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Link Dump Fridays

DoraHappy Friday, dearest reader! We hope you're full of pep, vim, vigour, and apple juice (we like apple juice), and ready to spring into your weekend! And four out of five doctors who were most certainly not given conspicuous burlap sacks with dollar signs on them for their testimonies agree; the best way to start your weekend off right is with a big heaping helping of Link Dump Friday! We've got a broad offering this week with pinball, romance, shooters, and more! So kick back, relax, and peruse the titles below, because we're here to make your Friday suck a little less! Who loves ya, baby?

  • Colour My WorldColour My World - Get ready for some good ol' fashioned d'awwww. More guided emotive journey than true-blooded point'n'click, this little game is cuddlier than a pillow case full of Persian kittens. When you're late, late, late for a very important date, you'll have to run, jump, and click your way through the landscape to your beloved, bringing a little colour to the world along the way.
  • Hell is Other PeopleHell is Other People - [Note: Requires "Unity" browser plug-in.] Despite the title, this game is not just for reclusive internet shut-ins with secret crushes on the pizza delivery crew, but for anyone looking for a slightly different shooter experience. Battle the past movements of previous players and try to stay alive long enough to leave a vicious, score-killing after image behind for someone else to stumble across so they can curse your 3-character moniker for the rest of their days.
  • Power PinballPower Pinball - It's pinball! In your browser! With dragonflies! For free! Ohhhhh emmmm geeee, you guys! Ninja Kiwi's newest title is a colourful, fun romp filled with all the lights, bells, bumpers, and power-ups you could want! And all without having to pump your quarters into it! Perhaps future updates will allow me to try to cheat by jiggling my monitor around for even more pinball realism.
  • Butterfly Fantasy 3Butterfly Fantasy 3 - The mildly mystifying spot-the-difference trilogy finally comes to a close. Will the events in the previous installments finally be explained? Hahahahaha, no, silly! But despite being a little weird, the series continues to be beautifully made and even a little touching. And besides, I'm hardly one able to accuse someone else of not making sense.
  • ObechiObechi - Who's excited?! We're excited! Because Danny Miller, creator of Boomshine is here to fill that cold, whistling void in our souls with another deceptively simple and purely addictive game of planning and reflexes. While not, perhaps, as compulsively playable as Boomshine was, Obechi is still a stylish, colourful little puzzle game that will treat you right for as long as you'll let it.


bluecanary October 23, 2009 12:13 AM

Aw, I just played Colour My World (is that a Canadian game, by the way by any chance?). It was very cute and it played almost like the Nevermore series with the smooth play but reminded me of Hapland too probably because of the clickable parts.

A very easy, wonderful game. Thanks for posting it!


I think I liked Obechi even more than Boomshine. While Boomshine had a fairly large "try repeatedly until you luck out" element to it, Obechi was just as addictive, with more player input! Plus, the patterns at the end of each level were always pretty neat.

My only complaint was that the final level was the most fun to me, but the second-to-last seemed to get harder every time I played it! A level selection screen would be nice for that.


I really like Hell Is Other People! It gets interesting after about 20 ghosts. The power ups took me a while to understand, I kept thinking I was getting them but you really have to get the ship directly on top of them.

waycooler October 23, 2009 2:29 AM

Colour My World is by the same person as Colour My Heart, which was reviewed on a previous LDF. Also, I fully agree on the "cuddlier than a pillow case full of Persian kittens."

Also, Obechi was fun! I just wish there were more levels. :( I had fun trying to figure them all out. It was especially exciting on the last one,

when I realized that you had to capture every single one and was left with 3 circles and 7 balls scattered around the screen.

I, as did StephenM3, enjoyed the patterns at the end of each level. Although mine would have probably looked nicer if I didn't go try to capture as much as I could with the first couple circles and then captured groups of one for the rest. >_>

BladeStorm October 23, 2009 4:38 AM

haha, hell is other people is a fun time killer, shoot sideways! its awesome


BladeStorm October 23, 2009 4:49 AM

umm, color my world, im totally stuck

ive entered the cave and gone into the next screen, but i cant get past the raised platform, on that screen, there's only the one interactive object, right next to the entrance but that appeared to do nothing


Damn you, level 14 of Obechi!


Hell is other people is great! Are those other people playing? If not, the AI is pretty good. Couldn't get past 43. Side-shooter ftw

BladeStorm October 23, 2009 5:08 AM

obechi is bloody sweet too! i know ill be coming back to that one - in fact, i just bookmarked it, havent done that before - 5:08, 7 retries


Colour My World reminds me of something else posted on here. Colour my Heart, I think it was called.


Color My World is a neat game, although the last platform is a bit tricky and it ends rather abruptly. I was like 'what the heck just happened????' when I jumped next to the cafe and it suddendly flipped to the main menu.


