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Love Letter

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loveletter.gifJohnBLove Letter is a new platform game created by Jonathan Whiting (author of Jed) for the unofficial TIGSource competition A Game By Its Cover. It doesn't get more simple than this: a blocky pixel main character, a jump button, some spikes, and some hearts to collect. It also doesn't get much more interesting than this, as the game itself is a contest. The first person who collects all 50 hearts without dying gets to change the opening text to show their commitment to anyone/thing, be that your BFF or your favorite pizza topping. If that's not motivation, we're not sure what is!

Use the [spacebar] to jump and the [arrow] keys to move around. Avoid the spikes, of course, and move to the edge of the screen to hop to a new area. Your goal is to collect hearts in this open, non-linear world, and each time you grab a heart you get a special one-time boost to your jump. Use this with some skill to reach the more remote hearts in the game.

The simple game with simple everything still manages to look good even though it's built with three-color chunky pixel artwork. The music is a great public domain song by Virginia Liston released in 1926. Well, it's great if you love old jazz, but if you don't, you can switch it off from the main menu. Your choice.

All in all, Love Letter is a stark yet enjoyable game with a great meta aspect that practically forces you to play it until your spacebar cracks in two. Or... something like that.

Update: Looks like someone has won the game! The opening text has changed, so no more rushing to be the first one to win. Just play and have fun.

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Walkthrough Guide

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Well, I played the game, and there is no way I'm going to complete it without dying. For any of you who are up to the challenge, here's a map of the game that I made :)

Click here to see the Love Letter Map



Waggles July 14, 2010 5:42 PM

Wow. Deceptively difficult.

I am having trouble with a few hearts, and have yet to locate a good-sized handful, but I think some persistence will pay off.

I really enjoy the concept of having a single boost, but I always find non-linear games frustrating. I also like that its somewhat of a race to be the first one to collect all of the hearts so that you can dedicate the game to whomever you chose.


Waggles July 14, 2010 6:08 PM

Oh cool!

If you hit escape, the menu comes up and you can play the game in full map mode. It makes it easy to see which way you need to go and you can still play while zoomed out.

Buttons July 14, 2010 6:10 PM

Love it, and love that there's a practice level so you can learn the map before trying it for real.

But having gone through that and seeing where all of the hearts are (and learning that, after you get them, you have to make it all the way back to the start as well), I don't think anybody is going to beat this any time soon. I'd put it on par with getting a V-rank on Space Station 2 of VVVVVV.


I like that the first one to finish can leave a message, but the controls are too sticky, and some of the hearts are stupidly hard to get if you've only got one chance. Not really my style. I prefer platformers like https://jayisgames.com/archives/2009/12/continuity.php


Oh, profanity. I found the last 6 hearts, probably the handful that Waggles is missing. Freaking ridiculous; I decided that it's not worth my time and hair to try for it.

Waggles July 14, 2010 7:19 PM

Yeah. I got up to 48 before I mis-jumped. The game is stressful, and I really want to finish it, but I don't find it feasable to do in a lifetime. I guess only those who truly deserve an spot of dedication to someone can get all 50. xP

I don't see the point in practice mode. If you get all 50, yay, you have to do it again in regular for it to mean anything. I always go through play mode, just in case I get lucky.

Anyway, good luck!


I am not impressed with it taken as a game. In practice mode there are some segments where the checkpoints are far too far apart.

Taken as a challenge for the dedication, well, I'm not here for that. Y'all can judge that without me.


You should play practice so you can find the best route.


Well, I played the game, and there is no way I'm going to complete it without dying. For any of you who are up to the challenge, here's a map of the game that I made :)

Click here to see the Love Letter Map


Waggles July 14, 2010 9:55 PM

Thanks a TON for the map. And its cool that the map makes a heart.


So nobody's done it yet? Frankly, I'm surprised. To potential winners: I suggest dedicating the victory to JayIsGamers, if you don't have anyone else in mind. ;)

Whatwhat July 14, 2010 11:19 PM

Noooo! I got to 38 hearts on my first try through some sort of miracle and then died falling on spikes. :( I haven't even come close to that on subsequent attempts.


