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DoraThey say laughter is the best medicine. Typically, I disagree; medicine is the best medicine. But during this time of year when, for most of us, the days are getting longer and colder, laughter is a great way to help stay warm. This week's Link Dump Friday features a batch of games to make you grin... or else.

  • No Time to Explain!No Time to Explain! - Forever earning a place in my heart for its completely ridiculous premise and equally ridiculous but hilarious dialogue (do screams for help count as dialogue?) this absurd action game by Tom Brien is about a man who receives a visit from his future self, only to have it cut short when a giant crab claw bursts through the wall and abducts his strange visitor. There is literally no time to explain as you must take up the conveniently dropped super-powered laser and use it to propel yourself after... uh... yourself, around obstacles and hazards, as Future Dude's cries get increasingly piteous and hysterical. While the propulsion controls are unfortunately extremely frustrating, this is one game that you'll probably enjoy checking out just for the laughs alone.
  • Camelot SmashalotCamelot Smashalot - If you've never heard of Monty Python before, you're probably just going to be confused and maybe a little frightened at this physics puzzle game that has a group of very silly knights trying to destroy castles with some very silly ammunition while some very silly sound effects play. You've probably seen this sort of game before, but it's still entertaining to launch a pig at your enemies while they shriek in exaggerated agony and terror. The addition of Holy Hand Grenades and some more puzzle-like aspects to certain levels, such as castles with moving parts, helps to distinguish the game somewhat from its influences. It's also good training for any little nerds you have growing up in your dwelling. "Okay, sweetie, what does the knight say... ?"
  • Hurry Up Bob!!!Hurry Up Bob!!! - You will never catch me in a mine. I have just enough claustrophobia that seeing Mike Rowe first nearly buried in coal dust and then nearly become trapped in a narrow cave crawlspace has instilled within me a natural distrust of enclosed areas. Now I have another reason to avoid them thanks to this arcade platform game where you star as a tiny miner (or is that a minor miner? HAW!) trying to outrun a swelling tide of lava by climbing as high as he can past traps, monsters, and other hindrances with your reflexes and power ups. If the movement and jumping were a bit tighter, this game would be a lot better, but it's still adorable, and besides which, entertaining to beat cave men to a bloody pulp with your bare hands.
  • Lame CastleLame Castle - [Note: Requires Unity plugin.] When Sony made an ad slamming mobile phones as a gaming platform, they probably never expected one developer (Bradley Johnson) to take them up on their joke concept of a mobile game. Inspired by the "Lame Castle" idea intended as a joke in the commercial, this short but sweet little arcade game features you as a knight on a wee little hobby-horse charging along a straight path, leaping over or bashing through obstacles, on your way to rescue your princess. The levels are short, and Endless Mode doesn't really offer quite enough variation to keep your interest for long, but with its adorable presentation and simple gameplay, it's easily worth a play and a smile.
  • Night Adventure of SleepwalkerNight Adventure of Sleepwalker - Garbuz Games brings us this odd spot-the-difference title about the perils of sleepwalking. Speaking as someone who has the tendency to wake up if the cat sneezes three rooms over, I'm rather jealous of this girl's ability to not only survive a fall down a manhole, but to then proceed to snuggle into the cold, hard floor and continue sleeping like a baby. The artwork is simple, but really shines, and serves as a cautionary tale against rats. Do you think this is what Jill Valentine was worried about when she said she was close to becoming a "Jill sandwich"?


"Allow myself to introduce...myself."


What the holy granade doesnt halleluya before exploding? Blasphemy!

Pseudonymph December 17, 2010 3:43 AM

Loved No Time To Explain! It was a great bite sized game, exactly the reason I read Link Dump.


Camelot Smashalot is a good crush the castle type game with a well judged difficulty level - too bad you can play only the first 9 levels and then all you can do is sign up for the beta.



The site that hosts Night Adventure is ridiculously sweet. I had no idea there were so many kissing and decorating and cooking games out there. I think I'm a little frightened now...


Hurry up bob!!! would get 1/2 a mushroom if that were an option. The little miner continues walking for approximately 4-5 seconds after an arrow key is pressed. Fail mechanics.

menschenjaeger December 17, 2010 10:51 AM

No time to explain WAS funny, but EPIC FAIL on the control scheme. You need zen-master-level focus to keep your mouse on the postage-stamp-sized screen.



I also agree that No Time To Explain was bad, there's no good propulsion (it doesnt even destroy stuff, heh). Well, that's what we should expect from games with no creators.


No time to explain plays a lot better full screen. You can see what you are doing and the controls seem (a little) bit better too. Unfortunately, I think Jay frowns on links which bypass the ads so I daren't post the full screen version here. (Look in the source for the page and you will find it though)


There appears to be a secret area in "No Time To Explain" if you

go up and to the left when you leave the house at the beginning of the game rather than to the right...

...but it's ?#$%ing hard. Can anyone get anywhere interesting there?


No Time To Explain would have been great if it didn't require using the full screen version and shooting down at a pit still made you go up. It's hard enough and that's not how light works, darnit!

BuenoCabra December 17, 2010 5:21 PM

I agree with Pseudonymph, No Time to Explain was exactly what it should be.

And I didn't mind the controls so much, mostly because it restarts you right where you were, so there's not a lot of going back over the same spot a million times. Plus, the dialogue is great.



The secret area gives everyone glasses including the crab. And it is HARD!

Wildbreeze December 17, 2010 7:49 PM

I got thoroughly sick of "No Time to Explain" after the 3rd or so "Oh God". That's not dialogue, that's pathetic and annoying. Probably would have continued, even with the annoying jumps, if not for that.

BuenoCabra December 17, 2010 8:07 PM

@Quin & WhoKnows


The ending results stay if you play again. So, if you use the glasses transport, everything has glasses the next time through. Use the dino transport, and everything (including you/future you) is dinosaur with glasses.



I just realized. The ribs-in-the-eye comment in No Time to Explain is a refrence to a Mortal Combat Fatality.

Also, NTtE is awesome and deserves an award.


No Time To Explain was fun and not overly hard (I beat it without using fullscreen) but that area behind your house is just evil. I got rather mad at the game when I fell into the big pit of spikeballs and fell in between them, ending up back on the ground. @#!#[email protected]$#%#$#$%#$%@$!

Also, for the curious, Hurry Up Bob 2 has the same music as NTtS.


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