Colour my World was so lovely! It's not a hard game by any means, but I don't think it pretends to be, and there's a bit of logic required for some parts. The music is beautiful, and the end quote really got to me! I'm leaving for a research expedition at the beginning of next year, on the other side of the world, so will be a tough few months on my boyfriend and me.

Definitely worth a play, won't take up much of your time :)


oops, please delete my last comment. it ended up on the wrong page :)


Am I the only person that can't launch the ball on the pinball game? I press down, and the ball goes about a centimetre up in the air. There's no way I can get it to go high enough to actually start playing!


Hold it then release.


Just got the #1 score on Color My your face!!!!


"L'enfer, c'est les autres"!

That "Unity" browser plug-in chrashes my browser with some regularity. Thanks for the warning, so to speak!
I tried the game anyway.
And: crash.


Control system in colour my world blows hard - make wasd available, arrow + mouse makes no sense.


Am I the only one who can't work the butterfly fantasy game? I get the counter down to zero, but it never goes to the next level. Am I missing something?


I couldn't play Butterfly Fantasy 3. After I guessed all the differences on the first level, nothing changed and the clock kept counting down. I tried playing with and without hints and nothing changed.


The pinball game is a bit easy. After the second ball on my first game, I felt like I had received every bonus possible (unless I missed one or two randomized prizes from the super left chute), had a score of 7875500, a reply ball, three additional balls, and 21 tilts. I quit of boredom and because I had something else on the schedule.


For the record, the maker of CMW is Australian.

I really liked this LDF. :D

Anonymous October 23, 2009 9:20 PM

OMG 2 min 4 sec is the record for Obechi... you've got to be kidding me!! lol


I cant get Hell Is Other People to work...I downloaded the unity player, refreshed the page, and I see no option to play game... HELP!


As a bonus challenge in Obechi, try to make ring sizes that yield nice patterns. 5-5-5-5-5-5 is a nice challenge in level 6, for instance.


Is level 14 of Obechi impossible?



once you interact with the sparkly object in the cave, go back to the previous screen and you will find that you can now go past the crane and boxes.


I'm a bit disappointed with Butterfly Fantasy.

The first chapter was wonderfully weird and tantalizing, the second surprisingly mundane and the third static and completely non-sensical. So the story is:

Chapter 1:
Man and blond woman are captured by slime beasts.

They escape via giant moths.

Chapter 2:
They go to her apartment and drink tea.

Man's girlfriend arrives and is happy to see the man. Blond woman is jealous/sad/surprised/saddened.

Blonde runs away. Man runs after her.

Slime beasts notice them. Man hides blonde, gets captured.

Blonde finds wallet with pictures of man and his girlfriend realizes she was a fool.

Chapter 3:
Blonde goes to her moth-keeper friends in the sky, arranges that the man gets saved.

Man and blonde are now in love

All in all, I expected something better. Lovely pictures, lovely music, but the story seems self-indulgent and pointless.


I just rage quit Obechi. Got all the way to 14 without having to retry a level. I don't know if I just suck, or if it was bad luck but after trying 10 or so times to collect just 1 ball with each ring, it got pretty irritating. The music made it worse. My day would have been better without this game.

baba44713: I'm pretty sure that the other woman was the man's sister (who the blond mistakes for a girlfriend) but then realizes it's a sister from the photo. I don't know if that makes the story any better for you.


Colour My World was a nice, short little escape from the real world.

Kinda glad to see I wasn't the only one having trouble with Obechi lvl 14...


Nah, it doesn't really. It actually makes it even more mundane and pointless.

For a while I thought the story was supposed to be some sort of clever allegory, what with the weird initial setting, sewn-up mouths and all that. But in the end it seems the author just wanted to draw some pretty pictures and continued the story with whatever first image came to his mind. The title should have given everything away to me, if I only payed attention..


Regarding Obechi, I found level 14 really easy and I completed it on the first try (I'm using my trackpad thing on my laptop, maybe that's why).
I'm stuck on level 15, I've tried at least 10 times, and no luck. I always end up with 2 or 3 balls floating around on their own. Sigh. It was quite fun though, and the music was nice and soothing.

Patreon VIP Chiktionary November 3, 2009 6:47 PM

Colour My World either has a glitch or the dumbest anti-climactic ending I've ever encountered in a game.
I forgot that I had played this until I played it again and after several screens there's a series of jumps the character needs to successfully complete to get up and there's a moment where you have to jump up into the next screen. Like the first time I played it, when I finally manage to get the character up into the next screen, the game jumps straight back to the beginning of play. I think that's why I didn't bother commenting the first time.
Anyways, I'm not a platformer fan, at all, but it was a sweet little game and I quite liked the music. Just wish the ending could have been different.


What is the end quote for Colour My World?


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