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Hoshi Saga Monochromatic

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Rating: 4.3/5 (52 votes)
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Hoshi Saga MonochromaticHoshi Saga is back! After a multi-year hiatus on the series, Yoshi Ishii blesses us with Hoshi Saga - Monochromatic. Following in the game's typical mode of operation, this episode has but one request: find the star.

Despite its black and white nature, Monochromatic is not without contrast. This time, with color out of the picture, remaining game elements like texture, shapes, sound, and motion are magnified, producing exciting and renewed gameplay through another lens.

Each level is its own standalone puzzle varying in style, difficulty, and the unique story it wants to tell. The necessity of using dynamic and sometimes opposing strategies propels players through this installment, and the range of style is pleasantly surprising. Players may jump from unveiling a Renaissance painting to chasing after a treasure chest within seconds. It's almost like a Christmastime advent calendar; what will the next piece behold?

The levels system keeps the game engaging. One of the most appealing aspects of Monochromatic - and Hoshi Saga in general - is that it plays on diversity in thinking and players' differing strengths and weaknesses. While some levels are intuitive to certain audiences, they may not be to others. Some people have quick reaction times, while others excel at cracking codes. As such, this chocolates box of a series nearly guarantees that one will find both challenges and victories.

Without a narrative or typical play method, there's no true way to "learn" the game, and players may even come across red herrings that make them second-guess themselves. Nevertheless, these obstacles are all in good fun and part of the adventure.

Monochromatic comes across as a cohesive, refreshing installment filled with ambient vibes and small curiosities. Even if you finish only a few levels, it's still worth a try.

Play Hoshi Saga Monochromatic


This is my first walkthroug
Hoshi Saga Monochromatic Walkthrough

Level 1 Tutorial

Simply drag piece back into corner and shoot into hanging piece

Level 2 Light

Click on light, then drag left half of circle to the right

Level 3 Magic Hand

Drag the claw around until her head shakes, if it is her pigtails shaking you are not in the right area

Level 4 Ink

Just click around the middle upper half till the star appears

Level 5 1/16

Pull the top part of every star up till you find the right one (it changes every time)

Level 6 Leg

Drag the top part of the block to the top until it stays there, then click the top left and right corners of the block on the ground and then drag the star up

Level 7 Kota and Mika

Click on the leftmost hand

Level 8 Stack

Drop the boxes to form a star

Level 9 Envelope

Just cut a line through the top part of the envelope

Level 10 Pattern

Keep rotating different parts till star appears

Level 11 Various foods

Sort them from top to bottom, sushi, balls, fried fish, ramen

Level 12 Kaleidoscope

Click and move your mouse around until a star is formed

Level 13 Break

Just lift the tea bag

Level 14 Barrier

Drag the right half of the star to the right so it appears on the other side

Level 15 Tokyo

Rotate both Os till number is 2020

Level 16 Treasure Chest

Move the treasure chest by clicking on the opposite side of the direction you want it to go in. One of the blocks on the bottom can be moved if you click on it. move it out of the way and put the chest in its place. put the block in front of it, blocking the chest and then click on the chest

Level 17 Nippon

Just keep dragging out till you get to the center

Level 18 Cat

Click on the lowest white mark on the gray section on the top. this should cause a cat to fall. then click on the small gray triangle in the white part

Level 19 Curtain

Lift up the left part of the black bottom until you see part of the star. remember where the star is. after you drop the curtain, grab the star and pull it down. lift the curtain again

Level 20 Elastic Cord

Move all of his limbs out. pull the bottom part of the cord to his face

Level 21 Classical Dangeon

Explore the maze finding four buttons, one in the basement, one on the top floor and two on the main floor. after having clicked all of these, return to the main floor

Level 22 Seven Segments

Not entirely sure how this works, just make the numbers read 544433

Level 23 Squeeze

Click and move around

Level 24 Coordinate

Click various dots. As you do, the ones that are right will get a circle around them. Once you have enough confirmed dots, place dots where you think the points of the star would be. guess till you get it right

Level 25 World Map

Move around the map till you find the star shaped island

Extra levels

Level 26 Not a Tutorial

Aim the piece at the moving piece

Level 27 Light

Turn on the light, then click the part on the ceiling to move it to the right

Level 28 Magic Hand

Drag the grabber to the lower left corner of the white part

Level 29 Ink

Just click around the middle upper half till the star appears

Level 30 1/16?

