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Liquid Webtoy

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liquidwebtoy.jpgJohnBLiquid Webtoy is a Java-based (Processing, to be exact) application very similar to the World of Sand games we're all so fond of. Rather than playing with solid elements, however, this game is focused on two things: liquid and color. Fill the screen with water, slosh it around with your mouse and add different shades to the mix. It can be as relaxing or chaotic as you like and is a great time-waster.

Your cursor acts like a small bubble of air that will move through the water and push it around. You also have over half a dozen different elements to play around with, all of which use the physical properties of water to achieve different effects:

  • Water - As simple as it comes, spray water on the screen and watch it slosh around.
  • Paint - Mix your own color and meld it with the on-screen liquid.
  • Cloud - Gloopy clouds float to the top of the screen and fall when they get too dense.
  • Magma - The mostly-stationary magma turns water to steam (which acts like Cloud) when it comes in contact. Use it to create some interesting feedback loops.
  • Wall - Create sections to perform different water experiments on.
  • Bomb - Need I say more?
  • Duck - Rubber ducky, you're the one. Floats on top of the water and resists even the hottest magma (try that in your bathtub!)
  • BH (Black Hole) - Suck up all the matter surrounding your cursor. Way too fun.

Analysis: Webtoys really don't have a purpose, they're just fun to play around with. This one is no different and incorporates some visually fetching color mixing elements that make it interesting. If you're looking for accurate physics and intricate interactions with the elements, Liquid Webtoy won't satisfy your hunger. But it will give you a soothing visual playground where you can spin your thoughts, paint them different colors, then suck everything up with a Black Hole.



I love it! But how come I can't add it to my favourites?


my god...
this is awsome!
do we know who made it, or am I being blind?


If you thickly wall off a small area, and fill it with tons of water, then erase one part of the wall, it will explode out.

Hassle Free August 24, 2006 7:42 PM

that was pretty good, not in the same league as World of Sand, but pretty good nonetheless


I agree, not in the same league as the Sand games, but it was some good fun few a quarter of an hour or so. It may be worth a revisit, and it was a nice diversion from work. Thanks for the post, John!

Also, Jay, I just noticed this, not sure when you added it in; " Out of respect for our international community (some use page translators), please use English.
Comments containing IM-speak gibberish will be deleted (if u rite like dis, u no wat i mean." What a great "note" for comments, all sites should have this!


What a great little...thingymabobber! I loved changing the backgrounds, it made it a little more interesting.


Seems to not be working... maybe its my JAVA (I do have the most recent version)... the loading bar is going out past the end of the box? Sounds like a cool game though; I loved the sand games.


Sorry Mary Mac, I'm the one that does the icons, and I have been busy all day getting the entries together for the competition. I just uploaded an icon for the favorites and added it to the database, so the link should be active now.

The best I can do is identify the name of the website it's from (it's in English): Dan-Ball, and there is actually a couple of other games there I noticed that may be worth checking out, or may show up here someday.

An online translator calls this: Meta Water 2.0, and it is the environmental game of fluid.

Still nothing about a creator name. Maybe one of our Japanese literate visitors will help us out. =)

Sam - still having trouble? I recommend reinstalling Java if you are, mainly because I don't know what else to suggest when Java doesn't do what it's supposed to do.


I'm also having trouble.
I can play the game, but when I click somewhere to perform an action (change colour / use colour / items) I cannot see any difference - the screen doesn't change.
I right clicked so that the menu popped up and covered part of the applet and when the menu disappeared you could see the change. But I find this a bit too pedestrian to enjoy the game.
I suppose there's a problem with Firefox or the repaint() method.
I'm using Java 1.5.0_04-b05.


Water pressure can be glorious! I so enjoy webtoys.


Anyone know what the Hit and/or AB options do?


hit changes the area affected... i think
AB, dunno

EEK! game deadline is today! I forgot!
I hope i can finish it on time, I got carried away playing the most recent games here and haven't worked on it for ages! and only a few hours to go...


Hit is the way the water/something reacts if you hit it. AB is the colors if you hab a BG on.

Dustfinger August 25, 2006 12:44 PM

Eh? it doesn't work. Evil Java!


