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Link Dump Fridays

DoraThis week's Link Dump Friday has been canceled. Please enjoy this Link Dump Friday instead. I know it's no substitute for Link Dump Friday, but I think if you give Link Dump Friday a chance, you'll find it's just as good (if not better) than Link Dump Friday.

... Link Dump Friday for President.

  • Super PSTW Action RPGSuper PSTW Action RPG - This sublime parody of traditional RPGs only has one key with a myriad of actions bound to it. You may think that sounds complicated. You'd be wrong. And because you really can't talk about this game without mentioning the gloriousity that is Dot Dot Dot, well, here it is for the five of you who haven't seen it yet. Rice Pirate wins everything, and I don't know how any of us can ever hope to top it. I'm never pronouncing "because" any other way again.
  • FadeFade - Apparently, llamas only see in black and white unless they're running really fast. (Which explains why they're so surly all the time.) In this arcade game styled somewhat after Canabalt, you take control of one little llama who races as far and as fast as he can in order to see colours. Llamas aren't the best athletes, but don't worry; each time you fail, you're granted points you can spend to upgrade your llama and even give him new abilities. It's actually kind of a touching story, and is almost enough to make me forget the world-rending stench llamas are capable of producing as spit. Almost.
  • Three Blind MiceThree Blind Mice - According to 1950s literature, as a woman, mice are my natural predator, so I'm not sure why I should be trying to help them. But darned if that isn't the goal in this charming little puzzle game. Program your blind mice by entering a sequence with the [arrow] keys designed to help them navigate their way around hazards. The catch is that you can't see the keys you've put in, so making long strings of commands you can't remember is a good way to get your mouse snapped up by the cat that pops up if you don't reach a mouse hole by the end of your movements. Not particularly varied, but just the sort of things for mouse enthusiasts. I'm sure you're out there. I probably don't want to know about it.
  • Man in GapMan in Gap - So simple, yet so addictively frustrating. In this little arcade game, the goal is to guide your man into a gap. Why? Because the ceiling and floor are about to meet with thunderous impact, and if you want to survive, you'll have to quickly survey the terrain and leap into the spot least likely to turn you into a pancake. What's going on? Who cares! There's no real progression or variation to be found, just last as long as you can. Good luck; some of those positions you might have difficulty scrambling into even if several tons of furious ground weren't trying to pound you into oblivion.
  • WordSquaredWordSquared - If you've ever wanted to play Scrabble online with a bunch of strangers, now's your chance. This free online game lets you immediately jump in and start making words until you run out of lives. There's no interactivity with other players, though that could be a good thing considering some of the folks online these days. I'm... not particularly sure why you'd want to play Scrabble online, since half the fun comes when you give up and start throwing tiles at each other, or begin making up completely ridiculous nonsense words and see who can come up with the most convincing definition for their lies. (Quick, what's a Farfelnugen?!)


Super PSTW Action RPG reminded me of the first half of FFXIII.


Does anyone have a video walkthrough for Super PSTW? Am stuck on

the bit where you press space


Farfelnugen: [pronounced fahr-fel-nju-dƷen]

Noun, adjective and verb;

n. A sweet pastry made from the tears of forlorn Norwegian sailors.

adj. A tall, slender person with a large nest of hair, usually housing a small family of sparrows. ("Oh my god, that guy looks completely farfelnugen!")

n. A traditional happy dance performed towards the end of the week in celebration of discovering an enjoyable selection of link dumps. Also known as the Games Jig. Perform a farfelnugen.


Please put the game 'Transformice' into next weeks Link dump!

Its such an addictive game :)


Yay! A winner is me! Take that Oxford English Dictionary!


My mouse got caught in some electro shock bug at the top of the screen in Three Blind Mice. Mousie just shakes its head while the electro sound goes on and on! Poor Mousie.

tchakkazulu January 14, 2011 12:58 PM

Oh my. I might be farfelnugen doing a farfelnugen! Nice selection of games this week :)


I enjoyed the dotdotdot.swf parody of axman13's review.

" what way is this supposed to be an RPG if you can do quests and stuff?"



Walkthrough for Super PSTW Action RPG:
First, the obligatory introduction.

Press space, just like it says to do.

Press space to advance the text.

Press space to accept the quest. You now have a mission in life.

