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JIG Poker Night!

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JayCome join us for some Jayisgames Texas Hold'em Poker fun in our own private Triple Jack lounge this Saturday evening (tonight) beginning at 7:00PM EST (GMT-5:00). Just be sure to sign-in using the form to the right (and now located in the sidebar for easy access no matter where you are on the site!) You can use the same form to register a new account as well.

All you need is a Triple Jack account (it's absolutely FREE) to play with us. Depending on how well these go we are likely to have a weekly poker night, and perhaps even have special tournaments for fabulous prizes.

So grab your virtual chips and a chair and come have fun with us at JIG Poker Night! =)


woot see ya tonight :)


I still have not gotten my confirmation email, and it didn't go to spam. I would really like to play, but I can't since they wont send confirmation. Help me! :'(


I had received my confirmation immediately, so perhaps something happened that prevented your registration from going through?

I would try registering again and see if that works.

Update: Use the Contact form and send Triplejack a message requesting a re-send. See Dave's note below.


the side bar has messed up. It has appeared at the bottom of all these comments and on the right hand side of the screen!

Visual Aid:

[----] - comments
....[] - sidebar


ok, I signed up for an account, but I cannot figure out how to re-buy. Can someone advise?


Hey everyone, Dave here from Triplejack. I am happy to help you with your questions.

1) If you did not receive your email confirmation, simply let us know here: http://www.triplejack.com/contact.php and we will re-send it.

2) You can re-buy at any table (once you are out of chips). Simply go to the table and you will see a "re-buy" button. Click it and it gives you $500 worth of virtual chips!

Dave (aka viday)


This sounds fantastic! I'll try my best to make it. I finally have a chance to integrate myself into the JIG community!


theprogram - oh my! what browser are you using? I bet it's IE 6 (Grrr). That browser has caused me more web development headaches and lost productivity than I care to even think about. I don't suppose I can get you to upgrade to IE 7, could I? Or, better yet, Firefox??

The reason for the sidebar moving is because the Triplejack iframe pushes the width of the sidebar just a tad too wide.

If you let me know the exact browser you're using (version number please) I'll make it so that anyone with that browser doesn't get the Triplejack iframe in the sidebar.


Ok, I'm all signed up. My username is QuiteInsane.


Allright! I'll be there for sure.


I've made it so any version of IE prior to 7.0 will not get the Triplejack iframe in the sidebar.

If anyone else experiences the sidebar not displaying properly, please report to me the OS and browser you're using. Thanks!


Lab-brat the way to rebuy is to sit at a cheap table and bust out. As soon as you lose all your money you can rebuy.


Jay how did you guess! The version i am using is IE 6.0!
LOL the problem is now fixed for me, as you have removed the iframe!


Wooty tooty flip-bam-booty! I'm glad it's better for you now. Do you like my nice little "GET FIREFOX" ad you now see on every page? =)

Just a little incentive for those still using pre-IE 7.0 browsers to UPGRADE.

cheers for the bug report!!


Great idea jay, but I'm busy tonight. Lets make every night Poker Night! Cheers!


thanks dave and slgalt. I didn't realise you had to be completely broke to rebuy and was having a hard time doing anything! tables were too expensive while I was there I guess. I managed to bust out today though and have successfully done a rebuy. thanks! :D


Ummm...forgot my user name so I sent out for it and when I got it a click the link and entered it in and I keep getting the error screen.I even copy and pasted it.:( I really wanna play but I can't.My screen name is Josh_man..see what you can work out before seven okay?

Thanks Dave


I'm intrigued. I just registered. How is Texas Hold-em different than 5 card stud? I don't want to enter the game looking like a total buffoon, just a partial buffoon.

Warning, I have beer. And I smoke. Is it normal for someone to pop in for a few hands, go afk, then pop back for a few more hands, go afk again, play again.....ad nauseum? (I don't sit at my desk with a cig, I go to the window.) (No, I don't look like bloated Cartman in that South Park episode about World Of War. One of the funniest videos ever.)



I did try to re-register, but my email address was already in use and I would prefer not to give it my other email address, so I tried to sign in but it said that a validation email should be recieved shortly, so obviosuly I had the right username/password. I may just cry if I miss tonight.


Imok - see Dave's note above about using the contact form to request a re-send of your confirmation email.


woot, five minutes left. I just made it =D


The page expires 5mins after I go


"Woot"? Are you a Wohba or Myst fan? ;o)


Wow! I finally got in, this is soooo fun. Thanks Jay!