Just keeping dragging the stars up and dropping them until the star on top appears

Level 31 Leg

Click on the bottom of the screen and then drag all the way up. after you let go, keep clicking rapidly till you get the star

Level 32 Kota and Mika

Click their legs and drag up

Level 33 Stack

Same as the regular one, except when the block reaches the end the whole picture resets (very annoying)

Level 34 Envelope

Cut a line along the star halves

Level 35 Pattern

Click on the triangles till they all form stars of the size (Good way to get it is to focus on one size of triangle)

Level 36 Various Squares

From top to bottom square, rectangle, diamond, parallelogram

Level 37 Kaleidoscope

Click and drag till you find the star

Level 38 Break

Move the pause button to reveal the star

Level 39 Barrier

Move the star halves through the top of the page to get them around the barrier

Level 40 The First Tokyo

Move first O to set number to 1964

Level 41 Treasure chest

Close both open chests. then click on the top right block to reveal a staircase. click on the stairs and close all the chests. return to the top floor and click on the second chest

Level 42 Nippon

Drag all the way to symbol, then let go

Level 43 Cats

Click the small bright white speck at the bottom (hard to see), then the lowest white speck on the black part and then the gray triangle

Level 44 Curtain

Just drag up

Level 45 Elastic Cord

Drag all the limbs out, then lift the person in the middle

Level 46 Classical Dangeon

Same as before just much bigger

Level 47 Seven Segments

Just lift up time

Level 48 Squeeze

Click and make big circles around the screen

Level 49 Coordinate

Same as before but when you run out of bars it restarts

Level 50 World Map

Scroll around the map till you find it


Here's an attempt at a more detailed/hinted walkthrough. Thanks to polp54 who provided the above one.

Hoshisaga Monochromatic

Difficulty warnings (page 1):

The following levels get a substantial portion of their difficulty from the following factors:

Randomized: 3, 5
Resets: 8
Tedious: 16, 21, 24

A note about coordinates:

The first mouse drag in any stage may reveal coordinates at the top right of the screen, and you can keep them visible on subsequent drags if you don't release the mouse for too long.

The coordinates are relative to the non-black game area, with 0,0 being the top left corner and 639,919 being the bottom right. Therefore, even though the game scales to your browser window any coordinate-based strategy will still work.

I won't be mentioning them too much because it's very hard to find specific coordinates unless you have good screenshotting tools or a second copy of the game open.

You can view the level number by holding down the mouse button on their thumbnail. I'll mark bonus levels (right column and bottom row) with a ! after their number. Hints/interactables are within the first spoiler, and you can skip to the second spoiler for more specific solutions.

#1: Tutorial

Drag the dotted piece and release it to launch.

What are you launching it at?

Goal: make the piece collide with the hanging triangle.
Solution: drag it towards the lower right, and release.

Exact solution 1:

Drag the bottom-right of the piece to the bottom right corner.

Exact solution 2:

Drag the top corner of the piece to 524,720.

#2: Light

Interaction 1: turn on the lamp by clicking it.
Interaction 2: ???

Turn on the lamp and then drag from the bottom-left corner of the beam to the right.

This uncovers a larger beam (and star) that approximately represents the actual area you can drag.

#3: Magic hand

Drag the end of the grabber and release.

Wow, there's a lot of junk to sort through! Would be nice to have some help.

When you hold the end in one spot, the girl may shake or nod her head. Try different spots and release when she's nodding.

Note: There's a chance she may not shake her head even if you can pick up junk there.

#4: Ink

Do you see some thin lines not being covered?

Paint over the screen to reveal the outline of a star (centered at about 300,360).

Once the star is revealed (make sure all five points are covered) click it.

#5! 1/16

Drag and drop, literally, but there's a trick to it.

Goal: drag out a star from one of the shapes.
Solution 1: drag only the top parts of all the shapes (you don't have to make a sound with each drop).

Solution 2: tap the star parts. Each shape will jump slightly upwards towards your cursor, except for one which you have to drag (the star).

#6: Leg

Click and drag different spots.

Drag the top half upwards and hold it near the top of the screen, locking it in place.

Then click slightly below (and inside) the top-left and top-right corners of the remaining piece.

Then grab the pointy part and drag up to release the star.

#7: Kota & Mika

Click their hands.

Clicking the leftmost hand reveals a star earring.

#8: Stack

Interaction: click to drop the box in its current column. Fill any row or column incorrectly to reset.

Hint: take your time and plan how the star should look. It must cover all four columns.


A is blank.
Points of the star are in M, I, L, B, D.
Pieces without corners are N, E, H, C.

#9: Envelope

Drag from the black areas to draw a line.

