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Link Dump Fridays

DoraYou wake up one morning to find a package on your front step. Inside the package, there is a kitten. The softest, cuddliest, sweetest, hypoallergenic-est kitten in the world. Carrying your new, purring friend, you wander into the kitchen to find that the cupboards are full of all the breakfast food you like; your favourite cereal, your favourite jam and biscuits... whatever you want, it's there. Mystified but pleased, you head back to your computer, and, after checking the weather to find only flawless, comfortable temperatures where you live, turn to Jay is Games and find out that not only do you have a new Link Dump Friday, but it's also almost the weekend. You sigh in contentment.

Hopefully at least some of that is true for you.

  • 60 Second Life60 Second Life - Life is short, and so is this little arcade game where the goal is to move back and forth on the screen grabbing the icons that drop from the sky. Different icons represent different things (friends, love, money, and hobbies) and the amount of each that you get determines the ending text that wraps up how your little avatar spent his or her "life". Part art game, part frenetic click-fest, there's not a whole lot of depth to it, but replaying a few times to see how your epilogue changes based on what you choose to go after is interesting. I don't know how profound it is, but it does make me think I need more money dropping out of the sky in my life.
  • Giraffe Got GameGiraffe Got Game - Parody? Maybe, but if you can get past the slow build up and enjoy a bit of nonsense, then this insane little arcade game about a giraffe with various upgrades staving off attacking penguins, balloons, squares, and hang-gliding bombers will be right up your alley. While it's fun for a while, it does get repetitive fairly quickly. Of course, I'm not going to say that to a giraffe. With their freaky, long, grabby tongues, they're already intimidating enough without strapping Tony Stark's arc reactor to its chest and then letting it fire lasers.
  • Bird Pax 2Bird Pax 2 - It's Bird Pax!... 2! The sequel to the original popular avian card game offers the same colourful addictive gameplay of the first, with some new changes including smarter AI and the option to play online multiplayer. The catch with the multiplayer is that there actually has to be someone "in the room" (on the game page at the same time you are) or you can't play. Well, I mean, you can play. Just alone. Hopefully, you guys will find each other out there in the great big sea of the World Wide Web and join together to make sweet, multiplayer music.
  • Pig DetectivePig Detective - Who needs context? All you need to know is you're an adorable piggy detective, hot on the heels of some shadowy guy because... well, because shadowy guys are rarely good guys, I guess. It's a point-and-click puzzle game where you need to figure out what has to be done in each room in order to proceed. The obstacles tend to be a bit more abstract than you might expect, but come on; are you seriously complaining about logic in a game where you play a tiny, crime-solving pig?
  • Monkey and Secret ArmyMonkey and Secret Army - If you've been following Link Dump Friday at all recently, then you know of my not-so-secret schoolgirl crush on zany, point-and-click game superstar Minoto. This installment puts you in the shoes (figuratively) of a monkey who is trying to rescue his girlfriend from a rampaging giant crab in a playground. And that's not even the craziest part. I know I tease a lot about how weird Minoto's games are, but they truly do always succeed in making me smile... even if I don't quite understand what's going on at the time.


isnt this a little early? Its only tuesday!


:O Seriously?

Omg... they told us to turn our clocks back the other day, maybe we went back too far!

Wait, what year is this?


@brooke: SRSLY? where do you live? O_o Where I live, it's friday. not only that, but i'll be getting my report card soon. *sigh*

wickedcherub November 12, 2010 12:45 AM

Pig Detective was so weird :)


There's got to be some "misunderestimation".


The creators of Pig Detective seem to have crossed the line into total nonsense. I think I remember Little Wheel actually pretending to have some puzzles in it. Still pretty entertaining, though, just as a slightly interactive Flash movie. Awesome ending.


You know it's an odd link-dump when the Minoto entry isn't the weird one.

I found this weeks' charming, but a bit shallow. It would have been nice to have a platformer or action game of some kind worthy of more than one play-through as an odd-moments through the day timewaster. I already feel done with all of these.


Oh, I loved Pig Detective, with the jaunty music and the inexplicable action, and the cats! The Minoto game was unusually logical I thought - fun as always though.


I loved the ending of Pig Detective.


Wow. I actually found 60 Second Life fun, even though it was short and repetitive. The achievements were really what I kept playing for, although, I got those done in under ten minutes. The secret achievement is rather predictable, so I won't bother posting it unless someone wants me to.


what game next???


Is it just me or does pig detective's picture resemble a topless woman?


The Giraffe game is based on something real. Idk, a new reality show (they are getting weird everyday).
@GanondorfChampion Great, now we have a obscene image on our hands.


@ganondorf: yes it does!
However that would also be a headless, armless and legless topless woman . . .


Minoto has me stumped. What do I do with the bucket?


Ah, power of posting. I skipped an area.


In the Minoto game I can't seem to get past the point where I have

the key, the bucket, the crowbar, and the nippers, all used.

I can see that

the crab won't let me use the nippers on the satellite dish, but can't seem to figure out how to block its claw.

Patreon Crew SonicLover November 12, 2010 4:40 PM


Did you pick up the plank in the sun's room after prying it off? Did you use it?

Have you picked up and used the ice? The face mask? The jet-collar? The chain?

I think Minoto is teasing us. There's a link to Monkey and Secret Army 2 on their page, but it leads to a 404 error page!


I've played so many japanese point and click, the whole french stuff in pig detective caught me off guard. I liked it though, even if it was a bit strange....


In Monkey and Secret Army, the part where

the bear slams the ice

was so uncharacteristic of the usual Minoto fare that it had me on the floor laughing. Definitely my most memorable Minoto moment.


I adored Pig Detective. It reminded me a bit of the irreverent humour of the Humongous Entertainment games, especially with the music.


O.o'... *facepalm..... I meant Thursday.


SonicLover, yeah, I did all those things, and I'm still stuck.


Lucie --

The answer is something that involves timing -- you have to do something, and then do something else while the animation for the first thing is going on.

Hope that is helpful.


Ok, this is a first for a Minoto game, for me at least...

I've never seen a time-limited puzzle in a Minoto game before.

Right at the end, you have to select the nippers, click the swing and then the antenna really quickly.

Bah. Don't like it. :(


Pig Detective: I don't know what kind of drugs they used.... but it was quite entertaining!

Procrastinateher November 14, 2010 3:26 AM

Ooh, that Minoto game...

My laptop's mouse buttons don't work, I had to crank out the wireless mouse just to be able to press the buttons fast enough!

As for the pig detective...

That was an odd and elaborate ending if you ask me.

I like games where you can win by clicking randomly or button mashing. Sometimes they feel a little pointless though :/



The Ears look like hands, the hat could be red hair that covers the face, and the scarf looks like a dress that could cover the legs.


Thanks for recommending Bird Pax 2, I love it!!


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