I got bored and tried to fill the box with ducks. They only fill up half way then pile up.

But you can get 999 ducks.

Clearing them with a black hole was rewarding after all that wasted time!


OMG! this Game gave me an awsom idea for a game! If I only thought of it earlier for the game contest. eh well... I'll do it anyway. somebody know flash gaming? (i'm good at art and stuff...) contact me (sorry for the Spam Jay :-))
[email protected]

tricks with water pressure works also for ducks... ;-)


make a nozzle. in the bottom left hand corner do this:
(pause the game btw)
(W = wall
(O = 200 ducks and 200 water)
(U = empty space


It's very satisfying.


All I get is a big red X, for some reason.


I have figured out the problem: this is made with processing...

Processing doesn't like Java 1.5 (mine is update 8), even though it is the most recent version of Java. I played it on my friends computer (Java 1.4) though! Fun game, neat to play around with.


Yeah, Sam, I had read something about that one time, too, and it was even on the Processing website. But, since then, I can no longer find that written anywhere there.

It may be helpful to know, though, that I just stepped someone through reinstalling the latest version of Java a day or two ago, and once installed the Processing apps worked without a hitch.

So, I do know that some installations have trouble with it, but it's difficult to say what exactly is to blame.



At the very bottom, it says that they do not support 1.5.


Ah, you found it, thanks for that link.

Yes, but even if they don't support it, I know for a fact that it will run under 1.5. My PC (Windows XP SP2) is running Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.5.0_06, and Processing apps run just fine.

Dustfinger August 25, 2006 5:10 PM

Sweet i did stuff with my java and now it works! WHOO! great game :)


Clouds don't turn into rain unless they're touching the ceiling- so if you create a wall across the very top line, clouds will remain clouds.

Also interestingly, clouds can support ducks.

Try making a full wall line across the top, fill it with something like 980 cloud and some ducks, and then erase a single point in the wall- the cloud will start rolling with water and spurt rain and ducks down at intervals.

Vee-a-vee August 25, 2006 8:54 PM

Does any one have a direct .jar link?

Java has been lagging through browsers for years now over several browsers and computers and yet every time any one submits the bug they declare it not a bug. These aren't just really low performance computers... 512mb, 3GHZ e.t.c

It locks up browsers (search it in google) and ... yeah. Any .jar link any one?


Really lovely.

I would love to see some "gadgets" to make some water-steam machines.

Like one way walls (valve).
Ventilators for steam.
Pumps for water.

Or I would love to have instead of colored water, a water temparuture modell. where it exchanges temperatur through walls or so...


Magma at the bottom and cloud at the top = never ending lava lamp cycle

evilwumpus August 28, 2006 5:54 PM

A refinement on the "nozzle" technique: Place magma at the bottom of the nozzle. This will make about half of the water turn into steam, making the geyser last much longer.


Okay, here's my recipe: "sparkling ducks"

Use wall to make a small bottle. The neck should be only one "pixel" wide. Then use the black hole to empty the area, halt the applet and put something like 50 ducks and 900 water inside the bottle. Finally seal the bottle with a drop of magma.


raining ducks:pause the game then get about 300-400 clouds then fill the clouds with 100 ducks or more start the game and PRESTO!

gamefreeak5 September 5, 2006 12:40 AM

OMG!!!! Hey jacs101 i LLLLLLLOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEEE your idea!!!!









heres some that i thought was cool
m= magma wwwwwwwwww
w= wall wwwxxxxwww
x= water wwwxxxxwww
mmm.kind of a hard diagram to follow, but it equals MASSIVE amounts of steam if done with the right balance of magma to water.


Looks like a new element was added! "Ice" is now available to play with, how fun! =)


This one`s called "slo mo"
1.stop the applet.
2.make a ring of cloud with ducks inside it.
3.make a ring of ice around the cloud with water inside it.
4.make a ring of magma around the ice.
5.start the applet.


