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infect. evolve. repeat. 2

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Rating: 3.6/5 (119 votes)
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Joshinfect2.jpgAs I recall from my 7th grade Health class, our bodies are pretty darn amazing. With all the germs, viruses, and nasty stuff we're exposed to on a daily basis, most of us have a great internal system to keep us functioning well enough to idly play our casual games without much thought. Inside us though, a microscopic battle is going on. Fanatical white blood cells show up en-masse to crush evil germs before they can infect helpless red blood cells. Meanwhile, a wave of antibiotics levels the battlefield, leaving only a few resistant strains of germs in their wake. Sound epic enough? Manuel Fallmann of MINDistortion thought so way back in 2005 with his drag and drop game infect.evolve.repeat. Now six years later, Manuel has decided to revisit his infection game and update it in infect.evolve.repeat.2.

Like the original, infect.evolve.repeat.2 has you controlling a nasty green germ with the goal of infecting red blood cells while evolving your germ's abilities. Use your mouse to click and drag on the germ to move it around. Release the button over a red blood cell to infect it, making it turn green before disappearing. Between stages, you can spend "evolution points" to beef up your germs. Microscopic meddling includes altering your germ's latency (spawn time), reproduction rate, damage to white blood cells, immunity to antibiotics, and automatic infection rate. Of course, your host body doesn't like your germy handiwork, and begins to send white blood cells and clouds of antibiotics to stop the fun. As your germs get stronger, they can pack more of a punch against the immune system and eventually develop an immunity to antibiotics, just like in real life.

While keeping a similar structure, infect.evolve.repeat.2 has quite a few improvements over its predecessor. Aside from its more modern-looking visuals and larger "characters," there is now a nice set of tutorial levels that help you learn the ropes. Levels also have various goals beyond just infecting cells - you may need to replicate a certain number of your germs, destroy a number of white blood cells, or just survive in your host undetected for a time. There are also amusing achievements earned during gameplay, and a hall of fame for your efforts.

infect.evolve.repeat.2 can be a fun experience, but it can also be a challenging exercise in mouse dexterity and even sheer luck. The game's drag-and-drop mechanic can quickly get frantic with dozens of floating germs that you have to keep track of. Accurate selections and drags are a must, meaning that laptop owners may need to plug in a mouse to properly enjoy this title. As you play more, you'll also notice that the game features random patterns of white blood cells and antibiotics. Sometimes a level may unexpectedly end if one of these enemies passes over your first infected red blood cell, instantly destroying your offspring and making you try again.

If you can get past these issues, however, and don't mind the somewhat repetitive gameplay, infect.evolve.repeat.2 is a unique casual game with personality that's worth checking out. Just be sure to cover your mouth, wash your hands, and get plenty of rest beforehand.

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Losing germs when they drift off screen is really annoying, especially on the levels where you need to maintain a certain number of germs. Also, and I know it's a really nerdy criticism, but it really bugged me that your viruses are affected by the antibiotics.


Holy carp, I remember the first one from so long ago!


The first few levels were a lot of fun, but I could not keep enough viruses on screen long enough on that one level. After about a half hour of steady clicking, I had to stop because my wrist was getting sore.


The game is promising, but I can't help feeling a little let down with the fact that germs die when they leave the screen. There seems to be no logical reason why they would die when they slip below field of view.

I think the whole premise of the game is good, however, and I'm sure if this minor detail is addressed, this will be a great game.

vole-in-hand March 23, 2011 5:30 PM

This is much better than the original version.

Anonymous March 23, 2011 5:39 PM

I got stuck on the level where you have to defend yourself against an enemy infection, my germs kept drifting offscreen for 10 minutes and I rage-quit. If that was fixed then I would play again.


...I got to the fever trip level...and I'm stuck.

...The color shifting annoys me a LOT.

That being said, great game before that level-if a bit random.


I got a whole bunch of "NaN" messages by dying in the introductory stage. I thought NaN hell only existed in JavaScript!

chibidani March 24, 2011 12:23 AM

I also am getting a lot of "NaN" errors. I died, and I had "NaN" points, and could continue to level "NaN".

I sure wish I had some numbers.


The difficulty curve on this game is ridiculous. It's fun when it's not throwing you nearly impossible levels that you win or lose just on luck.

I played all the way through the campaign (after many, many restarts of the last two levels), and that unlocks an endless mode which is just about as absurd and unfair as you'd imagine, based on the campaign.

Liked the gameplay when it didn't devolve into, "Gosh, hope the ENTIRE SCREEN doesn't get swathed in antibiotics."


This game is virtually impossible to play for a number of reasons.

1) Antibiotic clouds and white blood cells will simply swarm the screen.

2) Cells constantly go off screen. It's like they're attracted to the edges.

3) The previous wouldn't be such a huge problem if the play area was bigger.

4) 1/4 attempts to click on a virus would succeed. 2/4 would result in picking up a virus that was too far away for that to be plausible under normal circumstances. 1/4 would result in absolutely not picking up anything, not even a random virus from across the screen.


While I feel like Wolfgang's numbers may be slightly exaggerated, as is the claim that the game is "virtually impossible", the fact is that the game is indeed frustrating for all the wrong reasons.


