. the words should reappear

InsanitySmiles December 31, 2005 10:10 AM

It's fun watching the zombies wiggle around. I got rid of all of the zombies, filled the whole area with wall, and made zombie:x50. I guess since they can "break" the wall they move around and wiggle a lot in place til they can make enough room to move around in. I don't know why but it's so entertaning.

BoB is asian December 31, 2005 10:49 PM

It's not working! it used to work fine before but now it's not working!!!!! ='(



For the last couple days, I've been considering what it would require to implement this game in a faster language. I'd LOVE to see what you've come up with, nornagon (and possibly help out)


Poke I love this thing Im trying to get the full screen ver.


How're you coming on that nornagon? I'd be interested



nornagon, i'm interested as to how you got the exact algorithms as hell of sand.. i've been trying for the last few hours to get my water to act like the water in hell of sand. i'm close, but it isn't right. if there's any chance that you read this, i'd like a copy of your version and possibly the source..? :)


I like making mixer machines that mix all four things together


cool game but .... i can only play the small version whats up with that? also it is fun to make a pipe for the water(or sand or salt or oil but best done with water) and have it lead to a shower then clog it with the plant ....

p.s. sence when could zombies walk on water?


the snig reminds me of a game where you get to connect dots and make piston type things (just lines and dots), it has a very similar shape and movement to one of the ball things.

my favorite thing to do is make a dividing wall between 2 things with a 1 pixel wide spout at the bottom for eash side. you get an almost perfect mixer with that.


This game is So coool!!!!!! i love it! its fun when you make wall almost all the way round and fill it with oil with the zombies in it and then put Plant all the way to the hole and set it on fire.....BOOOM!


need help. can only have half of the game. the other half is grey and its like using the small version. any idea on a fix?

llspeedy April 9, 2006 2:39 PM

I love making a petrol bomb with the wax as the wax as a fuse... its easy just do a circe of wax fill with oil and set a wax fuse from it
P.S prefferably with a zombie in the oil lol BURN!! but it also may take a long timeif a big fuse
pp.s maybe put some oil on top too speed up things


Why won't it let me play? There's an X at the top left corner of the game screen. What can I do to fix it?


this game rocks


How come I can't add this to my favorites? Is this just me, because I don't even see a link for it...? I looked on the favorites editing page but I couldn't find a link to it there either.


You're right, Maura, it doesn't have a favorites icon. It must have been an oversight. I'll add one right away. Cheers!


Now theres anouther new one, its called Sand Sand Sand, please reveiw this it Jay.

Hassle Free July 5, 2006 5:39 PM

haha, my favorite is when everything is shut off, you set zombies at maximum, and set fire to those that are on the bottom, the rest just spawn above them and catch on fire the second they hit the other helpless zombies. haha I am so sadistic!

Boothand July 14, 2006 2:40 PM

I'm having trouble getting the large screen. Can anyone tell me what I need to have to make it work?

POKE! Nornagon, I would love to have a C version of this game!


when you make the bally thingy bigger and it makes the words dissapear if you drag salt where the words should be it take s a while but it works! :)


i want to go on this game sooo much will someone make a download version like the old one because that was the only one that worked on a mac.

p.s i like to build house's out of wax then make a volcano with oil and wax in it then watch it destroy and set fire to the city muahhahahah

connor godfrey July 30, 2006 8:43 AM

there is a refresh button in the corner and it doesnt turn on

Sitting Duck July 30, 2006 2:57 PM

i can't get this game to work, it's just a blank rectangle with a little white box in the upper left hand corner with a red X on it. somebody HELP ME!

Sitting Duck July 30, 2006 4:00 PM

someone PLEASE help me idk what's wrong but maybe even you, Jay, could help me! i need to find out wether it's my Java i need to update, or if it's something else. The game just WON'T RUN!


It's running fine on both my Mac and PC. It must be your Java install.


Poke! I wanna try it out.


Noticed something if you build a U-shape pipe out of wall and let water or oil in one end it doesn't find its own level. Nornagon, will your version fix this?


if u use salt it makes the snig go diapear


I also cannot get the large version to work; it just plays the small version with a large blank rectangle where the rest of the screen should be.

I built a pretty cool self-sustaining system. As far as I can tell, it will keep going forever.