Given Taylor's map (thanks!), even if you can make it through the two rooms at the bottom of the map, I don't see how you can get the two hearts in the middle of the map (i.e., the one in the starting room, and the one reachable by going *up* from the starting room).

Also, in the room directly above the starting room, how can you collect the heart surrounded by spikes without dying? If you land on the platform, your "power jump" will lead you straight into the spikes above, but jumping across from one side platform to the other carries you over the heart. (Perhaps this is the heart where any successful 50-heart run must end?)


got all 50 hearts in story mode, ending at the 6 heart room in the bottom, just to find i have to come back up...


"Update: The game has been won! So don't batter yourself too hard if you're trying to be the first to complete it."
don't think i saw that a minute ago.. is that supposed to be me or did someone win while i was at it?

Jonathan Whiting July 15, 2010 1:53 AM

adrin, I'm afraid you were pipped to the post


eh too bad:/


OtherBill: about the hearts

The heart above the middle platform: get it, then do a short jump up - you will not touch the spikes and lose your jump charge, so you can now jump sideways without danger.

The heart that is visible in the starting room: From the starting room on the map, go two left and two up - there's a heart there. Take that, then fall down two rooms and squeeze into the first opening on the right. You can walk past the first two holes and the spike and get into the third hole - and the tunnel to the heart in the starting room - without jumping and losing your charge.

Similarly, I believe you need the charge from the heart one right and one up to jump up in the starting room, but I haven't managed to reach the platform yet, just barely.

Anonymous July 15, 2010 3:19 AM

Found out you can push 'm' to zoom out and see the surrounding rooms.

Also for the last 2 hearts near the beginning:

Heart above beginning: You have to enter the room being pink and jump right before the small pit. To get there pink, get a heart from the room right and above and fall down.

Heart under beginning: Get heart 2 screens left and 2 screens up from Heart under beginning. It's tricky but then you have for fall down 2 screens, run right across the gaps and jump for final heart.

Waggles July 15, 2010 6:52 AM

Awww... Idk when, but apparently the game has been won. Oh well...

Anonymous July 15, 2010 7:51 AM

Grrrr. I love the concept of this game, but I was so close last night that I was almost feel as though I was punished for forcing myself to go to bed. I guess it might defeat the purpose of the game, but even if up to fifty people could post pages of letters, probably only the first three would be read anyway due to the annoying text. Maybe it would be possible due to the difficulty and tediousness of the game that they could do that? It feels kind of pointless to complete the game when it's so tedious without any prize, and I wish that someone at jig had won it. I can't believe that in the first day I got to it someone won at three in the morning in my time!

hothotpot July 15, 2010 11:19 AM

Oh now that is just not fair!

[spoiler]"But it means nothing!"[/spoiler]

Just because I didn't do it without dying and I wasn't the first doesn't mean it wasn't hard and I didn't bust my butt trying to beat it! I would seriously consider changing the ending now the game has been "won" because that's REALLY a disappointment for those of us who put in all the time to beat it, but still died a few times.


I think it would be nice if there was a page to post a one-liner message for everyone completes the game without dying.

Jonathan Whiting July 15, 2010 12:32 PM

^ ^: I do intend to do something exactly like that, and partly for that reason...

hothotpot: I'll admit it is perhaps a little on the harsh side I don't intend to change the practice ending. At the risk of sounding facetious love is never fair, and rarely easy. Just think how good it will feel if/when you complete it properly :)

oh, and because I haven't mentioned it yet.. Taylor, I love that map, cheers!


This game gets ridiculously difficult around those six hearts, that I, in all my stupidity, did not leave for last. Now I'm pretty stuck. A cute game though, and the music is quite soothing through all my frustrations.


The six hearts down at the end were ridiculous. I got in no problem, but it took more attempts than I could count to get out.


I enjoyed it nonetheless, but would you have to put a filter if everyone could post?

Anonymous July 17, 2010 2:31 PM

I'm not sure if everyone knew this already, but the pink only goes away if you jump. If you never had to jump you could carry it through the whole game.


Gaah. I just went 49/50 (did the hard ones first), then died on the fall that would've allowed me to get the one heart directly above the starting area.

I gotta say, the game's tough but fair. I suspect that alone will keep me coming back until I finally beat it.


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