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I Was Hungry But There Were Cannons

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Rating: 3.6/5 (107 votes)
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KyleIWasHungryButThereWereCannons.gifIn a world where people can't seem to see eye to eye on even the most simplest of things, it's comforting to know that we can all at least agree on the fact that hamburgers are the world's most perfect food. In the undeniably charming platformer, I Was Hungry But There Were Cannons, you will find no shortage of this most awesome of culinary delights; it's just that getting them all won't be easy.

You wear a dashing top hat, you are teal, and while you have no arms, you have a huge mouth and some crazy powerful legs, all the better to nosh on your preferred flame broiled munchies with. Controlling your dapper blue green avatar couldn't be simpler. Use the [arrow] or [WASD] keys to move, duck and jump. For each level, you'll have to use your platforming skills to scarf down as many of the floating burgers as you can in order to reach the percentage goal of that stage. Nom enough burgers and you're off to find the scale which will unlock the exit for the level.

This would be easy except, as the title so aptly points out, there are cannons in your way. There are also a ton of spikes and color coded platforms that appear and disappear when you hit their corresponding switches. Add to this springboards that launch you skyward and an ego crushing report card that will have you trying to stuff this game under your bed before your parents find out about it and now we have one flame broiled, 100% beef party!

IWasHungryButThereWereCannons.gif Analysis: There's plenty to admire stuffed into this digital quest for the all-mighty slider with plenty of ear, eye and twitch reflex candy to go around. From the moment you load up this game you are treated to penny arcade style music that forebodes the whimsical fun you have in store. Whilst you bob and sway lightly to the happy tunes the rest of the sound effects work over time to grind in the game's cheerful personality. It's hard not to smile at the sounds of hamburgers getting gobbled or the first time you hear our hero declare in his prim little voice, "Oh, I'm dead." Meanwhile, Hungry would remain largely mediocre in its graphical appearance except that the main character with his fancy hat and funky running style positively drips with charm.

Don't let the overflowing likeability draw you away from the fact that I Was Hungry is also a very respectable platformer. Less adept players will appreciate that there is a generous learning curve while there are a handful of truly challenging levels for veterans of the genre. Overall, though, the focal point of the level design seems to be not necessarily to provide the greatest challenge, but instead to maximize the fun. Add to that a control scheme that is tight and responsive and hit detection that has only a few minor flaws and you have a very solid platformer indeed. There's even a decent nod to replayability here with the letter grade ranking system.

I must admit that the game feels like it could have been paced just a hair faster, and more levels or even a level editor wouldn't have hurt in the slightest. Further, with the exception of the last level which can give one fits, hardcore platformer enthusiasts aren't likely to find this title all that challenging. But overall I Was Hungry But There Were Cannons is a well rounded platformer treat for casual and dedicated fans alike.

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IWHBTWC is fantastic! Best fun I had in, well, several hours, to be honest. But still awesome!


Thanks for the tag, but Tony was the creator of this game. Nice review.


there were indeed


Wow that last level was EVIL. Great game overall.

pederson March 15, 2010 3:18 PM

the game is runs very slow !


I liked it. The games skill requirements exceeded my ability/patience on the last Tricky level, but up till then it was a blast.

And if I hear "Could do better..." one more time...! Ack!


The voice acting was good and made me laugh.

Username March 15, 2010 5:13 PM

I'm stuck on a level where I have to get to the top and hit the green thing and scale, no clue how to do that. The level is named "Bounce!" I can get up to the upper left and turn on the other bullets, but how to jump off of them without dying?

Username March 15, 2010 5:19 PM

Never mind. Figured if I posted my problem I'd find the solution, and I did.

waycooler March 15, 2010 8:21 PM

After the time I spent getting to the halfway point in the very last level, and then dying again, I ragequit. :P Really fun up till there, but the switch below the spawn point is just evil.







funny at first, then challenging, then frustrating...then rewarding if you manage to finish.

menschenjaeger March 16, 2010 11:19 AM

On the "Tunnel" level...is anyone jumping automatically every few seconds? Intentional, or a glitch?

Keep.One.Step.Ahead March 17, 2010 9:53 AM

There's been a lot of these games floating about, sort of wearing thin the "clever" factor of indie developers. I'm nitpicking but it becomes a little much when you're looking at the umpteenth "minimalist" platformer with clever flourishes. I don't want to say it's pretentious, because these games don't take themselves too seriously, but it takes a lot to break out in such a robust community of developers.

I guess what I'm saying is this is a fine game, but I doubt I will recall it come the end of the year.


menschenjaeger, what browser are you using?
Some games tend to not know when your keys are pushed down or up(which can cause the "jumping glitch"). Though some games I found tolerated the Internet Explorer 8 I'm using.


Can someone please tell me how to beat the last level, it is killing me!


On the level, "Tunnel", I think the random jumping is caused by bullets hitting the block you're standing on. It happened to me too. If you stand on blocks that the bullets explode on, it'll bounce you in the air as if you jumped on top of one of the bullets.

moomoomeelk September 14, 2010 1:01 PM

I'm stuck on that level "Bounce" as well. How the hell do you DO it? I jump on the bullets but it's never high enough to jump on the green platform. There are no walkthroughs ANYWHERE so if someone knows how to beat it, that would be great.



It's up there with I Want To Be The Guy (Don't Burn The Rope MIGHT work, if just because of the game).


"Hey, I'm dead."
"Oh, hello!"

I love the voice actor and lines!


How do you beat the level "Beat THIS!"?
It's driving me crazy!

DaColony June 21, 2011 12:34 AM

I'm stuck on the level "Bounce!" how you beat it :( i got tons of deaths already


665 secs
Total Sccore 10
Rank F On Bouncer


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