I agree with all the above comments:
- Upgrades are very promising
- The game could be really fun
- Problems abound on the balancing side of things
- Difficulty ramp up is way too steep
- Unlocks aren't as noticeable as one would like (Do less levels and have them mean more)
- Give more Points to spend for harder levels
- Allow me to go back and replay levels, grind to upgrade
- If take a bad path with your upgrades you can get stuck very quickly
- Default the virus to move to the center of the screen or have them hang out on the edges longer, it's like they want to leave
- Less randomness, SOO many levels you start with a normal virus and there's absolutely no way to infect the first cell
- Auto infect should work better
- The edges of the clouds and white cells should be pulled in, currently they extend past the visual because of the edge fade, that collision area should be smaller than the visual not bigger
- Generally the game could be optimized, there aren't that many sprites on screen but it can bog down pretty quick, this contributes to imprecise clicks, drags, infects, etc.
- Slow down the X path white cells, there's no strategy when they swoop across the screen and wipe out your only cell
- By the time I get to the extended levels I should feel like a badass instead of weaker than the first level.
- I gave this game a 2/5 because of all the design flaws but I really think with some testing and balancing this would be a 4/5 game.

Hope the developer reads this. Good game, now go back to work.

ben holtzman March 24, 2011 1:00 PM

No disrespect intended, this game was boooring, and the sad thing is, it was boring for all the wrong reasons.
It's sad for me to see games like this that I really wish were done better, because they seem to have a lot of promise.
I enjoyed it and got sucked in, I want to have fun with this game, maybe if it had the option to go gain exp in some way to make you stronger before moving forward... there is not.
The result is levels that cannot kill you despite you not being able to finish them.
I was stuck for like 5 minutes at level 15, until I just gave up. it was so boring.

To sum up, Manuel Fallmann, if you happen to see this, I think this has great promise and was a lot of fun at first, but it just needs a bit more attention to these details.
I would love seeing a 2.0 version of this game sometime in the future.

Wildbreeze March 24, 2011 4:21 PM

I also am stuck at level 15. I have tried all different combinations of upgrades, but there is simply no possible way to spawn 55 germs when there is a constant swarm of around 10 white blood cells on the screen at all times. I got to 50 once, then a gang of white blood cells trooped through my largest cluster of germs. If there were a way to move large quantities of germs, perhaps... But alas, there is not, and I am stuck, frustrated, at the end of a very entertaining, promising game. I think perhaps one more try, but if it takes 10 minutes, I'm done. This level makes the game not fun anymore. :(


Manuel just delivered a new version that addresses some of the criticisms noted above. Specifically:

Changelog v.1.2:

  • Fixed control issue where you would accidentally pick up the wrong germ

  • Germs drifting towards the edge slow down to enable easier herding

  • Fixed NaN bug

  • Fixed "Black Death" Achievement

  • Added additional hints regarding the fact that you can save dying germs by quickly dragging them onto the next red blood cell

  • Made the bigger white bloodcells slightly easier to kill.

  • Fixed the wording of the campaign ending screen, of course they are parasitic germs and NOT virii (although they used to be virii in the first game)

  • But that's it, I would start feeling dirty if I'd please everyone. (also the core issues should be addressed, thus making the overall experience a more pleasant one)

Just reload the game page to get the new version.


I reloaded the game page, and now the 'infect the planet!' button on the title page doesn't work.

[Ah, you're right. Something happened to the file during upload. I've uploaded a fresh copy that's working. Thanks for reporting that! -Jay]


Also I will continue to keep an eye on this discussion, to see if any other issues pop up :)


I REALLY don't like the "fever trip" level. My computer lags like CRAZY and I lose every time.


I made it to endless mode, thanks to the new changes, but I may have found another bug. Occasionally when I'm dragging an immune virus around for an extended period of time (such as when there are too many antibiotics to attempt an infection), it decides to infect a red blood cell that I'm hovering near. This is a huge problem, since I usually hover near the bottom of the screen. The virus hops on a red blood cell and drifts off screen, and I lose.


Stage 14 is stupid hard. I don't mean "challenging" or even "lucky" or even "Nethack-style" I mean that if you win, it seems like entirely the product of a random number generator. Yeah, I feel skilled now!


Stage 14:

If you don't start with an immune virus, then infect a RBC. Once you have an immune one, let the others die so they don't accidentally infect/kill cells. Save that immune one.


I found the second of 2 secret achievements:

die within the last 3 seconds before the timer runs out

And the picture with it is Rage Guy.


Not too bad a game.

I got to level 20, and found it impossible. Almost each time I infected a red cell, a white cell would cross the path of the red cell just when the germs are released, leaving no time to drag them away at all.

Tortferngatr April 29, 2011 7:52 PM

...Alright, v1.2 is better. (Level 14 was actually haunting-I thought for a good while that my host was dying) I did find that level 15 was basically "drag and click vaguely at various things once you get too many to efficiently micromanage, hope to God/the RNG that a bunch of antibiotics/big WBCs (I could nearly or totally OHKO ones that weren't expanded) don't kill me when I don't have enough immunes to respawn yet, whenever that happens psuedo-stealth your way through the level until you find favorable conditions to get to the point of imprecise micromanagement, rinse, repeat." It was fun-but still. I wanted something a little more epic, especially given what I feared was occurring in level 14.

Level 13 still sucks, though.

A question June 9, 2011 10:33 AM

Can you kill the black clouds?
I'm on round 43 and I've been wondering if I should try and get my damage way up to kill the dang things or just keep grinding up my spawn to 8.


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