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Ludo Room Escape

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joyeLudo Room EscapeTomatea just can't stop locking players into rooms, which is great because those same players just can't seem to stop escaping. It's a mutually beneficial mania. In their latest point-and-clicker, the theme is the international board game favorite Ludo, although I don't remember ever seeing a Ludo set that featured such cute gummy bear-like pieces. You'll need to collect them all of course, but there'll be some puzzles in your way in Ludo Room Escape.

The game eliminates pixel-hunting by having the cursor highlight with a subtle sparkle over hotspots, and you can tell whether or not you have the clue to a given puzzle because the game will outright tell you so. These two factors make this a kinder, gentler denizen of the sometimes brutal world of Japanese escapes. You will still need some method (a screencapture, a notepad, an eidetic memory) to keep track of clues, however.

The game features the same soothing visuals and gentle music as the rest of Tomatea's oeuvre, and the emphasis on color remains just as strong in this one as in the previous After Rain, perhaps understandable given the theme of the four colors of the Ludo pieces. Otherwise the variety of puzzles is enough to make your head turn (maybe literally). And unlike its namesake, no one is going to come along when you're almost done, land on you, and send you back to start. Phew.

Play Ludo Room Escape

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Ludo Room Escape Walkthrough

  • Note: Like many escape games, this one is not strictly linear, so rather than a step-by-step walkthrough, this is a guide with solutions to the puzzles and item locations.

  • The view you start out with will be called "window view", and then moving right, "maze view", "bookshelf view", and "door view".

Item Locations:


Available Without Puzzle Solving:

  • Maze View: on top of shelf

  • Maze View: inside of the container at the bottom right of the maze

  • Bookshelf view: next to lamp

  • Bookshelf view: on top of table

  • Bookshelf view: under table

  • Bookshelf view: next to clock

  • Bookshelf view: next to block castle

  • Bookshelf view: inside block castle

  • Door view: on floor on the right

Obtained From Puzzles (please see puzzle guide for solutions):

  • One Die with Red Cat on Top.

  • Maze View, Top Drawer

  • Maze View, Middle Drawer

  • Four Die With Green Hippo on Top

  • Left Picture With Dots in Door View:

  • Large Die With Yellow Bear on Top

  • Maze View, Bottom Drawer

Other Items:

  • All four sets of Ludo pieces are inside the castle like shelf on window view. The green set can be obtained just by pressing the button, the other three have puzzles.

  • Pull-cord: the left window in window view.

  • Metal tube: Take apart the pull-cord in the inventory.

  • String: Take apart the pull-cord in the inventory.

  • Screwdriver: Behind the right picture in door view (see puzzle guide).

  • Wrench: Inside the four die (see puzzle guide).

  • Stepladder: Use the wrench to unbolt it on door view, and then unfold it in inventory.

  • The key to escape is in the table on bookshelf view.

Puzzle Solutions:

Screwdriver Behind the Pictures:

Use the string on the contraption behind the left picture to hold the nook open and take the screwdriver.

Yellow Ludo Pieces:

Looking at window view, tilt your head to the left for the combination.


Red Ludo Pieces:

In window view, pay attention to the sizes and colors of the pieces sitting on dice.

Red blue green yellow.

One Die with Red Cat:

You will need the screwdriver from behind the pictures to open it. Press the button to get another peg.

Maze View, Top Drawer

On the window view, zoom into the castle and change the color of the middle block on the left from dark to light by clicking on it, then tilt your head to the right to read the clue. (You must actually do this as the game will not let you solve the puzzle until you've obtained the clue.)


Maze View, Middle Drawer

Zoomed into the drawers, click on the right to view a closed cabinet with a spinning disc puzzle inside. You will need the screwdriver to unlock the cabinet, and then rotate the discs to reveal a picture. When you've got it right it will say "solved". The completed picture is also a clue for the blue Ludo pieces. Screenshot.

Four Die With Green Hippo:

In bookshelf view, zoom into the lamp and use the metal tube (obtained from the pullcord from window view). Click the new switch and watch the pattern of lights. Then go to the four die in window view and move the green dots on the wheels such that they point in the same directions. Screenshot.

Bolted Step Ladder (door view)

Use the wrench from the four die with green hippo to remove the bolt.

Left Picture On Door View:

Use the step ladder under the left window in window view. Click on the windowshade to pull it down and take the paper clue. Unfold it in inventory to see the clue. Go to door view and zoom in on the left hand picture. Mentally rotate the clue once clockwise, and click the dots in the indicated order.

Large Die With Yellow Bear:

You will need the clue from Left Picture on Door View. Match the colors of the circles to that clue. Screenshot.

Blue Ludo Pieces:

Use the clue from the solution to the middle drawer of the maze view to color code the combination.

Yellow square, red triangle, green star, blue circle.

Maze View, Bottom Drawer:

You will need all four Ludo piece sets. Go to the table in bookshelf view and use the Ludo pieces on the board. Screenshot. Use this clue to color code the lock on the bottom drawer in the maze view.

Blue top, yellow right, red bottom, green left.

The Maze:

You will need all 16 pegs. Use them on the peg board to the right of the maze. Then rotate the pegs such that the maze allows the die at the upper left to travel to the lower right. Screenshot. Take the die from the cup.

The Key:

You will need the die from the maze. Put the die in the center of the Ludo board on the table in bookshelf view. Take the key from under the table and use it on the door. Congratulations!


I'm having some trouble with two lock codes it thinks I should be able to solve.