Drawing a line across the envelope cuts it, discards the top part and ends the level.

Goal: don't toss the star!
Solution: cut close to the top of the screen.

#10! Pattern

Click the screen to rotate pieces and invert colors. (Clicking the background has no effect.)

Make each rotated piece point to the top left.

#11: Various foods

Drag and drop to rearrange the pictures.

It may be hard to identify the pictures, but they're all Japanese food.

Arrange them in the order: sushi, balls, fish, noodles.

Result: The initials of Sushi Takoyaki Ajifurai Ramen fall to the ground.

#12: Kaleidoscope

Drag to change the kaleidoscope, release to reset.

Keep dragging (slowly, do not release) until your mouse is about 600 game pixels from where it started.

#13: Break

How do you like your tea?

Lift the teabag by its tag.

#14: Barrier

That pesky barrier is stopping you from dragging the halves together. You'll have to find another way.

Drag the left half off the left side of the screen.

Now you can assemble both halves on the right side.

#15! Tokyo

Dragging on each letter O spins it and changes the display. (If you spin too far, the number jumps by 100.)

What do the five circles mean, and what number should be displayed?

It's a reference to the upcoming Tokyo Olympics, which are in 2020.

Rotate each O clockwise slowly to make it appear.

#16: Treasure chest

Interaction 1: the treasure moves when you click it, away from your cursor.
Interaction 2:

The wall at 360,770 moves in a similar way when clicked.


The chest can't run if it has nowhere to run.

Shift the movable wall up and left.

Then shift the treasure chest RDDDDDD to the original position of the wall.

Then shift the wall right, placing it just north of the treasure chest.

Then click the chest to open it.

#17: Nippon

Drag to expand or shrink. If you release the mouse, the screen will slowly shrink back to its original size.

Repeatedly drag away from the center. (Dragging towards the center reverses your progress.)

After a lot of zooming, a star appears.

#18: Cats

You only need to click for this, so the difficulty is finding where to click.

Maybe the hotspots are marked somehow.

Clicking the black spot in the white area (140,520) makes a meow. If it's a white cat there, what does it need?

Clicking a white spot (320,210 or 330,280) in the black area releases a black cat (hinted by its paw extending very slightly into the white).

After releasing the black cat, click the white cat (black spot in the white area) to move it aside and reveal the star.

#19: Curtain

Click just below the horizontal edge and drag upward to raise the curtain. Do you see it?

And if you do, how do you get it?

The star is hidden at 150,30, beside the pause button and in roughly the eighth column.

Even with the curtain down, you can click/drag the star, which makes a sound.

So drag the star down and release it near the line, then raise the curtain to reveal it.

#20! Elastic cord

You can drag the hands and feet to stretch the cord. It's almost a star!

Once the hands/feet have been moved up, grab the bottom horizontal section of cord and drag it to the head.

#21! Classical dangeon

Take note that stairs are not visible. Do you need a map?

Common legend: / is wall, . is floor, @ is starting position, U and D are up and down stairs. Doorway arches are not shown. You enter each map facing up (but not when returning from stairs).

Main floor:

* marks are inaccessible (invisible wall), 1 and 2 are buttons.


, is a thin wall, 3 is a button.


Only one button here: 4.

Make your way to each of the four buttons and push them. They light up the icon at the top right.

Go back to the invisible wall to see the completed star!

#22! Seven segments

Interaction 1: drag the number up to reveal a star with the wrong number of points.
Interaction 2: click the squares to change the number and the star.


The number of points on the star:

  • doesn't change if you swap two digits

  • only changes by at most one point when you click a button

Why does this happen, and what's the underlying math?

Each digit contributes a certain number of points, according to whether the vertical segments along the left/right edge are both on:
0, 8 contribute 2 points
1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9 contribute 1 point
2, 5 contribute 0 points
(Even if the total number of points is 0, the game will still show one of the points.)

Thus, the easiest way to make a total of 5 points is to enter the code 111112.

#23! Squeeze

Dragging makes the sides close in. However, dragging back and forth, away, toward or close to the center has little effect.

You need to drag in circles, the larger the better. As long as you don't release the mouse and drag only clockwise (or only counter-clockwise) around the center of the screen, the star will shrink into complete view.

#24! Coordinate

Click grid points to mark/unmark them. When you have 10, the lines will shift, deforming the grid.

Also, some points get highlighted/locked into place, taking away from your 10 guesses.

Some tips: take a screenshot of the deformed grid, and make sure your guesses don't align horizontally or vertically with any locked ones.