Next, the obligatory tutorial.

Press space to move. Duh!

You'll need to jump. How? Press space.

Uh oh! Looks like you've got a fight on your hands. Press space to attack!

Make sure to press space to get past the description, first.

Hey, that hurt! (Press space to see your health bar.)

More obligatory text. Press space to get rid of it.

He's about to attack again! Press space to use your shield!

Now you've got 'im! Press space to finish him off!

Yay! You get some gold and experience points! Press space to collect.

Time for the obligatory forest scene.

Oh no, another enemy!

Hint: Press space to attack. Remember the tutorial?

Don't forget to press space to block his counter-attack.

He's open for a finishing move! Press space to pull it off.

Darn it, how'd they sneak up on you?

Hit space to block an attack. They'll probably hit you anyway.

You'll probably be close to death. This isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Why? 'Cause pressing space will launch a desperation move!

You should gain a level by now. Press space to clear the level-up message.

Open the menu by pressing space.

Press space to pick a stat to increase.

Be sure to use all your points!

Press space to get out of the forest.

Aha! The Obligatory Village!

Press space to poke your head in the doors.

Looks like the Obligatory Store.

Press space to select the potion,

Then press space to buy it.

Now press space to leave.

What's in the next building? Be thorough.

Aha! It's the Obligatory Inn.

Naturally, our hero never actually lies down. You just have to take it on faith that he sleeps. Or eats. Or excretes. What fun would it be to watch an adventurer go potty? Just assume he takes care of this sort of maintenance when we're not looking. Or that he's really a cyborg, who can run for years at a time on a single charge, and never needs to even sit down, much less all that messy organic stuff that meat-puppets are required to do on a daily basis. Whichever's easier for you.

Anyway, press space when the innkeeper (or is that a chef?) tells you the price of a room.

Press space to rent the room.

Wanna see the hero lie down? Well, okay, it's more like he merges with the bed. Regardless, press space to see it.

Don'tcha wish going to sleep was that easy?

Uh oh! Something's going on outside! Press space to check it out.

Oh dear, it's your arch-nemesis!

Good thing there's only one. What's the plural of 'nemesis' anyway? Nemesi? Anyway, press space when he's done with his opening line.

Sheesh, he could've just asked around to find you. Press space.

Sure, you're prepared to die. You've got a save-game. You did save your game, right? One way or another, press space to fight!

Yay, a quicktime event! Brought to you by Apple(R)!

You'll probably mess this up at least once. If you do, just press space to restart it. Kind of them, eh?

Just press space at the right time to block!

Block, parry, spin! Now you've got it!

Well, looks like that was just a preview. Don't worry, he'll turn up again.

Moving on, to the Obligatory Desert!

And a fight with a slime. Why do slimes have eyes, anyway?

You probably know the drill by now. Just press space to attack.

Mash space to block. Oh no, you're poisoned!

Push space to finish it off.

Can't have that poison wearing you down, now, can you?

Press space to use that potion. Good thing you bought it.

Press space to move on to...

Ah, the Obligatory Temple. Finally!

Look out, it's a dragon! Or something like that.

Press space to give it a good stabbin'.

Be sure to block the fireball! Just press space!

Stab it again with the space bar. Looks like this is a tough one!

Block again with space... but this time it'll attack from above!

Just a flesh wound! You've had worse. Kill it with space!

Yes! You found the Golden Sword!

Tap space -- a lot -- to pull out the sword. Good thing it's not a khopesh, eh?

With the sword comes magic! Guess there aren't a lot of wizards around, or they'd be some really tough customers.

Time to move on to...

The Land of Obligatory Darkness!

What's a Land of Darkness without skeletons? Well, unless you're an Argonaut -- then you'll find 'em on the deck of a ship.

Press space to attack. Oh no, it's immune to swords!

Luckily, you've got a trick up your sleeve. Press space to open the Magic Menu. (Is the menu itself magical?)

Just one spell, eh? It'll do. Press space to pick it.

Confirm your choice with space, then let fly!

With space, naturally.

And boom goes the dynamite!

Yay! A winner is you! And you gain a level!

Moving on. You should wind up in...

The Obligatory Castle!

Well, this was inevitable. Your nemesis again. What good's a nemesis if he only shows up once?