The numbers to free the yellow bears


the letters to the top of three cupboards next to the grid maze.

I currently have

* 14 of 16 animal heads
* 3 of 4 bear sets (all but yellow)

I've solved

* the green bear die
* the yellow bear die
* the red bear die
* the die code next to the door

What am I missing?


@ray9na Where did you find the

code to free the blue bears (the four shapes)




There's a puzzle on the right side of the 3-stack of cupboards. You'll need a screwdriver first.


@ray9na Thanks! Aside from that I think I'm stuck where you are.

I'm supposed to have a clue for the 4-digit yellow bear code but haven't yet found the combo :-(


@ray9na Oo! On the

wooden cabinet thingy with the bears in it

click around on the

front (wooden) surfaces and see if anything...changes. Then back up for a fresh perspective.



Thanks! That's one mystery down, one to go.


Has anyone figured out

the 4-letter code to the cupboard next to the grid maze?

I'm still stumped.


@swooning I'm afraid ray9na got your hint more easily than I did.

The code for the yellow bears has to do with the block changing color, but how?


Also, where is

the screwdriver?

nerdypants March 17, 2012 11:30 AM


I assume you've already gotten the yellow bear code. Maybe you should turn that block around again and take another look.


Step back and look at the big picture. Maybe tilt your head while you do. The wooden thing the block is in should make some familiar shapes...



For the wooden cabinet, make sure the changeable block is the correct color. Then zoom out so you can see the whole wall and tilt your head to the left.


The screwdriver is behind the bear pictures to the right of the door.



That ... that was devious. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

black_jimmy March 17, 2012 11:55 AM

Out at last. A nice game except for one puzzle I still don't get:

I had to look on youtube for the answer to the four letter code for the top drawer.. can't see how you were suppose to get the 'A' of IOAE??


I got everything but I'm missing one animal head. Can anyone help me find it?


Never mind, found it in the little box with the dice maze.


I can't figure out

how to make the dice with the pink buttons on the wall. I'm trying to follow the pattern on the note, but it's not working.

A little help, please?

Also hi, not new, but just registered. Love this site.


@black_jimmy, that letter code was the only part that had me stumped until I read swooning's early comment to Ray9na;

Click around on the

front (wooden) surfaces and see if anything...changes. Then back up for a fresh perspective.


You'll notice if you click the right spot on the wooden cabinet that

the block of wood in the side of the B/8 shaped block changes colour, turning it into an A. I kept trying IOBE until I read that hint.

PS. Thanks for the hint swooning! I was sure I'd clicked everywhere on the cabinet. I hate it when that happens...


Am I fighting a losing battle to point out that "dice" is the plural and "die" is the singular?


@rayna: No, you aren't, and I can't believe I made that mistake because it bothers me when other people make it!


What is it with Tomatea and colour clues not matching up? Cream/white is not yellow. This is particularly annoying when cream/white is in the clue and is a possible selection in the puzzle but the clue should've been yellow.


I got stuck on that for a moment. You have to start at the top of the pink buttons and make sure your brain isn't shifting the order of, say, the 5 and the 6. I put it in wrong numerous times before realising the mistake I was making.



I know what you mean. I was confused for a moment when a clue told me "yellow" and the puzzle displayed orange.

nerdypants March 17, 2012 2:05 PM

I have to agree about the color thing. It wasn't that big of an issue for me in this game, but in other Tomatea games I've had serious trouble solving puzzles because the colors didn't match up.

justforfun March 17, 2012 2:19 PM

I have to admit I never had problem with colors in these games. Maybe my screen (or brain) calibration is the same as with Tomatea designers. lol!
I particularly enjoyed in little cube puzzle (numbers-letters thing). First I was furious than I laughed.
Good game.

JetSetVegas March 17, 2012 4:09 PM

Another top notch game by Tomatea. I had to look at clues for two puzzles, the number puzzle and top drawer puzzle. I hate asking for help, but it was more my fault because I forgot the cardinal rule of escape games - CHECK EVERYTHING! I love logical but thought provoking puzzles and Tomatea delivers.

paulg777 March 17, 2012 5:57 PM

the walkthrough is kinda choppy. i get confused easily. Is there a step by step walkthrough that's less confusing that someone could do? thanks. also, i think something happened with my original account as i can no longer log in. if someone could look into that, i'd appreciate it.

[I just sent you a reply via email with your login username. -Jay]


thanks jay. anyway, please write a step by step walkthrough. i am confused otherwise.


I really really wish these otherwise mediocre game designers would differentiate codes with different digits i.e. 123 vs 1234, or say differently shaped locks for different keys. If they *really* want to play with the same element over and over again, that's the most logical way to do it. It's frustrating when something is just a smidge away from being an elegant puzzle except that it makes you go through a brute-force approach just to match codes to identical inputs. This is the opposite of logical.


Oops, cut it off. That way there would be no need to tell us that we have no clue how to solve something.

MrsRavoon March 20, 2012 7:22 PM

About that tease of a screwdriver: Joye's walkthrough blithely says

"Use the string on the contraption behind the left picture"

but when I try to, the Omniscient Subtitles just wave me away! What prerequisite could I be missing?



Is there anything special about the string?

Did you look closely at it?

Is there more than one part to it?

Take the handle off the end.

Carny Asada July 12, 2014 8:03 PM

Ugh, did not realize

the metal tip came off the window cord. Couldn't get the screwdriver till I figured that out.


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