Thankfully, this one doesn't seem to be randomized:

Grid first, then easy instructions for drawing:

Bear in mind that each row/column has exactly one point, and the most common interval between points is 3 across and 1 up/down.

Mark 0 and 4 on the fifth dots of the top row and left edges.
Mark 1 and 9 adjacent to the bottom left and top right corners.
Mark 2, 3 which are on a straight line joining 1 and 4.
Mark 6, on the straight line joining 0, 3 and 9.
Mark 7 and 8, on a straight line from 6.
Mark 5 in the remaining spot.

#25! World map

Even though you can flick to quickly travel the map, there's not that much actual map and you just wrap around to view the same areas repeatedly.

(Coordinates are not displayed on this stage.)

You start just north of an isle shaped like an exclamation mark.

Travel south until you find a crescent-shaped island, then travel further south to find the star.

Watch the credits, then come back for even more bonus stages.

Extra stages! (Click the numbered buttons in the corner to switch between pages.) I'll stop separating hints and solutions when they don't require another spoiler.

Difficulty warnings (page 2)

The following levels get a substantial portion of their difficulty from the following factors:

Randomized: 26, 33, 45, 49
Resets: 33, 48, 49
Tedious: 46, 50

#26: Not a tutorial

Same as #1 Tutorial, but the target moves randomly. I recommend dragging a short distance downward to give more hang time.

#27: Light

This time, you can't drag the background. Where can you drag?

After turning the lamp on, drag the top of the wire to the right.

#28: Magic hand

Works the same, but this time the girl is much less help. And just guessing random spots in the ground isn't much better.

The star is hidden above ground!

Drag the grabber to the left edge, just above the ground (20,490).

#29: Ink

Exactly the same as the original, but also…

You can click the top-right ink splat to move it and find a star.

#30! 1/16?

As you start searching each piece, something starts happening.

Each shape dropped lowers the screen until a star comes into view. (If you pick it up prematurely, the game will still count the win once the screen drops enough.)

#31: Leg

Lifting the legs shows that something is clearly missing.

So start dragging from deeper in the water, and the star becomes visible.

However, it's still attached to the body. How do you separate them?

Drag the star high above the water, then drop it and catch the body.

#32: Kota & Mika

Same as the first, but the leftmost earring is missing!

It's dropped on the ground, so (after checking the ear) just click her legs to reveal it.

#33: Stack

Exactly the same as #8, but fail to drop a piece and the whole thing resets, making this possibly the hardest level of the whole game.

Memorize the pieces on the right column, as you only have half a second to drop them. You can also practice with the original, or just keep trying until you succeed.

#34: Envelope

The star has been cut in half, so just cut along the same line to make the halves slide back together.

This is rather strict, so you may wish to start from the left star corner.

#35! Pattern

Click to rotate triangles; each set of triangles rotates 12 times before reaching its starting configuration, and there are 5 such sets of triangles.

After a while, you may notice the same pattern appearing in different rotations and sizes.

Focusing on the small triangles in the bottom left, rotate them until their acute angles touch, forming a pentagonal ring with a star inside.

#36: Various squares

This time, the quadrilateral names appear when you drag them, but the initials don't spell the same word.

Let's try spelling Star nevertheless:

The S must come from Square because no other name has it, and similarly the T must come from Rectangle.
This leaves the R from Parallelogram and then the A from Diamond.

If you remembered what happened in #11, you shouldn't be surprised that those letters appear vertically above each other. This is an additional hint to the correct order: Square Rectangle Diamond Parallelogram.

#37: Kaleidoscope

This time, where you drag matters. The closer to the sweet spot, the better the star.

You can find the spot by dragging up and down, noting where the pieces change direction, then dragging left and right from there and repeating.

Or you could just read the walkthrough and slowly drag left and slightly up from the center of symmetry until you reach 123,456.

#38: Break

Ah yes, a reprieve, a rest, a timeout, a…

Drag the pause button away.

#39: Barrier

Great, now both sides are blocked too!

Drag the left piece off the top or bottom edge of the screen, and retrieve it from the opposite edge to reassemble the star.

#40! The first Tokyo

… Olympics were in 1964.

#41 Treasure chest

No running chests, but two of the four chests are locked. Checking the walls, you find…

The top left wall (120,240) moves to reveal a staircase down.

Downstairs, you find more chests. Instead of open ones, you get locked ones and vice versa.

So in order to unlock the chests upstairs you need to close the ones downstairs.

Close the second chest downstairs, climb up and open the second chest.

