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Legend of the Pointy Stick

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Rating: 3.6/5 (23 votes)
Comments (46) | Views (4,877)

Legend of the Pointy StickFrom Mark Arenz and his Ridiculopathy site full of ridiculousness comes this hilarious new adventure with an old-school dungeon flair.

The Legend of the Pointy Stick opens with a funnily familar main character chasing a princess around a kingdom, only the princess doesn't appreciate being followed. After violating a restraining order, you find yourself locked down deep in a dungeon with no clear way of escape. You will need to consult those who will help you, and beware of those who won't, if you are to find your way out safely. A stick for poking might also be helpful to find.

Past the maze of gluttony, through the trials of heroism, up, up, up to the surface and into the labyrinth of Princess Love interest herself. To freedom.

Legend of the Pointy StickUse the arrow keys to navigate around, first person style, one map grid at a time. Press [space] to act on things: pick up items you find, or use a weapon. Press [P] to open your inventory. There you will find some helpful information, and several maps to help you find your way.

Unfortunately, the game lacks a save feature, so if you don't finish in one sitting and must close your browser window, then you will have to start over the next time you play.

Mark reveals his warped sense of humor and style through the many characters you'll meet along the way and the mostly sarcastic responses you receive from them. The game is light-hearted and pokes fun at some classic games as well as itself. Good fun and a nice change from the usual point-and-click approach to Flash adventure games.

Play Legend of the Pointy Stick

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Hi jay! for some reason, the games on that site doesn't load for me. I checked up on my flash and it's installed and most updated. Is it the site?


Hmm... Can't get any of their games to load... I have flash player 8 installed...

Joey Jo Jo Jr. January 19, 2006 6:41 AM

Neither can I. The file cannot be THAT long. I've been wating 18 minutes to download. I also have Flash 8


same here. The site stays on "1 item remaining"


Works fine for me. But I just hate the games where the colour tones are made so dark that you just can't see anything. I understand that it is only a trick to make you feel like you can't quite see where you are heading. But on the long run it is annoying and it just does not work since you can allways adjust the lightness and contrast of the screen. I try it again at home, on my laptop, which flattens the tones just conveniently. That's an other good reason to call it as "flat screen" ;)


The problems people are having is the result of security measures Mark has implemented on his site to prevent other sites from stealing his content.

Although I have had no trouble getting the game to load using any of the links above, I realize that others are not so lucky.

My best advise is DO NOT USE IE for this game. Mark has told me that he has been able to reproduce the problem only with certain versions of IE.

Get Firefox. No one should be using ONLY IE anymore anyways.


The game doesn't load for me either. I tried last night shortly after Jay posted it here, but gave up waiting for it to load, thinking the problem must be my computer. After I read the above posts today, I thought I would try again....still won't load. Like kt belle, it still says "1 item remaining".


What browser, glommie?


Saynomore Jay saynomore, I have been mostly using Firefox, currently on version 1.5. Just tested to download 'Legend of Pointy Stick' at home. Using 500kB connection and listening SomaFM at 48kB band rate it took about 15 sec to download the game without any problems.

And folks, remember what I wrote above, flat screen is ideal for gloomy flash games. Now I can see what is going on in the game 8D


I stumbled through floors from zero to two, got back for "hoover", and then I took a stupid risk and tried to play some backgammon. Folks, do not do that unless you are ready for that! It is fast way to get killed.

But I enjoyed the game, so I'll be back |-I


funny concept for a game, but the game play is bad. the frame by frame mapping is worse than wolfenstien 3d.


not a bad little game... I miss these old-school first person rpg's... however, the ending was a bit anti-climactic


I AM using the latest version of firefox and the latest versin of flash. Still nothing.


The pacman game is making me go insane.. Any one know off hand how many dots you have to collect? (I have 69) ..or is there another way to get out of the pacman level?


Where is the Length of Hose?


Can someone please help me out?

I have found the stick, soup, mushrooms and batteries, but I can't beat the guy with the hockey mask.

Any hints, suggestions spoilers?


Nick, I just kept poking him with the stick, and eventually he just faded away.


haha funny name!! now to play it!

im sooooooo serious.. i cant get past the floor you begin on...



I did that a lot, I just kept missing and dying. I had around -3000 points when said "ah screw this".


Nevermind, he's gone now :-D


Mark just sent word that he believes he has fixed the problem that was causing IE to fail to load the game properly.


