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JIG Poker Night returns!

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JIG Poker Night returns click for info

JIG Poker Night prizesIn case you haven't been playing with us, your last chance to qualify for our championship tournament has passed. The following qualifiers will play a championship tournament next weekend for a chance to win an iPod Nano or a Nintendo DS!

  1. Triplebigmac
  2. JIG_Valarauka
  3. 2LittleCards
  5. Nineiron
  6. Secret_Player
  7. JIG_deanmc
  8. Amiron
  9. Khoostar
  10. supersasha
  11. Frenchie
  12. Melman2002
  13. Khayxuan
  14. Pfire
  15. Jake_is_Games
  16. commonplaceMusic
  17. Monkey33
  18. Soccerspider
  19. slatous
  20. Simonious
  21. slgalt
  22. JIG_FunnyMan
  23. Bjoernski
  24. Froggie
  25. bfkrams
  26. zeephro

If your name is on this list, mark your calendar for the championship tournament to be held on May 17, 2008 at 4:00PM Eastern (GMT-5:00) (click for international time converter).

See you there! =)


Hurray for Poker Night! (By the way, there's a small typo in "picked" from the first sentence :) )


WOW, an iPod. I have a Golden DS already but it's great to see Poker Night Prizes are back!


Jay can I participate again at the Poker night? Because I won last time and I'm wondering if it is alright.


I'm glad you made a bigger announcement. I remember the days when the JIG Lounge would be packed each poker night. Even on off nights it would sometimes be filled with youngsters wanting to make their fortune. Back then, we had to trudge to school in bare feet 10 miles through a blizzard. Uphill both ways! ;)


Hm, I might have to learn to play poker.


Oh, thanks Jay, now you just lowered my odds of winning these fabulous prizes!


Hey Jay- just want to say thanks for running the site and putting on poker night. Keeps me sane whilst at Uni! See you on future saturdays...


I only wish there were more TIMES as well as more prizes. 2 in the afternoon on Saturdays is just not possible for me. Sheesh. No, I'm no good, but I love Texas Hold'em! Any chance of holding "just for fun" games at other times during the week?


I have not been able to get triplejack to work for me since JIG poker night returned. It allows me to log on (which must mean my account is still active), it will show me the lounges; but, when I click to go into a room, it does the 'loading...' thing and the blue circles. Then it does the blue circles again like it is about to show the table but all I ever get is a grey screen.

Flash Player is working fine (since I can load the interface at all) and I've reinstalled it just for good measure. I've checked the TJ forums but they were no help. Anyone here have a clue as to why it does this to me?

OH, and the stat tracker on Kongregate doesn't load for me either, but the chat window and games do. I'm guessing they're related, but i have no idea how. Please help.


wow, posting on the JIG board is immediately helpful. I went right back to TJ, turned off my adblocker (how did I not think of that 2 minutes ago?) and it works. Doesn't solve my Kongregate problem, but at least I can play poker tonight


3 comments in a row, I know it's a bit much. But mission not accomplished, now I'm getting a failed to connect to the server message, same thing as Kongregate. Why/how is flash player prevented from connecting a remote server?


OK, tonight it really seems that I'll make it to the poker room. At last. I'm logged in already :)


well, i tried setting up a different firefox user and loading it without any extensions and that didn't work. i also tried loading TJ through IE and got the same server error...


Must be me...

I logged ion, found the JIG lounge - and then what am I supposed to do? I can go to the different tables and watch people play there but i can't join any of the tables even though they are not full.

What am i doing wrong and what am i supposed to do?


OK, I see now that i was supposed to be here right in the beginning. Well, I was here before that and came back a few minutes short.

Doesn't really matter though as I find the interface of Triple Jack a bit annoying and I found only one or two names that I recognized so I would be playing total stangers anyways - so I guess I'll go and play Europoker I like its interface more.

Would've been good to play against you, folks, but shit happens.

brandon_ha January 26, 2008 7:14 PM

I was banned for 1 infraction. Thats not cool. Well congrats JIG you found the worst possible game server for poker night.

soccerspider March 15, 2008 6:00 PM

Hey Jay, great poker tourny. It was alot of fun. Just wondering, was there a prize for that last one that we played? It was the second tourny so I am not sure. I had heard that there was a one month membership and a Big fish game involved, but this is my first week so i'm not sure.


I played the 2nd tourny last week which I stumbled across by luck and noticed it was said there was a 2nd one because of the confusion with US daylight savings. I'm in the UK whare the clocks havn't changed yet so does anyone know what time todays tourny starts over here? I really enjoyed last weeks and I'm looking forward to playing today.


AH right. Cheers Jay. I never managed to get online last night because of a power cut. GRRRR. Sooooo, see yas all next week. (Excepting for an alien abduction, meteor strike on my house, some idiot from the electric company who doesn't know how to do his job at the end of my street, etc)

Michael May 8, 2008 8:45 PM

Hey Jay,

I wanted to make certain that I still have a seat at the championship tournament. It's definitely been a while since I have played, and SecretPlayer was tracking things when I won a weekend tourney.


Harukio May 17, 2008 4:57 PM


Khoostar May 17, 2008 5:08 PM

hey Jay. just wanted to thank you for putting this whole thing on- really great of you. maybe next year...!


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