#42: Nippon

Exactly the same, but at the end all you find is 戻 (return).

Once that reaches a readable size, you can drag towards the center or just wait for the level to complete itself.

#43: Cats

White and black cats are still hidden in the same positions, but they're both stuck. Why?

The white cat on the left is waiting for the black cat on top, which is waiting for a white cat blocking its spot!

Click the bottom-right corner (around 520,870) to reveal that cat, then slightly above the middle of the edge to reveal the black cat, then the black spot on the left to reveal the white cat and star.

#44: Curtain

Even easier than the first (just lift the curtain), although there is definitely something going on in that picture.

#45! Elastic cord

Click every hand and foot the cord connects to. This time, you have to drag the middle person up to complete the star.

#46! Classical dangeon

Walking around, you find even more thin walls. For technical reasons, making maps in (a reasonably good) text form is harder than an image, but I'll try it anyway:

As a reminder: / represents walls, * represents invisible walls, U and D represent stairs, and you enter each map facing up (but not when you return).

In order to keep the maps compact, I'll omit the surrounding walls. Each square still represents one move, so thin walls aren't shown. However, . and o represent different rooms that are separated by thin walls.

Main floor:

1, 2 are switches. = is the only connection between the . and o regions.


Switch 3 is only accessible from the north. The = corridor has five doorways, four of which are connected at the south end.


Four nearly-identical donut-shaped rooms make up two paths from the bottom to top. The last switch is in the + room, which looks like this:

= is the entrance, a represents dead ends, and b is the main corridor.

Instead of giving you the exact steps, I'm going to ask you to follow the left wall (if your left side has no wall, turn left and move forward; otherwise just move forward; if both the left and front are blocked, turn right; and repeat.)

So from the starting position turn right and walk 4 steps. Following the left wall, you'll hit button 2, then button 1, then the upstairs.

Upstairs, follow the left wall again until you reach the corridor of doors. Enter the second one to find a dead end with button 3 there. Backtrack to the corridor, turn left at the corner and follow the path until you get back down.

Now that you're on the original level, continue following the left wall until you get to a junction. Take the right path and then follow the left wall again until you reach a staircase down.

In the basement, enter the doorway on the right and follow the left wall until you find button 4. Turn around and follow the right wall to backtrack; the stairs are in the middle of a room with no central pillar. (There's only one such room and there's only one spot in it that isn't adjacent to walls, which is the stairs.)

Once again, you're back on the original level. Follow the left wall until you can no longer see any right wall; this is the original room. Turn right and go through the doorway in the middle of the wall to end the stage.

#47! Seven segments

Exactly the same as #22, but this time you don't get buttons to control the numbers. Instead, the numbers just show the current 24-hour time.

I recommend you just keep dragging the clock up until it works (and drag it down so you don't have to wait so long for it to tick), but if you want the nerdy details…

Recall that the number of star points is the total number of long vertical lines in each digit:
digit: 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
lines: 2 1 0 1 1 0 1 1 2 1

The possible values (00–59) for hours/minutes/seconds have the following totals:
..01234 56789
0|43233 23343
1|32122 12232
2|21011 01121
3|32122 12232
4|32122 12232
5|21011 01121

Typically you will only need to wait for a suitable value to appear in the seconds digits. (And if you don't want to work out the exact value, it's enough just to lift the clock at 00, 10, 15, 20, 25.)

If my math is right, the longest you might need to wait is from 23:59:49 to 00:12:22 or 08:00:00 to 08:12:22, just over 12 minutes each.

#48! Squeeze

Exactly the same as #23 but you only have six seconds to do it. Also, it's considerably harder to squeeze.

You still have to draw large circles, so laptop users may want to use both hands.

#49! Coordinate

Exactly the same as #24, but now the star's rotation is randomized and you only have ten total tries.

No extra help here. Make the best use of screenshots and logic.

#50! World map

Exactly the same as #25, but an obviously different map that's much larger.

One hint: explore the starting shoreline, and you'll get a good idea of how wide the map is.

Northeast of the starting point, you find some swirly black islands in the white sea. The nearest (also longest and most wiggly) of them has three westmost shores, all vertically aligned.

Go directly north from those westmost points until you see white again: a peninsula with east and west beaches against a black sea.

Once you have the beaches in view, go directly west until you see the star.

Enjoy your slightly different credits! (You can view each version by clicking the E buttons on the level select.)


can't figure out 35,46,49


35 can clear while monitoring map and pointing location with finger on screen


What is the use of 35. Showbox


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