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Isoball 3

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Rating: 4.5/5 (180 votes)
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joyeIsoball 3In February, Isoball 2 came out with 50 levels of block building, ball rolling, isometric madness. Now, Candyflame is back with 75 more levels of puzzling goodness in the imaginatively named Isoball 3. I took forward to playing all 825 levels of Isoball 33, guys.

The titular "isoball" is as fragile as your roommate's heirloom glass Christmas bauble. If you knock back too much eggnog and try to set up a high-speed racecourse for either one, things are going to end in degradation and shame, okay people? Learn from me, here. Stick to the game version if you must try it, using your trusty mouse to select various bits of track, from basic ramps and blocks to energy bridges and elevator blocks and construct a course for your little ball to merrily roll around. The poor thing cannot handle even a small sudden drop, and at high speeds even a gradual change in angle may cause spontaneous combustion. And if you don't have enough momentum, the little cabbage just plain tuckers out and quits. Grit your teeth and bear its diva ways and try to guide it into the hole. Complete levels to unlock sandbox levels where you have unlimited pieces, as well as some inexplicable trophies. The "barber trophy," for example, is a square metallic sheep.

Play all the Isoball games:
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Isoball 3 removes the timing levels that were the source of so much complaint from fans in the Isoball 2 comments section. Neither is there any need for mid-level erasing and rebuilding, like there was in the final levels of that game. These are both causes for rejoicing. Game developers need to try new things, but it's a good sign when they recognize that their audience didn't like a change. Isoball 3 really gets back to the basics of what people want in an Isoball game and then provides 75 levels of it. Experienced players might grouse at there being no way to skip over the beginning levels to get to the hard stuff, but that's really the only caveat. I think fans of the series and newcomers alike will find enough to like in these 75 levels to provide procrastination assistance all the way through New Year's. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have things to do. Those ornaments are not going to throw themselves. Hang themselves. Yes. Right.

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I think there's an error in level 16. I get two bridges, two shallow ramps, and one steep ramp. There aren't enough pieces to get the ball to the hole, even if you didn't have to stack the ramps on anything.


Level 16. It's true that I can be a bit dim, but this seems impossible. Where's my rectangular blocks?


Or are there? I'm stuck on 21, myself.

Place a steep ramp on the first spot available from the ball, then bridge towards the ball with a small ramp on top of it. Then, skip a space and then place a small ramp going up towards the hole, bridge and voila!


Any help on 17?


The key thing to notice about level 16 is that

there's a gap between the ball's wall and the floor.

After finally(!) realizing that, Pyriel's hint made perfect sense.

greekblondenj December 16, 2010 2:04 PM

Stuck on level 7.. help


Pyriel, for 21:

You need to use a bridge to send the ball over the hole, then you can run it around the outside at floor level and back along the floor down the middle to the hole under your bridge.

greekblondenj December 16, 2010 2:10 PM

Stuck on level 7.. help


NM got it


Geek, you can place the arrow on top of the block. that should help.


Stuck on level 19.. help


Anyone else completed level 20 with 4 pieces remaining?


I need help with level 17. There's a gap. HELP!!


Call me visually challenged, but I had serious difficulty with the depth /3D perception - which is probably the whole point of this game.


how do you skip a space?


On level 28, when I roll the ball down a 5 block-high ramp, it breaks when it hits the bottom. That makes no sense, it's a perfectly smooth ramp! And this breaks what seems to be the only possible solution. Is this a bug, or what? And if it isn't, how on earth do you solve level 28?



I presume you're using 2 of the bridges in the obvious place

I then used a third holding a slope by the entrance

And turned round the corner at the bottom

If that kills you, don't forget you have an extra block to slow its descent


After the game pre-loads and I hit Play, I see all the layers of the menu at once. I can't read any of the text to figure out how to start playing.

[Try updating your Flash Player. -Jay]

IAMFROMROMANIA December 17, 2010 3:19 AM

Super...I've been waiting a long time for this game...the previous two games were some mind benders.


Great game. First of the series I've played. I really enjoy it. My one qualm is that there are some levels without a unique solution, or can be solved with fewer pieces. Even in the later levels this is sometimes true. 51 can be solved with one less piece.