Okay heres one. make a line out of a wall and fill one part of the line with ducks the other one with water then put a black hloe in the middle. :D


Make a wall sape in the middle then fill every thing with water not the wall. Put some ducks down, use a black hloe. TA-DA!


this morning I made a "Duck Cycler 2000" at work.

start with a boiler, just a simple walled in lump of magma spread across the bottom. a single pixle wide steam vent can go about half way up the screen with no problems. From there, you just have to make a series of platforms for the ducks to ride down. On the lowest level, open a single pixle water injection port in the side of the boiler. it should be right above the magma level, outside water should be at the same hieght as the port, and the bottom of the vent inside should be just 1-2 pixles above it.

A little complex to describe, but as the water's drawn in, it'll pull ducks with it. since the vent is right over them, they'll soon get forced up the vent by steam.

Languidiir December 28, 2006 1:34 AM

This was made by d_of_i of Dofi Blog. It was meant to be a different take on the sand game concept.


Languidiir - No, this doesn't look at all like DofI's work. It was created by someone that goes by the name of "ha55ii". You can check out other games by the same person on the site dan-ball.jp.

If it was DofI's work, don't you think he would have put it on his own site along with the rest of his games?


where do we need to click if we want to play?? i don't know a thing about japanese :P


to move the whole sceen right click and hold and shake it.

Hellooooooo london February 8, 2007 2:07 PM

hiya THIS GAME ROCKS! i didn't get it at first but when i did, i had such fun! i know how to make tidal waves now, juse put water in, put bh onto 2 and put the black hole at the top corner. its great! peace out!


i call this the spiting box.

1.make a box out of wall.(a sqare out of wall)

2.put lots and lots of water some will leack out ots ok then clear one of the wall on top then.



Are there any other webtoys out there? If there are someone tell me!

jacs#101 April 3, 2007 5:36 PM

I just had another idea... the zit...make a little dome shaped bubble at the bottom. make sure you stop the game first and clear the water. fill your dome with ice at the bottom and water at the top. start the game and put your hit thingy on zero. pick the regular bomb, go to the middle of the zit and "pop" it


it wont work for me...i click the link and wait but then the window closes and this window closes too..this usually only happend on things like the jay is games chat on jamscone and things like that...how do i fix it? i really want to play it

Anonymous April 30, 2007 7:56 AM

Perhaps try updating (or downloading, if you don't already have it) your Java. Check here: http://www.java.com/en/
I hope this helps, theres some great webtoys there!

Anonymous May 13, 2007 1:55 PM

m=magma d=duck w=wall

dd          ww  ww
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmw  w           wwwww

duck race

the first duck June 3, 2007 1:35 PM

heres one it's called 'snowing ducks'

how to make:

1 draw a cloud
2 draw half of it ice
3 cover the water with ice
4 put 8 ducks on the ice side of the cloud

there you did it

Exploding Rum June 25, 2007 7:56 PM

My recipe: Exploding Rum
Pause game
Make large bottle shape with wall
Press 7 "blocks" on red (R)
Press 5 "blocks" on green (G)
Press 3 "blocks" on blue (B)
Make 999 compressed brown water "rum"
Black Hole 5 under bottom of bottle to clean up
Black Hole 5 under bottom of bottle to pull down beer in bottle
Release mouse to make a spout
It is awesome...
very awesome...

Recipe checker June 26, 2007 5:13 PM

Can people please post pictures of the recipes so we can see if it's right
P.S. It'll help if its in steps.

rhcpaul July 21, 2007 3:21 PM

1 - draw a face on the left
2 - pause the game
3 - make the water a nice greeny-yellow
4 - hold the cursor in one place (inside the mouth of your 'face')
5 - keep left click held until you have 999
should look like this:
(duck on head optional)
6 - unpause



pause it, then make 2 walls, and edit magma in it, and click 132841268348561324 haha XD no 100 duck in it and then watch!!!!!


LOL!!! 999 ducks!!!

Annoymouse August 21, 2007 11:10 AM

Duck cannon: Press STOP
Make 200 ducks on same spot
Cover with thick layer of wall
make small opening



To make lava lamp without clear or black hole-
1.Paint water color of your choosing
2. Add more of that color in water (optional)
3. Add ducks (optional)
4. Put magma in the bottom
5. Watch the colors (and ducks) swirl around!


