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JIG Poker Night!

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JayThe poker tables in our private Triplejack lounge will again open up today at 3PM (GMT-5:00). Please come join us for some Texas Hold'em poker fun, have a few laughs with us and friends, perhaps win some prizes, and enjoy lots and lots of pies!

This week's tournament of tournaments will begin promptly at 6PM. We're going to move the contest time around each week in hopes of giving more people around the world the opportunity to participate. We are also going to tweak things just a little from what we did last week, so that we can continue to offer prizes each week.

Here's what to expect:
  • We will hold a series of 'qualifying' tournaments, up to a maximum of 11 depending on the number of people we have participating. Estimated total time from first qualifying tournament through the Final Table: 2.5 hours.
  • Each tournament will cost $500 in chips to play, so be sure you have enough when it comes time to join a tournament. If your chip count is less than $500, you will not be able to take a seat. You can get restocked with $500 chips at any non-tournament table anytime your chip count reaches $0.
  • The winner of each of these qualifying tournaments will move on to the Final Table. You may play in as many of these qualifying tournaments as you would like, but once you've qualified for the Final Table, please give the other players a chance to qualify.
  • The Final Table will be seated once all the qualifying tournaments have completed. So, if you've qualified, please make sure you are ready and take a seat when the "JIG Final Table" is created in the JIG lounge. Only qualified players may sit at the Final Table, but spectators are welcome.
  • The top 3 finishers of the Final Table will win one or more of the following prizes this week: Best of 2006 winner, Eets, by Klei Entertainment, one deck of Triplejack playing cards, a Casual Gameplay T-shirt, and one free month Triplejack Power Player membership.
  • Only the winner of each week's Final Table ("Champion of Tournaments") will be automatically entered into a Grand Prize drawing, the prize(s) and date for which will be announced soon.

So grab your virtual chips and a chair and come have fun with us at JIG Poker Night! =)


Can someone tell me what time that would be in Germany?

I'm just too stupid to figure out this real life riddle...


Does that mean that the first "qualifying" tourney will start at 6PM(GMT-5:00)?


I'd say that's how he meant it, but you're right, there's a tiny bit of ambiguity left.

snotmaster0 January 20, 2007 9:55 AM

Will I have to pay to play or is it all free?

Tru_Messiah January 20, 2007 12:14 PM

Anyone having problems connecting? The game hangs for me at the connection stage.

Any ideas?


Dang it! I have to miss it again! I've got a party to go to. Oh well, I'll log in from 3 for a bit, but I won't be able to hit the tourney. You guys, have fun!


Tables open at 3:00, tournaments begin at 6:00PM (all US Eastern time zone times). Here's a list of tournament times around the world for reference...

  • San Francisco (3:00 PM)

  • London (11:00PM)

  • Berlin (12:00AM)

  • Moscow (2:00AM)

  • Sydney (10:00AM)

  • New Zealand (12:00PM)

Chips (and accounts) at Triplejack are absolutely FREE.

And for anyone having connection issues, there is a known problem that the TJ people are working hard to resolve. You can find out more information about it in the TJ Forum.


Snotmaster - it's all free, you just have to sign up. Like jay mentioned above, anytime you lose all your virtual cash you can get 500 for free and continue playing.

Desincarnage January 20, 2007 2:52 PM

Is it normal that I cannot connect to TripleJack, even though I used to be able to a few days ago? I log in, it loads, then it stalls when the progress bar is full.

I've waited for a good 10 minutes without any change.


How do I get into the JIG lounge??? I only see two public lounges.


To get into the JIG private Triplejack lounge, you may need to use the log-in form above or in the sidebar of this site.

For connection problems, see my previous comment.

Also, you might try just letting it try to connect. I know one person that has been having trouble connecting in the past who has just now successfully logged on. It took 5 minutes for it to connect, but it finally worked.

Tru_Messiah January 20, 2007 4:35 PM

Heh, this sucks. I've been trying for a few hours now to log in. No luck so far.


Sorry, Tru. I hope that they can get to the bottom of the connection troubles soon. Perhaps it'll be fixed by next week's poker night. :/

Tru_Messiah January 20, 2007 4:58 PM

No worries... didn't realise it was on every week.

If it's not working this week, I'll be back next week.


For people who are having problems connecting: try temporarily disabling your anti-virus. I use Avast antivirus, and I disabled it long enough to connect to the server, then enabled it again and it seems to be working fine now.


Tourney starts in a few minutes.


Got 2nd place on table #11 That was so much fun! I can NOT wait to do it again next week!

Thanks Jay, and everyone else for a wonderful night of poker!


i swear, one of these days, i'll actually make it here for the time of the tourney... i was able to play the hour before and the hour after the tourney, but the law of saint murphy prevented me from being there for the actual showdown. rats... then again, i guess i had the pleasure of coming in second in the one tourney before the whole thing. remind me to completely clear my schedule for the next poker night!


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