I'm having the same problem as tim, even thought it was fine the first time I played it ~_~

Hahaha00000 December 17, 2010 5:20 AM

For level 17 :

Let upper left corner row be row A and the lowest row be row F, I'll be counting from left to right, each grid is represented with a number (e.g. the goal is at A6) so here we go :

Right Arrow (on ground) at A2
Up Arrow (on ground) at D2
Place a big ramp facing the Up Arrow
Now start stacking things towards the direction of the ball :

Big Block
Small Ramp on big block
Bridge aside small ramp
Small Ramp
Bridge aside small ramp
Small ramp

You should have reached the ball

Hahaha00000 December 17, 2010 5:36 AM

For level 19 :

Ok so we'll follow the format shown on my last comment (For level 17 one), in case you don't understand here's an example : The goal is in Grid F1, so here we go

Two big blocks at B4 and B5
Down arrow on Block B4
Big ramp (facing Down Arrow) on Block B5
Bridge attached to Big ramp on Block B5
Big ramp on bridge (you should know which way to position it)
Bridge next to the down area, towards the 2 "island", not the goal island.
Big Blocks at D3 and D4
Left Arrow on Block D4
Bridge 2 aside Block D3
Big Block on the other side of Bridge 2 (D1)
Big Ramp from Block D1 towards the goal
Place an arrow somewhere...on Block D1

There ya go !

Hahaha00000 December 17, 2010 5:46 AM

@Syntax and Level 20 Walkthrough

I used up all my pieces, anyways if you've been reading my past 2 comments you'd pretty much know how to read this walkthrough :

Goal is in E6, we'll do this backwards cause I found it confusing at my first try doing it from the start point/ball.
Big Ramp facing goal on E5
Two consecutive bridges connected to Big Ramp towards Island 1 (12 grids island)
3 Big Blocks on C2 D2 E2
Down Arrow on C2 Block
Right Arrow on E2 Block
3 Bridges attached to the right of C2 Block,Left arrow on the last bridge attached
2 Big Blocks on A5 B5
Big Ramp (should be facing left arrow) on block B5
Big Block on Block A5 and small ramp on top
You've reached...the ball


That's frustrating: I lost all my progress from yesterday for some reason. I was somewhere in the 50s, too. Ah, well.

@nfields, I don't really mind the lack of unique solution. Many of the levels are still an interesting challenge.


Yeah, but I had 4 pieces left over :)


Ouch! Same has happened to me :(


My apologies for the loss of progress. We had to move all our hosted games to a new server, and we've been doing it over the last couple of days.

Good news is that we shouldn't ever have to move them again, as they're now stored on a global content delivery network, so loading should be much more speedy and more reliable.

Tech-savvy users might even be able to find the previous .sol file on their hard drive for this game at the old domain (flash.games.i.fizzlebot.com) and move it to where the .sol file is stored for the new domain (games.jayisgames.com).


Thanks, Jay! That worked perfectly.

Would you consider a standalone post announcing the hosting change (so people are less likely to be surprised by lost game data) and mentioning something like the spoiler text?

[Good idea. I just posted an entry about it. Cheers! -Jay]


16 was rough... I couldn't see the gap, either, and so it looked like the ball was not in the same row as the hole, which would be impossible, with no turning arrows. Thanks for the hints, everyone!

I struggled with 17 for the same reason -- with squares missing, the isometric layout is really really hard to navigate. 19 too; I had what looked like a great solution but my ball fell off my ramp somewhere I couldn't even tell there was a gap.

It'd be nice if the empty squares' lines still showed up in the layout. Maybe the isometrics are supposed to be part of the challenge, but... I feel that the implementation of the gaps interferes with the puzzles.

I had a bit of a problem with the mechanics of the ball - inertia felt inconsistent (ie. how long the ball would roll and what it could tackle before slowing down); also, if the ball will shatter by dropping even half a block down, the slopes & 90deg turns in half of the solution paths should also probably break it to bits.


Cheers Jay, that worked a treat. So frustrating not being able to redo levels I could do last night :)


Has anybody tackled level 52?
No matter what I do, I seem to be exactly one half-block short.


help! in level 32 please

Hahaha00000 December 18, 2010 8:44 AM

I just realised, there was an in-game link to an official walkthrough of EVERY level, provided by CandyFlame, go to the main menu and select an obvious button.