After his obligatory monologue, hit space to give him a good thrashing.

Remember, shields never break in RPGs. Hit space to block!

Press space to attack again. Looks like he's got a counterattack!

Mix things up. Press space this time to use that Fireball spell.

Now you've got 'im! Use space, quickly, to hit him with your sword!

That's done. Time to take on the king!

This is it. This is what you've spent countless seconds adventuring for. The King.

Yet again, someone tells you to prepare for death. Hope you saved recently!

I mean, you did save, right?

Okay, enough of that. Press space to pull a tricky move -- jump onto his sword!

This'll give you the perfect opening to stab him with space.

Hit space to get back on the ground. Don't be surprised if he nails you at this point.

Turns out your nemesis wasn't dead. But don't worry, he's here to help.

He'll give you the Amulet, right before getting smeared.

Get back up with space. Then hit space to rush inside his guard!

Push space to give him a good ol' stabbin'!

And again!

And again!

He's down! Time to go home!

But not before...

The Obligatory Reveal.

Turns out your nemesis is your brother. Who'd've thunk it?

Guess vanishing is normal for dead things. Saves on funeral expenses.

Also turns out the King isn't dead. Who'd've thunk it?

Oh, that's right! We didn't see him grow wings. Every villain gets wings.

Press space to jump onto his sword! He'll never see it coming.

Now press space in that special way to launch a combo attack!

Hit space to block. That was weak!

Use space to cast Fireball. That's right, use it all up.

Now you're ready for your Limit Break!

Where was this before?

Never mind, just press space to fire it up!

Then push space to finish him!


The llama game is really good. You're greeted with an LSD rainbow in the intro. In the end it's all colorful bars flying at you from the right, but you NEED to see more of that pretty world. (and by pretty, I mean trippy. :)

Anonymous January 14, 2011 3:59 PM

The llama game is fun, but...well, the intro basically showed me most of what I could hope for in this game. Why give it all away in the intro?


I guess there are now only four of us who haven't seen it.


Is it just me, or is anyone else unable to submit a word in WordSquared if it uses a blank tile?


Just wanted to point out that Dot Dot Dot is actually voiced by D-Mac-Double, who did the voice for the original Super PSTW Action RPG. ^^
RicePirate only did the words.


In PSTW, I laughed out loud

at the end when I got

the SpacePresser achievement medal. Yay!


Ok, I thought I was laughing out loud before, but then I watched the Dot Dot Dot video. 10 minutes later, I haven't quite recovered.


Noroi, I was able to submit a word with a blank tile. When I placed the tile on the board, it asked me what letter I wanted it to be.

ReverendTed January 15, 2011 2:23 PM

Super PSTW Action RPG was alright, but Dot Dot Dot was fantastic.


At first glance I thought WordSquared was a Flash game, but it's written in HTML(5?)!! That's amazing!

Also, it's really fun, except for the point where I had 7 lives but for some reason the game stopped being responsive and I refreshed and lost all my progress. Especially since I had JUST been able to break out of the area I confined myself in.

The fun in this game is building right next to where someone else is building. One of you ends up trying to box in the other, or at least trying to wall them off so that they don't get to a 1-up before you.

fattywads January 15, 2011 6:16 PM

word squared really needs to tel you you can only move once in the game if you put a word anywhere near the middle. yay, that was fun for 30 seconds, game permanently over!

SoapyDish January 15, 2011 8:25 PM

I just played the llama game for about an hour straight. The screen and everything around the room now appears to be moving to the left, and I think I'm going to have a dream in which I am a jumping llama. Not the best thing to play before bed!


Blam these pieces of crap! Their two esey!
Now that that's out of the way, I can say that these games are all pretty good.


Danimal, I encountered the same bug, except my mouse was at the bottom of the screen!


Wordsquared would not score words from blank tiles. Tried twice - same thing both times so I quit. Too bad 'cause i like word games.


Wordsquared was really fun, especially when another player turned up and it became a race sort of. Then it stopped being fun altogether when the game refused to accept words like DANE or ZEN. "Dane is not a valid word." Yeah, right.


Tip for PSTW:

Hold down space to play the animation without stopping. All the thing is is an animation with a few stopped frames.


Hespetre: "Dane" is a proper noun so it's not allowed in Scrabble.


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