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LightForce Games

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Rating: 4.4/5 (76 votes)
Comments (29) | Views (8,195)

There's a lot to love about LightForce Games from Athens, Greece. Nick Kouvaris, and his wife Helen, develop Flash games as a hobby and make them available to play on their LightForce Games website. The site makes it very easy to find and navigate to any of their games. Best of all, in the true spirit of sharing their Flash game programming knowledge with others, each game features a link to the .fla source file used to create it. [Edit: this is no longer true, unfortunately]

Most of the games are clones of classic puzzle games, and yet all of them are presented with a simple and consistent style. From puzzle to platformer, many games feature their own graphics that are rather plain and ordinary, however the programming consists of solid implementations. It is evident a lot of love was poured into these little gems, and there is certainly enough to keep anyone busy for a rainy afternoon.

Highlighted here are a couple of noteworthy games that I particularly liked:

LightForce: BlixBlix is a block-matching puzzle strategy game in which the player shifts rows in either direction to create columns of the same color. Simply click one of the six (6) orange buttons to shift a row horizontally in that direction. Each column matched is eliminated from play and adds 100 points to your score.

You begin with only four (4) moves. Additional moves can be earned by clearing more than one column in a turn. Each turn costs two (2) moves, but you break even if you also clear a column. Each additional column cleared in a single turn increases your moves left by one (1).

Blix is a very simple and enjoyable game with a very pleasing appearance and soundtrack.

Play Blix

LightForce: ZnaxA puzzle strategy game against the clock, Znax is about eliminating entire groups of squares by finding four (4) same-colored corners of any rectangular shape.

Simply click on each corner to highlight it. Once the fourth corner is selected the entire group of squares disappears and your score is increased relative to the number of squares removed. You have only five (5) minutes with which to find all the rectangles you can. Znax is another delightfully simple Flash puzzle game.

Play Znax

LightForce: FroggerHere is one for the classic game section. Frogger is a solid remake of the classic Frogger arcade game designed by Konami in 1981 and released in the US by Sega.

This Flash version of the game features the same classic gameplay along with appealing pixel graphics and arcade sound effects. Another solid Flash implementation by Nick and Helen of LightForce Games.

Play Frogger

There are many more games available on their website, including puzzle games, platformers, driving games, and flying games, too. And if you enjoy creating games as much as you do playing them, then you will appreciate the source code offered to each of their creations as well. The LightForce Games site is an especially valuable resource for anyone just getting started with game programming in Flash.


Znax is addictive!
My highscore:
I ended up clearing the entire board at least 4 times on that one.


Nice Aeon. I haven't broken 100K with Znax yet.

I'm rather fond of Blix. I just scored 20,900, and had 38 turns at one time during the game.


Blix and Words are just copies of my games. Rewritten of course, but still. At least in Znax the gameplay is slightly different then my Nelinurk game.


But we cannot play your games anymore, Tonypa. =(

I miss PixelField in the worst way. It is an exceptional game and still one of my favorite casual Web games.

Capuchin April 29, 2005 1:39 AM

Aye TonyPa we miss your games :(


28200 on blix !


Just broke 200K on Znax -- whoo-hoo!
Trying to clear the board is definitely key.


I think the links need updating. They appear to have changed from "freestuff.gr/lightforce/game"
to "lightforce.freestuff.gr/game"


Thanks, Laura. I have updated the links accordingly.


Sweet, I just broke 100k on Znax... well, exactly 100k. ~lol~ Yep yep, agreed, clear the board.

Fun games!


32600 on Blix! Hurrah!
How can anyone not love this addicting little game?

CasualGamer December 30, 2005 10:30 PM

Great games, but why oh why can't I mute them (blix at least)?! Flash needs a mute feature. I like to listen to my iTunes while I kill time with casual games.


Blix is fun, though I can't shake the feeling that my scores are little more than a reflection of the randomness of the bricks. There doesn't seem to be the ability to stragetise beyond the next turn or two.

I agree with CasualGamer that being able to turn the sound off would be a welcome addition.


4,900...i feel proud of myself ;)


Great games, but why oh why can't I mute them (blix at least)?!


90,100 ?

guess i'm good :)




Blix is no longer available - seemingly taken off the site.


I agree with Bezman. The last couple times I've tried to access Blix via the link here I haven't been able. I checked the site itself a while back and couldn't find it there either. :( It makes me sad because Blix was one of my favorites. (I actually liked the music, it wasn't a masterpiece but it was a pleasant background.)


my highest on znax is 120,800

might have cleared the board twice on that one, i find it very hard to clear it though.


111000 yay! addictive but stressing


yay 156600 on znax not bad considering i wasnt even concentrating. though my high score is around 200k not 200k exact but close. addictive game


I agree with Aeon: Znax is completely addictive. I set my personal high score yesterday with 246000. Thanks for suggesting this great game.


The website link seems to be broken.


Where are all of the games? I think the link is broken. Any way to fix it?


Thanks for fixing it!


my best is 393000, I had 310000 ater 3 1/2 min., but then it slowed a bit.


Good Day,

All LightForce games now hosted on http://quietcode.blogspot.gr/

There have been minor bug fixes and updates to graphics and colors in most of the games.

Blog's language is Greek.


It's great that jayisgames is keeping my games here all these years. Much appreciated guys.


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