1. set pen size to 32, and put a line of Spout all the way across at the very bottom and very top of the screen.

2. set pen size to 1, and use eraser to riddle both spouts with cracks and crevices. I use a crosshatching pattern, but as long as they open out into the main part of the world and don't open into the outside, it will work.

3. Turn on Oil x3

4. with pen size still on 1, light a fire IN the little rectangle of Oil from the spout.

5. By this time there should be a decent water buildup from the spouts. Put a plant somewhere in it (preferably somewhere near the bottom)

6. Watch and enjoy! (It sounds complicated, but it should only take like 15 seconds to set up, and then it's fascinating to watch and it never stops.)


Sorry, I forgot to say turn off the snig and the zombies, too. Also, it seems to work better if you put a layer of wall on the sides, and also on the bottom beneath the layer of spout.

Enjoy! ^_^


Just in case the instructions were unclear, this is roughly what it should look like:



plant kills ??? just to let you know...


also there is a pryo verison of it.... pretty kool :) i love the pryo one, mess around with it for a while and ull get it. many explosions. XD


POKE! I'd like a copy of your version too Nornagon. Thanks


um i dont know how to make it work because thers is a big grey box with a little X in the right hand corner. can any1 help me??


Mwahahahah its so fun!!!!! MAKE THE SIG BIG!


I tried your 'infinite machine' or whatever you call it, and you were right and wrong. You were right because it does go on SEEMINGLY forever. You were wrong, however, because after a certain point, the plant clogged the spout on the top and the plant stopped growing, and the bottom spout eventually burned away (because the fire did long term damage; if you watch it long enough, you'll see what I mean). So anyway, I took some screenshots of it, and posted them on my website. You can find them at this url:
Note that the images are from different 'rounds' of plant/fire 'battle'. Also note that 1. both images contain a tab on Jay is Games, 2. on the site mainpage, there is a link to the Jay is Games homepage, and 3. Tripod sucks for un-bordered images.

p.s. Have a happy New Year!!!


The snig will explode if you put salt on it.

I like to put both water and salt on 3 and then put the snig between. This will make the snig go super crazy and start flying around. You can take it to the next step and add zombies after you have put the snig on fire. The water won't put the snig out for a really long time and the zombies will just keep regenerating after they die from the fire. Use the hand to make a grand old time of it.

Zemocasu March 27, 2007 5:29 PM

I can run the game fine on small, but I can't seem to get the large version to work, when I try to run the page, the small version of the game appears, although there is a large white rectangle for where I assume the larger version was supposed to appear. I am currently running Firefox and Java 2.0, I have also tried IE but they both don't seem to work. Does anyone know how to fix this?

firebrand July 17, 2007 9:32 PM

If you burn the floor the zombies start burning every time they fall

hehehehe poor zzombizz

StoneJabber August 8, 2007 1:45 AM

This game is fun, although meaningless. here is what my Boredom led to.

Yea, Im not sure what its suppose to do.. but it looks cool, now Im going to burn it.


If you set the snig underneath the oil, and set the zombies to 50, and then set fire to the snig, the zombies will continously burn, since the zombies are drawn to the snig.

Blastoise October 20, 2007 2:49 PM

Poke! I want it!

Blastoise October 20, 2007 3:00 PM

I have noticed a bug in the game.
If you put zombies on a stopped snig, and then puts salt on it, when it disappears the whole snig wont disappear! And the next snig will stop in the air and that snig would also be uncompleted. Try it, it's really fun!

Blastoise October 20, 2007 3:05 PM

And if you do that, try to put the zombies on FIRE.
And then make the snig vanish and then move.


poke id love a copy


Eh, I like Powder Game from Dan-Ball better. More tools, including air, you have the ability to make an account and show your creations to the public, but here's my favorite option-players. The ability to make players and playable action games makes this a million times better than HoS.


if you want a faster fuse, use plant instead of wax. and can somebidy post a link to the pyro version


The game doesn't work on my machine: "Invalid bytecode"
I use Sun Java Runtime Environment version 1.6.

Anonymous November 5, 2010 7:37 PM

When the thingy erases the words, click salt(you kinda have to click and guess) and go over the words(make sure the snig-thingy is small first) The words should come back


I glitched the game up by adding a bunch of water to the wheel-like thing with pen size 32!


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