Normall like the games on here but got bored of this quicky - keep up the good work


Hey Jay, I'm using IE 6.0 - Having just read you note above about it being fixed for IE, i just tried to load it again, and it loads fine now!!

Please send my thanks to the creator of the game...I'm going to try it out later today.


Not sure if others had this issue, but if you hit "p" during an encounter, the game will no longer respond. Happened twice, once to down some soup, once by accident. Figured I would share.


Thanks for the bug report, dogmusher. I sent it along to Mark, and he just replied back:

"Thanks for the heads up. It takes some very fast fingers to make that happen- an overlap between getting hurt & pressing the pause button. Anyway, it's been fixed."


pixelrevolt January 20, 2006 1:13 PM

Need help. But my question has a spoiler in it.

I have all the cups, but i can't PLACE them in the places i'm supposed to.

I'm SURE it's something simple since that's what my problem usually is. Too smart for my own good I guess. Help!


Having a hard time finding the third cup, already found the pac-man cup, the beat-up-the-green-dude cup, and im not sure where the other one is!!! is it just the 32 oz big gulp?



hey pxelrevolt,

dude we're so stupid, the answer is right in front of us...

to drop an item, simply push "X" instead of the check mark!!! GEEZ!!! i hit myself in the head once i remembered that!



haha!!!!!!! somehow i made #5 on the high scoring list!!! wow i feel so honored

i made sure to give credit where credit is due



pixelrevolt January 20, 2006 5:04 PM


yes it is.


I have the Valor Cup, and the Champion Dot Eater Cup.....where is the third cup???


Ok...I know this is stupid, but I accidentally dropped one of those pacman dots in one of the places to put the cups, and now I can't pick it up....does anyone know how i can put that somewhere else and put the cup in??? =(

DannyGuthrie June 5, 2006 3:24 PM

how do i use the map what do i press to view it

minicheatbook November 3, 2006 1:27 AM

well i had the top high score untill someone beat it and now i still have mastery over the top 2 because im still in second place after a year...kinda sad for me huh?



The text in the intro is the same colour as part of the background (light grey).

Clicking on x in the inventory gives the message "You have dropped undefined undefined" and sets value in the bottom right-hand corner to NaN.

And I've barely started the game... I hope this isn't an indication of what's to come.


The bug that dogmusher came across is still there (the game freezing up when "p" is pressed).

Had to restart when I got 'pinned' by the ghost


OMG!!!! I am so stuck on the maze! But I have to quit because I have work... So, Im done! Well, good game anyway.


I couldn't get past the man in the hockey mask. I had played once before and I easily defeated the hockey player; however, later on I accidentally ate all of the mushrooms I was trying to give the mushroom man, so I restarted. My second time around, I gained over -14000 points in damages before just quitting. I'm guessing there is a glitch.


Can someone give me a clue as to how to get anywhere in the outdoor Labyrinth?

I have drawn myself a map of everywhere I've been and I drop the Pacman dots to mark deadends - I've found one new staircase that lead me to a new area - I don't know what to do to get out! Please help.


Gack!! I went up on (what I think is) the third floor (with the green walls) without a map and I can't find my way back to the stairs leading down. Someone please help! I can only find my way to the brown blobs in front of this dude. DX Thanks!


Nevermind! I found my way out...of course just after I posted for help... >.<


Can someone please post a walkthough?


having trouble getting motas to work
every time i press enter motas it goes to the black screen then flashes and returns to the enter motas screen
i cant understand it
please help
ive played it a few months before and it worked fine


New high score.

Check it out.

I tried this game several times and got stuck.

Then I realized that the plastic pry bar could be used

to open the walls that are nailed with boards.


Ah! It was fun while it lasted, but after two hours of straight gameplay and a score of -31201,

(after accidently walking into the pacman game WITHOUT talking to the guy, well, and then I just sucked...)

I just had to take a break! They really need to add on a save feature

or give you COMPLETELY filled out maps

to keep the time down.

I finally gave up after wandering around level 3 looking for the stairs down to where the glass was in front of the ogre after my vacuum was built for about a half and hour.

Anyone want to tell me how it ends? because I've already put too much time into it.


I've made it to the outside probably a dozen times, and I feel like I'm not making progress anymore. I also feel like there must be something I'm overlooking, but I'm not sure what. I do know that there are lots of staircases.


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