Help it won't load even though i've downloaded java many times and it worked before


Aww... My computer says Cannot connect on a white screen when I try to play... and it looks really fun!


YAY!!!! I GOT IT TO WORK!!! THIS GAME ROCKS!!! This is mah first comment in my cool new staples chair. W00T FOR NEWNESS! +2 POINTS! I'M IN A GOOD MOOD!!!

O.K., sorry about that, people. Nothing to see here, move along! Please continue your day in a normal manner!


Here's a simple one- TH EVERFLOATING DUCK

Just line the floor with magma, put down a bunch of water (I have about 400) and put on a duck. sometime, he should be hang'n out on a cloud at the to of the screen. He might fall, though.


Volcano: Make volcano like mountain with a hole in top filling 3/4 of screen. Fill in with red water. Put a tiny bit of magma at the bottom of the volcano underneath the opening.


hey,did anyone relize that if you right click the screen,you can move it around?try it,you can really shake things up!LOL!

p.s. i suggest to put in some ducks and have some fun!


it was an endless parade of CLICK DUCK CLICK DUCK CLICK DUCK CLICK DUCK etc.,but i finally....got...............................................OK ENOUGH OF THAT.(sorry.... ;])ok,i finally got........

999 DUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YES!!!!!!!!!

(P.S. i made up a joke: would you like a rubber water in your duck?LOL!i hope you think that's funny.)


Do you know how there's water pressure? DUCKIE PRESSURE!
Also, duckie prison! REALLY thickly wall off a small area, then stop time and add 999 ducks, start time. Shake the whole thing and you get 1 tenth of a second duckie pancake!

Uberfonkmeister February 1, 2008 8:35 PM

Fill up a bottle-ish thing about 5 "pixels" wide (made of wall) and fill it with 500 water and 90 ducks. Seal the top with magma, and see the ducks rain out of the sky! They also kind of sparkle in the bottle.


This game is fun but Powder Game 4.1 is definetly alot more fun

saphira June 8, 2008 5:59 AM

Duck Chase

Get a duck, or something.Use black hole. The object you chose will start to chase you. See how long you can evade it!


Is it just me or does the water act a bit more like jelly?
Just a thought.


Also I am a bit peeved that my mouse causes mild destruction everywhere it goes, otherwise I think this is possibly almost as good as the falling sand games (maybe).


Ah, now. 2 things, not all that brilliant, but sweet in their own way.
1. Realistic Rain - Put wall all along the top of the screen, then clear single chunks at even intervals. Add cloud and watch the normal-ish rain. Not really normal if, like me, you choose to add ducks.

2. Avoid The Ducks! - a simple game. Fill the screen to about 900 water, set your black hole to 5 and add 6 ducks. Yep, you guessed it, we're going to try to suck up all the water and leave the ducks. Not as easy as it sounds. Believe me.


Also (4th post in a row!), I have just creatd a little bath-time scene, which creates much lols within me. It is a man in the bath with his little duckie friend, and he is surprised to see some bathroom science right before his eyes. Haha. I would add the link to it, but I am rubbish with computers and so don't know how ;)


1. flying water fill the screen with 999 water and put bh(balck hole) to level 5 and click the middle of the screen ta dah
2. flying ducks this is the same with flying water but 999 ducks and level 5 bh AT THE TOP OF THE SCREEN
sorry have fun :)P


Try this:

-stop the "game"
-put lava under the water that's already there at the start (quite a lot of lava)
-build a wall to trap the water under it

Then you can:

A)play and cut an hole...and watch the results!

B)keep the "game" stopped, cut more holes and build (thin) pipe-like structures with walls, and watch the results when you're done :D

(this was inspired by Grid's idea)



How to make a Volcano :D

-step 1: pause the game, trap pre-existing water under a wall, fill with lots of magma underneath it
-step 2: make a small (one-cube) hole in the center, and build walls on the side to create a thin pipe
-step 3: use remaining magma to build a volcano-like structure at the sides of the pipe

hit Start :D and enjoy!


PS: for more realism, colour the water red/yellow!

(sorry for triple posting :P)


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