I just played 7 hours. Great fun. See you next week zeroster.

Brandinat0r January 7, 2007 4:36 AM

To bad that it is 01:00AM here when it starts. o.o


ok next question, how does one change their picture? it said when we signed up that it could be changed later... I don't see where though.


never mind, figured it out :D


Monthly tournaments would be really nice!


*gasp* We should have a weekly poker night!


I am pleased to report that last night's Poker Night was a success! We had at one time 50 people in the lounge and 5 tables or tournaments all going at once. That's great! =D

A weekly poker *day* is definitely in the cards!

I say "day" because some people in Europe have complained that the US Eastern timezone evening time was not convenient for them to participate.

Considering that we had about 10 people playing an hour or two before the scheduled time of 7PM last evening, I'd like to propose that we begin things a little earlier next week.

So, next Saturday is Poker Day!! Drop in anytime for fun with the JIG gang anytime from 3:00PM EST (GMT-5:00) or later.


Jay your GET FIREFOX logo made me laugh!

unfortunatly i was not able to make the poker day, and i will missing next week's as well! oh well, i should be free most other saturdays.

Hope to see you next next saturday =)


arg... didn't see this till monday... i'll do my best to make it next week.... all your chips are belong to me!


Hi, the poker night sounds like a great idea.. but i haven't been able to get the site working unfortunately =(
Every time the page loads, XP brings up an error message and my browser shuts down completley. I'm using Netscape 7.2, but i don't think my browser is the problem. It seems to be the little movie on the left of the triplejack site that triggers the error; i've also had this problem with many little movies.. flash problem? can it be fixed?

Any help appreciated,


Hi Cam!

I just tried with Netscape 7.1 on my PC XP setup and at first I was able to view the site, but it said I needed Flash 8 to play. So, I reinstalled the latest Flash again (version 9—I already had the latest Flash intalled but it was installed prior to installing Netscape) and tried again.

CRASH. Just as you indicated. You are only the 2nd person I know of in all the time I've been maintaining this site that has mentioned to me is still using Netscape.

So, I tried Googling the problem and found this recent discussion thread. In it they claim that the latest Flash Player simply won't work with Netscape 7 (it IS quite an old browser). So, to get it to work you'll need to download an older version of Flash (found here) and replace what's in your Netscape\plugins folder.

After doing that and restarting Netscape, Triplejack worked for me. But I don't recommend that since you are now tied to an older version of Flash. Wouldn't getting yourself up-to-date with the state-of-the-art in browsers be a better choice? Indeed it would be.

Have you tried Firefox? It's really a fantastic browser and the installation is quick and painless. I am certain you will be happy you switched.

"Out with the old, in with the new" =)


Hey Jay, quick response.

Thanks for trying all that, appreciate it. I'll definately try firefox ( your constant advertisements are convincing =) ). But 1st, since i'm stubborn, i'll probably try getting the latest netscape and flash (which i think is also out-of-date). If that fails, then it's firefox for me. I'll probably eventually get firefox anyway.

So it looks like i'll be joining you for the poker night after all =).

Thanks again.


Ahh much better, got myself the latest netscape (i wanted to stick with netscape if possible) and now it appears that netscape is using firefox software? Still trying to work out the browser but it seems that way.. and the problem is fixed!


Yes, Cam, both the latest Netscape and the open source Firefox are both based on the same layout engine ("gecko").

I still think a switch to Firefox would be a good move for you sometime in the future. With its significantly larger install base, there is much more attention being paid to it. And it's open source, so there is a much larger community of developers supporting it.

In any event, I'm glad it's now working for you. See ya Saturday! =)


Hey Jay looking forward to taking your chips again this week I went yo play triplejack tonight and saw they moved server so old links don't sync up exactly will you be fixing JIG's link cause I come here to login so I'm in Lounge directly oh and are you at all connected with onemorelevel.com?


There's nothing for me to fix, Triplejack is just moving the site to different servers, not to a different domain name. It may take up to 48 hours for the new address to propagate throughout the domain name server (DNS) network, so in the meantime, you can reach our private lounge by using this link.


Oh ok thanks I only ask about onemore level.com which is my second site to check for games everyday cause many times you and he suggest same game on same day or a day apart...Love the site BTW and Firefox Rocks I have not used I hate IE


Not affiliated with onemorelevel, nor do I even read that site at all. If we are posting the same games either it's just a weird coincidence, or he's reading JIG. ;)

alex delarge January 6, 2008 4:52 AM

hey dave, is it possible to delete my account? or change my username?


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