P.S. : That's how I completed the game, heh, got lazy of thinking hard


Any help for level 34?


someone in lvl 43??


stuck on level 73.. someone to help me please...


does anyone know how to beat level 7 it just doesnt seem to have the right pieces


im stuck on level 22!!!!!!!


I'm stuck at level 55.


Im stuck on lvel 34. help!!!!!!!!!!!


in level 55 you must build the pieces except one square then erase 5 of pieces after ball passes then build the 5 pieces again other holes quickly it is very hard


No need to erase on 55.

On left wall build a "T" with 3 and 1/2 cubes, a tread and two bridges on either side.

On right wall use small ramp for ball, 4 elevators, down ramp to three stacked cubes.


hey Phil,

Thanks for the solution of 55. It was very good. I passed 55 with 5 erasing pieces, one bridge,one arrow, 2 elevators and a high ramp.
I erased them quickly after ball passes, then build another places again. But your solution is the right solution.
I am in now level 75. If you reach 75 and find the solution, write here.


Hi Semih,

I'm also on 75 but haven't figured it out yet.
73 took me forever and I had to use erase-and-build on that one. I also had a few leftover pieces on some levels. I guess there are several solutions to some levels.

I dont know what I'm going to do when I finish this very addicting game..lol.


Hi Phil,

You are right. There are several solutions to some levels but i am stuck on level 75. I didnt find the solution. There is not enough bridges.
In the right wall there are 3 holes. 2 of them exits to the space. We cant reach the 2 holes without bridges. I try to use energy bridges but there isnt a place to put energy bridges.

In my opinion, the ball firstly enter the left wall hole, then it exits from right wall right top hole, then it returns and enter the below of the right top hole, finally it sxits from left top hole to the target. I build it using all pieces except two elevators, but there isnt enough bridges to tie the left top hole and the target.

Dou you find the solution or dou you have a good plan for this hard level?


Just finished all 75 levels -- only took me ten days. I kind of liked the erase-and-build levels in Isoball 2, so long as it didn't turn into a twitchy platformer.

Only peculiarity here is that I once ended up with one more energy bridge than I stared out with after some furious erasing. Fearing a crash, I cleared and started over though.

About level 75:

I was stumped for a while until it dawned on me that once you get an energy bridge through a door, it will extend as far as you can build an anchor point.

And you do start with the far left door and end up rolling the ball under the first bridge into the hole. Or, at least, I did.

talha muhammad December 28, 2010 12:52 AM

Please help: i'm on level 28. Does anyone know how to do it? :(


level 52 please!!


how do i get pass lvl 23????


hello all :)
stuck in level 73
anyone knows how to go on..pleeeease :)

Rachel0524 February 1, 2011 11:49 AM

EVERYONE LISTEN UP!!!!!! Here is the answer to Level 7:

Just under where the ball is, place a big cube and one of the big ramps facing straight. place another large cube after thet and put the arrow on top of it going towards the hole. Then place the other ramp after that cube.

I hope this helps!!!!


I just finished all 75 levels without erasing and rebuild. There is an elegant solution to every level.


I just finished all 75 levels without erasing and rebuilding. There is an elegant solution to every level.


I am stuck on 45. Been at it for 3 days. Help!


lvl 74 and 75 pleasee


What do I do in level 7!? I've been working on it for two weeks now and I feel like I am missing a piece! PLEASE HELP!


i need level 9!!

kahlia.bessie March 28, 2012 5:12 AM

Level 7 is:

Place a block below the ball
Place a slope on top of it facing away from the ball
Place a block below that
Place arrow facing towards the hole
Place another slope facing towards the hole
And click start!!

kahlia.bessie March 28, 2012 5:18 AM

Level 9 is: very hard don't worry it took me ages to

Place 3 blocks underneath ball
Place slope on top
Place 2 blocks next to slope
Place a slope on top
Place 2 blocks next to that, and arrow on top
-By now you should be right on the edge-
Place 1 block next to that on the left side of all the others
Place slope on top
Place block next to that
Put arrow on top facing towards hole
Place slope
Click Start!!


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